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March 31, 2008

LOTR Composer to Return to Hobbiton
Howard Shore said he's been working on a score since Two Towers.
Scott Bakula an Informant
Will star opposite Matt Damon.
Plummer and Mirren Stop at The Last Station
Will topline Michael Hoffman's Leo Tolstoy biopic.
Pitt Seeks the Lost City of Z
Paramount Pictures preemptively bought the manuscript.
Reynold's Chaos Theory
Poster and trailer now available for the upcoming comedy.
Better Bangkok Dangerous Trailer
Will it be Nicolas Cage who successfully delivers a hitman tentpole?
George Clooney One of the Leatherheads
A southern boy himself, Clooney felt right at home.
Abigail Breslin Spends Time on Nim's Island
She loved her animal co-stars.
More Kung Fu Panda Posters
A collection has been growing online.
Zombie Strippers One-Sheet
It's like a drama for Jenna Jameson.
3D Speed Racer Poster!
Teaser version now has a sense of depth.
Nick Pitera is Awesome (Watch This!)
You will never see Little Mermaid or Aladdin the same way again.

March 30, 2008

Fall for this One-Sheet!
Poster chock full of visuals.
Iron Man Shares Poster With Audi
To go with the recent TV spots.
Mamma Mia! Character Banners
Just in case you can't match the name with the face.
21 Wins Big
Film beat the odds.

March 29, 2008

The Spirit Teaser Trailer April
Will get some coverage at NYCC.

March 28, 2008

Nicolas Cage is Bangkok Dangerous
Poster and trailer for the dramatic action-thriller.
Updated Get Smart One-Sheet
Rated with a tagline.
Hancock Goes Viral
An 'un-official' blog has surfaced.
One-Sheet Takes Us Back to College
Ah, just like I remember it.
Preview the X-Files 2 Teaser Poster
Mulder and Scully help make the X.
Bello Replaces Gyllenhaal for Pippa Lee
Maggie had to leave due to scheduling conflicts.
Arnett Goes to Rome
Has joined the romantic comedy from Disney.
Lohan a Manson Girl
She will play one of Charles Manson's devout followers.

March 27, 2008

Run Fat Boy Run Coasts Along
Definitely not the worst movie of the year.
Not the Brightest Bet: 21
Stupid movie about smart people.
One of the best wartime dramas.
More Positive Remarks for Forgetting Sarah Marshall
New screening report claims it rivals Judd's other projects.
More National Treasure
A third installment is a few years out.
EW Covers Speed Racer
Cover photo including 10+ new stills.
Fugitive Pieces Poster
And trailer for the drama starring Stephen Dillane, Rade Sherbedgia and Rosamund Pike.
Bootleg X-Files 2 Trailer!
Mulder and Scully are back!
Channing Tatum on Stop-Loss
He also gives more on G.I. Joe.

March 26, 2008

Meet Iron Monger!
Some new stills for Iron Man.
Three More Off to Raimi's Hell
Jessica Lucas, Lorna Raver and David Paymer...
Tobey Maguire Reads Afterburn
Another comicbook adaptation coming your way.
Ice Cube Getting Janky With It
His first script since last Friday.
Leaked Zohan Trailer
Offers an all new approach to the film.
Iron Man TV Spot
Some new footage available.
Harvey Dent for Gotham District Attorney
Updates from The Dark Knight's viral marketing.
Laurence Fishburne on 21
He plays the head of security tracking the MIT students.
Ferrel Looking Land of the Lost
Some new set photos surface.

March 25, 2008

Count on McKellen for The Hobbit
He considers himself lucky to return as Gandolf.
Julie Benz to Topline Saw V
She is used to slashers thanks to Dexter.
Hellboy II: The Golden Army Gets Fan Art
Site updated with new section.
Some G.I. Joe Tidbits
Some radio chatter with the cast and crew.
Simon Pegg Talks Star Trek
He explains how Abrams offered him the gig.
Two-Face is in TDK for How Long?
Scoop from the HCP Show suggests something minimal.
Korean Speed Racer Character Posters
Two more to complete the recent set.
Crank 2 Details Leaked
And you thought the first installment was crazy.
Kevin Spacey on 21
The film was a passion project for the actor.
Ryan Phillippe on Stop-Loss
At 34, he is just past the typical age of young recruits.

