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October 31, 2006

Rowling Creates Third Title for Harry Potter Book VII
She is teasing us... and it's cool... but mean.
300 Wallpapers!
Four beauties appear online.
Yates Predicts Order of the Phoenix Running Time
Yates appeared for interview in recent Empire issue.
Lohan Joins Knightley for a Best Time
They play friends, until Knightley breaks out the machine gun... and grenade.
Universal Pictures to Adapt Everlost
Another fantastical family adventure set for the bigscreen.
Fight Time for Li and Chan
The martial-arts experts will team for big-budget family film.
Ghost Rider Answers Questions
New video blog for the film that features a Q&A.

October 30, 2006

Land of Plenty DVD Review
The film's aspirations get in the way of its cohesiveness.
Come Early Morning Trailer
Even as a hick, Ashley Judd looks pretty good.
Halo Movie Postponed
Jackson and company makes the official announcement.
Meet the Robinsons One-Sheet
Meet the family from the future.
12 and Holding DVD Review
The movie has all the elements necessary to be a grand spectacle of emotions.
The Return of the Clips
Three new clips from upcoming Gellar horror. (Get ready to have some fun)
First Pic for The Golden Compass!
A new Dakota stands up to Kidman.
Nacho Libre DVD Review
It all comes down to if you liked Jack Black.
Hostel: Part II Teaser
First trailer appears online and it spreche Deutsch.
Saw IV a No-Brainer
Following tradition, expect the film October of 2007.
New Poster for The Fountain
Another great looking poster from Warner Bros.
Warner Bros Confirms Superman Returns Sequel!
Legendary Pictures expected to be back on board as well.
Street Fighter Adaptation Coming... Again
At least they chose a better lead character this time.
Universal Supports Bruno
Another Sacha Baron Cohen character coming to the big screen.
Rowling Spends 60 Minutes on Harry Potter
JK Rowling gives the lowdown behind the birth of Potter.

October 29, 2006

The Fountain Photo Album #2
Final set of the recent batch of movie stills.
Shut Up & Sing Review
This is the most important movie of the year.
Extended Eragon TV Spot!
Aired during the World Series and ABC's Prisoner of Azkaban.

October 28, 2006

Saw III Review
The sickest, most brilliant, most twisted, most clever and most emotional installment yet.

October 27, 2006

Rise of Taj One-Sheet
Taj is looking to get Wild-er.
The Fountain Photo Album #1
Second set of the recent batch of movie stills.
Bridge to Terabithia Trailer!
Pretty fantastical, though the PG rating kind of sucks.
Transformers Trailer Info
Teaser trailer must always come first...
Halo's Troubled Studio Relationships
Let's face it, Microsoft is not exactly loved.
Will Ferrell Goes Semi-Pro
Basketball comedy that takes us back to the 1970s.
Meyers Likes Children of Huang Shi
But not in that way...
Polanski Feels the Rush
Will appear beside Chan and Tucker in Rush Hour 3.

October 26, 2006

The Fountain Odyssey
Warner Bros releases a century's worth of new stills for the upcoming film.
Fourth Villain for Spider-Man 3?
Bruce Campbell's name appears... again and again.
Rocky Balboa Production Photos!
Six new movie stills for the film.
Green Steals Bond's Heineken
The full Heineken commercial for Casino Royale is now available.
Superman Returns Sequel a Go!
New information appears online and it is positive.
Smokin' Aces Teaser!
All types of crazyness in high definition!
Fast Food Nation One-Sheet!
Plus new movie stills for the upcoming adaptation.
Bell Talks Saw III Morality
The Saw franchise is all about the moral dilemma.
Lil' Eastwood to Direct Rails and Ties
Currently trying to get Bacon and Harden on board.
Graham and McDermott Read A West Texas Children's Story
Will co-star in the 1960s period drama.
Fox Animation Gets Fantastic
Classic title will be brought to the bigscreen in stop-motion.
Theron Rides the Ferris Wheel
With friends including Harrelson and Hopper.

