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June 30, 2008

Domino's Delivers the Best Dark Knight Trailer!
A new trailer is now available!
Helena Bonham Carter Seeking (Terminator) Salvation
She is in talks to board the production.
The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor Site Updated
Tons of new goodies to play with.
Watch the Hellboy II Prologue
You might recognize it if you read the film-based comic.
Deborah Snyder on Watchmen
Thanks in part to her husband, she has had to mount some ambitious projects.
Guillermo del Toro on The Hobbit!
Who does he have in mind to star?
Common on Wanted
Rapper continues to blaze trailer through Hollywood.
Official Reviews for Hellboy II!
The sequel continues to impress.
Quantum of Solace Trailer!
"How long have I got?"
W for Win: WALL•E and Wanted Boost Box Office
Wide releases push the weekend bo up past the $100 million mark.
Batman: The Movie on Blu-Ray
They made a film in the '60s.
So I Married an Axe Murderer on Blu-Ray
Wow. This film is 15 years old.

June 29, 2008

Rose McGowan is Red Sonja
Presented by Robert Rodriguez.
Third Hellboy II Trailer!
Plus a new featurette!
Bolt Trailer
Looks good. But definitely Disney.
Saw V Teaser Poster
Save for the skin-mask, surprisingly tame.
Better Punisher: War Zone Posters!
Black and white. Frank's two favorite colors....

June 27, 2008

WALL•E a Brilliant Piece of Art
Pixar has done it again.
JJ Shows Some of Star Trek!
Though far from done, still sounds pretty cool.
Somebody Has Seen Hellboy II!
Positive remarks across the board!
Clash of the Titans
Two similar Greek projects coming out of Hollywood.

June 26, 2008

A New Trailer for The Dark Knight!
An international version has surfaced online.
Death Race Poster!
Like the trailer, the first poster is (surprisingly) badass.
The Dark Knight Photo Album!
Plus an updated synopsis.
10 Crazy Seconds of Quantum of Solace!
Action, explosions and ladies.
The Tale of Despereaux Trailer
Universal Pictures takes a shot at the CG medium.
Burn After Reading Stills
A small batch has arrived.
John Ratzenberger on WALL•E
Because it wouldn't be a Pixar film without him.
Thomas Kretschmann On Wanted
He can bend freakin' bullets!
More Posters Displayed for Punisher: War Zone
They look way better than the first version.
Gotham Tonight Discusses Bruce Wayne
New viral video now available for The Dark Knight.
Walden Traveling The Cruelest Miles
Based on the book, which is based on a true story.
Cage, Swinton and Brosnan See a Ghost
Adaptation to be directed by Polanski.

June 25, 2008

Sex Drive One-Sheet
Meet the last American virgin.
Andrew Stanton Directs WALL•E
The film is a love story between robots.
James McAvoy is Wanted
He has been in the thick of things before.
Signs on Blu-Ray
A great Shyamalan example, but not very visual.
Romany Malco on The Love Guru
He's JT's rival character.
Somebody Has Seen The Dark Knight!
It sounds awesome, though the reviewer gives no final impressions on the film.
No Lucius Malfoy in Half-Blood Prince
Though he will be back in force in the Deathly Hallows installments.
Angels & Demons Set Photos Surface
They come with some great descriptions of what's taking place on set.
RocknRolla Trailer
Guy Ritchie's next crime, comedy, drama er, compilation.
2 The X-Files: I Want to Believe Clips
Still hard to tell what the story is, however.
New Eagle Eye Trailer!
Shia ought to be used to running.
Spielberg Studies 39 Clues
Screen rights to a franchise that has yet to come from Scholastic Media.

June 24, 2008

Hancock Officially No Good
Two official reviews (finally) surface.
Blades of Glory on Blu-Ray
Had a feeling this would be one of Paramount's first on the format.
Bee Movie on Blu-Ray
There are no flaws in this blu-ray.
More People Love WALL•E
More reviews begin to surface in support of the little robot.
Cool Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Photo!
"I am not afraid, I am with you."
More TV Spots for The Dark Knight!
All show tons of new footage.
Eagle Eye Trailer Coming Today
Be ready at 5PM PST.
Timur Bekmambetov Directs Wanted
The film was built around his own pre-visualizations.
Ben Burtt on WALL•E
He created the little robot's voice.
Alan Arkin on Get Smart
He reunites with Steve Carell.
100% Wanted
The film is nearly scoring a 100% with RT.
Gangs of New York on Blu-Ray
The visuals earn the film another viewing.
Jumper on Blu-Ray
The film is a travelogue of crisp visuals.

