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March 31, 2007

Grindhouse Review!
Most totally awesome movie ever made.

March 30, 2007

We Sit Passenger with Quentin Tarantino in Death Proof
To discuss his half of Grindhouse.
The Lookout
Film showcases smooth moves that would kill the ladies.
Will Ferrell on Fire With Blades of Glory
His best film in a long time.

March 29, 2007

Hostel: Part II Trailer Online
It's in flash, but do you care?
Next Photo Album
Entire selection of stills from the thriller.
Ice Cube Has Tough Love for Dimension
Another comedy for the once-tough guy.
Sweet Revenge with the Ocean's 13 Trailer
Available in HD quicktime!
Evan Almighty Trailer!
Official site also live.
Hysterical Hot Fuzz Clips
Rogue delivers five new clips for the crime comedy.
A Small Cauldron of Stills for Order of the Phoenix
A few new stills from the film.
Cool Posters for The Lookout
Strong reviews and now these? Nice.
Meet the Characters from Order of the Phoenix!
New character photo album now available!
Rose McGowen Talks Planet Terror
She is game for just about anything.
Will Arnett on Blades of Glory
He will play Stranz, brother to real life wife Amy Poehler.
Another Side to Mr. Brooks
New poster for the upcoming thriller.
Somebody Recommends Evan Almighty
Though an early cut of the film still has faults.
Knoxville, Tremaine Get a Bigger Dickhouse
Sign a first-look deal with Paramount.
Universal Banks on Elizabeth for Barb
An upcoming wedding comedy.

March 28, 2007

Venom Swings Internationally
International trailer shows more.
Meet The Savages
First trailer for the limited comedy.
I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry Trailer
Film looks funny, Biel looks hot. What more you want?
Jennifer Hudson Gets Winged Into Another Film
Her career will go beyond her Oscar.
Carrey Wants Some Me Time
Kind of like alone time...
Too Much Peyote: I See Singing Frogs
New clip from Meet the Robinsons.
Poster Asks What's Next
Official poster for Cage's sci-fi thriller.
Order of the Phoenix Analysis: Who Did Snape Fool, Bruckheimeresque Action
As I finish the book, a couple items stand out.
Grace, Brock & Venom to Kick Spider-Man's Ass
If only because he had it coming.
Harris Reteams with Cage for National Treasure 2
Book of Secrets gets some Oscar-winners.
Keith David Confirmed as Barricade
The guy is a pro at lending voices.
The Bourne Ultimatum Trailer Online!
Third installment in the Jason Bourne story.
Will Ferrell Sharpens His Blades of Glory
A double header for Ferrell, who shares the screen with Heder.

March 27, 2007

Whitaker Gets Oscar and Now Keanu
Will co-star in The Night Watchman.
Rodriguez Takes Us to Planet Terror!
He's back to old school low budget filmmaking.
Ray Winstone Joins Indy 4
You know, Mr. French.
New Line Available for Download
New Line joins, Paramount upgrades and so does the console.
First Image of Depp in Sweeney Todd
In a half pirate, half gentleman outfit.
New Hot Fuzz Stills!
A squad car full of them.
Away from Her Poster
Upcoming drama about Alzheimer's.
Fracture This Poster
Poster and stills for the upcoming thriller.
Take a Look at Shrek the Third's Behind
Behind the scenes clip now available.
Robotic Transformers Posters!
Two character posters that look s-w-e-e-t.
Fischer Gives Boobs for Blades of Glory
She will play the target of Heder's affection.
Reviews from the Grindhouse
People are already talking.
300 Strong in Europe
Skyrockets the UK bo.
Great Scott! More Cast for Hitman
Five new names join the cast just in time for filming to begin.

March 26, 2007

Damon and Wahlberg Wait for an Improved Fighter
Two will decide to star after a rewrite.
Disturbia Voyeurism
First major batch of stills for the film.
Transformers on MySpace
Choose your side.. and enjoy the image!
Amy Poehler on Blades of Glory
She will play a nutty rival in the film.
Danny Glover On Shooter
Not the first time he's played a villain.
Coming to DVD: Freedom Writers
I got what I expected, a genre that I am so over.
Win Some Hot Fuzz!
Small prizes in anticipation of the film's release.
Better Late Than Never TMNT Stills
With bo success, Warner Bros. figured a few more were in order.
Bay Updates on Transformers
New post on his official blog.
The Simpsons Movie Hints
Clip features interviews with Matt Groening and other writers.
DiCaprio and Scorsese Meet Again on Wall Street
A tell-all autobiography from Warner Bros.
Snyder to Command Army of the Dead
He will only produce at the moment.