October 25, 2006

Preview the Casino Royale Soundtrack
A small piece from every track.
Spider-Man 3 Trailer When?
Casino Royale is only the first go.
Pictures from The Return
Gellar looks terrified.
Wayners Has Some Conversations With God
In this film, the messenger is more captivating than the message.
Order of the Phoenix Updates 10-25
Win tickets to the film's premiere and Radcliffe talks being Harry Potter.
First TV Spot for Eragon
Features footage from the new trailer plus sound editing. Nice!
IMAX Spends a Night at the Museum
The museum displays have been upgraded to huge.
New Deja Vu Poster
Still features Denzel's mug, but now with added extras.
Saw III Answers Questions
Any successful franchise is bound to have nit pickers...
Snyder to Direct Cobalt 60!
300 director continues to pick up impressive projects.
Cunningham to Direct The Dark is Rising
A change of pace from Patch to 9/11.
Inkheart Cast Grows
Mirren, Serkis, Gavron and Guillory join the family fantasy.
Parker Gets Smart
For upcoming comedy with Dennis Quaid.
Sarsgaard Joins Rendition
Will star with Jake Gyllenhaal and Reese Witherspoon.

October 24, 2006

Happy Feet Preview
They may talk, they may sing but they’re the only cartoon animals this year who are dancing up a storm.
Second Casino Royale TV Spot
Get ready to see a Bond wet behind the ears.
Catch a Fire Clips
Three new clips for the upcoming thriller.
New Eragon Trailer!
Though no dialogue, it is the best one yet!
Minnillo Joins Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer
VJ hottie will play love interest to the Human Torch.
Dreamgirls Character Posters
Eddie Murphy looking very debonair.
First Still for Shrek the Third!
First preview of the heroic princesses.
Shepard Says Let's Go to Prison
Poster, trailer, stills and synopsis for the upcoming spoof.
Twist Ending of Saw III
Bousman discusses the differences with the third installment.
Howard and Bana Share Factor X
Ridley scott will direct the thriller.
Theron Goes to Battle in Seattle
Brings troops Andre Benjamin, Woody Harrelson and Ray Liotta.
Cruise Eyeing Three Films
He could add the entire set to his to-do list.
Fox Plans Borat Rollout
Film will kick off with 800 screens and grow from there.

October 23, 2006

New Eragon Stills Online
Some look legit while others are closer to screenshots.
Bob Goldthwait on Sleeping Dogs Lie
Most remember him as the nutter with the animal voice in Police Academy.
Judd Says Come Early Morning
Poster, stills and synopsis for upcoming limited engagement.
Surf's Up Character Posters
Each with their very own surfboard.
First Four Minutes of Borat!
Take an inside look at Borat's home, Kazakhstan; glorious country.
Grant Curtis Updates on Spider-Man 3
Discusses the effects and use of miniatures.
New Harry Potter 5 Set Pics
Mr. Weasley is taking Potter to the Ministry of Magic!
Joking Around with Saw III
Shawnee Smith talks about goofing off as Jigsaw's right hand girl.
Christopher Nolan on The Prestige
The director must be used to explaining his movies to people.
Clooney Returns to Coen Bros
For their third collaboration together.
Ferrell Talks to a Fly on the Wall
Vince Gilligan will rewrite the script for the upcoming comedy.
Val Kilmer Goes to West Texas
Actor joins cast of indie drama.

October 22, 2006

300 Site Live
Crisp flash, crisp image.
Olyphant Given the Option: Live Free or Die Hard
Montana drops the six-shooter and jumps aboard.
Bungie Responds to Halo Loss
Are they bummed? Hell no, optimistic!

October 21, 2006

Christian Bale Talks The Prestige
Actor can magically play any character on screen.
Tim McGraw on Flicka
McGraw doesn't make a big show of his acting.
New Casino Royale Poster
Daniel Craig, again, takes center stage with, again, the same stance.
Joseph Cross on Running with Scissors
Story asks him to play real life author Augusten Burroughs.

October 20, 2006

Extended Prestige Clip!
Take a visit to the Lightfield.
300 Photo Album #2
Second set of stills released by Warner Bros and they are golden... literally.
Hugh Jackman on The Prestige
Actor is a theater buff, so they just filmed his performances on stage.
Another WWII Story
When Eastwood read Flags of Our Fathers he felt there was a reason to return to Iwo Jima.
Fraggle Rock Coming to Film
'80s HBO kids show takes first step to becoming a feature.
Fox and Universal Ditch Halo!
No worries, Xbox comes with a reset button!

