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May 31, 2006

Cars Toys and Goodies
Mattel sends over a detailed preview of their Pixar lineup.
New Nacho Libre Posters
Two feature-looking posters for the film.
Arad Says Goodbye to Marvel!
The face of Marvel steps aside to do his own thing.
Even More Superman Returns Posters
We just can't help it -- the best one yet appears online.
Delicious Hard Candy
Check out the amazing new poster for the film.
More Superman Returns Posters
With love from Germany.
Paul Newman on Cars
Screen legend Paul Newman lends his voice to Pixarís latest animated masterpiece.
Date Movie DVD Review
The DVD features an anti-commentary by two film critics.
District B13 Kicks a Whole Bunch of Ass
Both literally and figuratively speaking.
The Break-Up Not Funny?
Early reviews are bashing this romantic comedy.
Clerks 2 Review Pops Up
First review for the sequel is positive.
Myers Gives Paramount His Pitka
A character that Myers has been testing in theaters.
Sandler Up the Hill With Jack and Jill
Actor eying possible role and will produce.
Cool X-Men: The Last Stand Character Posters
A ton of new posters appear online.
Cool New Slevin Posters
International posters recently delivered.
The Making of Dreamgirls
New featurette for the Dreamworks musical.

May 30, 2006

Topher Snapping Pictures as Eddie Brock!
Still a bit confused on the symbiote though.
Official Pirates Site Updated
More stuff to download and a World Map.
Superman Returns Updates!
Third trailer, OST info and Superman hits theatres even earlier than expected.
Jon Favreau on The Break-Up
In The Break-Up, Favreau finally gets the chance to go wild.
All Hail the Apocalypto One Sheet!
First poster for the Gibson film.
More X-Men Coming
X3 is by no means the last... stand.
Serenity HD-DVD Review
This is how you want Star Wars to look
Larry the Cable Guy on Cars
Larry the Cable Guyís voice is unmistakable as Mater the tow truck.
Thurman Gets a Husband
From a jealous superhero to a psychologist.
Broken Lizard Takes Warner's Wife
Next project set after Beerfest.
The Rock Talks Spy Hunter
Script is sweet, filming set to begin, release in July 2007.
Sound of Superman CD Giveaway!
Win the compilation CD in anticipation of its June release.
Michael Bay Blogs Transformers
Bay updates on filming and reminds how great the film will be.
A Talladega Review
Advanced review says the film is hilarious.

May 29, 2006

Eragon Featurette!
Not the trailer, no dragons just yet, but still pretty dang good.
Another Superman Returns Trailer!
No hi-res feeds yet, but it still looks good.
X-Men Attack the Box Office
After a huge opening X3 earns a spot among highest earners.

May 27, 2006

2nd X-Men The Last Stand Review
Great summer film, but doesn't feature the delicacies present in the first two installments.

May 26, 2006

Box Office Bout: The Da Vinci Code vs X3
Da Vinci has God in his corner but he is tired.
Writer Talks Walking Tall Sequels
Joe Halpin discucces two sequels.

May 25, 2006

My Super Ex-Girlfriend Trailer
Owen Wilson's responses should carry this film.
X-Men The Last Stand Review
X-Men: The Last Stand has the deepest political metaphor yet...
Inconvenient Truth Review
Al Gore talking about global warming? You donít expect the entertainment event of the year...
Feeds for Fifth Superman Returns TV Spot
Watch this baby in a way better resolution.
Two More X-Men: 3 Reviews
The film is still just squeezing by.
Southland Tales Gets Torn Up
First review says not the best second outing for Richard Kelly.
Another Scanner Darkly Review
First finished review pops up for July release.
Lassie Comes Home
The Weinstein Co. puts the animal back on its leash.
Sony Grabs Besson's Angel-A
SPC has acquired North American rights.
Eragon a Top Ten!
Only last week did I predict this film to have a substantial fanbase.
Another Clerks 2 Teaser
Made in preparation of the Cannes Film Festival.
Fifth Superman Returns TV Spot
No direct feeds just yet but it still looks good enough.

