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October 31, 2005

Goblet of Fire Clips and Voldemort!
Harry Potter must draw a dragon and Voldemort is butt-ugly.
Weekend Box Office Overview 10-31
Saw II cuts through the competition.
Scanner Darkly Gets Screened
Positive reports get posted.
The Libertine Poster
Weinstein's release a poster that looks just as dark as the film.
Chicken Little Reviews
Disney has again missed the mark?
Weinstein Wants Star Wars Fans
Company set to begin filming Fan Boys.

October 30, 2005

Final Destination 3 Media
Check out the first trailer and movie poster for the film.
Zorro Sharpens Edge Offshore
After a domestic box office loss, The Legend of Zorro discovers bo gold elsewhere.
Gibson explains Apocalypto
Mel Gibson explains his first projects since The Passion.
The Libertine Trailer
Check out this twisted trailer starring Johnny Depp.

October 29, 2005

Halloween Scoop Bag
A couple of emails that have floated in for the Halloween weekend.

October 28, 2005

King Kong Gets Official
Official poster released by Universal.
Tons of Goblet of Fire Clips!
Warner Bros starts throwing the hard blows long before November.
Chicken Little Stills
Movie stills for the upcoming Disney animation.
More Jesse Pitt
More set pics from Jesse James with Brad Pitt.
Bi-Sexual Hitman Goes Quicktime
The Matador returns in glorious high definition.
Bunch More Goblet of Fire Stills II
Here is the second dose of many new stills from the wizarding community.

October 27, 2005

Its Official: Tarver Vs Balboa!
Antonio Tarver to play Mason Dixon.
Predator Remake Coming Soon?
John McTiernan offered the directors chair.
Bunch More Goblet of Fire Stills I
Here is the first dose of many new stills from the wizarding community.
King Kong Runs a Marathon
Peter Jacksonís King Kong set to run for 3 hours. Better lay off the beverages.
Transamerica Trailer
Typical story of guy wants girl... Oh, I'm sorry, guy wants to be a girl.
Exclusive Goblet of Fire Clip
Looks great... but there are some issues worth mentioning.
Another Saw II Clip
So demented... I hope the guy is at least caught up with his boosters.
Legend of Zorro Unscripted
Watch Banderas and Zeta-Jones discuss the film and a new clip.
New World Poster
Check out the full poster for this historical epic.
Rumblings about Spawn 2
Todd McFarlane updates us on the long-planned Spawn 2.
Fletch Won Dons the Scrubs
Bill Lawrence set to write Fletch Won.
Harry Potter Speaks!
Daniel Radcliffe talks Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

October 26, 2005

Jarhead Goes Live
The official website serves up all the Marine jargon.
Legend of Zorro Gets a Positive
Some like, some don't... this one chooses the up and up.
Proof Review
An endearing if shaky film version of the 2001 Pulitzer prize-winning stage play.
November Movie Preview
A few films to get you going for the fall movie season.
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Gets Reviewed
Careful with this one... spoiler-ish.
Chicken Little Likes Baseball
Check out this internet exclusive homerun.
Saw II Gets a Negative
First negative we have seen pop up for the film.
Munich Poster
Spielberg's thriller on the 1972 Olympics gets a poster.
Campbell Gives Bond Details
Dive into Bond's deepest secrets in Casino Royale.
Hoodwinked! by Posters UPDATED
Check out the first three official posters for the Weinstein Co animation.
New Saw II Clips
Donnie wants his kid... Jigsaw got him puzzled.
Goblet of Fire Music Samples
Listen to most or all the tracks that will be heading our way.

October 25, 2005

Oh Those Splendid Trailers
Trailer database gets updated with the hottest trailers out.
Go Yoda, Go Yoda, Go!
Check out a dancing Yoda from the Revenge of the Sith Easter Egg.
Weinstein Tries Kung Fu
The Weinstein brothers continue to stake claim in Hollywood.
Aeon Flux Site Updated
Paramount serves up everything but the kitchen sink.
Saw II Reviewed
First review claims that this horror sequel rocks.
Slither Pics
This horror film looks straight dirty.
Nolan Talks Batman Begins and Sequel
Warner Bros digs what they've heard. When do we start?
Magdalena Moves Forward
Another super heroine may be heading our way.
More Poseidon Journals
We get caught up with the second set of journals for the Warner Bros remake.
Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang Gets More Positive
Which is great, but still don't see a theatre in sight.
Bloodrayne Gets Reviewed
Yes... it is just like everyone thought.
X-Men 3: Cast and Filming Update
The leader of the Morlocks has been cast.

