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June 30, 2007

Live Free or Die Hard an Acronym for Crazy, Crazy Action
Should satisfy most every action buff.
The Bourne Ultimatum Trailer!
Plus a new poster.
Ryan Samples Ratatouille and Loves It!
Who knew a rat with a talent would come in as one of Pixar's best?

June 29, 2007

Transformers... Better than Sex
This film will unite the world in mass destruction.
Shoot 'Em Up Character Posters!
Everything about this film is cool, as are these.
Badass New Posters
Snapshots of new posters that appeared at the Cinema Expo in Amsterdam.
Michael Moore's Sicko
Featuring the most tragic medical stories imaginable.
Tyrese on Transformers
Actor had to do some military training for the part.
Live Free or Die Hard Opens Strong
Takes $9.1 million its opening day.
Diaz Likes Box
Actress to star in horror film.
Jim Carrey Has Sober Buddies
Who are not nearly as fun as his drunk buddies.
Not their greatest work, but still perfect entertainment.
Elizabeth Takes Us to The Golden Age
New hi-def trailer online.
Trailer Takes Us Into the Wild
Adventure starring Emile Hirsch.

June 28, 2007

Eastern Promises Gets a Wide Release
And some movie stills for that matter.
Tobin Bell on Saw IV
Yes, he will make an appearance in the sequel.
Patton Oswalt Leads Ratatouille
He might not be as recognizable as Hanks, but he handles the part with ease.
Anthony Anderson Riffs on Transformers
Actor offers some of the film's comedic element.
Couple Progression Reels for Ratatouille
Pretty cool to see the process.
Li and Statham Face to Face in 2nd War Poster
Jet Li gets sunglasses, Statham not so much.
The Water Horse Trailer
New fantasy coming our way from Columbia Pictures
Homer's New The Simpsons Movie Poster
That's right, another poster for the film.
Rush Hour 3 Poster
Follows the same formula from the past installments.
Optimus Prime Eats Burger King
A funny crossover commercial for Transformers.
Trailer Gives Eastern Promises
Thriller starring Viggo Mortensen and Naomi Watts.
A Barbarian at New Line?
Warner Bros' separation from Conan helped the studio move right in.

June 27, 2007

Crowe to Join DiCaprio in Body of Lies
Reuniting him with new BFF, Ridley Scott.
Mena Suvari Enters The Garden of Eden
Film is currently shooting in Spain.
Janeane Garofalo on Ratatouille
She brings her attitude to the French Collette.
Bradley Cooper is All About Steve
What kind of rapper name is that anyway? Steve...
Gosling to Play with Lovely Bones
Signed on to star in Jackson's feature adaptation.
The Hairspray Soundtrack
A couple official announcements plus a new poster.
More Clips for Ratatouille
Three polished clips plus a rough cut.
Roberto Orci on Transformers
Orci envisioned a Spielberg film, even though Michael Bay was directing.
Yet Another Poster for The Simpsons Movie
Family still in peril, but also having a blast.
Bale Gives Update on The Dark Knight
Pressure is off, except for the task of outdoing Begins.
A New (Somewhat Bootlegged) WALL•E Teaser Trailer!
Acts as a commercial for 'Buy n Large'.
GM's Transformers Commercials
Get a glimpse at some tie-ins that show new footage from the film.

June 26, 2007

McTeigue to Helm Bangkok 8
Vendetta director attached to another adaptation.
Orci and Kurtzman Give Star Trek XI Plot Details
They admit there was a poster long before a script.
Live Free or Die Hard
First movie that lives up to the awesomeness of its title.
The Brave One One-Sheet
Yellow is Jodie Foster's color.
First Looks at Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
Three BTS clips from various networks.
Hi-Res Hitman Teaser Trailer!
It's better because it's sharper... obviously.
Hans Zimmer Has a Score with The Simpsons Movie
Official announcement of the film's soundtrack.
Another Transformers Trailer!
New footage to be seen in the 2nd international trailer.
Mark Burg on the Saw Morality
Saw IV (and V) will continue the formula used in past installments.
Bruce Willis on Living Free with a Fourth Die Hard
It took some time to convince him to come back.
Lou Romano on Ratatouille
He was not supposed to co-star...
Michael Bay on Transformers
His movie looks the most expensive, but it most certianly wasn't.
Legendary and WB Hold Hands Till 2012
With new money, Legendary has extended the deal.
Shia LaBeouf Gets Eagle Eye
Will reunite with director D.J. Cauruso for the thriller.
Video from the First Day of Shooting Indiana Jones IV
Principle photography began June 18th.
Page 2 of the Stardust Photo Album
Another huge set from Paramount.
An Early Look at the Hitman Teaser Trailer!
It's in crapflash, but what do you want?