June 23, 2008

The Green Hornet Gets a Teaser Site
Though the film isn't due out until 2010.
New WALL•E Featurette Enters Orbit
Plus a collection of new stills!
Common Talks Terminator Salvation: The Future Begins
He breezed through pre-production thanks to his experience with weaponry.
G.I. Joe Poster Sneaks to the Net!
Looks like the film's full title will include Rise of Cobra.
New Wanted Featurette and More Reviews!
Learn more about the film's title characters.
Jonathan Levine on The Wackness
Director offered a humble explanation as to why his film might be resonating more than others.
Fred Willard on WALL•E
He actually appears in the film.
Meet the Spartans on Blu-Ray
I'm marveling at how great such a silly movie looks on the format.
Spider-Man 4 Slinging for May 2011
No screenplay, but Sony is still hopeful.
Get Smart Takes the Box Office
Guru missed out on the love.

June 22, 2008

Defiance Any Good?
The first screening reports seem to think so.
Disaster Movie Poster Gets Knocked Up
Make that four teaser posters.
Steve Carell on Get Smart
It's time this comedic actor became an action hero.
Justin Timberlake Takes on The Love Guru
He doesn't need to act, but took a break from recording to become a comic villain.
Next on Blu-Ray
I love Nicolas Cage's hair blowing in the wind.
More The Spirit Ladies
Two new character posters surface.

June 21, 2008

Bolt Teaser Poster
Looks exactly like it sounds.
The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor Trailer!
Way to go Rick, you've awakened another mummy.
Make That a Fifth Dark Knight Spot
Hard to find any new footage, though.
Bunch of WALL•E Clips!
Disney has released half a dozen.

June 19, 2008

First The Mutant Chronicles Poster!
But is it ready for viewing?
New WALL•E Trailer Shows Earth Cities
New trailer for the Pixar animation shows more from Earth.
CanMag Reviews Wanted!
I 'wanted' to love it...
Fred Pays a Visit to The Love Guru
A rapid assault of comedy...
Get Smart Delivers
The perfect movie for knowing exactly what you're getting and getting it done well.
Transformers 2 10x as Big
Production on the sequel has begun.
Mike Myers on The Love Guru
He was inspired by his exposure to India.
Anne Hathaway on Get Smart
Hardcore action stunts was just part of her job.
Brandon Routh on Fear Itself
He stars in the episode "Community."
The Eye on DVD
There are some scary omissions.
Cage and Sutherland Join Astro Boy
Freddie Highmore has found some co-stars.
The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor Screened!
Sounds like Rob Cohen made a hit.
Quantum of Solace's Olga Kurylenko
New featurette takes a look at Bond's new girl.
Sienna Miller Joins Nottingham
She will star opposite Russell Crowe.

June 18, 2008

International Hancock Poster (and Banner)
Just because there aren't enough for this film.
Rock (Band) to The Love Guru
Online "Sitar Star" game now available. Challenge me, I dare you.
Burn After Reading Poster
Intelligence is relative...
More Wanted Clips
A new collection surfaces online.
The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor Gets Dubbed
New update from the film's official blog.
Wanted Flash Game
To help get you trained in time for the film
Twilight Gets a Widget
Film jumps on the widget bandwagon.
Get Smart's Crazy Interview
New featurette has some fun with Carell, Hathaway and Johnson.
First Bangkok Dangerous Clip
A crazy canal chase ends with dismemberment.
The Love Guru Any Good?
I've been predicting NO since the beginning.

June 17, 2008

Universal Pounds for Last Call
Another graphic novel being put up on the adaptation chopping block.
Bruno Gets a Release Date
Universal is taking a shot at summer.
Spike Lee Going Back to Direct Time Traveler
He will also write the feature adaptation.
Dwayne Johnson on Get Smart
He plays the experienced field agent.
New Spot for Hellboy II!
See some new footage from the film in this HD trailer.
Vicky Cristina Barcelona Trailer
Scarlett Johansson and Penelope Cruz kissing... What's not to like?
Badass Wanted Clip!
New red band clip now available.
WALL•E Featurette Introduces Lots of Bots
Andrew Stanton takes a look at some of the film's other characters.
Meagan Good on The Love Guru
She plays Timberlake's girlfriend.
There Will Be Blood on Blu-Ray
The film definitely has some visuals.
In Bruges on DVD
The extras prove that the film was edited perfectly.
Two New Get Smart Featurettes
Steve Carell plays host to them as Maxwell Smart.

