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October 31, 2007

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull Wraps!
New production diary offers terrific nostalgia.
Cloverfield Trailer Details
You won't believe what the film is titled.
Fox Confirms X-Files 2!
Will hit theaters next summer!
Joker Sends Updates on The Dark Knight
New image and a new message from the Joker.
The Fred Claus Widget
Are you a super sibling or a sorry sibling?
Top Gun on HD DVD
A tribute to Tony Scott's campy '80s blockbuster.
Kung Fu Panda Poster and Trailer!
DreamWorks Animation is due a big hit. Could this be it?
Patrick Warburton on Bee Movie
The actor has done many recognizable voices.
AVP - R Creature Banners!
A little treat before you start tricking people this Halloween.
1-18-08 Revealed this November!
Film's official title and trailer coming with Beowulf.
Worthington an Un-American G.I. Joe
The Australian actor is in talks for a role in the adaptation.
The Wanted Trailer!
Everybody in this film can kick some @ss!

October 30, 2007

Beowulf's Photo Album
Domestic poster and a batch of new stills.
Snyder Sees Green for Tales of the Black Freighter
A mini-film that will be attached to Watchmen.
Spider-Man 4 Webs a Writer
Zodiac's Vanderbilt jumps aboard just in time for the writers' strike.
Butler Escapes from Escape From New York
Something surprisingly repetitive here.
Dillon and Short are Armored
A second heist thriller for the actor.
All Hail Caligula Imperial Edition!
Film will go down as the only successful, high-budget, feature porno.
Ron Livingston on Music Within
He plays Richard Pimental, a veteran who spearheaded the Americans with Disabilities Act.
Clooney is G.I. Joe?
He's top choice to pay the "real American hero."
Jerry Seinfeld on Bee Movie
Almost a decade to get Seinfeld back in a major project.
Halo Movie Still Breathing
So much money to be made, Microsoft is working on new funding sources.
Bond 22 Script Done
Other tentpoles are approaching the deadline.
Penn and Ledger Branching Out to the Tree of Life
The long-gestating project from Terrence Malick.

October 29, 2007

David Dobkin Takes on The Flash
So it's going to be super funny?
Rhames Takes a Phantom Punch
He will portray the infamous heavyweight fighter Sonny Liston.
Statham to Crank Some More
He will return for Crank 2: High Voltage.
The Bucket List One-Sheet
Freeman and Nicholson looking extremely happy.
Spanish The Golden Compass Poster
Poster themed with a different color.
You Wanted These Stills!
First official set from the film's production.
Poster for The Perfect Holiday
Holiday comedy starring Gabrielle Union, Terrence Howard and Queen Latifah.
Pregnant Juno Posters
Comedy coming our way this December.
Official Reviews Buzz Bee Movie
And we aren't talking positive...
Melissa George Talks Music Within
Christine is the unsung hero in Richard Pimental's life.
MGM Not Worried About WGA Strike
Progress is already being made.
Daniel Craig Signed to Four More Bonds
MGM figures franchises are the "base of any studio."

October 28, 2007

Saw IV Horrifically Strong
Halloween is always a booster for the genre.
Berlanti Fires Up Green Lantern
DC gets another one of their comics on the adaptation chopping block.
Kung Fu Panda's Promo Trailer
A nice introduction from Jack Black.
Guillermo del Toro Thinking Potter?
He had us at Azkaban.
Juliette Binoche on Dan In Real Life
Light hearted comedy is not her usual fare.
Hottie Megan Gale in Lead for Wonder Woman?
So you're saying it's not Teresa Palmer?
Oded Fehr, We Salute You!
His character did not make the cut in EW's latest action list.

October 27, 2007

Trailer Wide Awake
After a prolonged coma since the last media update.