March 25, 2007

Bassam Witnesses a Death of a President
Film serves as a warning to not jump to conclusions.
New Spider-Man 3 Media
Learn more about Goblin's new board and sample the soundtrack.
Weaving Wins: Actor to Voice Megatron
Confirmed in an encrypted message.
Stardust Trailer Online!
Looks like one fun fantastical romp.
The Hunt for a Better Camera
At first all you can do is roll your eyes at what you think is another Blair Witch.
Antoine Fuqua Spots for Shooter
Film has an Anna Nicole Smith reference.
Kevin Philliips on Pride
He's "that guy" in the film.
The Last Mimzy Kids
Chris O'Neil and Rhiannon Leigh Wryn discuss their fantastical experience.

March 23, 2007

New Ratatouille Trailer in Craptastic Flash!
It's a damn good start, but I prefer other mediums.
Nolan Goes Interstellar with Spielberg
Will write the space adventure.
DiCaprio and Winslet Reteam for Revolutionary Road
They couldn't stop thinking about one another.

March 22, 2007

Final Spider-Man 3 Trailer!
Comcast delivers, and in HD too!
The film is pure entertainment.
TMNT Brings Back the Phenomenon
Tells the story of where these characters would be today.
You try triumphing over adversity underwater!
The Last Mimzy a Donnie Darko for Kids
A complex sci-fi tale for the youth, bravo.
The Reaping TV Spots
Filled with effects that do a damn fine job of showing God's wrath.
Trailer Debut: Day Watch!
Coming to the states on June 1st.
Meet the Robinsons Featurettes
Two new clips give an inside look at the film.
Cute Spider-Man 3 Pic
Jane and Parker, together forever.
Grindhouse is How Long?
Total running time comes in at over three hours.
Mark Wahlberg Talks Shooter
Actor's stoked to be kicking ass again.
Terrence Howard on Pride
We all know Howard is an intense actor.
Timothy Hutton on The Last Mimzy
Hutton could relate, having once played teen roles.
Jet Li for Mummy 3
Film looking to take a visit to ancient China.

March 21, 2007

Can It Be? The First Stardust Poster?!
Wait a sec, Pfeiffer is hogging the shot!
Final Spider-Man 3 Trailer When?
Coming faster than you think!
Eagle vs. Shark Trailer
Plus the first movie stills.
Some Cool Condemned Artwork!
Plus a new trailer feed for the film.
A Little More Spider-Man 3 in HD
New 60-second spot now available.
New Line Starts Their Gears of War
Popular vidgame ready for adaptation.
Blades of Glory Junket Interviews
Poehler, Arnett, Ferrell, Heder and Hamilton.
Meet the Robinsons Music Video
Plus soundtrack details.
Hirsch Looking to Drive Speed Racer
Once a boy next door is now in final talks.
Singer Tries Cruise Control for UA Thriller
When you work with UA, the odds are high.
International TMNT Character Posters
Four new Thai posters available.
The Ladies of Reign Over Me
Liv Tyler and Pinkett Smith discuss their own journey in the film.
Rainn Wilson Teaches Us About The Last Mimzy
His character helps the kids make sense of things.

March 20, 2007

Stardust Site Updated and Magical
Music, wallpapers and a gallery.
First Week of Photography for Iron Man Done
Favreau announces that production began without a hitch.
Illegal Tender Trailer
Plus the first movie stills.
Images of Captivity
Though we still have no production notes.
Snyder Gives Details on the Glimpse of Rorschach
Another producer stood in for the shot.
Columbia's Next Option: The Green Hornet!
With help of Moritz, could be the studios' next franchise.
Sunny Updates
New trailers and early reviews for Sunshine.
Lily Tomlin and David O. Russell Throw Down
Cameras never stop rolling on the Huckabees set.
Pathfinder Goodies!
New one-sheet and stills for this Viking epic.
What Just Happened? Cast Grows Even Bigger
Toss in Catherine Keener and Robin Wright Penn.
Don Cheadle on Reign Over Me
Cheadle helps Sandler's character come back to life.
Evan Ross on Pride
Ross dons the speedos.
Joely Richardson Plays Mom in The Last Mimzy
Mother figure to new child actors can be a delicate balance.

