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November 30, 2006

Eragon Is Short
First a weak rating and now a weak running time.
Assassinated by Shadowboxer
Attempts to stretch the standard conventions for movies about assassins.
Turistas Earn Their Fate
Never have I so wanted people to die.
First Photo of Stardust
First movie still now available.
Seven Pan's Labyrinth Clips!
First full taste of the Del Toro film online.
Night at the Museum Clips
We finally learn what the skeleton T-Rex really wants.
Tasty Blood & Chocolate
First poster for the upcoming thriller.
Take a Look at the Fantasticar!
It's like the batmobile but absolutely not!
Murphy Back for Bevely Hills Cop IV
Don't call it a comeback.
Clooney Scheduled for Boys and Jazz in 2008
Schedule full next year and its sounds fruity.

November 29, 2006

Time Warner to Allow Burned DVDs
Superman and Harry Potter will be just a few of the many.
Smokin' Aces Trailer!
This film continues to look radder and badder!
Holiday Love Scenes
Turning nakedness into cinema magic.
Richard Donner on The Donner Cut
This is the Superman II story Donner wanted to tell.
Foxx, Murphy, Glover Previewed in Dreamgirls
First clip for the adapation appears online.
Extended Unaccompanied Minors Clip
This film looks goofy, but perfect for the holidays.
Another Arthur and the Invisibles Poster
Arthur and his buddies play a little H&S in the grass.
Eragon Rated PG
Possibly the worst news of the week.
Trailer of The Dead Girl
One life ends, seven others begin. At least it works out for some.
First Blood Diamond Clip
DiCaprio shows off some dirt-driving skills.
Oscar Isaac on The Nativity Story
Imagine vying for the role of Joseph in the bible.
Wood, McKellen Hope for Jackson Hobbit
Because only a Hobbit can direct The Hobbit.
Olivia Wilde on Turistas
After half a season on The OC, Wilde finally gets her first lead in a film.
Superman Ultimate Collection DVD Review
When you've got 14 discs of Superman goodness, it's hard to know where to begin.
Happy Feet Makes IMAX Record
A very targeted stat for those oh so large screens.
Martin Lawrence a Better Man
Lawrence will play a father and talkshow host in upcoming comedy.
Beau Garrett Talks Fantastic Four 2
Maybe she will help bring the rise in the Silver Surfer.
Perfume Ladies
For those of you who were missing the female touch with the last stills.
A Nativity of Characters
Five international character posters arrive for the film.

November 28, 2006

Another Starship Troopers?
Casper Van Dien has fingers crossed.
New Black Snake Moan Poster
Jackson and Ricci share one this time.
Shohreh Aghdashloo on The Nativity Story
Actress learned a bit on religion while playing Elizabeth.
Pulse on DVD
From their cars to their horror movies, we just can't seem to nail it like the Japanese do. (DVD contest)
Xbox 360 Cures Movie Download Crisis
Movie and TV downloads began over the Thanksgiving weekend with headache.
Sneak Peak Spider-Man 3!
Official BTS clip appears online in quicktime.
Monkey Wrench Gang in the Works
A fictional story that Hardwicke is hoping to tell.
Superman Returns DVD Party
Among the special features are many deleted scenes, which the actors discussed at a red carpet party.
Faris Tries Time Travel
Joins Sci-Fi comedy with Brit comics.
A Few More Letters from Iwo Jima
The rest of the recent posters for the upcoming Eastwood installment.
Superman II- The Richard Donner Cut Review
The best part of the new version is just seeing the revised titles.
Josh Duhamel on Turistas
Ladies will love looking at Josh Duhamel with his short off...