October 26, 2007

Rambo Poster
Lionsgate (finally) gave us our own copy.
The American Gangster Widget
It's cool... if you are into this sort of thing.
Underworld Prequel a Go
Already titled Rise of the Lycans.
Dan In Real Life Carell's Best
It takes Little Miss Sunshine to the next level.
TV Movie of the Week: Music Within
It is so well meaning I don't even want to point out all its flaws.
Travolta Counts Pelham 123
Will join Washington in the remake.

October 25, 2007

First Shot of the Predalien!
Though I don't know about the mix, it definitely looks scary.
American Gangster Batting 100
All the official reviews have been positive.
High Definition Rambo Trailer!
Finally no more flash!
Christmas in Wonderland Poster
Family comedy starring Patrick Swayze, Chris Kattan and... Carmen Elektra?
Michael Sheen on Music Within
He becomes unrecognizable as Art Honeymoon.
Foxx Practices Civil Rights with Zebra Murders
He will topline for DreamWorks.
Columbia Moves Quick for Angels & Demons
Fast-tracked project has so far remained under the radar.
Steve Carell on Dan In Real Life
The dramedy features a more sedate Carell.
Tobin Bell on Saw IV and V
Bell was welcomed back with open arms to continue playing Jigsaw in whatever surprising form the film allows.
Avatar and Bones Production Schedules
Both expected to be completed in under two months (from start).
Join the Elf Secret Service
Online game for Fred Claus.
Mad Max 4 Back On
Production quarters in Sydney re-opened this week.
August Rush Gets Early, and Very Positive Reviews
Film uses music to create an even bigger emotional impact.

October 24, 2007

Finding the Music Within
A better late than never preview.
First Look at The Love Guru
Jessica looking good while Myers looks, well, interesting.
The Domestic, and Very Official I Am Legend Trailer
The leaked version yesterday was international.
Shiny Pistol! New International Hitman Poster
Olyphant, shiny gun, sexy lady.
Wolverine Updates
Fox is rushing and a young Wolvie might have been found.
Bay Talks More Transformers 2 Specifics
He doesn't look to 'up' it, but instead keep the heart.
Peter Hedges on Dan In Real Life
Director discusses how do-gooders can do more harm than good.
Six Minutes of Bee Movie
DreamWorks shows off and delivers an entire garden of eye candy.
Justice League's Superman Found?
Hellboy's Evans could be an option.

October 23, 2007

Jessica Biel to Die a Little
She will topline the crime thriller.
Renner Gets Itch for The Oaks
Will star in the Fox drama to be directed by Michael Cuesta.
Some Dark Knight Tidbits
A few more details surface online.
French The Golden Compass Poster
Poster features a little more Iorek Byrnison.
Preview the New I Am Legend Trailer!
Slowly making its way onto the internet!
2nd Rambo Trailer!
Just think of a day when we got one in hi-def.
Jet Li as the Dragon Emperor!
New production photo now available!
Megan Fox has a Hot Jennifer's Body
A film described as a comedic supernatural thriller.
Stiles Hears the Cry of the Owl
She plays a woman who falls in love with her stalker.
Thornton Joins Eagle Eye
Joins up with LaBeouf in the D.J. Caruso thriller.
Poster Gives the First Vantage Point
First poster for the thriller now available.
Transformers a Hit on DVD
Sold more than 8.3 million copies the first week.

October 22, 2007

Scorsese and DiCaprio Team for Shutter Island
Duo will reteam for the adaptation of the Dennis Lehane novel.
Jericho - The First Season on DVD
It doesn't live up to the story it tried to tell.
Longoria Drops to Lower Learning
Along with Jason Biggs and Rob Corddry.
Cassavetes to Direct Captain America?
He was originally attached to Iron Man.
More Screening Reports for American Gangster
Word of mouth continues to be positive.
Deschanel Says Yes
Female lead will star opposite Cooper and Carrey.
Brighter National Treasure: Book of Secrets Poster
Second version for the film now available.
Clooney Can't Play White Jazz
Exited the project after multiple scheduling conflicts.
Babylon A.D. Poster
Second poster now available.
Melora Hardin on The Comebacks and The Office
She finds some major differences in her roles.
International Beowulf Poster
Similar, but different, than the batch we posted earlier.
Superman Loses Scribes
Both Dougherty and Harris will not be returning.
Wahlberg's Replacement Bones
He will step in for Ryan Gosling.
30 Days of Night Sinks Teeth Into the Box Office
Vampire flick wins the weekend.