June 25, 2007

Win an Autographed Rescue Dawn Poster!
For those of you who love Bale or Zahn.
Go BTS of Resident Evil: Extinction
MTV special with cast interviews.
Take a Tour of Ratatouille
The director discusses how he took over production of Pixar's upcoming animation.
Final Bratz: The Movie Poster
Got to keep our teenyboppers happy.
Four Hong Kong Martial Arts Classics
36th Chamber of Shaolin, King Boxer, My Young Auntie and One-Armed Swordsman.
Latest Batch of Transformers Updates
More TV spots, new one-sheet, Detroit, music, tickets and more.
Cruise and His Valkyrie Barred from Germany
Scientology supposedly has something to do with it.
Detention! Go to Dolores Umbridge's Office for Punishment
New virtual tour of the character's office.
Suited Up for Iron Man
Promotional image showing off the film's well-dressed cast.
Oren Koules Hypes Up Saw IV
Producer claims the next installment gives the best twist yet.
Brad Bird Sits and Talks Ratatouille
The director discusses how he took over production of Pixar's upcoming animation.
John Dahl Talks You Kill Me
Director returns to the quirky crime drama where he has found most of his success.
Justin Long on Live Free or Die Hard
He is not an action star, he is in the Mac commercials for Pete's sake.
Official Transformers Reviews!
The critics begin to speak.
Brett Ratner is a Playboy
Film should fit his lifestyle.
Hathaway is Becoming Jane
Official one-sheet and trailer for the upcoming drama.

June 24, 2007

8 Transformers Clips!
Get a solid taste of what to expect from the film.
Fred Checks In to 1408
Like Blair Witch in a hotel room, but way scarier.

June 22, 2007

Tea Leoni on You Kill Me
She falls for a hitman in hiding.
Light Comedy With Evan Almighty
No big belly of laughs, as it's inoffensively entertaining.
The First Official Indiana Jones IV Picture!
Indy is looking aged, like a wine.
Join the 300 and Go to Comic Con!
New promotion from Warner Bros.

June 21, 2007

First Glimpse of AVP 2's Predalien
It seems that a predator made whoopie with an alien and out came this.
Behold! The Hot Rod One-Sheet!
And some new stills for good measure.
Final The Simpsons Movie Trailer!
Animation looks pretty hilarious... and strangely intense.
ILM Gives Their Take on Transformers!
The company is prepping to wow us come July.
Tom Shadyac on the Costly Evan Almighty
Much debate has been made on the film's expensive budget.
John Cusack on 1408
The film is all about Cusack reacting to strange events.
International Day Watch Poster
You can never have too many crows.
Some Transformers Updates
More early reviews and a TV spot.
Jackson Iron Man's Nick Fury!
He is supposedly filming his role today.
Broadbent Joins Indiana Jones 4
He will play a Yale U professor.
Watch 8 Crazy Minutes of Live Free or Die Hard!
Supposedly the opening eight minutes of the film.
Kate Hudson is Bachelor No. 2
Romantic comedy? Who knew?!
Time to Play Cowboys & Aliens
Another graphic novel hits the adaptation block.

June 20, 2007

Terence Stamp Also Wanted
Will join up with McAvoy, Freeman and Jolie.
Hitman Trailer When?
Will Die Hard before the end of the month.
Michael Clayton's Own Trailer
First preview for the drama starring George Clooney.
The Comedians of Ratatouille
New podcast now available for the Pixar animation.
Get a Glimpse of The Incredible Hulk
Snapshot of the teaser poster pops up online.
New Poster for The Simpsons Movie
The entire family looking good... and in peril.
Lauren Graham on Evan Almighty
Graham takes the role of Carell's wife.
Lorenzo DiBonaventura on 1408
The producer has been watching over this production long before it entered production.
Apted Confirmed for The Dawn Treader
Only took two months to confirm he will direct.
Frank Miller and Clive Owen Team for Trouble Is My Business
The two have worked together on Sin City. Remember?
Someone Has Seen 3:10 to Yuma
Positive screening report appears online.
Another The Dark is Rising Poster
Could be fanmade, but it is still the best one yet.
Transformers Confirmed at PG-13
We know Spielberg did some convincing, and now the film has received the official MPAA stamp.
8 Minutes with Evan Almighty
New extended clip now available.