March 24, 2008

Meet Dave Trailer!
Eddie Murphy in Eddie Murphy.
Ryan Goes Into the Wild on DVD
Give yourself a gap between book and movie.
Jaime King Hearts Her Bloody Valentine 3-D
She will star in the remake of the 1981 slasher film.
The Indy IV Widget!
Trailers from the entire trilogy.
Jackman Going Nowhere
Will help create the comicbook, and then adapt it.
Regal Wants More IMAX
Joint-venture agreement for 31 more digital projection systems.
Terrific Star Wars Posters
Created for Spike TV.
Hilarious Superhero Movie Clip
A knock against Tom Cruise's Scientology video.
Indiana Jones IV Trailer Description?
For the second trailer coming April.
Star Wars Coming to Spike April
Network to air all six films.
Jim Sturges on 21
I'd never been in Vegas...
Joseph Gordon-Levitt on Stop-Loss
It's not a war movie but a soldier movie.

March 23, 2008

Another Report Surfaces on Tropic Thunder
The fake trailers are still a hit, but something bigger is looming.
Cheryl Hines on The Grand
A movie like this was easy for her.
Marsden, Keener and Morgan All Nailed
Trio in negotiations to star in the romantic comedy.
Craig Brewer Tries Being a Gang Leader for a Day
Paramount Vantage optioned the book.
Gandolfini Mayor of The Taking of Pelham 123
Will join Washington and Travolta in Scott's remake.
Horton Hands Out Seconds
Blue Sky animation takes the box office for the second weekend.

March 21, 2008

Deschanel Enjoys 500 Days of Summer
She is in negotiations to co-star with Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

March 20, 2008

Hanging with Shia on Indy IV
New featurette now available.
Holy Snake Eyes! First Photos from G.I. Joe
Likely the first of many to come.
Scott and DiCaprio Team for The Low Dweller
History of Violence Meets No Country for Old Men.
Bad But Compelling: Drillbit Taylor
It wasn't as bad as Dupree, however.
The Grand Deals Late
The opening shuffle takes forever.
Shutter Like All the Others
Doesn't matter if it's a remake of an Asian horror or not.
Fred Likes Boxing The Hammer
It will make an impression on those that see it.
Another Get Smart Poster
Great color helps it fit the film's chemistry.
My Blueberry Nights One-Sheet
Poster for the romantic comedy comes splashed with tons of color.
The Mist DVD Sweepstakes
Hitting shelves on Tuesday, March 25th.
Vaughn's New Project Will Kick-Ass
Adaptation of a graphic novel that just sounds cool.
McDonough is Street Fighter's Bison
He is a man for every genre.
Better Photos of The Wolfman!
Universal has given the images wide release.
New Photo for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince!
Represents about one-half our entire collection.
New BTS Clips for Quantum of Solace
Take a look at the film's locations.
Gary Oldman Feels Rain Fall
In negotiations to star in the Japan-set thriller.

March 19, 2008

Justice League Looking for a Discount
Australia has backed out on their rebate, now Miller is looking elsewhere.
Giamatti Joins Duplicity
John Adams is so hot right now.
Fox Schedules The A-Team
Tentpole set for summer 2009.
Neil Marshall Downshifts to Drive
Novel to be adapted by Universal Pictures.
It's The Wolfman!
Two of the first images surface online.
Monsters vs. Aliens Site Live
Teaser site offers a cool opening that introduces us to the characters.
4 New Speed Racer Posters!
One feature and three character posters surface online.
Conflicting Hancock Reports
Good? Bad? What!?
Ray Romano on The Grand
Though he plays poker with his buddies, he didn't even get to sit at the table.
Rachael Taylor on Shutter
The Aussie tries out her American accent.