March 19, 2007

First 28 Weeks Later Poster
Maintain the quarantine.
Shrek the Third Poster
Shrek is given the royal treatment.
Jolie Wanted by Universal
Will join up with McAvoy and Freeman.
Dumbledore's Beard! Watson Out of Potter?!
Right after we deliver some good news, how rich.
Pirates In Red!
New, red-themed posters now available!
Potter Updates to Kick Off the Week
Watson's latest on Hermione and Yates talks OotP.
Second Life Hosts the 300 Movie Expo
An expo within the online world.
Ratatouille Trailer Coming!
Plus a new still, synopsis and countdown.
Spider-Man 3 Meets the Press in Japan
Tobey, Avi and Franco make an appearance.
First Pirates 3 Clip!
Wet your appetite for the trailer due out tonight!
Watch Snyder Talk Watchmen
Tom Cruise was once an option?
Adam Sandler Talks Reign Over Me
Another serious film for the usually-comic actor.
Bernie Mac Has Pride
Audiences may be surprised to see Mac in a dramatic role.
Bob Shaye Directs The Last Mimzy
Running a studio and directing, tough work.
Official TMNT Reviews Arrive
Film is good with a lowercase 'g'.
Bay Plans for 2012
Will direct sci-fi adaptation.

March 18, 2007

I Love You Maggie Q
I wear my crush on my sleeves!
Wayners Sticks to His Namesake
Film stands on it's own as one of this year's best.
Routh's Superman to Join Up with Justice League?
Hence why the super sequel has been 'delayed'.
Updates on Mr. Brooks
Stills, updated synopsis and running time.
Set Visit Footage Found by The Golden Compass
For those of you who'd rather watch then read.
Sandra Bullock on the Supernatural
She has a few movies with ghostly elements.
300 Survives Another Weekend!
Bringing its total take to an impressive $127.4 million.
Finalized Eagle vs. Shark One-Sheet
Different look, same idea.
Blanchett Joins Indy IV
Franchise continues to make progress.

March 16, 2007

Alexandre Aja Jumps in Water With Piranha
Will direct for Dimension.
Warner Bros Solves the Case with Sherlock Holmes
Adaptation could spark another franchise.

March 15, 2007

Taiwan's Posters for Spider-Man 3!
Two posters that are similar (yet different!) from our very own.
A Pretty Stupid Premonition
It makes The Lake House look like Memento.
I Think I Love My Wife
Finally a film melds with Rock's stand-up.
Waitress Serves a Trailer
First trailer for the upcoming romantic comedy.
Meet the Cast of Grindhouse
And learn why Rodriguez and Tarantino chose them.
Leigh Whannell on Dead Silence
Leigh Whannell cooks up a new type of horror.
Poster Breaks Out of Captivity
Clean, sharp, gets to the point.
International The Last Mimzy Poster
Like one we have seen before, but more vibrant.
Kristen Bell to Star in Forgetting Sarah Marshall
Written by one of the stars of How I Met Your Mother.
Ocean's 13 to Rob Cannes
Film to bow at the festival.
New Transformers Images!
Same ones shown at ShoWest (plus bonuses).

March 14, 2007

Blades of Glory Featurettes
Three extended previews from the skating comedy.
Shooter Featurettes
Learn the way of the sniper.
Travolta and Hayek Have Lonely Hearts
Poster and trailer for the upcoming crime drama.
20 Minutes of Transformers Intense and Bonerific!
Extended preview shown at ShoWest with positive results.
Spider-Man 3's Webmaster
Video journal shows how webbing is used in the movie.
Ice Shines with Blades of Glory!
Official clips and movie stills for the comedy.
Johansson Loves Woody
You know, the director, not the er, nevermind.
Bryan Singer Gets United with a Thriller!
Second film from the revived UA.
Berry and Thornton Reunite for Tulia
Kind of like a bootie call, but not.
Michael Pena Another Shooter
Mark Wahlberg isn't the only one who's trained to snipe.
Julian McMahon on Premonition
His main concern is his death middle of the week.

