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November 30, 2007

It's Hellboy Himself!
The gallery on the official site begins to grow.
Charlie Wilson's War Pushed Forward
Universal wasn't feeling Christmas.
Wizard Gives Us Their Joker
A second cover honoring the villain.
The Sarah Silverman Scoop
Yes, that's what we're calling it.

November 29, 2007

More (Korean) I Am Legend Banners
Let's check out some other parts of the globe. Shall we?
Couple New Iron Man Stills
Turns out we had the rest.
Cloverfield Synopsis
Paramount finally opens up.
So Much Sweeney Todd!
Clips, TV Spots and new stills.
New Dungeon Siege Poster
In the Name of the King still coming.
The Diving Bell and the Butterfly
Like an episode of House... in French.
The Nanny Diaries on DVD
The film is actually pretty good!
New Indiana Jones IV Poster
Another one that celebrates the franchise.
Up Next for Hellboy II: Abe Sapien
The official site serves up its second character image.
The Eye Trailer
2nd trailer for the horror now available.
Korean I Am Legend Banners
Proof that the virus has struck around the globe.
The Golden Compass in Theaters this Weekend!
New Line doing a sneak preview this Saturday.
Lots of Sweeney Todd Clips
Burn some time with eight separate segments.
Philip Seymour Hoffman on The Savages
He plays a grown sibling dealing with an absentee father who now needs elderly care.
Keri Russell Tells Bedtime Stories to Sandler
She will play a potential love interest.

November 28, 2007

Liz Sherman Appears on the Hellboy II Site
The official site serves up its first character image.
I Am Legend PG-13
Paying close attention to the TV spots.
Premiere of The Golden Compass!
Film premiered in the UK and we have some great reviews!
Spider-Man 4 Up to the Writer
Raimi's hoping for Tobey, but doesn't mine restarting the franchise.
New Line Journeys to Planet 51
Animated project from Ilion Animation. (pictures)
Laura Linney on The Savages
Everybody wants to compare this film to something else...
Leterrier Talks The Incredible Hulk
He explains his strategy for this fresh start.
Rogen Talks Green Hornet
He confirms that he can do some physical activity.

November 27, 2007

More from the Watchmen Lot
Zack Snyder knows what he's doing.
Cloverfield is All the Buzz
Yahoo! has released a special report on the film.
Phil LaMarr on Futurama and Bender's Big Score
He does the voice of Hermes.
Schreiber Dances the Repossession Mambo
He will play Jude Law's boss.
Gyllenhaal to Play Joe Namath
Will play the rock-star quarterback.
Marie-Josee Croze on The Diving Bell and the Butterfly
Her character teaches Bauby how to speak with one eye. Imagine that...
New Indiana Jones IV Pics!
The jacket and whip still fit!
New Trailer and TV Spot for Rambo!
Let the bodies hit the floor!
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix on DVD
Knowing only the movie, I thought it was a fine continuation of the story.
Amy Adams on Enchanted
She voiced Giselle, the quintessential Disney heroine, and then played a live-action version of her.
Meet Solomon Kane
We finally got our hands on the poster.
CW's Sweeney Todd Featurette
Get a two-minute, BTS preview of the film.
Empire Gives Us The Joker
Full cover image now available.
Watchmen Set Photos!
Another graphic novel come to life.
National Treasure: Book of Secrets Unlocked on YouTube
Follow the clues and unlock a secret video.
Beckinsale Stunning in the New Whiteout Poster
Very few can pull off the aviators.
The Other The Other Boleyn Girl Poster
The first version is still better.

November 26, 2007

Ruffalo Joins Shutter Island
He will join up with DiCaprio in Scorsese's drama.
Li and Cusack Going to Shanghai
A period drama ready for production in China.
The Joker is Coming!
First full glimpse is slowly revealing itself.
Trailer Gets a Second Eye
Feature trailer for the horror now available.
Julian Schnabel Talks The Diving Bell and the Butterfly
It may seem like another French film, but is is an American concept.
Frank Darabont on Stephen King
Their relationship goes way back.
David Herman on Futurama and Bender's Big Score
He does many random supporting voices.
Another Batch of Sweeney Todd Posters
Two more pop out of the oven.
Jack Black on Margot at the Wedding
His indie foray was the other extreme...
James Marsden on Enchanted
A Disney animated hero coming to modern day New York is a formula for comic misadventure.
Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds End on DVD
If there were ever a film that needed less story...
Craig Talks Bond 22
He's all about the project... Now.
Japanese AVP - R Poster
Most different of the bunch.