June 19, 2007

Bond 22 Gets a Director
Marc Forster has signed on with Columbia Pictures and MGM.
Transformers Photo Album
Final batch of production photos.
Mikael Hafstrom on Visiting Room 1408
This is the director's second Hollywood film.
Hi-Res Batpod Photos
Better version photos of what we saw yesterday.
Top Ten Films Updated for the Summer!
Transformers jumps to #1.
Transformers Video Interviews
A perfect 10 from the cast and crew speak up.
Steve Carell on Evan Almighty
Carell always had faith in the project.
New Regency to Date The Sisters Grimm
First film based on the first three books in the nine-book franchise.
Valkyrie Cast Grows
Wilkinson, Nighy, Houten and Izzard join up.
Win a Copy of 300 on DVD!
In anticipation of the DVD's release this July.
Jack Black the Center of a Man-Witch
Todd Phillips will direct.

June 18, 2007

The Good Luck Chuck Poster
Prepare for skin... but it's not Alba's.
Two The Simpsons Movie Posters With a Statement
One with Homer and one with Bart.
It's Rocket Science
Official poster and trailer for the indie comedy.
Dead Silence on DVD
It will make you jump a few times.
Samuel L Jackson on 1408
He didn't have much to say, as he doesn't want to give anything away.
Hi-Res Batsuit!
Quality version of the image featured in EW.
A Whole Bunch of Transformers Movie Stills
New official batch from Paramount.
Len Wiseman On Live Free or Die Hard
The director goes big for this fourth McClane installment.
The Dark Knight's Sweet Motorcycle, Batpod, Thingy!
Another new vehicle for Bale to ride around on. (updated!)
Some Official Reviews: Ratatouille
What a relief, both are positive.
Law and Whitaker Dance The Repossession Mambo
Though the film sounds like fun, it is actually a troubling thriller.
Wilson and Nolte Hear Tropic Thunder
A Ben Stiller-directed comedy.
Fox Bonds with Halo
Studio now the franchise's primary licensor.
Sandler to Star in Mitch Albom Pitch
Author's feature writing debut.

June 17, 2007

A Couple More (Positive) Transformers Reviews
Best popcorn flick of the summer? Very nice!

June 16, 2007

Six Shooters Blazing! The 3:10 to Yuma Trailer
New western starring Bale and Crowe.
WALL•E Trailer!
Get a preview of Pixar's 2008 release.
Ratatouille Concept Art and Fun Facts!
How did they design the kitchen? How did they come up with the characters?
The Bourne Ultimatum Posters
New posters plus a new TV spot.

June 15, 2007

DOA: Dead or Alive
The film's setup causes it to backfire.

June 14, 2007

The Dark Knight's New Suit
Bale's Batman gets a new suit.
Nancy Drew
It may not be the best kids movie ever but it did enough things right to keep me involved.
New Transformers Poster!
Optimus Prime looks good... so does Megan.
No Keanu for Watchmen
Confirmed that he was offered a role in the upcoming graphic novel adaptation.
TV Spots to Live Free or Die Hard
Three new TV spots for the film.
Yet Another Badass Transformers TV Spot
Some fun new footage for you.
The Underdog Blooper Reel
Not exactly a real blooper reel.
A Few Good TV Spots
Chuck and Larry, Superbad, Sicko, Hot Rod and more.
Live Free or Die Hard Updates
Clips and the MPAA.
Somebody Has Seen Hot Rod
If you like Andy Samberg, you should dig this film.
Marvel Development Hell
Some Marvel properties are less certain than others. Did your favorites make the cut?
Marketing The Incredible Hulk
Marvel is making it clear that the sequel is completely different from the original.
Quite a Few Transformers Updates
Running time, contests, images, clip and an early viewing.
Webcast for The Wizarding World of Harry Potter
Video of the theme park announcement.

June 13, 2007

Sylvain White to Visit Castlevania
Will direct the live-action adaptation.
Great Robotic Lord! New Transformers TV Spot!
Tons of new footage from the film.
Set Visit: Shoot 'Em Up Pranks
Director Michael Davis tells some stories.
Sony to Big Chill Again
Remaking a good film seems like a bad idea.
Somebody Really, Really Liked Transformers!
Report from the film's premiere in Sydney.
Kinnear and Tierney Join Baby Mama
Duo joins an all-star comedic cast.
William Hurt Joins The Incredible Hulk
He will be a problem for Banner.
License to Wed Photo Album
New batch of stills for the upcoming comedy.
It's a Kung Fu Panda
Official site gives new art for the film.
Final Sunshine Poster!
Gives us some positive quotes for Danny Boyle's sci-fi thriller.