March 18, 2008

Beau Bridges Joins Max Payne
He will play a mentor to the title character.
Michael Cera Lives Scott Pilgrim's Little Life
Looking to star in the adventure romance for Universal.
Clint Eastwood to Drive Gran Torino
He will also star for Warner Bros.
Jack Ryan Defects to Sam Raimi!
Director in negotiations to spearhead the franchise's revival.
Not So Fast: Nothing Signed Between Del Toro and The Hobbit
He is, however, still on top of a short list.
Mamma Mia! Trailer!
The cast looks good, the music sounds good. Everything you'd want from a musical, right?
Collin Chou is an Effin Ninja
Has joined the cast for the Wachowski brothers.
Enchanted vs Classic Disney
Image slideshow shows some striking similarities between this and animated Disney films.
Tons of Drillbit Taylor Clips!
An entire set have surfaced online.
New Stills for The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor
Brendan Fraser hasn't aged a day.
Star Trek's Corporate Headquarters
Pictures from filming at CSUN have surfaced.
Woody Harrelson on The Grand
Since it was an improv comedy movie, having cards seemed like the next natural step.
Joshua Jackson on Shutter
He has done a few horror movies before.

March 17, 2008

James Mangold to Direct Cyclops
Graphic novel to be adapted by Warner Bros.
Steve Zahn Plans His Perfect Getaway
An action thriller from MGM.
How to Train Your Dragon Gets Cast
Butler, Ferrera, Hill, Baruchel and Mintz-Plasse.
Confirmed: Peter Berg to Helm Dune Remake
Just in case you didn't believe it the first time.
Tropic ThunderTrailer!
Action, comedy and more.
New Pic of Harrison Ford as Indy
He's looking pretty smug... in a good way.
Forgetting Sarah Marshall One-Sheet
Fullsize version along with new movie stills.
Time to Learn The Foot Fist Way
Poster and trailer for the upcoming comedy starring Danny R. McBride.
New Indy IV Banner
Similar to the recent poster.
Porno Titles 2007
Top 20 likely titles to get absorbed and recreated in the adult industry.
New Pathology Poster
We're still trying to get over the disgusting teaser.
Regal to Allow Restricted, Red Band Trailers
Their popularity is impossible to look over.

March 16, 2008

FX Picks Up Marvel Properties
Network grabs at least Iron Man and The Incredible Hulk.
What Happens in Vegas Poster
The tagline is fitting.
Horton Hears a Who Takes the Box Office
Biggest opening of the year.

March 15, 2008

First Poster for Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs
Third installment gets some big additions.
Preview Another Forgetting Sarah Marshall Poster
Universal Pictures prefers the snack size.
Frank Miller Sends New Updates on The Spirit
Learn about some necessary character changes.
Universal Pictures Teams With Dark Horse Entertainment
Signed a three-year production agreement.
Harold and Kumar 2 Drops F-Bombs
New restricted clips for the film.

March 14, 2008

2nd Nim's Island Poster
Kind of plain, considering.
Carla Gugino to Race to Witch Mountain
She will star opposite The Rock.
The Incredible Hulk Stills
A nice hulking batch of them.
New Still for Kung Fu Panda
Was shown at ShoWest.

March 13, 2008

Sarah Michelle Gellar Decides to Die
In final negotiations to star in the indie drama.
Funny Games Delivers a Truly F'ed Up Thriller
I like films that challenge what you're supposed to do or make you confront disturbing things.
Dr. Seuss Should Be Proud of Horton Hears a Who
He has, admittedly, had a tough time in Hollywood.
Fred Learns to Never Back Down
Remember those stupid fight movies from the '80s?
Sleepwalking Takes You Nowhere
One of those depressing meandering stories.
Hellboy II: The Golden Army Trailer Description
New version premiered at ShoWest.
Pineapple Express Trailer
Doesn't compete with the red band, but still good.
Somebody Has Seen Tropic Thunder
The film even comes with fake trailers.
Deal Trailer & Poster
Another card-playing film coming our way.
Warner Bros' Official Announcement on Deathly Hallows
The two-parter comes as the studio's continued commitment to JK Rowling.
Early Preview of Madagascar: The Crate Escape
Got released with Bee Movie.
Louis Leterrier Discusses The Incredible Hulk Trailer
Gives a frame by frame description of what we saw.
Jim Carrey Talks Horton Hears a Who!
Though his spastic comedy seems well suited for it, Carrey has never done an animated film before.
Dennis Hopper on Sleepwalking
True to form, he plays the abusive father.

