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November 30, 2005

Uno Mas Aeon Flux Clip
No dialogue, just Aeon kicking butt and the raddest plasma TV ever.
Bandidas Girls Looking Good!
Salma Hayek and Penelope Cruz... close your mouth.
The Hills Have an NC-17 Rating
Wes has some time to get the rating on remake Hills Have Eyes down.
Fox Wants Ramona Quimby
Fox ready to offer Beverly Cleary's characters to a new gen of young people.
More Mission Impossible: 3 Set Pics
A set of images showing Cruise as Ethan Hunt.
Believe It or Not!óBurton and Carrey to Team
Jim Carrey set to star in Tim Burtonís latest.

November 29, 2005

Extended King Kong Preview
Check out the exclusive NBC preview for the film.
X-Men 3 Concept Art
Get a preview of some of the art shown off on the Fantastic Four DVD.
Jovovich Looking Hot!
Check out the first still of her in Ultraviolet.
Vince Sneaks Name Into Goblet of Fire
A great film from start to finish that couldíve been even better...
Disney Loves Bruckheimer
A new five-year deal that means bookoo bucks.
Miramax Goes to Venus
Closed deal for certain distribution rights.
More Chronicles of Narnia Posters
Check out the latest posters for the Disney adaptation.
Dungeon Siege Trailer
Watch it In the Name of the King.
Syriana Gets Reviewed
The box office numbers gave praise to the film, but what about the viewers?
Early Visit to The Family Stone
Film not as funny as the trailer suggests, but good just the same?
Vince Throws Down with Shopgirl
Shopgirl has so much promise, but fails to deliver on any of it.

November 28, 2005

Harry Has Still Got It
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire takes In $408 Million In 10 Days.
Land of the Dead 2 Down Under
Possibility of a sequel and a location.
Davy Jones Ship in Pirates of the Caribbean 2
Check out the first shots of the doomed vessel.
New Hostel Poster
With love from Deutschland.
Extended Chronicles of Narnia Preview!
Check out a solid nine minutes from the upcoming epic adaptation.
Weekend Box Office Overview 11-28
Harry remains triumphant while Rent is close to eviction.
X-Men 3 Updates 11-28
Latest reports claim that X3 could be the most dramatic yet.
King Kong Gets Reviewed!
Check out a review from Newsweek that calls the film 'thrilling'.
A Chilly Ice Harvest
As suggested by the title, this film is not so hot.
Syriana Gets Some Limited Love
A limited amount of love can still amount to a lot.
Another Test Drive for Cars
Check out the 2nd teaser trailer for the Pixar animation.

November 27, 2005

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Tears the BO
After a 46% drop from last week, Potter still leaves competitors spellbound.
A Visit to Tideland
Check out the trailer and clips for the latest pic from Terry Gilliam.
Grandma's Boy Trailers
See if you can get to the R-rated trailer.

November 26, 2005

Aniston Looking Good in Rumor Has It
Check out some official stills and the movie trailer.
Let's Try Something New
A comedic look at the complications behind interracial dating.
Wayners Tries to Walk the Line
How can you not like a singer dressed in black playing in front of hard-time cons?

November 25, 2005

December Movie Preview
A few films to blow your mind for the holidays.
Voldemort Arrives
Warner Bros willing to show off one of the biggest villains since Vader.
Mrs. Henderson Presents: Casino Royale
Judi Dench returns to the Bond franchise.
Superman Returns Books Available for Pre-Order
Get the heads up on the Man of Steel.

November 24, 2005

Happy Thanksgiving! Trailers!
Give you a little something to do if bored at the grandparents.
Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Manís Chest Trailer
Check out a horribly formatted teaser... looks funny though.