May 24, 2006

Favreau Talks More Iron Man
Favreau is open to input and ready to start at the beginning.
Ant Bully Character Posters
Five new stylish posters.
Vince Vaughn's Business
Not only does he star in hit movies, but he develops the scripts and helps produce them as well.
District B13 Clips
Four clips that feature enough action and stunts to have you mouthing 'wow'.
X-Men: The Last Stand Review Round-Up
Another positive and a negative, overall the film is hanging in.
Stillman Returns for Little Green Men
Whit Stillman making a return to directing with political comedy.
Spike is Selling Time
Will rewrite the script with the possibility of directing.
Legendary Goes Grasshopper over Kung Fu
Bigscreen adaptation coming.
Weinstein Creates a Dragon Dynasty
To handle all of their Asian film distribution.
More Stills from the Pirates Chest!
New production photos from the bottom of the chest.

May 23, 2006

Full Metal Jacket HD-DVD Review
Full Metal Jacket was not exactly a colorful movie.
Blazing Saddles HD-DVD Review
Thirty years have never looked so sharp.
Cool Poseidon Posters
The international community gets all the good sh*t.
District B13 Movie Stills
All the movie stills for the upcoming sci-fi actioner.
Ghost Rider Teaser Trailer!
Make that two trailers!
Some More X-Men: The Last Stand Reviews
A positive and a negative.
X-Men 3 Politics
Somewhere at the film's heart there is a political struggle.
Law, Portman, Weisz Harvest a Blueberry
A romantic comedy from StudioCanal.
Hilary Swank Has a Lot of Love
Actress joins up with director Richard LaGravenese.
Angels & Demons Coming
A no-brainer for Sony that should have happened a while ago.
District B13
Feature poster, trailer and synopsis for the upcoming Luc Besson film.

May 22, 2006

X-Files 2 May Never Come
Lawsuits are placing the project on a permanent hold.
New Superman Returns TV Spots
Enough to make you a kryptonite crack addict.
Feature Ant Bully Poster
This time we are allowed to keep it up!
Eragon Trailer When?
Not X3 but it's close...
Break Up in Chicago
Vince Vaughn set the film in his home town of Chicago.
Rumor Has It HD-DVD Review
It may not be the visual feast one would hope for a demo... but it does allow a comparison.
Last Holiday HDMI Review
Proved a respectable demonstration DVD for the JVC 52" HDTV.
ThinkFilm is Keeping Mum
Eyeing a September domestic release.
More X-Men 3 Reviews Pop Up
Some positives and a few more pictures.
Cool New Superman Returns Poster
Straight from Taiwan.
Jen and Vince
Aniston and Vaughn discuss their relationship on The Break-Up.
Brett Ratner on the X-Men 3 Rush
Brett Ratner felt no rush once shooting began.
Weisz, McKellen, Sarandon Join Colossus
Colin Firth gets some company.

May 21, 2006

Da Vinci Fears No Critic
Negative reviews do not stop film from 2nd biggest three-day opening ever.
New Superman Returns Trailer!
New footage and Superman has got something in his eye!
Win The Break-Up Prizes!
A collection of prizes to be given away to one lucky winner.
Mas Nacho Libre Stills
Second set of movie stills from the film.
Clerks 2
Stills, synopsis and updated title image.

May 20, 2006

The Da Vinci Code Review
It is too bad they didn't save this film for after the summer season.
Grandma's Boy DVD Review
A short run in theatres doesn't mean it isn't funny... at times.

May 19, 2006

V for Vendetta Coming to DVD
Box art and details on the extra features.
Beckinsale Still Says No to Wonder Woman
She's over superhero films.
Fast Food Nation
Movie stills, synopsis and the trailer.
Big Momma's House 2 DVD Review
There is the novelty of seeing big fat Martin hanging from the cables.
Alfred Molina on Bishop Aringarosa
What it takes to play the conspiring bishop in The Da Vinci Code.
Spacey a Baddie in Joe Claus
Actor can't seem to avoid the villain roles of late.
Watts Promises a Thriller
Naomi Watts joins David Cronenberg and Viggo Mortensen.
Scarlett is Brilliant
I would say hot but I can see it.
First Pirates of the Caribbean 3 Pic?
Jack Black looking spiffy.