November 27, 2006

New Scent of Perfume
New clips, stills and contest available.
Neil Gaiman Answers Your Questions on Stardust
Five fanmade questions will be answered per month.
Sample "Patience" from Dreamgirls
Official site updated with new photos and a clip of a featured song.
Listen to Elfman's Charlotte's Web
Official site now has a soundtrack listening center.
Bassam Gores Out On See No Evil
With Kane as the lead actor, one must be a little suspect.
Trailer of The Hitcher!
Just so you know what to look for... Sean Bean.
Extra Sneak Peaks Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
Footage from set and interviews with Radcliffe and Watson.
Casino Royale an International Hit
Film likely to surpass the record worldwide gross for a Bond pic.
New Turistas Poster
Nice stomach.... check. Scalpal... check.
Jackson a Hobbit After All?
Latest rumor in this high school-like drama.
Cameron Diaz Talks Shrek the Third
The actress is enthusiastic about the latest CG installment.
Six Eragon TV Spots!
Prepare to spend some time with Saphira and hear her speak!
Iwo Jima Posters!
First set of new posters for the warific drama.
Real Deja Vu
Washington, Patton and Caviezel speak on their own instances of deja vu.
Catherine Hardwicke on Nativity Story
Perhaps the way to make a film like this a mainstream hit is to treat it like skateboarding or teenage sex.
Official Arthur and the Invisibles One-Sheet
Poster comes splashed with a lot more color.
Black Christmas Trailer!
Ladies, holiday music, murder, blood, creepy voice, what more do you want?
International Night at the Museum Poster
This time we get to see the front of Ben Stiller.
Map of Letters from Iwo Jima
A new combo poster arrives for the film.
Superman Returns DVD Winners Are...
Two winners selected to receive the DVD by release tomorrow.
Kerner Updates on CG Smurfs Movie
No, Smurfette will not be part of a blueman gangbang.
Diaz, Winslet, Black and Law Enjoy The Holiday
Trailers, poster and first official preview for the film.
Transformers Action Pic!
Check out Scorponik releasing sandy havoc!
Not So Epic Movie
First trailer for the next gen of spoof appears online.

November 26, 2006

Bond and Penguins Take Thanksgiving Box Office
Casino Royale and Happy Feet get extra helpings of turkey.
Extended Pan's Labyrinth Clips
Two new clips appear online.
Radcliffe Wishes Happy Holidays
Actor posts an open letter mentioning OotP.

November 25, 2006

Deja Vu's Villain
Jim Caviezel goes from Jesus to terrorist.
Eragon in Sci Fi Magazine
The film gets a spread while Speleers and Irons discuss the story. (follow up)
Matthew Broderick on Bee Movie
The actor is used to playing English-speaking animals.

November 24, 2006

Empire Covers Spider-Man 3
Check out the cover to this month's issue!
Christian Slater on Bobby
Among the ensemble of characters, Christian Slater found himself labeled as the villain.
Stockwell on Bosworth
"All anyone ever asks me about is her weight now..."

November 23, 2006

Raimi Invited to Direct The Hobbit?
No confirmation either way, or if he accepted.
Spider-Man 3 Clips!
As shown during Spider-Man 2 on Fox.
Samuel L Jackson Reflects on Snakes on a Plane
The only man who bought into this film's hype more than us internet folks was its star.
Chi McBride on Let's Go to Prison
From school principal to funny rapist.

November 22, 2006

Thanksgiving Order of the Phoenix Updates
A round-up of high-definition, set reports, and Dan Radcliffe.
Meat Loaf's Lost Movie
The singer once made a movie based on the "Dead Ringer" album.
Silver Surfer Teaser Trailer When?
First preview will be packaged with major releases next month.
Casino Royale Top Choice for Thanksgiving Weekend?
What do you think, is this the film to beat?
Invisible Stills
New production photos from the supernatural thriller.
Win a Copy of Superman Returns!
Contest now live in anticipation of DVD release Tuesday.
Hills Have a Second Pair of Eyes
New teaser poster for the upcoming horror sequel.
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Up Two
Recent trailer boosted film's popularity.
Demi Moore Talks Bobby
The film brings Moore and Estevez full circle.
New Poster for Little Girls
New teaser poster for the upcoming Tyler Perry film.

November 21, 2006

Eragon Featured in Sci Fi Magazine!
December issue gives the film a nice spread.
Casino Royale an English Hit
Third biggest UK box office opening ever.
Deja Vu a Time-Bending Thriller
It's Rear Window with a modern techno twist.
Deck the Halls a Quintessential Hollywood Christmas
The film is more about skits than plot.
The Fountain a Work of Art
It's an artistic movie and it still makes sense.
Deja Vu Vignettes
Watch three new making-of clips that are pretty cool.
Meat Loaf on Tenacious D
The actor-slash-singer has no problem stealing the show.
New Spider-Man 3 Posters!
Supporting the idea of, "the greatest battle lies within."
Matthew Broderick on Deck the Halls
Broderick describes some of the antics in this Christmas comedy.
Miss Potter Trailer
A film that covers the quest to publish Peter Rabbit.
The Number 23 Poster
Carrey looks like he lost a fight to a pen.
Get Behind Order of the Phoenix!
New, three-minute BTS clip available online!
Weisz Talks Death in The Fountain
Rachel Weisz plays a woman dying of cancer, while her husband obsesses over finding a cure.
Emilio Estevez On Bobby
Even though he was a child when Kennedy was alive, his death left an indelible impact on the young Sheen.
Die Another Day
Pierce Brosnan may have left the 007 world, but he isn't interested in giving up the espionage just yet.
Say it So, Jackson!
Follow-up to the Jackson/Walsh announcement on The Hobbit.
Hello Miss Potter!
TWC/MGM has released the one-sheet for the upcoming drama starring Renee Zellweger and Ewan McGregor.

