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March 31, 2009

New The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3 Trailer
Though it looks a lot like the last one.
Kevin Spacey the Father of Invention
He will star in and produce the indie comedy.
Steve Carell Gets Dumped by WB
Will star in the comedic adaptation.
Fox Co-Chairman Has Seen Avatar
And has no problem talking about it.
New Up Videos!
A clip and a featurette.
Drag Me to Hell Poster is Awesome!
Alison Lohman is in some serious distress.
Kristen Stewart Rides Adventureland
The film is lacking in vampires and werewolves.
Star Trek Sequel a Go!
Who said prequels can't have sequels?
Ice Cube Does a Ride Along
An action comedy from New Line Cinema.
Barrymore Going the Distance
She will star opposite Justin Long in the romantic comedy.

March 30, 2009

Planet 51 Poster
Something strange is coming to their planet...
Two Clips for Angels & Demons
See what this whole 'God Particle' is all about.
Ryan Checks Out Bolt on Blu-Ray
You won't find a clearer image.
Justin Lin on Fast & Furious
The film doesn't just bring back the original cast...
Will Arnett on Monsters vs. Aliens
He voices The Missing Link.
Gemma Arterton a Goddess in Clash of the Titans
She admits that this remake is very different.

March 29, 2009

New Extended Star Trek TV Spot
Shows some new footage from the film.
New X-Men Origins: Wolverine Poster
Check out the whole gang.
Monsters vs. Aliens Dominates Box Office
Film enjoys best opening of the year.
Emma Stone Gets an Easy A
A modern retelling of "The Scarlett Letter."

March 27, 2009

New Extended TV Spot for Angels & Demons
Shows new footage from the film.
Amber Tamblyn Looking to Stroll Main Street
She could end up playing the lead character.

March 26, 2009

Queen Latifah Just Wright
Romantic comedy from Fox Searchlight.
Paramount Extends Relationship With Abrams' Bad Robot
No surprise their. Everything he touches turns to gold.
Monsters vs. Aliens Just Another Animated Movie
Probably not going to watch it again.
A Ton of Star Trek Posters!
They've beamed in from all around the globe.
Seth Rogen on Monsters vs. Aliens
He gets a lot of credit for being funny.
John Cena on 12 Rounds
He knows his first movie wasn't perfect.
Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz Team for Fox Romantic Comedy
At least five studios want him at the moment.
Nicole Kidman Joins Woody Allen
Strong cast, though the project still has no title.

March 25, 2009

MGM Has All Three Stooges
Sean Penn, Jim Carrey and Benicio Del Toro.
Angels & Demons Gets an International Poster
Robert Langdon always had a glow about him.
Reese Witherspoon on Monsters vs. Aliens
She normally finds herself being shorter than her actor counterparts.
Big Stan on DVD
The film finds clarity with artificial color touches.
Where The Wild Things Are Trailer!
This film looks awesome!

March 24, 2009

James Cameron Talks Terminator (Salvation)
How he came up with the franchise.
New Poster for Angels & Demons
Red brings out Tom Hanks' eyes.
New Teaser Trailer for Astro Boy
Animation looks pretty dang cool.
Kiefer Sutherland on Monsters vs. Aliens
He plays neither monster nor alien.
Experience This Star Trek TV Spot
Shows some new footage from the film.
Diaz One of the Swingles
Another romantic comedy for the actress.
New Regency Has Freedom Formula for Singer
Another comicbook adaptation for the director.

March 23, 2009

Liv Tyler Joins The Romantics
A romantic comedy that will have her playing a maid of honor.
Anne Hathaway to Get Happy
She will play Judy Garland in the biopic.
Final Adventureland Poster
From first to final. Just like that.
Brian Tyler Talks Star Trek (Trailer) Music
Expect an incredible score.
New Featurette for Angels & Demons
Takes a look at science and religion.
More Photos for Where The Wild Things Are
USA Today delivers the latest preview.
Brittany Snow Joins Walks
Indie drama also starring RZA and Emmanuelle Chriqui.
Coen Brothers to Remake True Grit
The same Western that won John Wayne an Oscar.
Knowing Tops Box Office
As expected, Cage's thriller pulled in an audience.

