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September 30, 2006

Shortbus Updates
The uncensored trailer should grab your attention.
Famke Janssen in Iron Man?
Churned straight out of the rumor mill.
Chainsaw Massacre With a Dash of Gears of War
New Line teams with Xbox to give this double preview.
Tom Rothman Talks Eragon and Gambit
Plus a ton of other major Fox projects.

September 29, 2006

Julie Walters Talks Order of the Phoenix
Mrs. Weasley seems to have the inside track.
Screamfest Schedule Announced
October 13th to the 22nd.
Warners Finds Dragons
A new fantasy getting prepped for adaptation.
Downey Confirmed for Iron Man!
Actor's first lead role in such a big-budget film.
Yuma Cast Grows
A trio of names make company with Crowe and Bale.
Weaver and Boswarth Meet a Girl in the Park
Both are in negotiations to star in the upcoming film.
Ice Cube Sticks to Comedy
New Line is setting up a starring vehicle for the rapper turned actor.

September 28, 2006

Review: The Guardian
Ads for the film make it look like it's all big rescues, but it's really largely Top Dive.
Robert Downey Jr. is Iron Man!?
There should be a confirmation by tomorrow.
Review: School for Scoundrels
A solid comedy that won't make you want to walk out or turn the channel.
Review: Open Season
The talking animal movie has become a worse Hollywood cliché than the buddy cop movie.
The Guardian Clips
One extended and a couple not so much.
Reds 25th Anniversary Special Collector's Edition
The DVD hits shelves on October 17th.
Charlotte's Web Stills
A few more stills roll in.
Surf's Up Brah!
First trailer for the CG animation looks surprisingly impressive.
More School for Scoundrels
Clips and an extended trailer.
Martin Lawrence on Family Films
Open Season joins his filmography.
Johansson Promoted to Mary Queen of Scots
Take a look at the drama between the two drama queens, Mary and Elizabeth.
Pan's Labyrinth Takes Mexico to Oscars
This film should knock 'em down.
Fox Goes to Rotten School
Studio acquires R.L. Stine's children's book series.
Want to be an Extra in Transformers?
A casting call for those of you in Detroit and elsewhere.

September 27, 2006

Pics of Will Smith from I Am Legend Set
The gun looks great, he has to hold it more, well, manly.
Autobot Jazz Concept Art
Looks pretty damn slick with the dual pistols, or is that cannons?
Bale and Rodriguez Enjoying Harsh Times
First movie still appears for the film.
It's Harry Potter!
Hi-res image of the character in Order of the Phoenix.
Meet the Dursleys!
The family is back for Order of the Phoenix.
Dimension Acquires Rosario Dawson's O.C.T. Comicbook
She is set to star and produce the film.
Home of the Brave Poster
Packaged with direct feeds to the trailer.
Galbatorix's Thrown
New hi-res image from Eragon.
Rob Cohen Scared Straight
Will direct a prison thriller for New Line.
Homeland Security Gets Cast
Antonio Banderas, Meg Ryan, Colin Hanks and Selma Blair board up.
Tina Fey and Poehler to Star in Baby Mama
The Saturday Night Live duo will team for comedy.
Gyllenhaal and Witherspoon Join Rendition
A Middle East political thriller from New Line.
New Flushed Away Poster
Pretty much the same, but with a couple new details and characters.
Riding Flicka
Trailer, poster and synopsis for the film.

September 26, 2006

Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning Updates
Clips, trailer, poster and synopsis.
Paging Luna Lovegood!
First hi-res picture of the Potter character!
Carlos Mencia Joins Seven Day Itch
Will join Stiller and Akerman in Ferrelly Brother comedy.
Scorsese Wants Silence
Martin's been looking at this adaptation for over a decade.
New RSS Feeds!
Any movie you like, or just select Movies or Television.
Stallone vs Predator?
Can the big guy return to action and take the starring role?
Stick It DVD on HDTV
Muscles glisten as every ripple of the pump bursts off the screen
Debra Messing on Open Season
Debra Messing plays a park ranger who keeps Boog the bear as a pet.
2nd Flags of Our Fathers Trailer
Gives a little more insight into Letters From Iwo Jima.
Schneider Seeks a Medicine Fish
An independent children's fantasy directed by Jeremy Torrie.
Kara Holden Sets Curriculum for Home School
Actress will write the script.
Caviezel an Outlander
Actor in talks to star in Weinstein film.
Shrek the Third Teaser Poster
Looks like the whole gang is back... including the dragon.