November 23, 2005

Rent- Star Talk
Check out the latest inside look for the musical.
Thomas Jane a Mutant
Set to lead in The Mutant Chronicles.
Walk the Line Review
A beautiful portrayal of the Man in Black and the love of his life.
Starz! Gets Exclusive Previews
A fill of Narnia, shaken with Rent, and a splash of Cars.
Chronicles of Narnia Clip!
Check out the first clip from Narnia that warms us right up.
New Aeon Flux Clip
A bit more dialogue from Goodchild and Flux.
Dead or Alive Teaser Trailer!
Check out a bunch of hit chicks who know their way with a blade.
Sin City Uncut Is Coming
Check out the latest details for the uncut edition of the Rodriguez film.
Stars For Rent
A look at the history of the broadway adaptation and the nine years it took to get here.

November 22, 2005

Look Back at Goblet of Fire
Is it the best Potter film? What do you think?
Final Hoodwinked! Poster
Check out the poster that brings the whole gang together.
Look for The Backpack Killer
More media and background for the upcoming horror Wolf Creek.
New Pictures of The Producers
More pics of Nathan Lane, Matthew Broderick, Will Ferrell and Uma Thurman.
Mission Impossible: 3 Set Pics
A few more pics of Cruise and company pop up online.
Early Rent Review
A positive review that warns more positives should be on the way.
Stallone Snubs Son Over Rocky 6 Role
Scoop: Sage Stallone doesn't get the invitation back from Sly.
Scared by Pulse Trailer
Check out a new trailer for the suspense horror.
Lady in the Water Trailer
Check out the teaser from the next twist of M. Night Shyamalan.

November 21, 2005

King Kong TV Spots
Check out three new tv trailer for the film.
Prisoner of Azkaban Helmer Makes Children of Men
Production begins with Alfonso at the helm.
Weinstein Co. Wanted Dead or Alive
The genre arm of Weinstein Co., roll out the pic next fall.
Simpson is Employee of the Month
Jessica Simpson may join up with Dane Cook.
Rush Hour 3 Gets Some Love
New Line is bored and ready to move on this one.
I Dream of Jeannie Set to Blink to Big Screen
Casting options for Sony Pictures adaptation.
Weekend Box Office Overview 11-21
Goblet of Fire and Walk the Line destroy the competition.
Singer Talks Superman Returns
A report gives a nice chunk of details on the film.
Posters Wish Good Night, And Good Luck
Check out two more official posters for the film.
New Bandidas Stills
If you like Westerns or hot chicks... must see.

November 20, 2005

Final New V for Vendetta Posters
The last two posters from UGO and MTV.
More Just Friends Clips
And they are like... so funny!

November 19, 2005

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Movie Review
This is one wild ride where you think it is you who are flying.

November 18, 2005

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Manís Chest Concept Art
Check out some cool illustrations for the upcoming sequel.
Superman Returns Teaser Trailer!
Not too much to see, but chilling just the same.
Chris Columbus Navigates Rent to Big Screen
A look at the upcoming broadway adaptation.

November 17, 2005

Just Friends Clips
Check out two clips with funny man Ryan Reynolds.
Extended Preview of In the Mix
Almost a solid twelve minutes to appreciate Usher.
Superman Returns Trailer Attached to Goblet of Fire
See the teaser trailer tonight!
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Review Round Up III
Decided to mix it up and throw a negative in this time.
Media from the Hostel
Check out the trailer and the official movie poster for the next horror.
Ringers: Lord of the Fans
Take a look at the coolest thing since Trekkies.
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Media
Check out a behind the scenes and a discussion with the bigger names.
The Creatures of Narnia
Check out a list of creatures from The Chronicles of Narnia.
Happy Feet Trailer
A trailer for an animation due out late 2006?
Second New V for Vendetta Poster
IGN posts the second exclusive poster to come online.