May 18, 2006

New Superman Returns TV Spot
James Marsden gets some love.
Over the Hedge Movie Review
Dreamworks' latest animated outting proves that celebrity voices alone do not make a classic.
Original Star Wars Trilogy Coming to DVD September
Box art and get ready to pre-order.
Race Against Jack Black on Xbox
Take him on over Xbox Live in anticipation of Nacho Libre.
Ghost Rider Trailer Coming!
Details and running time.
Superman Returns Budget Up to $300M?
Word on the street says the film is closing in.
Tons of Nacho Libre Stills I
First set of movie stills from the set.
More Stills for The Break-Up
Vaughn and Aniston try to get along.
More Mission Impossible 3 Production Photos
Some of the last to be released.
Alfred Molina on Da Vinci Hype
Bishop Aringarosa speaks out on the film.
Malkovich Disgraces Fiennes
John replaces Ralph in Disgrace.
Vin Diesel a Closet Romantic
Actor to star in Player's Rules.
Sony Takes Rocky Balboa Overseas
Sony and Revolution join MGM to help finance and distribute the film.
Superman Returns Trailer Details
One major scene in particular.

May 17, 2006

Flushed Away Trailer
Visuals, visuals and more visuals.
Transformers Script Review Online
This will be the film to see in 2007.
World Trade Center Trailer
(Surprisingly) Intriguing.
New X-Men 3 Character Spots
Storm looks sweet, Mystique not so much.
New Superman Returns Trailer When?
Now or later, the 2nd preview is bound to be cool.
Da Vinci a Bore?
Reviews are not what many had expected... or hoped.
Dirty Dozen HDMI Review
Just because some films look better in HD.
Weinstein Joins Roadshow Films
To deliver their pics to Australia and New Zealand.
New Superman Returns Poster!
Sweet looking poster for the Warner Bros flick.

May 16, 2006

Nacho Libre Screened!
Report claims the film is hilarious!
Fantastic Four Sequel Pushed Forward
Is that the smell of sweet, sweet deja vu?
Mark Wahlberg is Invincible
Full preview of the upcoming sports drama.
Crimson Tide Director's Cut Review
Not much new, same great movie.
Used Guys Gets Used
Fox pulls the plug on the big-budget comedy.
Bay Purchases Digital Domain
And is ready to join the ranks of Lucas and Jackson.
Wolverine Character Spot
You don't want to cage the beast.
Brian Grazer to Lead Chechen Rebels
Set to produce The School for Universal.
Weinstein Arms Seven Swords
Picture house acquired release in US.
New Stills to Break-Up
Universal releases a whole set of new pictures.
Beowulf Sails to America
Official release on the arrival of the film.
Transformers CGI Test Footage
Is this the real thing?

May 15, 2006

Wolverine Talks X-Men: The Last Stand
Jackman on the future of the character and the film itself.
Monster House Poster
Looks somewhat as we expected.
Meet More Characters from Barnyard
Plus a new trailer next week.
Flushed Away One-Sheet
First official poster for the animation.
New Mission Impossible 3 Movie Stills
Better late than never.
Pulse Site Live
A lot of flash video plus movie stills.
Full Lady in the Water Poster
Warner Bros releases the full-size version to all.
Preview New Superman Returns Posters
Whether we will receive them is yet to be known.
Snakes Director Heads Asylum
Director David R. Ellis steps into the director's chair.
Adams Joins Underdog
First female to join lead role of the cast.
Cohen to Direct Arrow
A martial arts film for Warner Bros.
M:i:III Remains Afloat While Poseidon Sinks
Cruise's Ethan Hunt remains #1 for another week.
More X-Men: The Last Stand Clips
Clips, featurettes and late night.

May 14, 2006

300- Spartan's Fight as a Unit
Production diary #5 appears online.
Beowulf & Grendel Coming to America
Grendel finally makes it across the border.

May 13, 2006

More X-Men: The Last Stand Movie Stills
Part of the recent set released by Fox.
New Pan's Labyrinth Trailer
It is in low-res flash, but gives quite an impression.