September 25, 2006

Backdraft DVD on HDTV
The dvd stands out and makes a healthy conversion onto HDTV.
300 Trailer When?
Let the countdown begin!
Happy Feet Character Posters
Quite a few with a brand spankin' new synopsis to boot.
Singer Discusses Superman Returns Sequel
And throws in a few more good analogies.
Jackass Rocket
Knoxville and Tremaine discuss a close call.
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix a Top Ten!
We predicted it would take until October or sooner.
Another Eragon Pic
A picture that shows off some of the atmosphere.
Martin Lawrence on Voice Acting
Open Season is his first foray into voice acting.
School for Scoundrels No Good?
Early reviews not digging the comedy.
Blanchett a Vixen
Actress will star in a graphic memoir by cartoonist Marchetto.
Alien vs. Predator 2 Gets Leads
Reiko Aylesworth and Steven Pasquale will star in next installment.
Dushku and Vogel Do the Mamba
Both will star in the teen-thriller filming in Spain.
Ron Howard to Direct Frost/Nixon
Adaptation of the play picked up by Universal.
Apocalypto Screened
Gets some love on its first time out.
International Eragon Trailer
The French trailer returns in English.

September 24, 2006

Jackass Ice Horse
Ryan Dunn had to adlib the stunt.
Scarface DVD on HDTV
Animated movies always look great blown up on HDTVs.
Casino Royale Online Strategy Game
Multiplayer that requires some "strategery."
Prestige Updates
New TV spot and movie stills for the magical thriller.

September 22, 2006

Jackass Fire Hose Rodeo
It's a rodeo with the fire hose as the bull, not a fire hose as the rope.
The Good Shepherd Trailer Online
Looks pretty solid and the cast is ginormous.
French Eragon Trailer!
It looks better than ours and even sounds better!
A Scoundrel Faints
New clip from School for Scoundrels.
Tony Leondis to Direct Igor
Animated film from Exodus Film Group.
John Rogers Talks Transformers
His hand in the original script and the changes that we will see.
Movie Review: Fearless
It’s great to see Jet Li with the Wong Fei-Hung hair braid again.
Keaton and Shepard Smother Tyler
All three set to star in upcoming indie pic.
Fisher, Biggs Join Black's Romantic Comedy
The same guy from VH1's "I Love the..."
Haggis Takes Jones and Theron to The Garden of Elah
Haggis's new drama that is ready to go AWOL.
International Casino Royale Poster?
Daniel Craig's stance is being put through the recycler.
Movie Review: Jackass: Number Two
The second installment is a masterpiece.
Movie Review: Flyboys
The flights take The Aviator to another level.
Movie Review: Feast
This is why I go to the movies.

September 21, 2006

Disney's Jungle Cruise to Follow Pirates Footsteps
Another Disney ride will be adapted to film.
Bobby Trailer Up
The cast is so freakin' strong that it gets distracting.
A Fearless Philosophy
Anyone who has followed Jet Li knows he's about more than kicking ass
Jackass Electric Stool
Wee Man discusses the shocking stunt.
No Spider-Man 3 Re-Shoots
Turns out Franco's words got twisted, so he is back to clarify.
300 Promo Trailer!
Could this film be any more tight? Probably not!
Casino Royale Title Song
Chris Cornell rocks out a song with composer David Arnold.
Bradford Gets Sassy
Actor will star in remake of South Korean romantic comedy.
Jolie for Atlas Shrugged
Angelina Jolie set to star in the Lionsgate adaptation.
The Wild DVD on HDTV
Animated movies always look great blown up on HDTVs.