October 20, 2007

There Will Be Blood One-Sheet
Second poster now available.
A Bloody Fantastic Sweeney Todd Trailer!
Not red band, but there is definitely some red.
More on the Justice League Casting
New details emerge on which part(s) everybody was trying out for.
Some More Mist
2nd trailer now available.
David Koechner on The Comebacks
He doesn't do anything subtly.

October 19, 2007

The Mutant Chronicles Production Photos!
First solid look of what to expect.

October 18, 2007

Watts to Swat at Birds
Martin Campbell is in negotiations to direct.
Woody's Untitled Now Vicky Cristina Barcelona
A 'love letter' starring Johansson, Cruz and Bardem.
30 Days of Night
It's Ghost House Pictures' first great film.
Gone Baby Gone Lives Up to the Hype
Film delivers a solid drama.
The Comebacks Spoofs Itself
People just don't know how to make a spoof.
Dramatic Rendition
Definitely an issue movie but still a story you can follow.
Rambo is Rambo. Period.
Film's official title comes down to one word.
Top Ten Films Updated for Winter 2007!
Beowulf and Charlie Wilson join the list.
More Bourne In Damon?
He passed on any involvement with Bond.
Carl Weathers Boxes The Comebacks
From one ultimate underdog sports movie to the next.
Ryan Doesn't Mind a Good Hoax
Richard Gere has shown a lot of charm in these latter years.
Bassam Pays Visit to The House Without a Christmas Tree
Where was this movie when I was growing up???
Confirmed: Karl Urban is Bones!
His in Chris Pine's deals are definitely closed.
Aronofsky Likely to Direct The Wrestler
Film starring Nicolas Cage.
Amy Ryan on Gone Baby Gone
It's about a kidnapping, but it's not that simple.
Melissa George on 30 Days of Night
She thought she was making a relationship movie.
Wolverine Release Date Announced!
Hits theaters in May... Of 2009.
Favreau Gets Advanced with Iron Man
Everything you want to know about the film's production.
Preview the Rambo Poster
Stallone's back is so muscular!
Entire Justice League Script Read?
Film plays like a Saturday morning cartoon?

October 17, 2007

Hellboy II Site Live!
Scrapbooks, set reports and Guillermo's first blogs!
Hitman Site Live
Plus some new movie stills for you.
Jake Gyllenhaal Interrogated for Rendition
He plays a CIA analyst in the film.
Steve Niles on 30 Days of Night
He just wanted to tell his own story.
Bassam Shoots Seagull Out of the Sky
Bad is a good way to describe it.
Karl Urban Has Bones
Latest rumors claim he was offered the role in Star Trek.

October 16, 2007

Apatow Given the Option: Funny or Die
Not that the comedy site needs more talent.
Nicolas Cage Vanished
Will star in the thriller to be helmed by Paradise Now director.
Raimi Talks Hobbit and Spider-Man 4
Both projects he's laying off to other talent. Well, kinda...
Poster Wants to be Italian
Official one-sheet for the romantic comedy.
The Diving Bell and the Butterfly Poster
Poster for the remarkable true story of Jean-Dominique Bauby.
American Gangster Photo Album
Another batch of stills featuring lawlessness.
Things We Lost in the Fire Video Interviews
Berry, Toro, Duchovny and more.
Casey Affleck on Gone Baby Gone
The Affleck boys got together to tell another tale of the Boston streets.
The Water Horse Poster
Second poster for the bazillionth fantasy coming our way.

