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The Hysteria Behind the Film The Day After Tomorrow

Published May 25, 2004 in FILM POLITICS
By Ryan Parsons | USA Today

There has been a new histeria in the film industry that hasn't been this high since the release of the 'Passion.' This histeria mounts behind the release of 'The Day After Tomorrow' opening May 28. The film, which involves a giant storm that results in an ice age that quickly wipes out most of mankind, has been supported by groups such as, and people such as Al Gore. states: While the movie is [a] light summer fare when it comes to scientific weight, the scientific facts about global warming are substantial indeed. Climate change is happening today, so there's no time like the present to learn more about it. This movie has taken the self marketing approach by playing on the scientific theory of global warming and the resulting damages that can be done by said theory.

What the movie actually plays on is 'abrupt' global warning and shows geological effects that are physically impossible. So, is this movie here to be what it is, a movie, or was created to raise consciousness on the issue of global warming? However, what is the theory behind global warming?

Global Warming
CO2 surrounds our planet helping trap heat created by the energy of our sun. By burning fossil fuels, such as driving a car or processing plants such as coal, unnatural increases in omissions of CO2 enter the atmosphere creating an even thicker blanket that causes more of the suns energy to be trapped and, therefore, cause temperature to rise. As of now, carbon dioxide from burning coal has been considered the major factor in CO2 output. However, there are other factors that include methane, ozone, nitrous oxide, and chlorofluorocarbons that result from aerosols and referigeration. The effects of this could be potentially dangerous changes in climate. Changes that would cause oceans to rise, El Ninos in some areas, and drought in others. The resulting trend could lead to an ice age type scenario.

The Movie
In the movie, 'The Day After Tomorrow,' the Gulf Stream stops running, our troposphere becomes a stratosphere causing temperatures to drop considerable amounts by the hour, giant hail stones fall, and hurricanes with tornados hit most of mainland. According to a report by Patrick J. Michaels, for this to occur in the exaggerated condition that is presented in the film, three things would have to happen. Gravity would have to change, winds must stop, and planet Earth must stop spinning. So, what does this say for the propogandists pushing the film to be thier poster child of global warming? In the end, the film is what it is, a film. Let people enjoy it for what it is, a film. Lets leave out the political bullshit and remember to enjoy going to the theatres for their original purpose; an entertaining escape from our every day drudgery.

The only perk to the global warming hype is that it gives this film free marketing and added attention that it might not have recieved in the first place. Good or bad? Lets give it a few days and find out.

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Ryan Parsons
Sources: USA Today

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