September 20, 2006

Fearless Development
You don't make your LAST MARTIAL ARTS MOVIE on the spur of the moment.
Jackass Bad Grandpa
We love it when the Jackass team dresses up as old dudes.
Pan's Labyrinth One-Sheet
Completely upgraded version of the first poster ever previewed.
Shoot 'Em Up Promo Reel!
The animatics looked a little better, but this works.
Ferrell Kills Elf Sequel
He may kill the Old School sequel as well.
Bond Says Yummy to Beer
He definitely does not want this shaken.
Kudro and Morgan Board P.S. I Love You
Will join Gerard Butler and Hilary Swank in the upcoming drama.
The Good German Poster
Old school meets new school meets war poster.
Very Positive Review for Pan's Labyrinth
This is one limited release you have to see.
Blood Diamond Trailer
A film with a nice mix of action, suspense, drama, romance and a diamond to boot!
Incubus and Reid Direct to Download
Horror film tries something new and bypasses video.
New Prestige Trailer!
The second showing is just as good as the first!

September 19, 2006

Windy City Heat DVD Review
The actual payoff is amongst the DVD extra features.
Get Behind The Guardian
Behind the scenes clip shows off some movie goodness and interviews with cast and crew.
A-Listers in Bobby
Movie still shows off the film's impressive cast.
Flyboys Clips
Fill the Zeppelin with lead and watch it burn.
Scoundrels Play Tennis
Heder and Thornton go head to head.
Pitt is Ethan Hunt?
Paramount really wants Cruise out.
Open Season Clips
Different trailer and a ton of clips for the upcoming animation.
Boondock Saints DVD on HDTV
The latest two disc remaster does right by my projection set.
Deschanel Joins The Gospel
Will replace Pink in the upcoming bio.
Updated The Departed Poster
Upgraded like the character posters.
Wayner's Digs a Last Kiss
The movie doesn't overlook the timelessness of traditional behaviors.
Jackass Valentine
Keep doing the prank and it will become funny again.
Scary Movie 4 DVD Review
Any David Zucker movie has deleted scenes on par with the film.

September 18, 2006

Jackson Talks Hobbit
Peter Jackson said interested, but nothing there yet.
The Journey of Ghost Rider
New video blog for the film online.
Badass Renaissance Clip
Extended clip from the upcoming animation.
Damon Says He is Not Kirk
Paramount has yet to contact him.
American Gun DVD Review
This should get a heavy rotation on the Lifetime channel.
Lonesome Jim DVD Review
Fails to recognize what makes these writers and the characters so interesting.
Hi-Res Saphira Image!
Eragon is being taken on a ride.
The Tripper to Premiere at Screamfest
Arquette's film to make it's world premiere at the Film Festival in October.
Japanese Casino Royale Trailer
A couple new additions and flashy Asian characters.
Better Departed Characters
New character posters better than the first set.
Murphy is a Ramen Girl
Will co-star in the romantic comedy with Japanese thesp Toshiyuki Nishida.
Firth Tries Prison
Actor will produce the upcoming documentary.
Clooney a Leatherhead
Another football movie? Damn!
Taps Special Edition DVD Review
When was Timothy Hutton ever this young?
The Invisible Trailer!
Looks like one heck of a supernatural thriller.
Saw III Trailer
A lot of footage, but still seems pretty teaser-ish.

September 17, 2006

Ten Dead Men Begins Filming
A new UK action film coming our way.
Beowulf & Grendel Goes DownUnder
New release set up for New Zealand.
Grease Rockin' Rydell Edition DVD Review
This has got to be the most brilliant DVD extra in the history of DVD extras.
X-Men: The Last Stand DVD Review
Gee, you think they might be planning a bigger special edition later?