March 20, 2009

Up for a Clip?
New (finalized) extended clip now available.
Collection of Terminator Salvation Photos
Just in time for the weekend.
Public Enemies Gets Mixed Reports
Early screening reports surface.
Chris Pine is the Green Lantern?
This guy is going places.
Time Checks Out Avatar
And likes what they saw.

March 19, 2009

X-Men Origins: Wolverine TV Spot Introduces Characters
But somehow forgets about Deadpool.
Year One Trailer!
This historical comedy looks hilarious.
Up to Cannes
Pixar animation will open the film festival.
Green Lantern Filming Begins September
Over in the land down under.
One Yellow Crank: High Voltage Poster
Is that Statham's arm getting blown off?
Lionsgate Writes From Paris With Love
Studio has acquired the John Travolta starrer.
Next Day Air Gets a New Poster
As in the characters got a re-arrangement.
Costner and Jones are Company Men (Also)
Giving Ben Affleck some company.

March 18, 2009

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs Trailer
Based on the popular children's book.
Observe and Report Any Good?
First official reviews arrive.
Portman and Pitt Search for Artifacts
Adaptation of the new Leanne Shapton novel.
First Where The Wild Things Are Poster!
There's one in all of us.

March 17, 2009

Kristen Stewart on The Cake Eaters
She plays a girl trying to lose her virginity.
Australia on Blu-ray
I had high hopes for this.
Confirmed: Linda Hamilton's Voice Opens Terminator Salvation
Last we knew she was discussing the idea.
Bay Not Happy About Transformers 3 Release Date
He was thinking more like 2012.
Ryan Reynolds Talks Deadpool
He's sure we'll at least be curious about the character.
Observe and Report Gets Clips
Warner Bros. plays it safe with only green band content.
ET Gives New Footage from Angels & Demons
New featurette now online.
Paramount and Abrams Team for Heist Film
Based on an upcoming Wired magazine article.
Paramount and Pitt to Adapt The Night Manager
Could be a great espionage thriller.
Transformers 3 Coming 2011
They are sticking close to a national holiday.

March 16, 2009

New Star Trek Photo
Nero's getting some weak a** reception.
New Clips for I Love You, Man
Jaime Pressly to go all night long with Favreau.
Bolt on Blu-Ray
The CG actually comes off looking fake.
Pinocchio on Blu-Ray
The film finds clarity with artificial color touches.
Sara Paxton on The Last House on the Left
She has a tough role in the film.
New Terminator Salvation Poster
This one features one of the more frightening baddies.
Watchmen Drops in Second Week
Substantial decline in ticket sales.
Adam Marcus Has Walked With a Zombie
Will direct the remake of the 1943 classic.

March 13, 2009

Monica Potter on The Last House on the Left
She plays a mother who gets the chance to wreak vengeance.
Miss March Lacking Skill
The antics feel like a student film.
Race to Witch Mountain is Bad
The film is beyond dumbed down.

March 12, 2009

New Red Band Clip for I Love You, Man
Enter the man station.
Johansson and Rourke Both Confirmed for Iron Man 2
She will play the part of Black Widow.
Fast & Furious Vids
New TV spots and clips.
Twilight's Eclipse Gets Director
Summit's bringing in the Spanish flav.

March 11, 2009

Viral Vids for 2012
Woody Harrelson plays host for the viral site.
Go On Set of Sherlock Holmes!
ET video now available.
Drag Me to Hell Trailer!
Alison Lohman looks great, even when terrified.
Race to Witch Mountain Clippage
Catch about six minutes of the film.
Garret Dillahunt on The Last House on the Left
Remake of the Wes Craven classic.
Indiana Jones Soundtracks
Reissued versions have previously unreleased portions.
Goldblum Joins The Baster
Will star opposite Aniston and Bateman.
Danny DeVito Hangs With Crazy Eddie
Will direct the biopic.

March 10, 2009

Cameron Making His Own Avatar Trailer
Because he's not happy with the many first attempts.
Lots of Clips for Miss March
This month's Playboy-driven comedy.
Wes Craven on The Last House on the Left
It was his first film, and now he's back to produce.
Grimes, Durand and Doyle Are Robin Hood's Merry Men
Trio joins Ridley Scott's production.
Jovovich Might Go the Extra Mile Zero
Marcel Langenegger will direct the thriller.
Sean Penn Joins a Cartel
He is in talks to star in the drama.