October 24, 2005

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Updates 10-24
What makes Potter PG-13 and an actual running time revealed.
Revenge of the Sith Deleted Scenes!
Check out all of the deleted scenes to be included with the release of Sith to DVD.
Weekend Box Office Overview 10-24
It's Doom for the Fog.
Watchmen Pops Back Up
EW gives the graphic novel full coverage and WB may be game.
Revenge of the Sith Audio Commentary!
Listen to the audio commentary from George Lucas now!
Lucas Opens Doors in Singapore
Lucasfilm Animation Co will open on October 27th.
Over the Hedge Screened
An early screening already?
More Legend of Zorro Clips
Watch the young Zorro go!

October 23, 2005

King Kong Goes Way Back
The old and the new come together for one glorious day.
Superman Returns- The Plane
Another production diary pops up over the weekend.
The Little Things 10-23
Domino details, secrets to Sith, larger trailers and... Christians love Narnia?

October 22, 2005

Bloodrayne Means Hottie Loken
Uwe Boll finds his greatest strength in the ex-terminator hottie.
Silver Talks Wonder Woman and Vendetta
The man who never stops working discusses a couple of the upcoming big hitters.
Fantastic Four vs Transformers
Initial release date for the sequel puts the squeeze on the Fourth of July.

October 21, 2005

Goblet of Fire Music and Clips
Go behind-the-scenes and listen to the updated music.
Heaven Enjoys DVD Sales
Kingdom of Heaven finds appreciation through the release of DVD.
Hitman Finds Target
Video games are the next phase of film adaptations.
Fun with Dick and Jane Not So Fun?
A semi-negative review of the Carrey-comedy coming our way this December.
All the King's Men Wait
An Oscar contender for 2005 gets pushed back.
The Producers Goes Domestic
Check out the full domestic trailer for the Broadway adaptation.
Full Chronicles of Narnia Trailer
Action, adventure, talking animals and a witty one-liner!
Transamerica Poster
Check out another 2005 film flying under the new Weinstein banner.
Underworld Evolution Trailer
Check out the first trailer that looks promising.
That Crazy Jarhead
New stills pop up of Jake - how's - it - spelled topless.
Goblet of Fire Round Up 10-21
Clips, movie stills, banners and more.

October 20, 2005

Get Behind Chicken Little
That is, if you don't want to get hit by a chunk of sky.
So Much Chronicles of Narnia
Second dose of movie stills, trailer news and a Narnia map.
Tony Scott Gets Deja Vu
New Orleans still a location option with return of Scott.
Netflix Comes Back Against Blockbuster
Once thought dead and done, this online rental company is making a comeback.
Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang Movie Stills
One film coming to theatres this weekend that should NOT be overlooked.
Rock Talks DOOM
Check out a 2nd behind the scenes with The Rock and Rosamund Pike.
Latest Chronicles of Narnia Stills- Part I
First dose of the latest Chronicles of Narnia stills released by Disney.

October 19, 2005

Universal Continues Quest for Sci-Fi
After Serenity Universal purchases a new sci-fi pitch from Simon Kinberg and Brett Matthews.
DOOM will Hit or Miss
Why you will like or dislike the FPS adaptation.
Bruckheimer Buys Fearless Novel
Bruckheimer gets phase one prices for buying book before published.
Spike has Star Wars
Television network drops millions for six-year exclusive with franchise.
V for Vendetta Bombing Stays
Joel Silver holds true and continues to confirm that controversial scene will remain.
McG Afraid of Superman Returns
Charlie's Angels movie-maker could have been in the same chair occupied by Singer.
Roy Jones Jr Vs Antonio Tarver
Who will fill the nemesis role in Rocky 6?
Get Behind DOOM
Check out just under ten minutes of behind the scenes for this action film.
Legend of Zorro Clips
Check out three of the first clips to pop up online.
Halloween 10?
Yes... yet another remake.
Raiding the Tombs of 007
Angelina Jolie to be the next Bond Girl?

October 18, 2005

Rocky VI Re-Confirmed
The big man is back [follow up].
A History of Violence Review
Mortensen and this film deserve box office attention.
Final Derailed Trailer
This is one affair with a twist of bad luck.
Kurtzman & Orci Talk Transformers
The two writers secrets on Optimus Prime, Megatron and the Homeworld
X-Men 3 Set Pics 10-18
An update from the Golden Gate Bridge/Alcatraz Set.
V for Vendetta Gets R for Rating
An adult rating should come with a sigh of relief from the fans.
Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang Reviewed
Viewer loves the film more than Robert Downey Jr. loves crack.
X-Men 3 Trailer Details
When can we expect to see the FULL trailer for the film?