November 25, 2007

Christian Bale is John Connor!?
McG and Christian Bale? Too good.
Crowe Might Come Out to Play
Universal is trying to replace Brad Pitt.
Enchanted Magical at the Box Office
The craving for family films still at a high.

November 24, 2007

The Dark Knight Featurette!
Behind the scenes footage and more.
Hitman Violence
Definitely not bloodless.
Hudson Hawk Special Edition on DVD
The idea of a musical action movie was brilliant.

November 22, 2007

Another Cloverfield Poster?!
Pretty cool... Whatever it is.
The Perfect Monster Movie: The Mist
It delivers on the creature scares but makes the human beings more frightening...
Screw You August Rush
I am way too cynical for this movie.
Enchanted this Thanksgiving
Has the perfect concept, but the wrong version of it.

November 21, 2007

The Cloverfield Monster?!
Conceptual art might show us exactly what we are dealing with. A whale thingie.
Johnny Depp Singing!
Video of Depp in the recording studio for Sweeney Todd.
Timothy Olyphant Talks Hitman
He's here to set the record straight.
David X Cohen on Futurama and Bender's Big Score
Fans will be happy to see the whole gang back on screen.
The Cloverfield Poster!
You've seen it before, but now it has a name.
Can it Be? Yes! More Posters for Sweeney Todd
Three more character posters for Sweeney Todd.
Patrick Dempsey on Enchanted
His character is stuck in the real world.
Frank Darabont Satisfied with The Mist
With great films behind him, this is a big claim.
More Star Power Added to G-Force
Nicolas Cage, Steve Buscemi and Tracy Morgan will lend their voices.
Watts Likes Angels & Demons?
One source quickly throws it in with other news.
Jordana Brewster Returning to Fast and the Furious?
Looks like Cohen really wants the original cast.
Johnny Depp is The Barber
Two more posters for Sweeney Todd.
Olyphant Almost Beamed Up
Actor explains that he was almost cast for Star Trek.
Poster Features Some Great Debaters
Official poster for the drama starring Denzel Washington.
Poster Shows Teeth
A simple poster for a film such as this.
Fool's Gold Trailer
The trailer saves one the trouble of seeing the film.

November 20, 2007

Official Reviews Assassinate Hitman
Turns out video games are still having a tough time coming to film.
On Set with Rambo
Rambo: He's Back.
Made of Honor Trailer
Women should flock to this one.
Walk Hard's Cox Sausage
The commercial partially shown in the trailer now available.
Hudson Looks Good in Gold
First poster for the adventure comedy.
Shrek 4 Coming in 3D
So says Jeffrey Katzenberg.
The Cloverfield Monster
Check out a slow-mo segment from the trailer.
The Savages Poster
Comedy starring Laura Linney and Philip Seymour Hoffman.
Frank Darabont on The Mist Monsters
Stephen King can describe whatever kind of scary creature he wants.
Susan Sarandon Goes Evil for Enchanted
She hams it up like the cartoon villain she is.
Billy West on Futurama and Bender's Big Score
The creators of the movie put together a solid package of extras.
Walk Hard Gets a Red Band
R-rated trailer shows a bit er, more.
Charlie Wilson's War Poster
Plus a couple new movie stills.

November 19, 2007

New Trailer for The Spiderwick Chronicles
I'm still not feeling it.
Sienna Miller Drafted Into G.I. Joe
First onboard for the big-budget production.
Stephen Schwartz and Alan Menken on Enchanted
Duo discuss the film's music.
The Great Blu-ray Giveaway!
Win yourself one of three titles.
Meet the Ice Bears of The Golden Compass
Two new featurettes, I mean clips, now available!
The Cloverfield Trailer!
Watch it in quicktime high definition!
Ben Cross Spock's Father
He will make sweet, sweet sandwiches with Winona.
Timothy Olyphant Introduces Us to Agent 47
He's essentially this guy...
Susan Sarandon on Speed Racer
"It kind of looks like The Jetsons."
New WALL•E Poster
A better look at the little robot.

November 18, 2007

Justice League Casting Rumors
Is this the 'locked' cast?
Willis One of The Surrogates
Sci fi thriller based on the graphic novel.
Garner Seeks This Side of the Truth
In final negotiations to star opposite Ricky Gervais.
Angels & Demons Shelved
I give you one guess why.
Beowulf a Legend at the Box Office
3D helped bring in %40 of its earnings.
Kelly MacDonald on No Country for Old Men
She does such an impeccable southern accent...