October 19, 2006

Review: Running with Scissors
It was in my best interest to root for the film's failure. Unfortunately, I couldn't help liking it.
Maria Bello on Flicka
Actress has a thing for snakes, kind of sexy.
Review: Marie Antoinette
Not that different from most historical/political biopics.
300 Photo Album #1
Set of new stills arrive and they are glorious.
Valance and Crowe to Get Bloody
With Valance? How about some sexytime?
Review: No Umbrella
Election day, November 2, 2004, is the subject of this short documentary.
Augusten Burroughs on Running with Scissors
Augusten Burroughs is a real person who was sent to live with his mom's psychiatrist.
Emotional Flags of Our Fathers
Any war movie is emotional and Flags is no different.
Weight Problems in Marie Antoinette
Schwartzman had to gain more than just 'some' weight.
Alison Lohman on Flicka
A simple story of a girl and her horse may seem like an easy gig compared to Where the Truth Lies.
Hostel 2 Cast Grows
Roger Bart will topline the sequel.
Cusack Thinks Stuff Happens
Is that like the G-rated version of 'shit happens'?
Darabont Sprays The Mist for Dimension
Adaptation of the Stephen King novel.

October 18, 2006

Review: The Prestige
We don't give away twists, but be careful of minor details.
New Charlotte's Web Trailer!
The CG looks good except for Charlotte's beat face.
The Good German Trailer
Clooney and company looking good in B&W.
Story Posts New Update on Silver Surfer
Digital is the way to go and more details on the leaked wedding photos.
Eragon Site Live
Cell phone scavenger hunt and a nice set of new goodies.
First Borat Clips!
Please see clips... you like!
First The Painted Veil Trailer
Starring Norton, Schreiber, Jones and a scandalous Naomi Watts.
Prestige Clips and Spot!
Five new clips and one new TV spot from Touchstone.
Ryan Murphy on Running with Scissors
nip/tuck creator Ryan Murphy makes his feature film debut.
Soldiers Without Fame
Clint Eastwood didn't want us to recognize the actors playing the flagraisers in his film.
The Real Deal of Marie Antoinette
Obviously the folks in 18th century France weren't listening to rock music or speaking English.
Sam Shepard to Descend from Heaven
Didn't even know he was up there already.
Hounsou Locked in Trunk
Will star in urban drama directed by Sylvain White.
Carter Joins Sweeney Todd
Actress likes to stay close to her hubby.
Fogler Wears a Golden Tux
Unknown actor makes yet another big score.

October 17, 2006

Guillermo del Toro Updates on Hellboy 2
Film will enter production early next year.
Video Journal: Creatures of 300
Journal #8 now available.
Annette Bening on Running with Scissors
The film's juiciest role belongs to Bening, who plays Diedre Burroughs.
Casino Royale Heineken Commercial
First commercial in the new campaign appears online.
Flags of Our Fathers Battlefield
Eastwood, Bradford and Pepper give their first impressions on the film's location.
Dunst, Coppola, Schwartzman Talk Old French Clothes
Their characters don all manner of outfits in Marie Antoinette.
WIP Gets Funny
Remake comes packaged with Watts, Roth, Pitt, Corbet and Gearhart.
Sony Helps Diane Lane Become Untraceable
Actress will topline the upcoming cyber-thriller.
Murphy is Starship Dave
Teams with helmer Brian Robbins and 20th Century Fox.

October 16, 2006

Naomi to Scream at The Birds?
Has she earned the crown of "Scream Queen."
Columbus Returning to Harry Potter Franchise?
Rupert Grint thinks he could be back for the final two installments.
Vote on Optimus Prime
Start voting on the top 100 submitted one-liners.
Dreamgirls Poster
Blue has become red.
International Happy Feet Trailer
Gives the full story behind Mumble and his tapping obsession.
First Hot Fuzz Teasers!
Two teaser trailers for the upcoming comedy appear online.
Lohan's a Mom
Interesting role for young actress in Best Time of Our Lives.
A Naked Marie Antoinette
Don't get too excited, guys.
Maggie Q a Tourist
Actress picks up two new projects in a week.
Bilson Replaces Jumper
Steps in to star opposite Christensen in sci-fi adventure.
Peter Berg to Direct Tonight, He Comes
Joins wills Smith to bring the project to fruition.
Stone Takes Afghan Vacation with Jawbreaker
Follow-up film to WTC will be even edgier.

October 15, 2006

Eragon's Mug Takes Over Poster
New poster for the film featuring Edward Speleers.
Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause Updates
New movie stills and TV spot.
Grade the Freedom Writers
A very cliche thesis should hurt this film's overall score.
Arthur and the Invisibles Show Up for Poster
Arthur and company are finally underneath the garden.
Preview this Perfume
Starts with a nice aura but ends with a bite of violence.
Modern Marie Antoinette
Story takes a postmodern approach, setting the traditional costume drama to rock music.
Meet The Messengers
First trailer online for the upcoming horror.
Maggie Q and Lau for Big Budget Asian Epic Three Kingdoms
Film will require twice as many extras as LOTR.
Dark Knight Tidbits
Get to drill Bale, Nolan and Caine thanks to The Prestige.
New Wolverine News!
Hugh Jackman gives extra tidbits of info on the film to those who stuck around.