March 12, 2008

The Fall Gets an Official Release!
Plus new stills (and a poster next week)!
David Yates Will Direct Deathly Hallows
We looked right over it!
Paramount Reports from ShoWest
Comes with a new still for The Love Guru.
New Speed Racer Trailer!
Bringing the total to four.
The Incredible Hulk Trailer!
Norton looks good, as does The Abomination.
New Photos for Tropic Thunder!
DreamWorks sends two more over from ShoWest.
Confirmed! Deathly Hallows Gets Two Installments!
Why didn't they do this before?!
Forgetting Sarah Marshall Gets Reviewed
First official review surfaces online.
(Finalized) Iron Man One-Sheet!
Paramount sent over the hi-res version.
Wolfgang Petersen Leads an Uprising
Has signed on to direct the sci-fi thriller.
Raimi Buys Admission to Monster Zoo
Will produce the adaptation.
Charlize Theron on Sleepwalking
Another indie film that lets her play a damaged character.
Poster & Trailer for Dark Matter
Like Brilliant Mind but not.

March 11, 2008

Bryan Singer Working on Superman Returns Sequel
The director has recently touched base.
Meet Bill One-Sheet
Turns out blue brings out Eckhart's eyes.
Trailer Introduces Us to The Strangers
Thriller starring Liv Tyler and Scott Speedman.
Final WALL•E Trailer!
Preview gives tons new footage from the Pixar animation.
Perfect Pair: Iron Man and Audi
Two crossover TV spots arrive.
Cloverfield Box Art?
Looks pretty cool. (if it is)
First Photo for Monsters vs. Aliens
DreamWorks Animation also announced the cast for the upcoming CG & 3D adventure.
New Life Before Her Eyes Poster
Thurman and Wood reflect one another.

March 10, 2008

Mini Posters for Forgetting Sarah Marshall
Two of them surface online.
New Trailer Coming for Indiana Jones IV April
Announcement was made at ShoWest.
Affleck Sharpens The Blade Itself
He will produce the adaptation.
Ratner Reads Through Harbinger
The adaptation is a potential directing vehicle for the helmer.
Steve Carell Hears a Who!
The G-rated animation offers post-9/11 commentary?
New The Dark Knight Stills!
A new slideshow has surfaced online.
Mila Kunis Feels Max Payne
Will star opposite Mark Wahlberg.
Another Aliens vs. Predator?
A sequel seems likely.
Preview The Incredible Hulk Trailer!
That's right: a preview of a preview.
Donny Osmond on College Road Trip
Talk about stunt casting...
Stephen Chow on DragonballZ and Kung Fu Hustle 2
His films take a while since they earn Chow's full attention.
Chris Cooper on Married Life
Even when creating fictional characters, preparation is important.
New Poster for Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull!
Same great formula, and check out the latest skull.
Justin Long Going to Hell
Will co-star with Lohman in Raimi's supernatural thriller.
10,000 B.C. Takes the Weekend
Bad reviews couldn't deter those looking to go back in time.

March 9, 2008

2 More Trailers for Speed Racer!
Two international trailers provide more footage.

March 8, 2008

Tropic Thunder's Red Band Teaser Trailer!?
Definitely a preview, but I don't know if it's a trailer.

March 7, 2008

Smart People One-Sheet
Green hue, Scrabble, and throw in some title characters.
The Incredible Hulk Trailer Coming March 12!
Will play across a collection of networks.
Make That Another Cool Poster for Iron Man!
Same formula as the last, but more of an international feel.
Krasinski and Rudolph Join Mendes' Romantic Comedy
Cheryl Hinds has also signed on to co-star.
DiCaprio and Monahan Contemplating The Chaser
These two helped make The Departed a hit.
New Photo for Indiana Jones IV!
Indy keeps his composure at gunpoint.