November 16, 2007

Two Great Sweeney Todd Posters!
Never forget. Never forgive.
Strange Wilderness Poster
New comedy from Happy Madison.
Half-Blood PrinceCasting Announcement!
Warner Bros. has made an official announcement.
Behold! Beowulf in 3D!
The film shouldn't be seen any other way.
New Pictures of Sweeney Todd
Plus a new poster and TV spot.
McG to Direct Terminator 4
Not necessarily a surprise.
Katherine Heigl Wants the Truth
She will star in the battle of the sexes comedy.
Kristen Stewart Prefers Twilight
Adaptation based on the young-adult novel.
I'm still not buying this motion capture animation crap.
Southland Tales
It's not that bad. Don't exaggerate.
Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium the Perfect Family Movie
Everything is a subtle effect, not a flashy, snazzy attention whore.
Fred Finds Love in the Time of Cholera
The tried and true forbidden romance story.
Margot at the Wedding is No Squid and the Whale
When they start talking about f***ability, it's over.

November 15, 2007

The Other Boleyn Girl Trailer
My history is caught up thanks to Showtime.
Definitely, Maybe Trailer
New romantic comedy starring Ryan Reynolds.
Cocked Rambo Poster
He's got his bow. Look how happy he looks!
Meet the Chracters of Iron Man
Official site updated with character bios and fan art.
Ray Winstone is Beowulf
His body of work has made him a trusted character actor, but not a mega star.
Ethan Coen on No Country for Old Men
The Coen Brothers are now able to share screen credit for directing together.
Fighting in the Forbidden Kingdom
First footage from the film appears online and, as guessed, there is a lot of kicking.
Two Half-Blood Prince Featurettes
Dan Radcliffe: It's good to be back. Quidditch: Ditto that.
Cloverfield Trailer Today?
Have plans changed? Updated with leaked version!
Latest Rambo Intelligence
New still and Sly speaks about the character.

November 14, 2007

Get Smart Poster!
Anne Hathaway looking hot!
Reilly a Freak
He will sharpen his teeth for the vampire role.
Shawn Levy the Father Figure
He will direct and produce the dramedy.
Shrek the Third on DVD and HD DVD
Can you guess which version looks better?
Justice League Casting Announcement this Week?
It would seem that WB is not fazed by the strike.
Star Trek Plot Details?
But we've already done time travel!
Mortensen Ready for Poe?
Stallone might have found his title character.
Great Atonement Posters
Three character-like posters now available.
Poster Made of Honor
For the chick-flick starring Patrick Dempsey.
Crispin Glover on Beowulf
The long awaited reunion of the actor and director Robert Zemeckis.
Javier Bardem an Assassin in No Country for Old Men
His role is generating some Oscar buzz.
Giovanna Mezzogiorno on Love in the Time of Cholera
She plays the love interest Farmina from 17 to 70.
Revolver One-Sheet
Plus a few new movie stills.
Thomas Jane Enters Dark Country
Another new project set for high-def 3D.

November 13, 2007

Hemsworth and Collins Jr. Join Star Trek
One will be Kirk's father.
Matt Frewer Joins Watchmen
He will suit up as Moloch the Mystic.
John Malkovich on Beowulf
Malkovich took the motion-capture process in stride.
The Golden Compass Rated PG-13
Respectable and still keeps to the maximum audience.
Lavender Brown Found?
Find out who will be snogging Ron.
National Treasure: Book of Secrets Featurettes
Two extended featurettes give more on the Gates family and the Book of Secrets.
Bond Likes the Latinas?
Bond 22 girl might have been found.
Olyphant Lives the High Life
He will co-star with Joe Anderson in the adaptation of the play.
Josh Brolin Finds No Country for Old Men
He may be the star, but he has few lines.
Quinto As Young Spock!
First on-set pictures of Quinto with pointed ears.