May 12, 2006

New X-Men 3 Stills and Review
Stills look great, review not so much.
Kane's Acting Transition
WWE to lead role.
New Lady in the Water Poster
Poster shows off the fantasy aspect.
Japanese X3 Trailer and Grammer on Beast
Couple more X-Men: The Last Stand updates.
Dax Shepard Tries to Retreat
Comedic actor to star in corporate comedy.
Snakes on a Plane Clip
Samuel L. Jackson visits Ellen.
Nicolas Cage is Crazy
Teams with Yari for cop action-thriller.
Jackman Talks Wolverine Spin-Off
And dispels a couple of rumors.
Miami Vice Trailer Online
Full trailer keeps the theme.
Weinstein and IFC Team for Wordplay
After finding success with Transamerica.
Another Dirty Harry?
Plus a possible video game.
First Superman Returns TV Spot
A couple new scenes from the film.
Garry Shandling's Unused Ad Libs
Shandling on what it takes to go Over the Hedge.

May 11, 2006

Yay for X-Men 3 Clips
Five new clips appear online.
Meet Jacob Goodnight
WWE superstar Kane plans to terrorize a group of juvenile delinquents.
See No Evil
Preview of the upcoming horror.
X-Men: The Last Stand Preview Online Tonight!
And Dell is the one who has it.
Bruce Willis's Greatest Fears
Die harder discusses his role in Over the Hedge.
Official X-Men: The Last Stand Clip
First clip to not appear on YouTube; yay!
Poseidon Movie Stills
A little late I know.
Miami Vice Posters
Quite a few actually.
More X-Men 3 TV Spots
Each showing a little more footage.
Lucas Updates on Indiana Jones 4
Lucas says Indy likely to be more calm.
Sarsgaard Celebrates Year of the Dog
Along with Regina King, John C. Reilly and Laura Dern.
Bateman Enters The Kingdom
Filming set to get underway this summer.
Olyphant Joins Bill
Drug dealer, porn king, sheriff and now a cheater.
X-Men: The Last Stand is Awesome!
Early review gives it a whole bunch of positives.

May 10, 2006

Trailer Database Updated
Pirates, X-Men, Bond, Superman and friends.
New You, Me and Dupree Trailer
Packaged with a bag of laughs.
Fanmade Transformers Trailer
A taste of what we can expect?
Ali Larter and Friends for Resident Evil 3
Maybe third time's a charm.
Wolfgang Petersen Explains Rogue Waves
Director talks about Poseidon and what knocks her over.
Feature Ant Bully Poster UPDATED
Great new poster for the animation.
2nd Cars Trailer Online
Disney reminds us of the June release.
X-Men On Your Slurpee
7-Eleven does tie-ins with the film and blockbuster.
Frankie Muniz Seeks Parental Guidance
Muniz one of many to join the cast of sex comedy.
Josh Hutcherson Joins the Journey
To co-star with Brendan Fraser.
Universal Bets on 50 Cent
With a new starring vehicle.
Lionsgate is Addicted to Erotica
But then again, who isn't?
Universal to Remake Anguish
But this time the film will be in English.
Kurt Russell's Close Call on Poseidon
Kurt Russell is no stranger to putting himself in harmís way.
Josh Lucas on Action Heroics in Poseidon
Lucas talks on-set disasters.

May 9, 2006

Poster and Site for A Prairie Home Companion Go on the Air
Updated poster and official website.
New Mission: Impossible III Clips
Paramount responds with these babies.
X-Men: The Last Stand Preview Coming
Seven minutes of mutant goodness this Thursday.
Check Out Bond's Ride
The Aston Martin DBS.
Mission: Impossible III Review
The summer blockbuster season has officially begun.
New Lady in the Water Trailer
Full trailer appears online.
X-Men: The Last Stand Updates
Couple of new clips and pictures.
New Da Vinci Code Banner
The "Last Supper" straight from Italy.
Crew Grows for The Other Side
Shane and Romano join up with Gosling, Murphy and friends.
World of Warcraft Goes to Film
But will their be a monthly service fee?
Weinstein Gets Knight Rider Movie
Turns out that Harvey is a big fan of the show
Derrickson and Harris Write Devil's Knot
Team behind Emily Rose ready to adapt book of same name.
Better X-Men 3 TV Spots
All of the spots in quicktime format.