October 14, 2006

Johnny Blaze Transformation!
Johnson reveals footage that couldn't be shown in the trailer.
Flags of Our Fathers Photo Album #2
Most likely the final set before the film's release next week.
Tons of Flushed Away
10 new clips and a featurette for the CG animation.

October 13, 2006

Nightmare 3-D Updates
Contests, HD trailer and the El Capitan theatre.
The Prestige Photo Album #2
Closing out the set recently released by Touchstone.
300 Goes International
A few small, but cool, differences.
Another Saw III Trailer
Another 'final' trailer appears online.
New Eragon Pics Online
Eragon strings bow, Murtagh looks tough, but why is Arya smiling?
Shut Up & Sing One-Sheet
I guess it was Bush who turned on them... not the public and fans.
Letters from Iwo Jima Gets Release
Paramount places a gap of three months after Flags.
Cameron Remains in Water with Sanctum
3D film will be directed by Gary Johnstone.

October 12, 2006

Infamous Review
Should I give Infamous an evaluation independent of Capote?
Flags of Our Fathers Photo Album #1
Just like the one AP made so many decades ago.
Man of the Year Review
Robin Williams' best comedy since RV...
The Prestige Photo Album #1
Set of new movie stills for the film.
The Blooming Pirates Rumor
Will Turner will live... he will die... wait... what?
More Positives for Pans and Fountain
Two great films still on the way for 2006.
New Ghost Rider Posters
We were waiting for Sony to make them official.
Beerfest on Tap December 5th
DVD release and box art.
Casino Royale Soundtrack Wraps
Composer David Arnold makes the official announcement.
First Official for Zodiac
Official poster SO much better than the first one we had received.
MGM Responds to The Hobbit
They are trying to work with Peter Jackson.
The Green Silver Surfer!
Possible shots of Doug Jones wearing the green suit for CG work.
Holy Flags of Our Fathers!
Tons new clips, stills and a featurette.
Serious Side of Man of the Year
Though the trailers make it look funny, the film is actually very dramatic.
Tamblyn Gets Thrilled by Blackout
Joins Gillen and Hammer for the indie thriller.
Paddy Considine Chooses the Ultimatum
Joins Matt Damon in the third installment of the action franchise.
Quaid to Join Scott as a Tennis Coach
In final negotiations to co-star in upcoming comedy.

October 11, 2006

Death of a President
Continue to be shocked at the idea of this film.
Breaking and Entering Online
First trailer for the film seems packed with a little too much who-cares drama.
Prestige TV Spots and Stills
David Bowie, Andy Serkis get some love this time around.
Rise of Taj Music Video
Reynolds is out, but themed music is in.
Kevin Weisman Talks Star Trek Prequel
Can he play young Spock? What about Scotty?
Seven New Warner Bros Titles Coming to DVD in High Definition
V for Vendetta, Excalibur, The Phantom of the Opera, Unforgiven and more.
Charlotte's Web Characters
Another set of official character posters released by Paramount.
Catch a Fire Production Photos
A bunch of new production photos for the film.
Flushed Away Album #2
Closing out the recent set released by DreamWorks.
More Perfume Please
Second batch of stills for the film.
R-Rated Grindhouse!
First trailer appears online and it is sweeta.
Controlling Robin Williams
Barry Levinson had no problem reigning him in on Man of the Year.
Amy Adams Starts Cleaning
At least she gets to work in the Sunshine.
Molla and Grandinetti Stuck to Epoxy
International actors join the psychological thriller.
Weisz Joins The Brothers Bloom
Actress set to star in Johnson's indie adventure.
Julia Roberts to Eat, Pray, Love
Well, guess it is better than eat, sleep, shit.
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Trailer November
Warner Bros newsletter confirms the date.
Flushed Away Album #1
Just when we thought there couldn't be any more.