March 6, 2008

Last Starfighter Sequel (Not) Coming?
Seems like the last report wasn't that accurate.
Pretty Generic Crime Series: The Bank Job
Seemed more like a reenactment than anything.
College Road Trip a Good Ride
Some should be able to relate to it.
Married Life is Never That Good
Even with the big names, the film doesn't have much to offer.
Iron Man One-Sheet!
Has a Lucas feel to it.
Go Behind The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian!
Andrew Adamson talks up the film's action.
From the Recording Studio of Horton Hears a Who
New bts featurette now available.
Jason Statham on The Bank Job
Though he's become an action hero, he doesn't want to fight all the time.
Better The Love Guru Poster
His karma is (still) HUGE...
Xu Jiao on CJ7
She had the difficult task of playing a boy.
Martin Lawrence on College Road Trip
Why isn't Disney selling the film for the guy on guy action?
Rachel McAdams on Married Life
She sports a different look in every movie she does.
Meet Some Watchmen!
Get your first look at the Watchmen characters!
Seth Rogen to Observe and Report
Comedy is likely to be R-rated.

March 5, 2008

Carrey and Reitman Team for Pierre Pierre
Based on a $1 million spec script.
Knowles, Larter and Elba Are All Obsessed
A thriller to be produced by Sony Screen Gems.
New Wanted Trailer!
Angeline Jolie looks smokin', and so does the action!
Set Photos Leaked for New X-Files
Guess what Mulder and Scully are doing...
Butler Launches His Own Shingle: Evil Twins
With his longtime manager, Alan Siegel.
First Photo from Tropic Thunder!
Robert Downey Jr. looks hilarious.
Ciaran Hinds and Alexander Ludwig Race to Witch Mountain
Have joined the cast of Disney's "reimagining".
Yet Another Doomsday Poster
As long as they keep featuring Rhona Mitra we'll keep putting them up.
Raven Symone Takes a College Road Trip
Those Disney kids are all such moguls.
Patricia Clarkson on Married Life
She's used to playing roles that take place in the earlier decades.

March 4, 2008

Fast and the Furious Sequel Gets Israeli Hottie
Jordana Brewster will have to share the screen with...
Star Trek Joins CanMag's Top Ten!
And brings Hellboy II along!
Wolverine Set Photos!
Liev Schreiber has got Sabretooth claws!
Last Starfighter Sequel Coming!?
Report claims it's ready to enter production.
CineLive Covers Indiana Jones IV
Check out the cover plus new pictures.
New Prince Caspian Stills Surface
Susan Pevensie is becoming quite the seductress.
10,000 B.C. Pretty Awful?
New screening reports surface.
Speed Racer Going Big with IMAX
As predicted, Warner Bros. made the official announcement.
Some TV Spots for Doomsday
Plus a batch of movie stills.
Time to Meet Bill
New comedy starring Aaron Eckhart.
Lohman Takes Over for Page in Hell
Sam Raimi quickly finds his replacement.
Rose Byrne Knowing Cage
Two will co-star in the sci-fi thriller.

March 3, 2008

No Sunscreen Needed: Ryan Spends 30 Days of Night
A solid contribution to the vampire genre.
G.I. Joe Exec Talks Up Movie
Fans should love it.
Isaacs Enters the Green Zone for Greengrass
Joins Damon, Kinnear and Ryan in the thriller.
Win a Copy of the Special Edition DVD for Bee Movie!
In anticipation of the DVD's release March 11th.
Half-Blood Prince Teaser Poster!?
It most certainly feels right.
Indiana Jones Returns in Special Edition!
Own the movies that started the adventure.
Dermot Mulroney to Run for Her Life
The gender doesn't really fit, does it?
Neve Campbell Joins Vivaldi
Where has she been?
Stephen Chow on CJ7
As a children's story, the film is a departure for Chow.
Chuck Roven on The Bank Job
Producer may be better known for films such as Batman Begins.

March 2, 2008

Tim Allen Crazy on the Outside
He will make his feature directing debut.
Semi-Pro Best in the League
Takes in a minor $15.3 million.
New Stills Out of The Box
Warner Bros. sends over the official set.
Doomsday Shooter
Play the game, cure your boredom.
Ellen Page Bails on Raimi's Hell
Scheduling conflict or something else? You decide!
International Street Kings Poster
Second version serves up more Keanu.
The Royal Tramp Collection on DVD
Though remastered, the films are still grainy.
Highlander: The Source on DVD
Every sequel makes this franchise worse.
New The Dark Knight Poster?
Though it looks cool, doubtful that it's official.
Situational Art for Iron Man
See the Iron Monger.

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