November 16, 2005

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Review Round Up II
Check out three new positives as we approach the upcoming release.
Universal Hits Turbulence
No, not another sequel to the in-flight thriller.
Official Cars Poster Online
This Pixar collaboration reminds us of its existance.
Sandler on a 9-11 Film
Adam Sandler to team with Don Cheadle in a post 9-11 film.
Early Chronicles of Narnia Review
Solid battles, lots of creatures and great CGI.
Elfman Replacement Found?
Next composer for Spider-Man 3 may be Christopher Young.
Day Watch Trailers
Check out the trailers for the sequel of a film we haven't seen yet.
New Weekly from the N.Y. Times
N.Y. Times teams with Loews Cineplex to offer free movie magazine weekly.
Derailed Review
A Derailed attempt at a psychological thriller.
Just Friends Reviewed
A mixed review that appreciates Ryan Reynolds.
Good Enough to Bottle?
The top three contenders for I Dream of Jeannie.
Freddy Vs Myers?
Robert Englund says Freddy Krueger might do battle with Michael Myers.
New V for Vendetta Posters
Four sites will have the exclusive... starting meow.

November 15, 2005

Benchwarmers Trailer
Kind of like Bad News Bears, but not.
James Newton Howard Plays King Kong
Get a tiny taste of the music from Peter Jackson's second pick.
2nd Syriana Poster
New poster for the film that takes a hard look at the oil industry.
Chronicles of Narnia Soundtrack Preview
Listen to segments from each track by Harry Gregson-Williams.
X-Men 3 Heats Up
A brief look at the ad campaign and... the teaser trailer?
Wolf Creek Poster
Check out what The Weinstein Company has sent over.
The Terminator Rises Again
Fourth film in final stages and a TV series in development.
Vince Wants to Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang
Action films donít get better than this.
Get Stuck Behind this Firewall
Check out the teaser trailer for this Harrison Ford thriller.
Monster House Trailer Online
This horror/family animation looks solid.
Weekend Box Office Overview 11-14
Chicken Little continues to prove that he isnít a fake.

November 14, 2005

Superman Returns Tries Fashion
This latest production diary comes down to a single word-- bespoke.
Voldemort Pops Up for Goblet of Fire
An unfinished shot of Voldemort as he takes on Harry.
Marvel Movie Mayhem!
Silver Surfer, Black Widow, Deathlok, Wolverine & more.
X-Men 3 Update 11-14
Mutants fly and Beast gets shown some love.
King Kong Posters
New international posters for the big ape.
The Fountain Trailer Online
This movie looks like a trip.
Universal Feels Psycho
Another comic book adaptation on the way.
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Updates 11-14
Early reviews, NYC, the soundtrack and more.
Wayners Has Pride & Prejudice
A movie that shows us integrity and romance in its finest form...

November 9, 2005

Matador Gets Pushed
But it's not what you think... so think positive.
King Kong Goes German
And shouts 'Halt die Klappe!'
Goblet of Fire Reviewed and Soundtrack Available
Read this latest review while listening to the music now.

November 8, 2005

King Kong Stills II
A second set of movie stills of the big ape.
Spy Hunter Villain Revealed
Check out the first image of Nostra.
Superman Returns Set Pics 11-8
Some new crowd set pics for the return to Sidney.
Dimension Digs Castlevania
Another video game adaptation on the way.
American Haunting Gets Viewed
American Haunting will be tame for some and cool for others.
Edison Trailer
Check out this cop action film starring Freeman, Spacey, Cool J, McDermott and... Timberlake?
Mrs. Henderson Presents this Trailer
Watch the domestic trailer for this 'provocative' play.
Get in the Mix of King Kong
A production diary that was looked over thanks to the trailer.