October 10, 2006

Power of the Dark Crystal Concept Art!
Jim Henson's puppet franchise gets a boost.
Make Optimus Prime Speak Contest Form
Voting begins October 16th so hurry!
Charlotte's Web One-Sheet!
And a whole barn full of character posters.
Nacho Libre Coming Home
DVD release and contest coming soon! (updated)
Perfume Poster, Stills and Official Site
The site is just an animated version of the poster.
First 8 Minutes of Sleeping Dogs Lie
Plus the trailer, poster and synopsis.
Saw III Poster Revealed!
The same poster printed with Tobin Bell's blood.
More Flushed Away Posters
So much detail that they chew through bandwidth.
Extended Clown Short of Destiny Clip
A whopping twenty minutes of exclusive footage from the film.
Pan's Labyrinth Trailer!
New trailer for the Del Toro film available for download.
Man of the Year Satire
If the film is going to riff on our system of presidential elections, it better have something strong to say.
Flags of Our Fathers Reviewed
First reports are VERY positive.
Bloody Saw III Poster
Poster made with a vial of Tobin Bell's blood.
Terrence Howard Joins Iron Man
So, the summer rumor was true...
Blood Diamond Teaser Poster!
Simple, dark and blingy.
DOA Screened
Film is being called a guilty pleasure... by men of course.

October 9, 2006

Catch a Fire Updates
New BTS featurette and movie stills for the upcoming drama.
Sony Announces Release of 50GB Blu-ray Discs
Three films first up to bat: Click, Talladega and Black Hawk Down.
300 Trailer Feeds
Stream the media in quicktime or windows media.
The Kennedy Family Supports Bobby
The 'royal' family has given their support to the film.
Lucas Updates on Indiana Jones IV, Clone Wars and More
Still no script for Indy, but the other projects are moving.
Deja Vu One-Sheet
Denzel discovers the best tool to find lost keys.
International Pan's Labyrinth Poster
One of the ancient creatures gets the spotlight.
Rocky Balboa One-Sheet
Pays tribute to the first film.
No Dobby for Order of the Phoenix
Toby Jones confirms the house elf's extended absence.
Williams is Man of the Year
Synopsis, trailer and poster featuring Williams online.
Wayners Plays with Russian Dolls
A winsome French comedy with an international cast.
Denise Richards and Company Join Jolene
Mulroney, Sutherland, and Vartan to name a few.
Sorvino Hits the Road
Will star opposite Joaquin Phoenix and Mark Ruffalo in Focus drama.
Pace Addicted to Gellar
Actor to star opposite Gellar picked up for supernatural thriller.
Fiennes Listens to Vivaldi
Actor loves playing the period roles.

October 8, 2006

Queen Symbolism
The film illustrates the conflict between the Queen's decisions and the public's perception.
Texas Chainsaw Collaboration
Even Ermey knows that horror movies don't always get this kind of attention to acting.

October 7, 2006

Johnson Explains Ghost Rider Trailer
The director explains some of the limits to a digital trailer.
New The Prestige One-Sheet
Jackman and Bale appear in a duel of the minds... it would seem.
Casino Royale TV Spot
Made a special appearance during LOST.

October 6, 2006

Harsh Times Poster
First one-sheet featuring Christian Bale, Freddy Rodriguez Eva Longoria.
Deck the Halls Poster
Fitting for a Christmas cliche.
The Prestige Featurette
Clip takes us behind the magical dispute.
Ted Raimi Talks Spider-Man 3
Columbia Pictures kicks off more video journals similar to Ghost Rider.
Superman Returns Soars to DVD November
Released at the end of the month to catch the holiday.
More DOA Ladies
I don't even know what to call this one.
Clarkson a Real Girl
An offbeat indie film with Ryan Gosling and Emily Mortimer.

October 5, 2006

Review: Employee of the Month
The film is hilarious... if you’re stoned
Review: The Departed
Tolerable for some highly entertaining performances, but it’s just the same old cops and mobsters crap
Break-Up DVD Coming
Though Vince and Jen did break up for real.
New Alpha Dog Trailer
New Line hands the film over.
The Good Shepherd Poster
Matt Damon makes an impression.
Lucas Updates on Star Wars Animated Series
Still in CG, still working on it, and, no, a network hasn't made a purchase yet.
Jon Favreau Talks Iron Man Effects
The mechanical hero can't be clunky.
The Nativity Story Trailer
Full trailer miraculously appears online.
Reservoir Dogs 15th Anniversary Edition
The boys in black are celebrating 15 years and Lionsgate pays tribute.
Blood Diamond Trailer Online
First the international and now the domestic version. Both kick ass.
Playing The Queen
Helen Mirren can play Queens, but Queen Elizabeth is a level up.
Texas Chainsaw Backstory
This film is more about just running from guys with chainsaws.
The Departed Rat
The film ends on a shot of a rat walking across a scaffold.
Matthews a Villain in Lake City
An interesting role for the artist.
Breslin Says Defintely, Maybe to Reynolds
Young actress will team with comedic actor.
Halle Berry a Class Act
Especially when flaunting her boobies in Swordfish.
300 Trailer!
An absolutely stunning representation of the graphic novel from Frank Miller.
French Eragon Poster
This ones seems to be more accurate in terms of color.