June 12, 2007

Tom Vaughan to Direct What Happens in Vegas
Comedy starring Cameron Diaz and Ashton Kutcher.
El Cantante Photo Album
New stills for those who like watching Lopez and Anthony's relationship on screen.
Talk to Me Photo Album
Latest stills for the upcoming drama.
Sopranos Movie Not in the Cards
David Chase would need an amazing pitch to go forward with one.
Weisz Has Lovely Bones
Will star in Peter Jackson's adaptation.
Ratatouille is Really, Really Good?
So says one of the first screening reports.
My Best Friend Poster
Official poster for the upcoming foreign drama.
New Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer Clip
The entire family take on a ferris wheel.
Bradford Hears an Echo
Actor has signed on to star in the remake of the Filipino thriller.
Christina Applegate is The Rocker
She will star opposite Rainn Wilson.
Barrymore Goes South of the Border
For lobster tacos and cheap beer.
Clips Loaded for Live Free or Die Hard!
Two new clips available online.
Connelly and Bettany Born Together
A psychological thriller that comes packed with talent.

June 11, 2007

A Pixar Animation a Year
Starting with Ratatouille this year.
Happy Madison Hunts Bigfoot in Strange Wilderness
Comedy that will star Steve Zahn and Allen Covert.
Zac Efron's Hairspray Music Video
A little bit of "Ladies Choice".
Bratz Character Posters
More media for the teenyboppers out there.
Michael Davis on Shoot 'Em Up
Director invited press to his editing room to preview scenes from the film.
Can It Be? Yes It Is! The King of Kong!
Official poster for the upcoming documentary.
Break out the Ritalin, Here Comes Joshua
Creepy tale about another bad seed.
David Heyman Talks Harry Potter
On the beginning and the upcoming end of the franchise.
The Transformers Album
Plus track listings.
I See a Hitman!
New image of bald-Timothy as Agent 47 surfaces.
When Films Go Bubblehead
Interesting drawings of characters from your favorite films.
Timur Bekmambetov Discusses Being Wanted
Director gives some new details on the upcoming sci-fi actioner.
Primeval on DVD
If only studios made their money off of their previews.
Bill Murray Off to City of Ember
Will star in Walden Media's adaptation of the young adult novel.
New Line Stands Behind Shoot 'Em Up
Director Michael Davis says the studio encouraged his bullet ballet.

June 10, 2007

French The Simpsons Movie Posters!
Represent suspense, love, action and romance.
Ocean's 13 Sinks Pirates at Box Office
Film takes in $37.1 million in its opening bow.

June 9, 2007

No Sunblock Necessary, the 30 Days of Night Trailer
Flash version available with the film's new official site.
Transformers Sequel Talk
Producer Di Benaventura gives some new insight.
Shia LaBeouf on Surf's Up
Discusses voicing a penguin with total self-deprecation.

June 8, 2007

The Dark Knight In Chicago
Bale and Nolan discuss the film's use of the city.
The Invasion Trailer!
Remake starring Nicole Kidman and Daniel Craig.
Look Out! Death Eaters!
Warner Bros has updated the official Potter site with masks to hide your evil identity.
Win An Autographed You Kill Me Poster
In anticipation of the film's upcoming release.
Poster Says Happy Halloween
First poster for the horror remake.
Peter Cullen Talks Transformers
He has been doing Optimus Prime for a long time.
Zack Snyder Talks Watchmen
Promises to get Gerard Butler onboard.
Jessica Simpson a Major Movie Star
Well, that's still under debate.
Hot Rod Trailer!
Any hilarious film with Isla Fisher is cool by me.

June 7, 2007

I Am Legend Teaser Trailer!
And a better version of the teaser poster.
Surf's Up Raises the Bar with Twists on the Genre
May be the best penguin movie yet.
More Ratatouille Production Photos
More images hot out the oven.
ABC to Host a Harry Potter Marathon
In anticipation of OotP.
Rock the Rockin' Transformers Theme Song!
Track appeared over at SectorSeven!
City of Heroes Goes Live Action
Giant robots, aliens and superheroes... should be awesome.
John Hurt Makes Three for Indiana Jones IV
Sean Connery will not be returning.
Fletch The Jane Doe Edition on DVD
Tons of great special features that still don't think they're a hero.
Jeff Bridges on Surf's Up
Actor the voice of Big Z.
Watts Thinks We Are All the Same
An interesting tale that should raise awareness of AIDS.
I Am Legend Gets a Poster
First poster appears online.

