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After a Nine Month Delay, Maxis's Sims 2 Begins to Spread Its Wings

Published May 20, 2004 in VIDEO GAMES
By Ryan Parsons | Maxis

The original Sims game was the highest selling PC game to hit the market. With over 34 million copies sold, people discovered that they enjoyed living a different life rather than taking them as in other common PC games. From the Sims there were many add-ons such as 'Bustin-Out' and 'Superstar.' Now, after a delayed nine months of production, Maxis is offering the new generation of life simulation, Sims 2.

What's New Sim?
The major difference each player will encounter is that your sim is not immortal in the sense of aging. In Sims 2, your character lives out his/her life and celebrates birthdays as he/she ages. So, as you begin your adventure in Sims 2 you begin as a child and within 25 hours of gameplay you will reach the latter half of your adulthood. Through your actions, decisions, influences, and parents, your character's skills and personality will grow and change. This will continue down to other family in the game such as your children [if you choose to have any] as their personality is also affected by your character. Your sims will live through six different stages of life: infant, toddler, child, teen, adult and elder. With new options being opened at each stage as old ones get closed.

Sims 2 also promises to be more in depth with the characters to allow for more possible events and interactions. An example is divorce. In Sims 2 NPCs will be able to have divorce for reasons such as an affair. This does mean that your player can have affairs, but be weary. Your sim, or the girl sim you had the affair with, can show up pregnant with your baby later on.

The AI and learning engine are also much better as your teach your children, and others, how to live. An example of this is your children, who you will need to shown his/her room and where to sleep in order for them to do that automatically every night or when the occasion arises.

The last improvement covered is the graphic interface. The graphics are going to be exceptionally better with better 3d modeling, better neighborhood, and an expanded construction interface for your sim's house and garden. Homes now allow three levels plus a roof.

Last, but not least. The game takes more chances than the last one with real life situations [such as divorce previously explained]. You will have to be suspicious of cheating lovers and scandalous friends. You may also see some girl on girl action along the way...Sign me up!!!


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Ryan Parsons
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