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Must See: Spider-Man 2: The Game

Published June 8, 2004 in CONSOLE GAMES
By Ryan Parsons | Campus Resource, Activision, Pictures Located at GameSpot

It seems that a large majority of the Summer blockbusters are coming packaged with their own platform game as well. The games 'Chronicles of Riddick' and 'Shrek 2' have already been released with relative success leaving the next-comer, 'Spider-Man 2: The Game' open to a ready market.

The Story
The story behind the game is very close to the movie. Doc Ock, a nuclear physicist, gets transformed from a freak accident during a lab experiment. The Doc's response to the accident is a simple one, become a homicidal maniac in search of the one, the only, Spider-Man.

Where the game differentiates itself from the film is that it will offer plenty of side quests as well as other semi-major villains to contend with.

No, You are the Spider-Man
The game is currently being offered for N-Gage, Playstation 2, X-Box, Game Cube, PC, and Game Boy Advanced. You play as the character Peter Parker, aka Spider-Man, as you travel around a fully built New Your City in your quest to make your home town a better place to live. The game promoters have been pushing the idea about 'go anywhere, do anything' and, judging from the game trailer, it seems that you can do just that. As Spider-Man, you travel around all of New York City looking to find trouble and vanquish foes.

The environment will be very interactive [a trend that has been adopted by most upcoming games], allowing you to swing from just about anything including buildings, light poles, balconies, helicopters, and the Statue of Liberty. You will also be able to ride on top of taxis and moving trucks as you travel around the city. Along the way you will encounter active pedestrians, motor traffic, and more. All that a busy city requires.

Because of the freedom offered to the player, the games storyline will actually change depending on the quests you decide to pick up and the areas of New York City you decide to hang out in most. Something that Activision calls a very 'flexible mission structure.'

Hero's Inabilities
Spider-Man will start the game off relatively weak and must increase in ratings and abilities as the game goes forth. Take advantage of bringing down small-time thugs and thieves in order to help gain experience for your web-crawler.

The farther your character progresses along the game the more strength, abilities, and attack moves he will have to offer.

You will also be offered many other opportunities to upgrade your character. The game will be full of 'Upgrade Stores' that will allow you to spend hero points in exchange for new abilities. There is also an arcade that you can visit which will offer games that allow you to perfect your characters moves and abilities.


To learn more about the game click the source below.


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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Campus Resource, Activision, Pictures Located at GameSpot

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