November 12, 2007

Beowulf Gets Official Reviews
I tried to find some negative ones, but it was tough.
Verhoeven Set to Helm Thomas Crown Sequel
Pierce Brosnan will reprise his role.
Alexis Bledel Has a Ticket to Ride
She will star in the Fox Atomic comedy.
Neil Gaiman on Beowulf
Neil Gaiman is best known for his visual work in graphic novels.
Futurama - Bender's Big Score on DVD
The creators of the movie put together a solid package of extras.
Win An Autographed No Country for Old Men Poster!
In anticipation of the film's wide release this upcoming weekend.
Win a Copy of Live Free or Die Hard on DVD!
We have five copies to give away by November 20th.
International The Golden Compass Character Posters
Characters get new backgrounds and settings.
Matt Gerald Cameron's Villainous Avatar
In the Mix star will play the lead villain.
Mike Newell on Love in the Time of Cholera
The epic romance had to be condensed for a two-hour film.
Joel Coen on No Country for Old Men
He followed Cormac McCarthy's novel almost to the tee.
Raimi Discusses His Spider-Man 4 Replacement
That is, if he were to step down.
McCrory Half-Blood's Narcissa Malfoy
What happened to Naomi Watts?
Newell Enlightens Us on Prince of Persia
He's been working on the project the past five days.
Beowulf Featurettes and Video Interviews
Just in time for the film's release this Thursday.
It's Really Coming! The Revolver Trailer!
Ritchie's next installment due out this December.
Rourke Enters the Ring of The Wrestler
A sport film to be directed by Darren Aronofsky.
2nd Time's a Charm. Bee Movie Buzzes Way to Box Office Top
The DreamWorks animation finds some extra honey.

November 11, 2007

What Tentpoles to be Shot During Strike?
Quite a few actually, many of which are huge.
Vince Vaughn on Fred Claus
He has been credited for bringing back R-rated comedies, which this isn't.

November 9, 2007

Nichols Boards the Starship Enterprise
Add one more to Star Trek's cast.
I'm Not There Character Posters
Interesting. They all feature someone different, but for the same character.
French Alvin and the Chipmunks Poster
Featuring an all-CG scene.
The Eye Poster
It looks pretty much like you'd expect.
Mark Wahlberg is Max Payne
Imagine how good he'll look in bullet-time.
Winona Ryder Beams Aboard Star Trek
She is Spock's Vulcan mother.
See Beowulf in 3D a Day Early
Got some links to see if your local theaters are part of the select few.

November 8, 2007

Meet the Robinsons on DVD
A film that has fun with the medium through both the story and visuals.
Fred Claus a Classic Christmas Comedy
The film can play these real adult issues, and then be ridiculous...
No Country for Old Men
A real world thriller in the vein of Blood Simple, but it is its own animal.
Lions for Lambs
Any film that centers around debate won't rake in blockbuster dollars.
Newell the New Prince of Persia?
Goblet of Fire helmer offered another adaptation.
Valkyrie Trailer!
I swear by God this sacred oath.
New Beowulf Trailer and Featurette!
In anticipation of the film's release to IMAX 3D.
Bleeding Rambo Poster
The paint, that is.
Paul Giamatti a Brother to Fred Claus
He plays an offbeat version of Santa Claus.
Wes Bentley Stalks P2
At times he winged it.
Gary Rydstrom on Pixar's Lifted
Another project included in Pixar Shorts.
Righteous Kill Promo Trailer
De Niro drops some F-bombs.
Greenwood Star Trek's Christopher Pike
Meet the first captain of Starship Enterprise.
Awake Poster
Hayden and Alba share an operating table.
Sicko on DVD
Michael Moore has done it again. Who wants to start a revolution?
Fred Claus Gets Grinched
Official reviews bash the film.
UA Gets Del Toro's Champions
Helmer will write, direct and produce.

November 7, 2007

Polanski Sees The Ghost
Adaptation of the political thriller.
Alvin and the Chipmunks Trailer!
The live-action-cg mix looks like a blast at the theaters.
First Stills of a Righteous Kill
The cop drama starring Pacino and De Niro.
Somebody's Seen Sweeney Todd
Burton's best film to date?
The Two Cuts of Babylon A.D.
European version will be much longer.
AVP - R Quad Poster
Or is it a wallpaper?
Kevin Spacey Fred Claus's Efficiency Expert
He plays the bad guy, but that wasn't important to Spacey.
Alexander Aja on P2
He produced the thriller from an idea he co-wrote.
Andrew Jimenez on Pixar's One Man Band
Short attached to Pixar Shorts.
8 Clips for Beowulf
They might not be in 3D, but get a taste of what's to come.
Preview Depp's Sweeney Todd Poster
His mug looks great with red.
Valkyrie Featurette
Available in high definition quicktime.