May 8, 2006

Over the Hedge Reviews Enter the Neighborhood
First reviews appear for Dreamworks flick.
Poseidon Reviews Pop Up
Not what Warner Bros wants, but they were expected.
New Da Vinci Code Poster
Sony Pictures sticks with the characters.
X-Men on MySpace
Downloads, friends, comments, pictures and X-Space.
Josh Lucas is Daniel Pearl
Actor to star in Beacon film.
Better Omen Poster
International trailer picks up where the domestic missed.
Transformers Cast Grows
Mac and Duhamel jump on board.
Berry and Del Toro are Lost
Two will team in film for Dreamworks.
Mission: Impossible III Misses Par's Goal
Domestic box office could have been better.
First Superman Returns Review
A positive review to counter the fake negative.

May 6, 2006

New X-Men 3 TV Spot
The best to appear on YouTube.
Carell is Evan Almighty
First picture of Carell looking like Noah.

May 4, 2006

Updated Eragon Poster
A splash of bronze makes it happen.

May 3, 2006

Exclusive: Jeremy Renner Talks Assassination of Jesse James
Actor's indie Twelve and Holding on its way to theatres.
Ian McKellen on KTLA
He shows off new clips for X3 and The Da Vinci Code!
Favreau Talks Iron Man
Director gives us an idea on where the story is heading.
Pictures from Southland Tales
Updated our database with poster and new images.
Snakes on a Plane Poster
An updated version of the logo.
X3 TV Spots
Three new spots appear online.
Mission: Impossible III Reviews
A collection of positives pop up everywhere.
The Jetsons Come to Life
Warner Bros brings back an icon of a family.
Voight Joins Transformers
Cast continues to grow under Michael Bay.
Piracy Cost Studios in 2005
New study says billions lost to copying, bootlegging and internet.
Emma Roberts a Rodeo Gal
Warner Bros picks up starring vehicle.

May 2, 2006

X-Men: The Last Stand Banners
Brett Ratner has got a few to show us.
Casino Royale Teaser Trailer
And this time we can understand it!
Ben Affleck is Captain Kirk?
The actor actually seems to fit.
Superman Returns Trailer!
It's a bird... It's a plane... You wanted to see me?
Ratner Spills More X3 Details
A few more details on the quieter moments from X3.
Red Sonja Returns
Millennium Films to bring back the heroine to the bigscreen.
Ridley and Tony Go to Sea
They ride a tsunami into the adaptation of an upcoming novel.
Wilson to Join Parker in Vacancy
Comedic actor in negotiations to join the thriller.
Gere and Howard go to Bosnia
Under the Weinstein Company.
Feature X-Men 3 TV Spot!
Pyro vs Iceman, explosions, soldiers... ass-kicking.
Scanner Darkly Draws Reviews
New screening delivers more reviews.

May 1, 2006

Premiere Covers X-Men: The Last Stand
Collectors covers to encourage multiple purchases.
Dushku a Replacement for Final Season
Actress steps in after repeat delays.
Preview the Pirates Trailer!
Not the feature trailer... but close.
X-Men 3 Updates 05-01
Talk of a new TV spot and wallpaper.
New Stills for A Scanner Darkly
Film looks like it is shaping up.
Superman Returns Trailer Tomorrow!
You don't have to wait until May 5th.
More DOA Hotties!
The first set of images had men flocking.
Brandon Routh Flying!
Cool new Superman Returns clip appears online.
Casino Royale Teaser Poster!
Daniel Craig looking good.
Keener and Vaughn for Into the Wild
Join the cast of the Sean Penn film.
Warner Bros Wants Clash of the Titans
New scribe for the remake.
The Church Against Da Vinci
Sony Pictures has to be loving the added attention.
Mission Impossible 3 Stills in China
Movie stills and China's hesitant.

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