June 16, 2008

Wiseman the Oil in Gears of War
New Line has picked him up to direct.
Kevin Spacey Opens Up for Shrink
The film's ensemble cast continues to grow.
Columbia and Raimi Reunite for a Given Day
Upcoming Dennis Lehane novel already being prepped for adaptation.
Gale Anne Hurd on The Incredible Hulk
Producer says the production started (over) from square one.
Peter Segal on Get Smart
It may seem easy to make spies look silly...
New Viral Video for Dark Knight Featuring Two Face!
Can't see too much, but it's certainly him.
Beckinsale's Body Double Conspiracy
Warner Bros. has released an official response.
More Hancock Clips
Three new ones surface.
Kasdan to Pen Robotech
Warner Bros. adaptation making ground.
Robert Downey Jr. Grabs Saddle for Cowboys & Aliens
He is eying the adaptation of the graphic novel.
Miley Cyrus Previews Bolt
First footage to be seen from the Disney animation.
WALL•E Featurette Goes to Space
See some new BTS footage from the film.
Disaster Movie Teaser Poster Goes Indy
Third version now available.

June 15, 2008

Hulk Does Incredible at the Box Office
Marvel's second outing takes the #1 spot.
Eva Mendes a Bad Lieutenant
She's in talks to star opposite Nicolas Cage.

June 14, 2008

June 13, 2008

Death Race Trailer!
If there's Statham, there's likely tons of action to follow.
Get An Early Look a the New Dark Knight Trailer!
WB loves using the Batman Begins theme.

June 12, 2008

Second Attempt: The Incredible Hulk
The destruction is big, loud and artistic.
M. Night Shyamalan's The Happening
So, I'm the only one who liked it...
Punisher: War Zone Teaser Trailer!
Ray Stevenson looking slick.
More WALL•E Posters Enter Our Orbit
Four more to be exact.
Miracle at St. Anna Trailer!
A murder. A multi-million dollar artifact. Buffalo soldiers. World War II. And a kid...
New Featurettes for The Incredible Hulk!
Get your last good look at the film before tomorrow cometh.
Neato Marvel Logos
Thor. Captain America. Avengers.
Fourth Dark Knight Spot Arrives
Some new footage to be seen here.
Extended Wanted Clip
New footage, more blood and a single F-bomb.
Official Reviews for The Incredible Hulk
You're going to like it when he's angry!
Hill, Bana and Schwartzman All Funny People
Next comedy from Judd Apatow.
Clooney a Tourist
Novel being adapted by Anthony Peckham.

June 11, 2008

Make That Another Wanted Poster
You just might recognize this shot from the trailer.
Traitor to this Poster and Trailer
International thriller starring Don Cheadle and Guy Pearce.
New Star Wars: The Clone Wars Wallpapers!
A little icing on today's cake (the trailer).
English The Curious Case of Benjamin Button Teaser Trailer
Still in a low-res, but at least we can understand it.
New Star Wars: The Clone Wars Trailer!
More epic battles. More Jedi action.
New Posters Surface for Righteous Kill
Less text, more talent.
Defiance Poster
Daniel Craig takes center stage.
Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa Stills
Plus an updated synopsis.
New Set Photos for Wolverine
Be wary of some spoilers.
The Happening No Good?
Depends on what you expect.
First Official Review for Get Smart
Is the redo any good?
Katherine Heigl Tries to Escape
Based on the book, which is based on a true story.
Rogen and Baruchel vs. the Apocalypse
An end of days action comedy.
Two New Hancock TV Spots
Both give small glimpses at new footage.

June 10, 2008

Tropic Thunder's MTV Movie Awards Short
Just in case you missed it.
Babylon A.D. Trailer!
This thing is action packed!
Another International Wanted Poster
Film continues to deliver great material.
Marvel Being Cheap with Favreau
Director hasn't signed on for Iron Man II because of it.
French Transporter 3 Teaser!
Looks like a step up from the previous two installments.
Extra Extended Clip for Get Smart!
About seven minutes arrive from the film.
Transformers 2 Call Sheet Leaked!
Gives away some characters and locations.
Favreau Responds to the Iron Man II Release Date
The announced release may be too early for the director.
New Hancock Clip
You might recognize this from the trailers.
Red Band Wanted Trailer!
New footage, more blood and a single F-bomb.
Grant and Zhang Lost for Words
Comedy to be directed by Susanne Bier.
Live-Action Smurfs?
Columbia Pictures is bringing the communist characters to the bigscreen.

June 9, 2008

Star Wars: The Clone Wars is (Surprisingly) Long
Official running time now available.
Two More International Posters Happening
More abandoned cars and er, stuff...
Miracle at St. Anna Teaser Poster!
Four Buffalo soldiers risk their lives for a single kid...
Iron Man II Production Start Set?!
According to Mr. Howard, filming will begin next March.
2nd Disaster Movie Teaser Poster
Latest version has fun with The Simpsons.
Extended WALL•E Clip!
This film has got tons of charm.
Kung Fu Panda Dropkicks the Box Office
Animation bests out the most favorable of predictions.
Wanted TV Spots
Three more arrive.
Tony Stark Appears in The Incredible Hulk Spot!
Collection of new spots surface.
DiCaprio Plays Atari
Nobody's told him that there are better, 32-bit consoles out there.

