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Shyamalan's Fourth Film: The Village

Published August 1, 2004 in MOVIE REVIEW
By Ryan Parsons | Campus Resource

In M. Night Shyamalan's fourth film, The Village, we are greeted with an 19th Century village which is under threat of 'beings that must not be named.' Being the case of Shyamalan, I cannot go into description about the film but, rather my thoughts on how I feel it stacks up against Shyamalan's predecessors. Which is not very well at all.

What To Think
The film starts out very interesting and very deep. We are greeted with this town that has its very own 'undisturbed' beauty. However, this town is in constant threat of an 'ancient' group of creatures [who the village has had a truce with for some time]. The film progresses at a great pace [some may find it a little slow] and then, just when it seems to be getting really cool, begins a downhill run that eventually leads into the credits. I very much looked forward to this film and was pretty disapointed with its debut. There are, as in every Shyamalan film, nice twists and surprises but none that truely blew my mind or interested me.

What To Like
I truely feel that more could have been taken from this film if a little more of the small things, such as the act of not doing, were projected a little better [some of The Village's ideas seem to just fizzle off the screen]. Besides the plot, I greatly enjoyed the music along with the cinematography. Both work to give a sense of looming and dark secrets.

However, music and cinematography are not enough to make a movie worth the admission. If you plan to see this film make it a matinee visit.

Final Judgement: Easily the worst of the Shyamalan film series. What started as a good idea begins to spiral out of control to the point of silly. It will be hard for Shyamalan to ever match the film that made him great, The Sixth Sense. C

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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Campus Resource

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