October 15, 2007

Ventimiglia's Pathology
Poster and trailer for one of the most powerful Heroes.
Chris Pine Semi-Confirmed for Star Trek!
You won't believe who spilled it.
Eastwood's Changeling Finds Cast
Trio of talent join Angelina Jolie.
National Treasure Hosts The World's Biggest Treasure Hunt
Online game that should (hopefully) win you something.
Next Stop, P2
Official one-sheet and trailer for the upcoming thriller.
Win Prizes for Gone Baby Gone
Poster and novels in anticipation of the film's release.
Southland Tales Quad Poster
Should make a great desktop wallpaper.
Ben Affleck Talks Directing Gone Baby Gone
The poor actor can't do anything quietly.
Reese Witherspoon on Rendition
Her latest film is a tougher sell without any rockin' soundtrack.
Fido on DVD
A movie I really wanted to see theatrically...
The Young and the Justice League
Marathon casting session taking place. Guess who showed up.
Dillon Plays Chess
In negotiations to play lead in biopic.
Mirren and Pesci Make Love Ranch
A heart-warming story about the first legal brothel.

October 14, 2007

Why Did I Get Married? Takes Box Office
Romantic baggage the flavor of the week.
All Kubrick
Six films coming on DVD, HD-DVD and Blu-ray.

October 13, 2007

PA Mom Animated into The Simpsons
Grand prize winner of the 7-Eleven contest for the film.
Michael Caine on Sleuth
He is changing roles for the remake.
Denise Boutte on Why Did I Get Married?
She hopes people still like her after viewing the film.
American Gangster Combo Poster
Poster features both the film's title characters.

October 12, 2007

Another Fred Claus Poster
Warner Bros' stocking is full of 'em.
I Am Legend Survival in Second Life
Multiplayer FPS/RPG game.
Gyllenhaal Plans to Remain Tightless
He doesn't plan to be a superhero anytime soon.
Transformers on DVD and HD-DVD
You know you're buying a copy come Tuesday.
The Hot Girls of Planet Terror
In anticipation of the DVD release.
John Rambo Goes to Hell and Back
Lionsgate has released an official title.
Simon Pegg is Scotty!
And John Cho is Sulu!
Snyder Snaps Last Photograph
A film based on his own idea.
Wrestler Cage
In talks to star in Robert Siegel's indie drama.
We Rent the Night
It opens with Mendes's booby, so there's a hook.

October 11, 2007

Elizabeth: Reign Harder
Elizabeth is the coolest British monarch ever.
Lars and the Real Girl Review
Either a cautionary tale or my potential future biography.
Fred Relives Sleuth and Finds It's Not How He Remembers It
Some of the bells and whistles are there...
Why Did I Get Married? a Best for Perry
Granted, I'm hardly the target audience for his oeuvre.
Ryan Gosling on Lars and the Real Girl
A film about a man who falls in love with a sex doll? Sounds zany.
Buzzing Bee Movie Stills
New batch shows off DreamWorks' CG prowess.
American Gangster Surveillance
Batch of new movie stills for the crime drama.
The Comebacks Playbook
Movie stills and updated synopsis for the upcoming spoof.
Charlie Wilson's War Trailer
Hanks makes a great Wilson.
Robert Duvall Talks We Own the Night
He took the role as a recommendation from an acting buddy.
Evan Almighty on DVD
It's definitely a toned down sequel, but it works for those larger families.
Kenneth Branagh Talks Sleuth
He is usually the go to guy for Shakespeare.
Abbie Cornish on Elizabeth: The Golden Age
As Elizabeth I's confident, her character gets to shine.
Tyler Perry on Why Did I Get Married?
Tyler Perry has some real advice for couples.
Warner Reads An Arsonist's Guide
Studio has optioned the book for adaptation.