November 20, 2006

Phoenix Comes Streaming
Multiple sizes available in quicktime and windows media.
Kristin Davis Talks Deck the Halls
Since Sex & The City ended, Kristin Davis has been on a role playing movie wives.
True Story of Tenacious D
Fans of Tenacious D can finally see how it all began.
Hugh Jackman Bathes in The Fountain
Playing three versions of a character isn't as simple as putting on wigs or shaving your head.
Joshua Jackson On Bobby
Joshua and Emilio were once Mighty Ducks.
Children of Men Now Live
Gives more than the basics in PC-stopping flash.
Green Spills Bond's Next Villain
Vesper Lynd knows more than you'd think on the 22nd Bond film.
Clooney, Blanchett, Maguire in Black & White!
Warner Bros releases first stills for The Good German.
Weinstein Out of the Blue
Studio acquires all North American rights to controversial drama.
Danny DeVito on Deck the Halls
DeVito plays a car salesman who drives his neighbor crazy.
Hot Fuzz Poster!
Poster couldn't be any more badass.
A Jolly Black Christmas
MGM has released a twisted poster for the upcoming film.
Tenacious D's Revenge
Pick of Destiny is a love letter to the D fans.
Eugene Levy Talks For Your Consideration
Eugene Levy is in every other movie that gets made in Hollywood.
Malkovich Has Virtue
Cast joins period epic under helmer Raoul Ruiz.
Jackson and Walsh Off The Hobbit
Lawsuits, time constraints, and, in the end, a franchise gets hurt.
Darren Aronofsky on The Fountain
The man who made math a religious experience and gave audiences a bad trip without ever shooting up is back.

November 19, 2006

More Deja Vu Video
Clips, video interview and TV spots.
Bond's Biggest Nemesis: Penguins
Casino Royale barely loses out domestically to Happy Feet.
Cuaron Wants Potter
Prisoner director admits that he would love to come back to the franchise.
Christopher Guest on For Your Consideration
The director has perfected the mockumentary by now.
Lauren Shuler Donner Talks X-Spinoffs
X-Men may be finished, but the characters aren't.

November 18, 2006

Bootleg of the Phoenix
Bootleg teaser trailer for next Harry Potter installment has appeared online.
Release Date Set for The Dark Knight
Mark your calendars for summer 2008.
Eragon Character Posters
Four new posters available for the film.

November 17, 2006

10 Seconds of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix!
Teaser trailer preview now available.
Astronaut Farmer One-Sheet
Billy Bob Thornton looking confused in his occupation.
Superman's Next Nemesis?
Bryan Singer and Routh have a few ideas on who will be up next for the sequel.
Colorful Apocalypto One-Sheet
Similar image, but with Southern spice.
Harry Conjures More Stills for Order of the Phoenix!
A broomload of new stills released by Warner Bros.
Da Vinci Code Fullscreen DVD on HDTV
HDMI does not like the aspect ration.
MGM Plans for Franchises
Tons of franchises available to the studio including The Hobbit.
Borat Kazakh Film of the Year?
One Kazakh paper gives it praise and the country lightens up.
Remake Set for The Thing
That movie did what all horrors should, scare the carbon-based shit out of us.
Heffernan a Funny Fat Guy
I thought only the Broken Lizard guys were allowed to call him that.
Bond Rocks UK Box Office
Top Bond opening to date.
For Your Consideration
The film gave me a catharsis of some sort, but it wasn't a good one.