September 14, 2006

Jackass Screened
Is it funnier than the first?
Everyone's Hero Review
I'm about to say really bad things about Christopher Reeve’s final piece of work.
Catch a Fire One-Sheet
Tim Robbins and Derek Luke ready to stand for, well, something.
The Last Kiss Review
Oh, adultery is so cute...
Eragon Trailer Online!
It leaked earlier so Fox has put it up early!
Updated Casino Royale Poster
A few edits to the first version we got... making it now official.
First Horton Stills
Wow, Fox is deeper into production than we originally thought.
Jackass Magic Trick
How do you make Wee Man disappear? Covering him with a 300 pound woman works.
Josh Hartnett on Black Dahlia
His character falls into that classic film noir trap of navigating a bunch of femme fatales.
Sedgwick Joins Rock in Disney's Game Plan
Yay, another generic sports movie.
Mostow to Direct Sub-Mariner
One of Marvel's oldest superheroes.
Sony Gets Tucker, Firth and Broadbent with Father
Studio acquires North American rights for And When Did You Last See Your Father.
A Few More Casino Royale Stills
All about Bond with this batch.
Feature Apocalypto Trailer!
Touchstone couldn't let her go... now see why.
Meet The Last King of Scotland
Trailer, poster and synopsis

September 13, 2006

More Eragon Trailer Details
It will be Friday, so get up early if you want to see this dragon hatch!
First Look at Fanboys
If Kristen Bell in the Leia slave outfit doesn't do it for you I don't know what will.
Jackass Running with the Bulls
Knoxville and Tremaine discuss the stunt.
Live From Toronto
Press conferences for The Fountain, All the King's Men, Babel and more.
Superman Returns DVD Box Art
Lot's of color, action, and a man flying.
Jacinda Barrett on The Last Kiss
Beginning as a happy mom-to-be, her relationship descends into the hell of lies and adultery.
Go to 1500 in The Fountain
Official site updated with an 'Experience' section.
Stranger Than Fiction Gets Positives
More early reviews coming in from Toronto.
Officially Positive Borat Reviews
Film gets praise from Toronto.
Despereaux Gets Cast
Dustin Hoffman, Kevin Kline, William H. Macy, Stanley Tucci and Sigourney Weaver.
Charlotte Appears from the Web!
First image of the legendary spider.
More Jackass Clips
Wee-Man and Knoxville get hilarious.
Happy Feet Mini Trailers
Two new previews give us a taste of both the song and dance.
Eragon Trailer Coming!
Fox promises that we can expect it on...

September 12, 2006

Flyboys Character Clips
Seven to be exact.
Carrey and Carell Hears a Who
Both comedic actors picked up for CG animation.
Feature Casino Royale Poster?
It sure does look legit.
Alec Hopkins on Being a Young Severus Snape
We get to see where Snape gets his hatred from.
Rob Reiner is a Baseball
Discusses role in Everyone's Hero.
Scarlett Johansson on The Black Dahlia
Johansson could out fatale and femme if she wanted to.
Zach Braff on The Last Kiss
Zach Braff may be hysterical on Scrubs but he can do drama too.
Peter Jackson Eyeing Temeraire
The next huge (Jackson) fantasy?
Chechik and Chatwin Team for Porn Film
A coming-of-age comedy based in pornography.
Firth, Broderick, Midler Board Then She Found Me
The trio will join up with Helen Hunt.
Schumacher to Visit Town Creek
Supernatural project for Lionsgate.

September 11, 2006

New Operation Stormbreaker Trailer
Definitely looks better.
Eragon Goodies
Game Box Art and a calendar.
Rachel Weisz Game for The Mummy
Hasn't read the script yet though.
Pan's Labyrinth Gets a Standing O
Very positive reaction in Toronto.
Brian De Palma on Black Dahlia
Film is the sort of classic tale of obsession in which De Palma excels.
All the King's Men Reviewed
A large cast can't beat the corruption.
Beckinsale Fills the Vacancy
Sarah Jessica Parker is out.
Jackman Talks The Fountain
Hardest acting gig yet says he.
Casino Royale Screened
"Fantastic" is the word of the day.
Rachel Bilson on The Last Kiss
Playing the other woman can be quite a handicap for an actress.
MGM's Hobbit a Maybe?
MGM sounded confident, but Peter Jackson not aboard?
Brendan Fraser to Return to The Mummy
After he finishes Inkheart.
Patrick Wilson Joins Evening
Before you ask, he will still not be singing.