October 10, 2007

I Am Legend Poster
Well, at least he has that dog.
Columbia Finds Smith in the Empire
Michael Mann will direct.
Warner Bros Reboots Terminator
Studio acquired distribution rights.
DiCaprio Packs for Farragut North
George Clooney will likely direct.
Fox Fears Hitman's Guns
Studio yanks control from Gens to create a less-gory, PG-13 version.
The Golden Compass Gets Two Final and Very Fantastical Posters!
Armored bears are popular this time of season.
Chris Pining for Star Trek's Kirk?
Smaller name, good look, seems to fit.
Eva Mendes on We Own the Night
She is the only female lead amongst big male actors.
Blanchett Rules Elizabeth: The Golden Age
She is not much of a sequel girl...
Janet Jackson on Why Did I Get Married?
She makes a lot of news, but hardly any movies.
Jumper Trailer
Hayden uses something very Force-like!
Eric Bana Star Trek's Villain
He will play Nero.
Lucas Makes Big Claims on Indiana Jones 4
Says it will be as good as the original.

October 9, 2007

Jerry O'Flaherty to Direct Thundercats
Warner Bros. making ground on the live-action adaptation.
Broderick Feeling Wonderful
Will co-star with Sanaa Lathan.
The Golden Compass Trailer!
The daemons are looking better!
Orci Discusses the New Star Trek XI
Second script much better, with a better villain.
Torn Apart on DVD
It's not easy to tell the story of the Arab-Israeli conflict and get it right.
Weitz Alters the Ending of Golden Compass
He made the announcement today. What's different?
The Invisible on DVD
Not much improvement over the theatrical release, but the DVD certainly does try.
Geoffrey Rush on Elizabeth: The Golden Age
The sequel couldn't leave out Elizabeth's faithful advisor.
Joaquin Phoenix on We Own the Night
Film is one big reunion.
Lamman Rucker on Why Did I Get Married?
Women are already going crazy for the actor.
Brandon Routh is Dylan Dog
He will play the title role in another comicbook adaptation.
McKellen and McShane Confirmed for Golden Compass
They will voice some important, armored bears.
Pixar Prepping a Trip to Mars
Pre-production on its way, but we still have got some time.
Michael Cera on the Playlist
He and Kat Dennings are attached to star.
Gyllenhaal Off to the Moon
We landed on the moon!

October 8, 2007

EverQuest Movie Coming!
Michael Gordon will pen the adaptation.
Elizabeth: The Golden Age Contest
Poster, hat, shirts and more.
Mark Wahlberg Owns the Night
He will play a New York Cop, only one year after he was a Boston PD in Departed.
Shekhar Kapur Talks Elizabeth: The Golden Age
History buffs should get a kick out of this film.
Gavin Hood on Rendition
The film deals with some weighty issues.
Tasha Smith Talks Why Did I Get Married?
She gets all the best lines in the film.
Lars and the Real Contest
Get your hands on the film's one-sheet.
Vega and King Join The Spirit
Adaptation to be directed by Frank Miller.

October 7, 2007

The Game Plan On Top Again
In the most G-rated sort of way.
Radha Mitchell Cracks The Code
Latest addition to the crime thriller's growing cast.

October 6, 2007

Six Signs that The Dark is Rising
New posters for the film now available.
John Rambo Poster!
Or what some might call the Sly headshot.

October 5, 2007

Golden Compass Cameos
Expect to see or hear some LOTRers.
More from the Justice League Script
A brief rundown on each character and some plot specifics.
Clooney Looking Debonair in His International Michael Clayton Posters
No more blur, so we can enjoy Clooney in all has glory.
Bee Movie One-Sheet
Clean, simple... I like it.
Hitman TV Spot
Looks as good as ever.
Halo Game Strong, Halo Movie Dead
Blomkamp admits what we all had feared.
The Hearbreak Kid Lowers the Bar
What happened to the Farrelly Brothers?

