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We Try our Hands on the Upcoming PC Game Tribes: Vengeance by Sierra.

Published September 14, 2004 in PC GAMES
By Ryan Parsons | Pictures used from Tribes site

As in the older tribes, your character will take advantage of a jet pack.
We have just had the opportunity to play the single player demo of Tribes: Vengeance for PC. We like what we see, but we don't know how many people out there have the resources to play this game.

Tribes: Vengeance Crashes My Computer

First off, I have a Pentium 4b processor sporting 2.4 Ghz. The system features a gig of ram and a Radeon 9700 [128 MB] PRO video card. I had believed this system to still be among the best of the gaming systems. But, after trying the Tribes demo out, I am not so sure anymore.

For one, my computer froze about three times and had the ultimate crash [shutoff] twice while attempting to test out this game. This leads to frustrating gaming!! After attempting an array of settings, and from the lack of technical support for the game yet, I was left amiss on how to fix the crashing problem.

However, for the sake of the game, it does mention that you 'should' have Directx 9.0c installed [comes with the DEMO], while I attempted to run the game with only Directx 9.0b. Could have this little update made a world of difference? I personally cannot say but expect that I may be receiving emails from people who had no problems with the single player demo.

For those of you who are worried about the capability of your current systems, the good people over at Sierra suggest that you have at least a 1 Ghz Pentium with 256 MB ram and a wopping Gig of hard drive. They also mention how Directx 9.0c is suppose to be installed so maybe again that was my problem the whole time, but, then again maybe not.

As said, the graphics inthis game look astounding

The Graphics 'Can' Be Smoking, or is that My Card Cookin?

The graphics on the game look like they can be amazing. Just by viewing the two images we offer you should be able to tell that this game is very performance intensive. Thanks to the new PCI Extreme cards coming out, almost everyone should be able to afford a supreme AGP card within the next six months [a card that will be required for you to make the most out of this game].

Tribes: Vengeance is set for release some time around the middle of October.

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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Pictures used from Tribes site

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