June 8, 2008

Fox Father's Day War Movies on Blu Ray
Five films for the genre on the HD format.
Vince Vaughn's Wild West Comedy on DVD
You don't need to see all 54 extra minutes.
Ryan Wants a Kung Fu Panda
It's been a while since we've seen a CG-animation deliver on this level.

June 7, 2008

Adorably French WALL•E Trailer
Focuses on the relationship between the little bot and Eve.
Eva Mendes' 2nd The Spirit Character Poster!
Barely even looks like her.
My Best Friend's Girl Poster
Dane Cook posters all look alike.

June 6, 2008

Watchmen Do Stunts!
Zack happens to be a pyromaniac.
The House Bunny Poster
Anna Farris looking good.
Diane Kruger to Run for Her Life
She will star opposite Dermot Mulroney.
Kingsley Prince of Persia's Villain
He'll be quite the troublemaker.
You Should Mess with the Zohan
It's actually really good and fun.
The Promotion a Weird Little Comedy
I definitely didn't dislike it.

June 5, 2008

The Incredible Hulk Widget
Official site updated with new content.
W Teaser Poster!
Or is it dub-ya?
Gosling Buys Club
Will reteam with director Craig Gillespie.
The Incredible Hulk Gets Praise!
Marvel looks to have another hit.
Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen
Production on the sequel has begun.
Rob Schneider on You Don't Mess with the Zohan
Of course the Sandler film includes a part for him.
Lucy Liu on Kung Fu Panda
Fighting bears are only part of the fun.
Matthew Marsden Joins Transformers 2
Make that one more to join the cast.
New Wanted Photos
An entire new set from Universal.

June 4, 2008

Lohan Feeling Labor Pains
Another part for her comeback.
People Have Seen WALL•E
Is the next Pixar creation any good?
Rogen Gives Updates on The Green Hornet
It will most definitely be an action movie.
The X-Files: I Want to Believe Trailer!
Cool, but I did yawn once.
Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa Poster!
Notice the change of title?
Valkyrie Filming Again
Three final scenes need completing.
Buy n Large's WALL•E Trailer
Pixar tries a different approach.
Lee Will Make Two Wizards for The Hobbit
See his character go from good to evil.
Adam Sandler on You Don't Mess with the Zohan
He came up with the character ten years ago.
Julie Benz on Saw V
This is her third Lionsgate film in a row.
Dustin Hoffman on Kung Fu Panda
It's his first animated feature.
Morning Light One-Sheet
Disney released the first poster for their upcoming docu.
Guy Ritchie on the Case of Sherlock Holmes
Will direct the adaptation for Warner Bros.
Willis Looking to Be One of Kane and Lynch
Hollywood takes another shot at the vidgame franchise.
Damon Brings the Human Factor
Joins Freeman in the Clint Eastwood film.

June 3, 2008

New TV Spot for Tropic Thunder
Preview shows all new footage from the film.
Get An Early Look at The X-Files 2 Trailer!
Bootleg and subtitled version surfaces online.
Third Wanted Trailer!
Third feature trailer now available.
Zohan Any Good?
First reviews are positive.
Kung Fu Panda Gets Praise
More (positive) reviews surface online.
Emmanuelle Chriqui on You Don't Mess with the Zohan
She insisted that all the guys behaved.
Julie Benz on Punisher: War Zone
Actress has quickly found herself in the thick of the action.
Hancock Clip from Ellen
Careful: It does come with a spoiler.
Ed Helms Lands Two Roles
Manure and Night at the Museum II.
More Kung Fu Panda Clips
See The Furious Five demonstrate their martial arts.
Molina Joins Prince of Persia
The ensemble cast grows.

June 2, 2008

Lionsgate Game for Third Transporter
Picked up domestic and Canadian rights.
Jack Black is Kung Fu Panda
He contributed his own persona to the animation.
Family Guy Tries Emmys Twice
Blue Harvest goes for the comedy category.
Disaster Movie Poster
Al Gore was right.
20 Bots for Transformers 2
Or so says Roberto Orci.
Sneaky New Trailer for The Incredible Hulk
Not in the best resolution, but still.
Robert Smigel Doesn't Mess With the Zohan
SNL alum co-wrote the script.
Julie Benz on the Rambo DVD
Most of her long speeches about the political situation in Burma were cut for the sake of pacing.
Mena Suvari on Stuck
The actress had to validate the idea of leaving somebody to bleed.
Bryce Dallas Howard Seeking Salvation
She is in negotiations to star in the next Terminator installment.
MTV Movie Awards Gives Three New Clips
Wanted, Hancock and Twilight.
Who Won at the 2008 MTV Movie Awards?
Transformers took award for Best Movie.
Sex (and the City) Sells
Adaptation took the #1 spot during its opening bow.

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