November 16, 2006

Brilliant Happy Feet
Will leave your kids toe tapping all the way home.
Casino Royale a Top Bond
Everything you want in a movie...
Snoop Dogg's Hood of Horrors
The film is exactly like you'd expect it to be.
Ashmore Talks X-Men Sequels
Spin-offs, sequels, they all good... if they were to ever happen.
Order of the Phoenix Satellite Trailer Debut
Get ready to tune in on November 20th and 21st.
Zodiac Trailer
International community has got the head start investigating this serial killer.
Ads Ready for Book 7 of Harry Potter
Barnes and Noble may have an idea on when the book's coming (with image).
Your Thursday Clips
Let's Go to Prison, Happy Feet, Bobby, Deck the Halls.
Austrian Eragon Trailer
Another international trailer appears online.
Factory Girl Trailer
First trailer for drama starring Miller, Pearce, Christensen, Suvari and Fallon.
George Miller Has Happy Feet
Director has come a long way since Mad Max.
Letters from Iwo Jima Moved Up to December
Nearly two months early to put the film up for awards consideration.
Book to Film: Eragon
First in a new series of adaptation analysis.

November 15, 2006

Order of the Phoenix Trailer Info
What can we expect and how long it will run.
2nd Rocky Balboa Trailer
More training, more hits, more dialogue.
Snyder Says Watchmen Next
Though the graphic novel is long, one should be enough.
Robert Downey Jr. Gives Insights on Iron Man
Pre-production, he is stoked, and is ready to try his hand at alcoholism.
Weinstein Favors Blockbuster
All theatrical and straight-to-video titles will be offered for rent exclusively at the video chain.
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Teaser One-Sheet!
And news on the teaser trailer... it's coming fast!
Japanese Eragon Trailer
Tons of new clips and a baby Saphira.
New Intl Ghost Rider Trailer
Looks the same... until the end.
LaBeouf Confirms More Transformers!
A trilogy to serve as his LOTR.
Meet Fred Claus
Teaser trailer for the comedy featuring Vaughn and Giamatti appears online.
Robin Williams Riffs on Happy Feet
Animations are fertile ground for him to perform all his funny voices.
Mitra Senses Doomsday
A futuristic action thriller helmed by Neil Marshall.
UA Feeds Cruise to Lions
Along with Robert Redford and Meryl Streep.
Multiple Instances of Deja Vu Clips
Five new clips for the upcoming thriller.

November 14, 2006

Picture Those Balls of Fury
First set of movie stills for the upcoming comedy.
Get Inside Bobby
New 'inside look' featurette available online.
We Are Marshall Photo Album #1
Second set of stills for the latest football flick.
Unaccompanied Minors Photo Album #1
Second set of new stills for the upcoming holiday comedy.
Blood Diamond Photo Album #1
Second set of stills featuring DiCaprio, Hounsou and friends.
Unrated Fearless Coming to DVD
Anyone who has followed Jet Li knows he's about more than kicking ass
Meet the Minimoys
Because nobody likes being called invisible. (posters)
New Spider-Man 3 Poster!
Spidy looks so debonair in black.
Elijah Wood on Happy Feet
The actor just can't escape the epic quests.
More Comics for Cage
Will star in the adaptation of The Sadhu.
Cohen Joins Sweeney Todd
The musical Tim Burton will shoot for DreamWorks and Warner Bros.
Snyder Talks Watchmen
The director is still on top of things and the script is making ground.
Silver Surfer Teaser Coming?
Producer Ralph Winter gives a brief update.
Charlotte's Holiday Trailer
Possibly the best trailer yet.

November 13, 2006

Bee Movie Updated
New synopsis, image and streaming trailer feeds.
Meet Tyler Perry's Little Girls
One-sheet and trailer available.
Extended Deja Vu
Something that makes one feel really strange.
Meet the Robinsons Characters #2
Second set of animated characters with descriptions.
Borat's Second Great Success
Top spot for second weekend straight, but Bond is coming.
We Are Marshall Play Book
New stills for the upcoming sports drama.
Pictures of Unaccompanied Minors
Batch of new stills for the upcoming holiday comedy.
Blood Diamond Catalog
Warner Bros releases a ton of new movie stills for the action drama.
First Official Happy Feet Reviews
Both change the tide by being positive.
Cullen Talks Returning to Prime in Transformers
It turns out he could have done multiple voices.
Funny Music of Tenacious D
Not only the greatest rock band on earth, they may be the funniest too.
Sharon Stone On Bobby
Actress is openly political, so we'd expect her to have a lot to say.
Cars Drives Home
The selling point may be the extra features.
Hudson Fights Bride Wars
Kate Hudson does her favorite genre, again.
Firth Thurman's Husband
Or is it the other way around?
Harry Potter Updates
Radcliffe wants Potter dead and Yates may return for HBP.

