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To Remember What it is to be a Nerd Again: See Napoleon Dynamite

Published August 19, 2004 in MOVIE REVIEW
By Ryan Parsons | CanMag.Com
Jared Hess introduces us to a non-likeable nerd located in Idaho. Napoleon, in Napoleon Dynamite, is the nerd during high school that you could not sympathize with. His actions and standards set the level for ultimate nerdship. What Napoleon finds cool, we do not.

Because of this, audiences will enjoy watching Napoleon's antics and attempts toward surviving high school and family.

The Story

In Napoleon Dynamite there is no real story except what constitutes a day in the life of a high school nerd trying to cope with girls, family, friends, and life [in Idaho no doubt]. The film then works to continuously re-introduce the viewer to how nerdy Napolean really is and how it is just a part of his upbringing.

Dry Comedy

To enjoy this film for what it is you must have the ability to take pleasure in silly humor and dialogue. Napoleon spouts dialogue that is, in some ways, just as innocent as it is funny. Most of the humor in this film results more from Napoleon's lines rather than his mannerisms. However, the film takes full advantage of Napoleon's mannerisms, or should I say dance moves, for the finale of the film.

Another point to note is that Napoleon Dynamite contains no true references to sex, drugs, or any other explicit material. Therefore, this film can been seen by everybody including the youngest of children. This means that all of the humor you will witness is without any reference to the stated explicit material; a fact very rare in today's films.

This film is also refreshing as the nerd, Napoleon, does not truely win at the end. Rather, people around him are the ones he finds 'lucky.'

Final Judgement: A great film for anyone just wanting to witness a day in the life of an only somewhat likeable nerd who is very confused on what is cool and what is not. B

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