October 4, 2007

Finishing the Game
They had me for about 20 minutes.
Closer to Hobbiton
EW reports on stuff most already know.
Clooney's Motorcycle Injuries Push Leatherheads
He has to first honor previous commitments.
Hostel: Part II the Unrated Directors Cut Box Art
On DVD and Blu-ray October 23rd.
Lions for Lambs Photo Album
United Artists releases the first batch of stills.
Depp is Bloody Singing! It's the Sweeney Todd Trailer!
Burton fans are smiling right now.
Iron Man Teaser Poster!
Hot off the press!
Reservation Road Photo Album
First batch of stills for the revenge drama.
Lars and the Real Clips
Seven new clips now available for the er, romantic comedy?
Poster Encounters Some Resistance
Official one-sheet for the documentary.
New Alien vs Predator - Requiem Trailer
Green band version now available.
Malin Akerman Talks The Hearbreak Kid
Her sex scenes involve acrobatic positions. Read on...
Semi-Pro Teaser Trailer!
Guess who got the exclusive...
Transformers 2 Writers Found
No real surprises here, save one.
BTS Video for Valkyrie!
ET takes us to the Berlin set.
Serenity 2: A New Hope
Don't get your hopes up. Okay, okay, get 'em up.
Golden Compass Trailer October 9th
You won't believe where it will be making its debut.

October 3, 2007

Murphy and Robbins Have A Thousand Words
Looks like Eddie has found a new BFF.
Rodriguez Feeling Fragile
No, not that Rodriguez.
Universal Picks Up The Night Tourist
Based on the children's tome just published.
Raiders Break Into the Kingdom and Steal the Crystal Skull
All has been recovered, but close call.
Redacted Posters
Two for the upcoming war drama.
10,000 B.C. Poster!
It takes a hero to change the world.
International Bee Movie Poster
It has er, more character.
Bradley Cooper is a Yes Man
Cooper joins Carrey in Warner Bros. comedy.
Michelle Monaghan on Dating The Hearbreak Kid
She actually has two films coming out this month.
Kevin Dillon is 301
Can anybody guess what this film is spoofing?
Hardwicke to Direct Meyer's Twilight
Adaptation of the young adult fantasy series.
Portman to Date Brothers
Joins up with Maguire and Gyllenhaal.
The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor Production Photos
New updates at the film's official blog.
Dominique Swain Ready for Slaughter
From the Slamdance Film Festival Horror Screenplay Competition winner.
Diesel and Walker Are Once Again Furious
Duo ready to return to the franchise.

October 2, 2007

Dragon Ball Movie Coming
A live action version of the popular anime.
Brother Bobby (Farrelly) Talks The Hearbreak Kid
Making a comedy with an adulterous hero can be a tricky proposition.
Walk Hard Poster
Two words: Man nipples.
The Incredible Hulk Plot Details
Edward Norton definitely gets it.
Ben Affleck Fcked?
So says he, as he blasts J-Lo.
JLA Likely Delayed
This is a win-lose, really.
Second International Beowulf Trailer!
Even more new footage in this new preview.
Dakota Richards Has a Secret
Gets a new gig before her debut in The Golden Compass.
Macy Gets a Room
Actor joins the high school comedy.
Bardem and Bale are Killing Pablo
Both will star in the biopic.

October 1, 2007

Poster Shows The Other Boleyn Girl
Scarlett and Natalie looking good.
Watch the WALL•E Trailer Early!
Now available online a day ahead of schedule.
Malin Gives More on Watchmen
If you've ever wanted to see a superhero naked...
The Rock Describes His Game Plan
He continues to tweak his tough guy image.
Bassam Watches Macbeth and Discovers it's Not How He Remembered It
The witches pretty much have a threesome...
Peter Farrelly Talks The Hearbreak Kid
He and his brother had to be convinced to do a remake.
Keener Joins The Soloist
So it's more like a duet?
Freeman and Banderas Use The Code
Two will co-star in caper drama.
Golden Compass Featurette Covers Daemons!
Your chance to figure out what's up with all the animals.

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