November 12, 2006

Ramirez Tests Bourne's Ultimatum
Will play another ass that Bourne has to kick.
Who Made the Potatoe Salad Review
More embarrassing than it is funny.
Knightley Says No More Pirates
At World's End will be her last film in the franchise.
Eragon Vids
Two new BTS clips appear online.
The Simpsons Movie Trailer!
It's really another teaser, but still exciting.
Spider-Man 3 Venom Trailer!
Pre-vis trailer with one huge difference... Venom! (watch it quick)
Force is Strong With This Fanboys Trailer
Only Star Wars fans will see it, which is a lot of people.
Seconds for Borat
As expected, the Kazakh reporter did well with wide release.
300 Previewed
Sin City meets Gladiator in this Frank Miller adaptation.

November 10, 2006

Weinstein Acquires My Blueberry Nights
Purchases distribution rights to US and other territories.
Clive Barker to Remake Hellraiser
The 1987 horror will not be so accidentally funny this time around.
Better Intl Eragon Trailer
A larger version, which is always better.
Optimus Prime Will Say...
Top ten lines of dialogue selected with one to go into the film.
Reno 911!: Miami Trailer
The film looks even funnier than the show.
Superman Sequel Updates
Singer giving the film his full attention and a possible working title.
10 Clips for Casino Royale!
Almost as many clips as Bond's had ladies... In a single film, of course.

November 9, 2006

Meet the Robinsons Characters #1
First set of animated characters with descriptions.
Stranger Than Fiction
The story is ultimately touching and bittersweet.
Happily N'Ever After Poster
First poster for the Lionsgate animation.
Spider-Man 3 Trailer!
Venom, Spidy, 2nd Green Goblin and Sandman all go at it.
Get Behind Transformers!
Two-minute bts featurette with tons of footage.
300's Lena Headey
Two new stills featuring the actress.
Hannibal Rising Poster
Featuring the mask we have come to adore.
Harry Shows Up for Spider-Man 3
New image of James Franco as young Osborn online.
Weisz and Lavigne Riding with Eragon?
A couple new updates on the upcoming fantasy.
Hugh Jackman The Amateur
Two films in two months and we can still call him that.
Casino Royale Scores More Positives
Nice domestic review just in time for the film's upcoming release.
Deja Vu Surveillance
The film is not just a time travel movie. It's a time travel surveillance movie.

November 8, 2006

Weisz in the Bathtub
This film looks like one heck of an emotional roller coaster.
Bridge to Terabithia Production Photos
Plus streaming feeds for the teaser trailer.
Photos from The Hitcher
Release date pushed up a few weeks as well.
New Intl Eragon Trailer!
Great new scenes, but it's just a little guy.
Clips that Support Fast Food Nation
Two flash videos appear online in 'support' of the upcoming adaptation.
Smelly New Posters
Two new posters arrive for Perfume.
2nd Smokin' Aces Poster
Characters, glass and mayhem.
The Painted Veil Poster
New media takes advantage of the film's setting.
Feature Eragon Poster!
Poster remains dark and fantastical while completely different from the rest.
The Super Official Spider-Man 3 Trailer Announcement
Yesterday was only a warmup, Viacom's going big.
Weinstein Tries Death Defying Acts
Film starring Zeta-Jones and Guy Pearce.
Lohan to Know Who Killed Me
Actress continues to build her upcoming slate of films.
Hulk Sequel Gets Action
No more flashbacks, just all out destruction.
Eragon Image Updates
A new still and print ad appear online.
Deja Vu in New Orleans
Tony Scott had been in love with the town long before Katrina.

November 7, 2006

Ledger Talks Joker
What we can expect from the villain in The Dark Knight.
Comcast Offers Star Wars HD Early
Cinemax has been marketing this like crazy, Comcast customers get it early.
Official Spider-Man 3 Trailer Announcement
iFilm will offer it in HD!
Happy Feet Featurette Gives Lessons on Tap
New featurette shows what it takes to make animated penguins dance.
The Brits Dig Casino Royale
Early reviews from the franchise's most picky supporters.
Rodriguez Talks Grindhouse
Freddy Rodriguez that is.
Morgan Freeman is Wanted
Will star opposite James McAvoy in sci-fi actioner.
Blood Vampire Remake Has Star
South Korean hottie Jun Ji-hyun takes lead role in live-action adaptation.
Dunst Meets A Jealous Ghost
Supernatural thriller based of novel by A.N. Wilson.
Borat Going Big for Second Weekend
Fox continues forward with rollout plans.
Borat Eyeing Dinner With Schmucks
Sacha Baron Cohen looking to star in remake.
Washington and Patton Talk Deja Vu Chemistry
The two discuss falling in love in front of the camera.
DVD Review: Cars
Has enough animated magic to make it to the finish line.
Ratatouille One-Sheet Online
The hungry rat takes center, uhh, shooting gallery.
New The Prestige Posters
Late, yes; very cool, we know.