October 17, 2005

Weekend Box Office Overview 10-17
The box office gets small and foggy.
Syriana Movie Stills
A big dose comes all covered in oil.
King Kong Teaser Poster Up
We saw a smaller version earlier...
October Goblet of Fire Stills 10-17
Check out a shot of Dumbledore, Moody, Potter and friends.
Poster Wrapped in Charlotte's Web
Check out the first poster for the upcoming adaptation.
Own the BFG from DOOM!
Check out this weapon replica that should help you land the ladies.

October 16, 2005

Latest Goblet of Fire Character Posters
Dipped in curry, as these babies got Thai all over them.
Quick Bits of Kong and Star Wars
A new trailer and latest news on a television series.
King Kong Gets Changed
I guess new music means a new Kong also.

October 15, 2005

New Pink Panther Poster
Kind of weak, but it's the weekend.
Michelle Yeoh for Indy 4
In talks with Spielberg since 1998.
X-Men Teaser Site
An interesting flash image and more to come.

October 14, 2005

Daniel Craig Made for Bond
This time... it's for certain.

October 13, 2005

X-Men 3 Mailbag
All the mail with the same questions, so here are some answers...
So Much DOOM!
Another review and movie clips.
King Kong Comes Home Early
Check out the DVD set you can have in your home by December 13th.
In a Minute of Revenge of the Sith
Watch a couple of the added features attached to the DVD.
Mary Jane says Goodbye to Spiderman?
Kirsten Dunst speaks about the future of the franchise.
Spy Hunter Big Screen Updates
Yet another video game adaption. Has Hollywood run out of ideas?
Stallone Punches his way to Rocky 6
Sylvester Stallone will star in and direct the fifth sequel to the boxing classics [follow up].

October 12, 2005

Rodriguez Talks Lady in the Water
Can M. Night Shyamalan bring us back to Sixth greatness?
More Batman Sequel Updates
Nolan holds the reigns on this Warner Bros film.
Review Finds Way Through The Fog
Not amazing, but above par to say the least.
Daniel Craig Might be Bond
But, at this point, you never know.
DOOM Gets Reviewed!
And the guy says the film is extremely...
Goblet of Fire Keeps Running
An estimated running time makes this Potter the longest.
Capote Review
A chilling portrayal of the famed true crime novelistís own psychological quest.
Connelly Wants a Diamond
And not just any diamond... Leo?
Nolan Talks Batman Sequel
Multiple villains? The return of Robin? Batman Continues?
M:I:3 Hires Two More Recruits
Shaun of the Deadís Simon Pegg has sold out to Hollywood.
Rifkin Stands Tall for Homo Erectus
In vein of Woody Allen's Bananas and Sleeper.
An Elf Without a Helper
Jon 'Money' Favreau won't be returning to helm New Line Cinema's sequel.
Ice-T on New Jack City 2
The contraversial rap star talks about a sequel to the 1991 hit movie.
First 3 Minutes of Saw II
Man, how crappy does this guy feel.

October 11, 2005

Domino Reviews Grow... not Glow
This may not necessarily be a good thing.
Another Rocky?
Stallone wants to bury this franchise in sequels.
Goblet of Fire Character Pages
Warner Bros beats us to the punch.
Rikki Lee Travolta for Bond?
Third actor declines chance to play James Bond.
Star Wars Revenge of the Sith DVD Details
Take a deeper look at what is coming our way this November.
Wilson Talks Super Ex
What does it take to break up with a superhero girlfriend?
Official Curious George Poster
Check out the full official poster for the animated adaptation.

October 10, 2005

More Ups for Beowulf & Grendel
Another positive floats our way for this small epic.
Superman Returns to Sydney!
Cast and crew return from their five week hiatus.
True Lies 2 Gains Steam
Tom Arnold hints, no one listens... now it is Dushku's turn.
Goblet of Fire Updates 10-10
How about a soundtrack and being envious of Rowling?
300 Gets Solid Budget
And they rejoiced.... yaaaay!
Weekend Box Office Overview 10-10
Serenity and Violence step aside for lower films.
New Highlander Film Begins Shooting
The next trilogy set for a DVD release?
Dr Doom is Doomed in Fantastic Four 2
Julian McMahon on the future of Dr. Doom.
Jarhead Gets Promoted
Check out the full trailer for the upcoming Desert Storm film.