March 13, 2007

Big Surprise: The 'Tarts' Love 300
And audiences thought it was the fanboys who were excited.
Transformers Updates You Can See!
Pictures from the set and transformation comparisons.
Wright Feeling Fuzzy and Talking Ant-Man
One of his next two projects.
Evan Almighty Posters!
At least, scans of them.
Action Shot: Venom Choking Spidy!
A screenshot direct from the film.
Sergio Crowned as Caspian's King
Italian actor to play King Miraz in the sequel.
Action Packed TMNT Featurette!
Seriously, a lot of action.
Doesn't Look that Dusty: A Golden Compass Poster!
First look at the upcoming poster.
Meet The Robinsons Photo Album
New batch of stills now available for the animation.
Blades of Glory Poster
Plus some undiscovered bonus clips!
Sandra Bullock Has a Premonition
For the actress, continuity was the least of her concerns.
Cost of Watchmen: $150 Million
Snyder thinks that is how much it will cost to deliver a great film.

March 12, 2007

Operation Regurgitation
Gerard Butler up for Escape remake.
Surveillance Photos for Shooter
Paramount preps another batch.
Anything But Love - Volume 1 DVD Review
Special edition of a mediocre sitcom with people I liked.
Official Teaser Poster for Hostel: Part II
A mixture of the two we have seen previously.
Ray Liotta Feels a Slow Burn
I guess it's better than a spreading itch.
Guess Who's Re-Rereading Order of the Phoenix
Getting up to date on the book before the film's release.
Howard to Replace Lohan's Diamond
A redhead for a redhead, nice trade.
Let's Go to Prison DVD Review
Couldn't tell you what's so Unrated about this cut.
A Karate Class Full of TMNT Movie Stills
Warner Bros. releases a new set of stills for the upcoming animation.
Rodrigo Santoro on 300
Actor becomes a seven foot tall king, thanks to CGI.
Kate Mara Hot for Shooter
Every action hero needs a girl like this.
Speed Racer Accelerates
Film's release date has been pushed forward by two weeks.
Watts to Train Animals
Will star in upcoming adaptation.

March 11, 2007

Pirates 3 Trailer Countdown
Custom player from Disney ready to go live.
New Line Shows Us The Last Mimzy
Poster and trailer for the upcoming sci-fi adventure.
Seriously Harsh Times
Bale excels at playing the guy you love to hate.
300 Assaults March Record!
Takes in a whopping $70 million.
Bootlegged Spider-Man 3 Trailer
What people who went to see 300 saw.

March 10, 2007

300 Smacks Persians, Conquers Opening Box Office
Epic looking to break March record with strong opening.

March 9, 2007

Transformers R-Rated for Action Violence?
Does Optimus say, you know, the "C" word or what?
Animastic Turtle Posters
Four new Chinese posters available.
Set Phasers to Stun! Star Trek XI Updates!
Keep the title simple, I like it.
Feel the Heat! International Sunshine Poster
New poster for the film emphasizes on the sun.
R-Rated 300 Trailer with a Bonus!
Check out a test shot of Rorshach!

March 8, 2007

Jolie under Eastwood's direction.
No, not THAT Gyllenhaal!
Actress will replace Holmes in The Dark Knight.
Spider-Man 3 Trailers
But probably not the kind you are thinking of.
Awesome battle scenes, best historical war movie, but still left me feeling "eh."
Borat Is a Nice on DVD
The film was made for DVD.
Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds End Trailer Confirmed!
It is coming this month and, as predicted, it dances!
Go Beyond the Gates
Trailer and poster for the film's limited release tomorrow.

