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Dave Chappelle Achieves Highest Ratings

Published May 11, 2004 in TELEVISION
By Ryan Parsons |

'Chappele's Show', starring Dave Chappelle, proved its staying power this season by being the highest rated show on [basic cable] television for the Wednesday, 10:30 pm timeslot. The 'Chappelle' audience also grew by 55% since the first season to an average number of 3.1 million viewers. Being that this is one of my favorite half hours of comedy [especially the second season], it seems this growth to be only too natural. Most people should agree that Chappelle has found his groove and, therefore created/wrote skits for SE2 that completely over-threw prior skits from SE1.

A few of the skits that deserver honorable mention:

Samuel L Jackson
Belonged to the first episode (#201) of the season. Chappelle acts on a parady of the Samual Adams beer commercials while also playing off the stereotypical Samuel L Jackson character.

Slow Motion
Also part of the first episode (#201) of SE2. Chappelle shows how much cooler video looks when it is put into slow motion.

Black Gallagher
Belonged to the second episode (#202) of SE2. Chappelle explains that Gallagher sold off his show to his brother and now to a black man; hence, black Gallagher. Gallagher uses weapons instead of a mallet.

Emotional Growth
Belonged to the second episode (#202) of SE2. Chappelle, proving that he is indiscriminatory on who he chooses to make fun of, picks on himself as he grows up.

Rick James
Belonged to the fourth episode (#204) of SE2. An instant classic! Probably one of Chappelle's all time best skits with the discovery of story teller Charlie Murphy. Charlie Murphy discusses hanging out with Rick James back in the days.

Belonged to the fifth episode (#205) of SE2. Another classic showing the power behind Charlie Murphy and his 'True Hollywood Stories.' Charlie discusses playing basketball against Prince..

Lil John
Belonged to the sixth episode (#206) of SE2. Short and hilarious as Dave details how Lil John (Jon) must be in real life by how he acts in rap videos.

Oprah's Baby
Belonged to the ninth episode (#209) of SE2. Dave finds out he impregnated Oprah and is now incredibly rich. He quits his job and then moves in with Oprah.

Jury Pool
Belonged to the ninth episode (#209) of SE2. Dave discusses why he cannot be on a jury as he will never find a black person to be guilty. Trials include OJ, R. Kelly, M. Jackson, and Blake.

Making da Band
Belonged to the tenth episode (#210) of SE2. Dave is Puff Daddy as he figures strange quests for his rappers.

Wayne Brady
Belonged to the twelth episode (#212) of SE2. Dave demands a raise and, thinking he is unreplacable, quits the show. He is replaced with Wayne Brady who does a great 'Training Day' parady with Dave.

Black Bush
Belonged to the thirteenth episode (#213) of SE2. Dave shows the differences there would be if Bush were black.

The only problem that still remains with 'Chappele's Show' is the musical guests. They need to polish that off or remove the segment entirely from the show.

If you would like to know more info/news about 'Chappele's Show' click here

To go to the Comedy Central site click here

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Ryan Parsons

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