March 9, 2009

Zack Snyder on Tales of the Black Freighter
Because a big chunk of Watchmen is missing.
Malin Akerman and Ryan Phillippe Join The Big Bang Club
Duo will co-star in the indie drama.
Lawrence and Morgan Join Rock in Death at a Funeral
Neil LaBute will direct the comedy.
Nolte a Warrior
Along with Tom Hardy, Joel Edgerton and Jennifer Morrison.
Terminator Salvation Lawsuit Drama
Producer goes after Halcyon.
Moviegoers Watch Watchmen
Came in lower than expected, but still strong.

March 8, 2009

Couple New Photos from Prince of Persia
Gyllenhaal looking er, Princey.

March 7, 2009

Ryan Watches the Watchmen
A dissection of the human psyche involving anti-heroes.
Up Character Posters
For every character we've seen. So three of them.
Jackie Earle Haley on Watchmen
He spends most of the film wearing a mask.

March 6, 2009

Feature Up Trailer!
New preview shows tons of never before seen footage.

March 5, 2009

Teaser Trailer Has a Hangover
Hilarious comedy starring Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms and Zach Galifianakis.
Phoebe in Wonderland Full of OCD
Abstract portrayals of kids with OCD doesn't make good entertainment.
New Star Trek Trailer!
This movie looks... AWESOME.
Neato Wolverine Pics
Give the film a bit more love for the day.
New Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Trailer!
Lots of new footage to be seen.
Zack Snyder on Watchmen
After so many directors and studios failed, he succeeded.
Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa on DVD
This sort of comedy was made for me.

March 4, 2009

Chris Columbus Welcomes Us to Hoxford
Adaptation of the horror graphic novel.
Steve Carell (Finally) Moving Forward With Hi-T
A testosterone pumping comedy.
Dakota Fanning One of The Runaways
She is in negotiations to play lead singer.
Watch the X-Men Origins: Wolverine Trailer Now!
No need to wait until tomorrow!
Jeffrey Dean Morgan on Watchmen
He plays the film's quintessential anti-hero.
Preview the X-Men Origins: Wolverine Trailer
The full version arrives tomorrow.
Public Enemies Trailer!
Gangster flick looks badass.
500 Days of Summer Trailer
Romantic comedy starring Zooey Deschanel and Joseph Gordon-Levitt.
Pandorum Trailer Surfaces
Sci fi thriller with Dennis Quaid and Ben Foster.
Just Fathom Megan Fox
She will star in and produce the comicbook adaptation.
3 New TV Spots for Monsters vs. Aliens
Each with never before seen footage.

March 3, 2009

Willis and Morgan are A Couple of Cops
Will team up for detective comedy.
DiCaprio Joins Nolan in Inception
New Regency is hoping he'll star in the adaptation.
Final Terminator Salvation One-Sheet
Guarantee you that this isn't final.
Malin Akerman on Watchmen
Meet the second Silk Spectre.
The Haunting in Connecticut Motion Poster
These are becoming all the rage.
First Public Enemies Poster
Johnny Depp takes the spotlight.
Fighting Poster
Channing Tatum. Feeling it. Looking good.

March 2, 2009

Percy Jackson Gets Brandon T. Jackson
Along with Logan Lerman.
Next Narnia Installment Gets Release Date
Franchise returns to the holidays, 2010.
Giamatti, Cohen and Witherspoon All Downsizing
Brooks also wrote the screenplay.
Terminator Salvation Trailer!
New trailer gives more footage, more story, more explosions.
Matthew Goode on Watchmen
Fans know that Ozymandias is central to the film's ending.
Race to Witch Mountain Poster Updated
A splash of color makes it look oh so much better.
New Terminator Salvation Quad Poster!
A combo of posters plus new stills.
Tons of Watchmen Vids!
TV spots and featurettes.
Bello Enjoys Rape
She will co-star with Breslin and Jackson.

March 1, 2009

Jason Bateman's Career Up in the Air
Actor has been cast for the adaptation.
Crossing Over Any Good?
A comparison to Crash too soon?
Keira Knightley Will Never Let Me Go
Sci-fi thriller from Fox Searchlight.

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