March 7, 2007

Full Transformers Trailer Mid-April?
Bonaventura mentions the possibility.
Spider-Man 3 Contraband!
Artwork and pictures of villainous transformations.
More Positive Order of the Phoenix Screening Talk
The film scored high marks with other attendees.
Armani Got Nothing on Obi-Wan's Cloak!
Movie memorabilia sells for $104K.
Paramount Invites Trailer Mash-Ups
Starting with Shooter.
Tortilla Surprise
Film never really sells itself as a "tortilla heaven" so-to-speak.
Gerard Butler on 300
As Leonidas, he had to find a happy medium between history and mythology.
RIP: Captain America
A sniper kills the superhero at 66 years old.
Smith Gets Cooked
From the team who gave him Happyness.
Matthew McConaughey a Perfect Fit for Surfer, Dude
Actor will spend summer catching waves in Malibu.
Here's What's Happening
New Shyamalan film coming our way.
Peter Pan(ic)
Animated classic goes platinum with tons of extras.
Brosnan Shouts Mamma Mia!
Will star opposite Meryl Streep.
Halle Berry One Hot Jewel Thief
Will star in Who is Doris Payne.
Sample the Death Proof Soundtrack
A few audio streams to give you a taste of what's coming.

March 6, 2007

Stardust Screened
Scored high with test audiences.
Big Spider-Man Updates
Film's running time, Tobey and possibly more footage by tonight.
Shannon Celebrate's Year of the Dog
Poster and trailer for the upcoming comedy.
Children of Men DVD Review
Top film of 2006 will expand into 1200 theaters.
Dimension to Raise a Runt
Comedy pitch from the guy who brought us Wild Hogs and Van Wilder.
Kal Penn Finds His Namesake
Film allows actor to show his serious side.
Helloooo Venom!
A few screenshots of the top secret villain.
300 Reasons to See This Movie
It is nothing short of a visual orgasm.
Hubble Snaps Photos of Planet One!
First preview images for the upcoming CG animation.
Shooter Clips
Almost an entire revolver full of them.

March 5, 2007

Blades Got Two Bologna Ponies
Second webisode now available for Blades of Glory.
Extended Spider-Man 3 Preview Online!
Act fast, NBC is pulling it Tuesday night!
Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds End Trailer When?
Date and show picked, but is it true?
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Screened!
Unedited first draft gets a B+.
Spidy Tastes Sushi First
Third installment to premiere in Tokyo.
300 Checks the NHL
A marketing move similar to Gladiator.
Wiliam H. Macy Has Experience With Wild Hogs
Even The Cooler knows his way around a Harley.
Transformers Will be Long
"... Because it's very entertaining."
Wild Hogs Outruns Ghost Rider
The comic book adaptation ran out of gas.
The Prestige DVD Review
A Nolan DVD with normal menus? Now that's magic!
Prince Caspian Banner
With the film in production, we get a nice reminder.

March 4, 2007

Plot Specific Sunshine Trailer
You hear that, we're finally gonna die!
Spider-Man 3 at WonderCon!
A report on the preview shown for the film.

March 3, 2007

300 Seconds of Mayhem!
Extended scene from the upcoming epic.
Sneak Peak at the Spider-Man 3 Preview!
Before you ask, yes, a preview of a preview.
Craig Brewer Talks Black Snake Moan
Following up a breakthrough film is always hard.

March 2, 2007

I Will Remember 300!
Blood, action, armies, breasts - what more could I ask for?!
Tim Story: You Want the Galactus!
Confirmed - character will appear in FF2.
Spider-Man 3 Trailer Next Week!
Will arrive with 300 Spartans.
Meet The Robinsons Character Art
Six new cool (for the kids) images now available.
Black Snake Moan
Even with the controversial promise, the film runs out of steam.

March 1, 2007

Wild Hogs This Decade's City Slickers
Touchstone hoped nobody would notice.
Fincher delivers a compelling serial killer movie.
Saw III DVD Review
Comes with enough to tide us over until the next installment.
Artsy Fartsy Spider-Man 3!
New artwork for the film available online.
New BTS Clips for 300
Snyder and Butler show off the cliff scene.
Columbia Reminder: Spider-Man 3 Preview on Heroes!
Official announcement from the studio.
Crank DVD Review
DVD has fun with the extra features.
Paul Bettany on Inkheart
He plays a character that wants to go back to the book world.
Frenchy Ratatouille Posters
A film noir approach to animation?
Joshua Jackson Quickens the Shutter
Another Asian thriller remake coming our way.
Walker Goes to Heaven
Actor set to star in independent thriller.
300 is Rotten, But in a Great Way!
Early reviews are unanimous, the film is kickass.
TMNT TV Spots!
Hear Splinter talk!

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