November 6, 2006

Download Shows and Movies to Your Xbox 360
Seems like the logical next time with Xbox Live.
Casino Royale Reviews Appear Online
Both positive, but admit Bond-ish shortcomings.
Lohan Prefers the Teardrop Diamond
While Ann-Margret, Evans and Burstyn choose the princess cut.
Marvel Studios Lists Upcoming Film Slate
Iron Man, Spider-Man 3, FF 2...
Spider-Man 3 Trailer Online Thursday
iFilm has got the exclusive.
Brandon Routh Talks Superman Returns Sequel
Actor is excited for more action.
Kim Basinger Goes Out
Actress will star in a 24-like thriller.
2nd Teaser for Shrek the Third
New poster for the film featuring a crowned dome.
Weinstein Co Acquires My Enemy's Enemy
Another controversial documentary from the Weinsteins.

November 5, 2006

Carrey Freaks on The Number 23
First trailer for the upcoming Schumacher thriller.
Shoot 'Em Up Screened
Three super-positives appear online.
Sam Elliot 'Astonishing' in The Golden Compass
Actor on set as Lee Scoresby.
Smokin' Aces One-Sheet!
As colorful as the trailer is violent.

November 4, 2006

Borat Takes Opening Day: 'Great Success!'
Great reviews and enough hype push the film to top spot with limited engagement.
Better Grade of Blood Diamond
New poster for the film featuring more shine than the teaser.
Slither Review
Nathan Fillion helps the extras stand above the norm.

November 3, 2006

Trailer Shows Balls of Fury!
Walken looks hilarious and Maggie Q oh so hot.
Meet the Robinsons Trailer!
Have the time travel of your life.
Say Hello to Evan Almighty!
First trailer for the Carell comedy now online.
Spanish Ghost Rider Trailer
With more new clips from the film. (updated)

November 2, 2006

Borat is Fearless
He's like Yakov Smirnoff on crack.
Flushed Away Best in Years
Film puts all of the animation staples together and makes it better than any of the recent knockoffs.
Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause
The film is made up of silly, cartoonish antics that are more embarrassing than funny.
Bee Movie Teaser
Seinfeld and Chris Rock provide some easy laughs in this great first trailer.
TV Spots of Deja Vu
I think we may have seen these before.
Cruise Cruise's to United Artists
Giving the once-dead studio something it's needed, an artist.
Hugh Jackman is Flushed and Happy
Actor talks about both his upcoming animated films.
Smokin' Aces Gets a Big Push Forward
Theatrical release coming two months earlier.
De Niro and 50 to Team for Cop Thriller
Talk about an awkward pairing of cop buddies.
Outlander Begins Principal Photography
With Jim Caviezel, Sophia Myles, Jack Huston, Ron Perlman and John Hurt on board.
Roberts Up For Knitting
Interesting drama that will most likely have Roberts as Roberts.
X-Men: The Last Stand Coming to Blu-Ray
Just in time for the release of PS3.
Borat on Borat
Sacha Baron Cohen didn't give interviews, Borat did.
Another Inside Man
First twist: Washington, Owen and Foster may or may not return to Lee thriller.
Andy Serkis on Flushed Away
Dropped his motion capture suit to provide vocal tracks.
Trailer Takes Us to Happily N'Ever After
Turns out Happily Ever After had blackout dates.

November 1, 2006

Nerds Remake on Hiatus?
Insider says no start date on when film will re-enter production.
Wachowski Brothers for Speed Racer
After being stuck in neutral for far too long, a live-action version is heading to the big screen.
We Are Marshall One-Sheet
Poster featuring Matthew McConaughey.
Priest Script Review Online
Gets a good score as Sony prepares to kick off production.
National Treasure Sequel Begins Filming January
Jerry Bruckheimer gives a few new details on the project.
Simpson Has Blonde Ambition
A loose remake of Working Girl.
Quaid and Zhang Fear The Horsemen
Upcoming cop thriller with lots of killing.

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