October 4, 2006

Stephen Frears Talks The Queen
Stephen Frears' The Queen stands out because of its portrayal of recent history that the whole world remembers.
R Lee Ermy Vs Leatherface
R. Lee Ermey and Leatherface, a tag team you don't want to face.
Weinstein Acquires French Doc The Besieged Fortress
One of the first non-Asian acquisitions with rights to English market, save Canada.
First Flags of Our Fathers Clip
Gives us an inside look at the politics of collecting funds for war.
300: Comic to Film
Like Sin City, this film does its best to match the original comic book storyboards.
The Butterfly Effect 2 Coming to DVD
Another film to catch next weeks DVD Tuesday.
A Prairie Home Companion Coming to DVD
The comic backstage fable comes home October 10th.
Ghost Rider Trailer!
Johnny Blaze looking so much better.
GM Tests Transformers Promo Campaign
Old Silverado transforms into new Silverado.
A Departed Adaptation
Hong Kong's Infernal Affairs becomes our The Departed.
Om Puri Joins Hanks in Charlie Wilson's War
Film starts production later this month.
Four Join Spiderwick
Parker, Nolte, Short and Plowright in negotiations to board the big-budget adaptation.
Carrey and Diaz Forfeit A Little Game
Stars and the director, Gabriele Muccino, leave the project.
Eragon Poster with Saphira!
The dragon gets the whole damn thing.
Final Saw III Trailer
Unlike the last feature trailer, this one is the real deal.

October 3, 2006

Departed Gets Early Positives
The Hong Kong remake gets praise.
Deck the Halls Trailer
Another Christmas comedy heading our way with Broderick and DeVito at the reigns.
Stills of Deja Vu
A nice set of them plus new trailer feeds.
James Cromwell Talks 24 and Spider-Man 3!
Actor has two very secretive roles.
Kazakh Posters!
Four new and hilarious posters for Borat.
Nolan Cornirms Dent in Dark Knight
He is supposed to be working on the script as we speak.
Jeffrey Wright Wants to Die Hard?
I guess it's better than going out flaccid.
Ghost Rider Trailer Tomorrow!
The skull will burn at...
Bernal May Fill Bourne Ultimatum Void
Filming has began but still no bad guy.
Garrett and Braugher to Surf Fantastic Four Sequel
Two new additions to the sequel from Fox.
Fox Acquires The Blind Side
Though sounding like a thriller, the story is about pro football.
Departed Research
Matt Damon went on an actual drug bust to prepare for playing a member of the elite state police unit.

October 2, 2006

Whedon Confirms No Serenity Sequel
After a rumor began to float around the internet that Browncoats could see a second installment.
Ghost Rider One-Sheet!
Looks pretty good, and a new tagline.
Let's Go to Jesus Camp
Trailer, clips and poster.
Jackass: Number Two is LOL Funny
The first installment was only practice.
Arthur and the Invisibles Trailer!
First full domestic version and it looks like one heck of an adventure.
Meet Norbit
Eddie Murphy funny again!? Maybe, but in a Nutty sort of way.
Hi-Res Intl Eragon Trailer
Same thing, just bigger and sharper.
The Prestige Site Launched
Figure out the mystery to unlock an exclusive clip.
Make Optimus Prime Speak!
Submit a line of dialogue for Optimus to use in Transformers.
Michelle Williams a Tourist
Joins up with McGregor and Hugh Jackman.
Departed Casting
DiCaprio discusses the strong cast behind the drama.
Weinstein Puts Plans on Display
Studio ready to show what is next for year two.

October 1, 2006

Wayners Meets an Unknown White Male
A surprisingly alluring reminder of how we take for granted the fascinating idea of SELF.
Equip Yourself With This New Casino Royale Trailer
Special trailer with new footage and behind the scenes.
Ghost Rider Evolution
Does evolution come before or after the journey? (new video)
Knight Rider Promo Poster?
It looks pretty legit, and the car is way slick.
Breaking and Entering One-Sheet
Jude Law, Juliette Binoche and Robin Wright-Penn get the spotlight.
Seth Green and Dimension Team
A two-picture deal featuring live-action and a Robot Chicken-ish stop-action.

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