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Look Out! Here Comes Team America

Published August 7, 2004 in UPCOMING
By Ryan Parsons | CanMag.Com
For all of us who love Southpark, or anything else created by Trey Parker and Matt Stone, get ready for their latest project, Team America: World Police. However, instead of film or cartoon animation, the Southpark duo try their hand at puppeteering.

Why We're Excited

Trey Parker and Matt Stone rarely miss on humor and, judging by the latest season of Southpark, they are funnier than ever. Besides that, we wish we could tell you more. Paramount, the label the film will come out under, has kept the project pretty hushed up including photos and production release. However, the trailer is now being offered over at the quicktime website [click here to open trailer].

Our Image

We took this image straight off of the trailer since we have been currently limited to what we can use. [the Team America website offers nothing but a privacy statement].


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Ryan Parsons
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