June 6, 2007

Shrek 4 and 5 When?
Jeffrey Katzenberg gives us the exact years... and they are Far Far Away.
New Shoot 'Em Up Trailer!
Film looks like one heck of an action romp.
American Gangster Trailer
Plus a couple great posters.
Animating Surf's Up
Crew discuss how surfing helped create the realistic scenes.
Dermot Mulroney on Gracie
He plays the resistant dad.
Warner Bros to Adapt Another Fantasy: The Shannara
The fantasy bubble hasn't burst just yet.
Hoffman and Thompson to Topline Last Chance Harvey
New romantic drama set to begin filming in September.
Warner Bros Wants Live Action Thundercats
Studio optioned for live action feature.
The Complete Matrix Trilogy on HD DVD!
Who new an upgraded format would save a trilogy?!
Rescue Dawn One-Sheet
Plus a couple stills for good measure.

June 5, 2007

Michael Bay Answers Transformers Questions
New video interview now online.
Poster Shows 30 Days of Night
First poster for the next graphic novel adaptation.
Faris An Ex-Playboy Bunny
Already sounds awesome.
Transformers Hosts Early Showings on July 2nd!
Like Pirates, as early a 8PM.
Moore's Other Sicko Poster
Lionsgate sends over the 'waiting room' version.
Flags of Our Fathers 2-Disc Special Edition
Tons of great special features that still don't think they're a hero.
Jon Heder Talks Surf's Up
Actor does Hawaii like Napoleon Dynamite.
Elisabeth Shue on Gracie
The film is based on the producer's story.
Crowe Kicks Off Dolce's Inferno
Under his Fear of God Films banner.
Ruffalo Catches Blindness
Actor will star in an Outbreak like tale.
Win Pirates of the Caribbean on Blu-ray!
Two sets featuring both Curse and Chest.
Transformers Site Updated
Choose your side, then enjoy the goodies.

June 4, 2007

The Golden Compass Production Footage
Get an inside look at how the amazing visuals come to life... so to speak.
Live Free or Die Hard Production Photos
New batch of films for the 'non-CG' action romp.
Norbit on DVD
Know what's funny about Norbit?
Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer is Rated PG?!
Quickly now, drop the hype... and your hopes.
Speed Racer's Official One-Page
Warner Bros. releases the film's first synopsis.
Arthur and the Invisibles on DVD
Some may find more interest in the bonus extras than the film.
Above the Law and Shanghai Express on DVD
No, this is not a Steven Seagal reissue.
Mario Cantone on Surf's Up
Drags himself away from the sun to do some indoor interviews.
Jet Li and Jason Statham's War Poster
First official poster for the film.
One Badass Transformers Clip!
This amazing clip is the coup de grâce.
Leslie Mann on Knocked Up
Apatow's wife wasn't so sure about casting their own kids.
Andrew Shue on Gracie
We haven't seen this guy since Melrose Place.
Déjà Vu on DVD
Collection of deleted scenes are the best new addition.
Variety Throws Spoiler at Speed Racer?
Probably gave away a big twist... come see.
Jim Carrey Loves Phillip Morris
Will star in the dark comedy from the same people who gave us Bad Santa.
Jack Black and Apatow Go Back to Year One
Is it possible? This film might have too much comedic talent.
MTV's Transformers Clips and Featurette!
All showing new footage from the film.

June 3, 2007

International Evan Almighty Poster
The flood is coming...
Jay Baruchel Improvs Knocked Up
He has worked with Apatow and knows the trade.
Raynold Gideon on Mr. Brooks
Been writing partner to Evans since early '80s.
Carly Schroeder on Gracie
A tomboy who still likes dressing up.
Best Summer Movie You Haven't Seen Yet? Transformers!
Film captures the MTV movie award.
Hairspray Red Carpet Contest
Submit your video quick!
Transformers Coming Early!
Joining in on the fun, Paramount has pushed the film up two days.
Mr. Brooks is Sickly Brilliant
Best serial killer thriller since Saw.
Belly of Laughs With Knocked Up
It shows Nine Months what a great childbirth comedy can be.

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