November 6, 2007

Lucas to Tell-Tale
He will topline the psychological thriller.
Pfeiffer Gives Kutcher Her Personal Effects
Two will co-star under David Hollander.
Olyphant Explains Hitman
Turns out Gans' removal might have positive consequences.
Another Poster from The Orphanage
Actually, there's an entire collection of them... like orphans.
Star Trek Casting Call!
Paramount is looking for cadets who don't mind Vulcan-like eyebrows.
Beowulf Reviews Surface
Warner Bros. hinted the film was tracking well.
Joel Silver on Fred Claus
Certainly not the guy you think of for comedy.
Rachel Nichols on P2
Trapped in a parking garage, she must use her wits and skills to escape.
Jim Capobianco on Your Friend the Rat
The Pixar short packaged with Ratatouille.
International AVP - R Poster
Like a combination of the banners and then a human or two.
A Third The Mist Trailer
MGM have something new to show us?
Connelly There The Day the Earth Stood Still
Both she and Kathy Bates in negotiations to star with Reeves.
Hasbro Clarifies Some G.I. Joe Speculation
They explain just what version they are working with.
Denzel's The Great Debaters Trailer
A film that takes place in the Jim Crow South.
The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones on DVD
The box set comes with tons of extras, but...

November 5, 2007

Ratatouille on DVD
Another Pixar classic that has earned its place on your DVD shelf.
Ledger Plays His Joker
Being psychotic is mentally exhausting.
More Valkyrie Production Footage
The WWII thriller looks incredibly cool.
Franck Khalfoun on P2
The director is confined to the space of a parking garage.
David Dobkin on Fred Claus
Wedding Crashers helmer reteams with Vince Vaughn for the first time since.
Dan Scanlon on Mater and the Ghostlight
The DVD features an all new short starring the characters of the film.
Patton Oswalt Talks About the Ratatouille DVD
The DVD features an all new short starring the characters of the film.
Christensen the Beast of Bataan
Film tells the true story of the trial of Masaharu Homma.
International Iron Man Teaser!
More witty dialogue and footage.
Gyllenhaal Nailed by Jessica Biel
Two will co-star in the political satire.
There Will Be Blood Gets Reviewed
A significant departure in the work of Paul Thomas Anderson...

November 4, 2007

Stallone Has a Death Wish
In talks to direct and star in the remake.
American Gangster Buzzes By Bee Movie
Highest opening for an R-rated crime drama.
Badass Hitman Photo
A nice homage to a similar photo from the video game.
Alvin and the Chipmunks Character Banners
3 character posters and 2 humorous quads coming your way.
The Orphanage Poster
New thriller coming from Picturehouse.

November 3, 2007

Hellboy II Concept Art
New updates now available on the film's official site.
Fox Holiday Preview: AVP - Requiem
Check out the first full shot of the PredAlien.
Fox Holiday Preview: Alvin and the Chipmunks
New stills, official poster, but still no synopsis.

November 2, 2007

The Golden Compass Character Posters! (Part II)
More characters, daemons, and, what's this, a daemon-less character!
The Golden Compass Character Posters! (Part I)
Meet the characters and their daemons!
Jumper Poster
Wow, for a trailer with so much, the poster has none.
There Will Be Blood Trailer!
Thanks to Quicktime, it is now available in hi-def.
WIP: Star Trek Teaser
It will show something pretty cool...
Wolverine Story Details
Don't read if you don't want to know. Capiche?
Marsden Likes Box
He will star opposite Cameron Diaz in the horror.

November 1, 2007

American Gangster
Finally a filmmaker recaptures the magic of Virtuosity.
Bee Movie a Best for DreamWorks Animation
Probably the funniest CG of the year.
Martian Child
It ends big because it needs some grand gesture.
Fincher Nabs The Killer
Another graphic novel getting prepped for the bigscreen.
Jackson Takes Blomkamp to District 9
The Halo director finally gets to make his feature directing debut.
Fox Holiday Preview: Hitman
A second to take a look at the film, its strengths, and a new still.
New National Treasure: Book of Secrets Trailer
Tons new footage, clues and witty dialogue.
Beowulf in Theaters Tonight!?
Tonight as in Thursday, November 1st.
Preview the Conan Teaser Poster!
One can only guess whose biceps we're looking at.
Ledger Finds Imaginarium with Terry Gilliam
Duo will reteam for this fantasy adventure.
Adams and Streep Now Cooking Julia
Two will co-star in this culinary quest.
Clive and Julia Reunite for Duplicity
Julia just loved the taste of his man milk.
Game Artwork
First poster-looking image for the film.

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