September 10, 2006

5th Ghost Rider Video Blog
Meet The Caretaker.
Bumblebee Taking a Break
Put on some wax before you get Melanoma!
Tarantino Announces Final Grindhouse Cast
Michael Bacall, Eli Roth and Omar Doom added to list.
Weinstein Gets First Look With Underground
Comes packaged with comedy Rising Sun.
Flags of Our Fathers Trailer
Action, drama and politics.
Casino Royale Trailer!
Late Update: Daniel Craig looking solid.
Sherrybaby Review
It's no easy task for an audience to watch the consequences of drug addiction.
The Protector Review
The film is a Jaa dropping extravaganza.

September 6, 2006

Casino Royale Trailer Thursday
Finally a big update.
International Dead or Alive Poster
We love the foreign hotties.
Ben Affleck on Hollywoodland
Affleck hopes this new role will keep the focus on his work.
Tony Jaa on Protector Moves
Tony Jaa's stunts could easily kill someone.
District B13 DVD Review
Watch it once, then use the rewind/ff buttons for the highlights.
Inside The Covenant
Stills and new clips for the film.
So Much Jackass
Official site updated with videos and goodies.
More Transformers Concepts
Optimus Prime rocking the gun this time around.
Adrien Brody on Hollywoodland
Brody plays detective Louis Simo.
Seann William Scott is a Big Brother
Actor will topline edgy comedy.
Carrey and Diaz Reunite for A Little Game
A romantic comedy directed by Gabriele Muccino.

September 5, 2006

Foreign Flyboys Poster
A little more hectic this time.
Eragon Screens
A few scans from a foreign magazine.
3D Nightmare Trailer
Tim Burton's re-release coming on October 20th.
R-Rated Feast Trailer
Well, if the F-word counts.
Protector Fight Scenes
This Tony Jaa flick is full of martial arts set pieces.
Some Kind of Wonderful DVD
Not one of John Hughes' most popular teen movies...
The Illusionist Review
If you want to finish a theatre showing with a 'Bravo,' here is your best bet.
Better Fountain Reviews
Movie's not good? We don't think so!
Stranger Than Fiction One-Sheet
Harold Click (Will Ferrell) isn't ready to go. Period.
More Detailed Optimus Prime
Looking slick, but where's the gun?
School for Scoundrels Clip
Time to play a little paintball.
Order of the Phoenix's King's Cross Appears Online
A bunch of new set photos to fancy.
Tony Jaa on The Protector Title
American translations of long titles are usually only one word.
New Borat Propoganda
Upgraded poster for the film.
Cool Trailer Updates
When you can expect Spider-Man 3, Ghost Rider and Casino Royale.
Drunken Master 3 Rumors
It's been rumored that Tony Jaa would team with Jackie Chan.
Pretty in Pink (Everything's Duckie Edition DVD
Almost everyone is back to talk about the seminal Molly Ringwald classic.
Diane Lane on Hollywoodland
Ben Affleck isn’t the only one playing a Hollywood legend...
Children of Men Gets Positives
First early reviews appear online.
More Fountain Reviews
Thanks to early screenings and the Venice International Film Festival.
Dead Man's Chest Closes In On One Billion
Only the third movie to do so.

September 4, 2006

Ramirez on Crank
Every action hero needs a gay sidekick, right?

September 1, 2006

Meet Crank's First Time Directors
No one in Hollywood could have come up with this film.
Pan's Labyrinth's Glorious Teaser
Watch the trailer in quicktime.
Ward Plays Strangers to Tyler
Two hotties in one film, great start.
Bond 22 Pushed to Nov. 2008
Instead of May 2nd, 2008.
Angela Bettis Gets a Scar
Fitting role for her look.
Mortimer is a Real Girl
Joins up with Goslin in offbeat indie.
Woo Grabs All-Star Cast for Red Cliff
It is like the Asian dream team.
New Guardian's
Two character posters for the film.

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