October 9, 2005

Star Wars, Indiana Jones & Beyond
An informative visit to Skywalker Ranch.
So Many X-Men 3 Scoops
A whole bunch of questions, answers, rumors and scoops.
10 Minutes of Narnia Previewed
Ten-minute preview scores new fans.
King Kong Teaser Poster?
It could be official, but small for now.

October 8, 2005

More Goblet of Fire Character Posters
Warner Bros has re-opened the movie poster workshop.
What is Up with Venom?
Scoop says new villain outfits blow monkey balls.
Legend of Zorro Gets Screened
An early screening in Seattle means early reviews.

October 7, 2005

A Big Chunk of Serenity
Watch the first nine minutes of the Whedon sci-fi adventure.
Beowulf & Grendel is Impressive
Starring Gerard Butler, this Beowulf re-telling is the first out of the gate.
Aeon Looks so Hot Right Now
Here is the latest dose of movie stills for the Theron action thriller.
Virgin Carell to Get Smart?
Steve Carell signed on as Agent 86?
Jon Favreau of Mars
Paramount hires Jon Favreau to direct John Carter of Mars.
Headey for Queen on Millerís 300
Lena Headey cast as the Queen in Zach Snyderís 300.
Trailers Updated
Good news, unless you still like watching the teaser for Lord of War.

October 6, 2005

Oliver Twist Review
Parents eager to find something entertaining for their young may want to opt for something more amusing.
Keira Knightley Lapdance!
Damn, Knightley is very talented.
Elizabethtown Cut and Reviewed
Is the film any better in its shorter form?
X-Men Teaser Trailer?
A few screenshots pop up, but there are doubts for sure.
So Much Chicken Little
Watch the intro to the upcoming Disney CG animation.
One Curious Trailer
Watch the first trailer for the adapted story Curious George.
AFI Chooses Top 25 Movie Music
Some I expected... others I did not.
Brosnan is Bond No More
Director Martin Campbell destoys all rumours.
Three New Saw II TV Spots
Three twisted clips for one twisted movie.

October 5, 2005

New Jarhead Stills
Check out the latest from Desert Storm.
Syriana Teaser Trailer!
Check out all the Middle East craziness.
X-Men in Costume!
Check out Wolverine, Storm, Xavier & Magneto.
Official Producers Poster
Check out this Broadway-style poster for this Broadway-style comedy.
The Ringer Stills
A few needed movie stills for The Ringer.
DOOM Gets Website Boost
The official site offers an updated synopsis and more!
Trailer Takes Us Over the Hedge
Watch the first trailer for this Dreamworks animation.
Domino Gets Reviewed
This Tony Scott thriller gets its first positive.

October 4, 2005

2005 Fall Movie Preview
So many big films, so little time.
King Kong Gets Big
Is this a preview of the official poster?
Jackson Does Halo!
Yes... the Peter Jackson.
Official Goblet of Fire Poster!
After the characters, the banners and the international, we finally have something official.
More X-Men 3 Set Pics
Movie stills of the Washington Labs set.
Grover Cast as Casino Royale Villain
No, not the puppet from Sesame Street. The Bollywood actor.
Fletch Won, Kevin Smith Zero
Film's producer shows Kevin Smith the door.
Intl Goblet of Fire Trailer Goes Quicktime
First hi-res windows media and now this.

October 3, 2005

Bringing King Kong to Life
Something that takes balls...
Spider-Man 3 Villains Page
Though we believe the villains have spilled, Columbia Pictures gives us a kick to the nuts.
Stay With These Stills
Check out a new dose of movie stills for the thriller starring McGregor.
Curious George Pics Pop Up
USA Today offers a special preview on the animation coming this February.
Dutta Finds Indiana Jones 4
Model Laura Dutta has landed a speaking role in Indy 4.
More X-Men 3 Updates!
News on filming, fighting and more!
Weekend Box Office Overview 10-03
Flightplan soars while Serenity is anything but.
Whedon Finds Redemption in Serenity
Whedon proves you can't stop the signal.
DOOM Shows the Hard 'R'
Check out some stills that prove this film has earned its rating.
Second Set of Aeon Flux Stills 10-03
Here is the second set of stills featuring Theron in something clad.

October 2, 2005

An Inside Look at the Star Wars Franchise
Learn why, when and where the idea came from to "re-master" the Original Trilogy.
Prize Winner of Defiance, Ohio
Come Oscar Season, Defiance will surely contend as a Prizewinner.
Producers Review Gushes
Extremely positive review that verbally copulates Mel Brooks. I dare say!
Superman Returns Updates 10-02
Check out the latest speeding bulletin and official website.

October 1, 2005

Alpha Dog Trailer
Justin Timberlake shows off a bit of acting in this troubling drama.

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