November 7, 2005

Super Ex-Girlfriend Pops Up
Sometimes super is just not that... super.
A Scarlett Gladiator in Amazon
Scarlett Johansson to play a gladiatrix from 200 B.C.
Austin Powers to star Rod Stewart!?
The cradle-rocking popstar set to join Mike Myers for the fourth Austin Powers film.
Weasley Learns to Dance
Check out this latest clip for Goblet of Fire showcased on Ellen.
Saw III a Go!
With a bo that doesn't quit, Lions Gate Films is ready for another.
Weekend Box Office Overview 11-7
The sky is falling with dollar bills for Chicken Little.
Serenity Comes Home for Christmas
The sci-fi adventure will hit DVD sooner than we thought.
Teaser Poster for Rambo IV?
Looks like Stallone is trying 'The Rock' move with the lifted eyebrow.
Wayners Meets The Squid and the Whale
In the end... itís about love and marriage.
Halo Script Review!
I just pissed my pants!

November 6, 2005

Another Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang Review of the purest forms of intelligent entertainment released this year...
Early Matador Report
The Matador gets a mixed report.
Rambo Fever at the AFM
Head of production at Nu Image/Millennium Films talks Rambo IV.
Vince Court Marshall's Jarhead!
Itís no Full Metal Jacket.
Goblet of Fire Television Line-Up
This is the TV Guide of Potter.
Church is Sandman
One official confirmation. Will there be more?
Couple of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Reviews
Two more non-spoiler reviews pop up.

November 5, 2005

Duncan Talks Sin City 2
And his return to the franchise.
Scott Cockblocks Grace
The two may team for Cockblocker.
Munich Trailer
Check out the trailer and an updated poster.
North Country Review
Another Oscar-worthy role for Charlize Theron.

November 4, 2005

King Kong Stills
Have we found a similarity to Lord of the Rings?
Weinstein Shifts Release Dates
A few of their starting lineup will come out on adjusted dates.
It looks like Little Red Riding Hood has a history.
Indy 4 Script Ready in Two Months
Expect a screenplay by Christmas.
Full King Kong Trailer Online!
Giant beasts love blondes!
Two for the Money Review
Big name stars well cast in an amusing look at the gambling world.

November 3, 2005

Get Haunted by this Trailer
American Haunting is one horror film that looks straight up cool.
King Kong Trailer... Preview
You know this one is going to be hot, hot, hot!
Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang Unscripted
Val Kilmer and Robert Downey Jr throw questions at each other.
The Ant Bully Teaser
Check out the first trailer for an Antz-looking film.
Garnerís Sabbatical
Alias star Jennifer Garner announces her next project.
Jamie Foxx to Play Mike Tyson?
He already admitted that he would eat all of our children.
Snipes not in Hard Corps
Sheldon Lettich dispells rumors.

November 2, 2005

Mrs. Henderson Presents Media
Here is the full round up of goodies for the film.
Chicken Little Gets More Positive
A couple more positives to keep it fair.
More Jarhead Reviews
More reviews pop up for the Sam Mendes film.
Jackson Talks King Kong
Jackson talk King Kong real well.
Hoffman Becomes a Father
Hoffman to star in Father Knows Less.
Dimension Loves Darren
Saw II director gets two-picture deal.
Aeon Flux TV Spot
New scenes and Charlize Theron rocking the underwear.
Universal Strikes A Deal
Universal Pictures to make digital film mainstream.
Oh That Viggo Mortensen
A hard look at the actor and his attributes.

November 1, 2005

Can We Beat the 2005 Box Office Slump?
There are still a few big hitters left... but we need out of the park.
Depp Looking Dirty
New movie stills from his upcoming film The Libertine.
Blackheart Pops up for Ghost Rider
Check out a full image of Wes Bentley.
Chicken Little Gets a Positive
Positive review for the film fires back.
Splinter Cell Script Reviewed
Could this be a solid video game adaptation?
Fantastic Four 2 Updates 11-01
Chris Evans gives the latest developments.
Jarhead Gets Reviewed
Early review pops up for the Desert Storm adaptation.
Devil Rejects Finds Ssslither
Kathleen LaGue will star in Ssslither, from Devils Rejects producer Mike Elliot.
King Kong Featurette!
How sick is this!

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