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June 30, 2006

Superman Returns Flies High
The constant, and sometimes genius, humor shows how comfortable Bryan Singer is with the material.
Johnny Depp's Pirate Teeth
Johnny's gold teeth was the talk of the media, not to mention the worried studio executives.
Resident Evil: Extinction Photos
Milla Jovovich still looking hot... and in chaps!
The 2nd Green Goblin
A screenshot of Harry honoring his father's wishes.
Transformers Trailer a Hit
No wonder it took so long to download it.
You, Me and Dupree Photo Album
More movie stills for the film.
Depp Joins Smith in Legend
Expect him to play a colorful character.
Your Name in Clerks II Credits
A strange new promo by Kevin Smith.
Sony Previews 20 Minutes of Casino Royale
Most high-profile event at the Cinema Expo.
Wolverine Script Review!
It is a prequel and it is ready to go.
Exclusive Look At Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest
Thirty minute special to appear on Starz.
Gilbert Grape Special Edition
Depp gives his interviews in full pirate garb, a time capsule of Depp's current popularity.

June 29, 2006

Parker Posey on Superman Returns
Lex Luthor always has a pretty girl hanging around his evil lair.
Transformers Trailer Online!
July 4th my ass!
Positive Sighting for Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest
Another early review and, again, another positive.
A Nativity Teaser
Kind of like a prequel to Passion...
Compass Points Richards
To star in the upcoming fantastical adapation.
Superman Returns Box Office Opening
Not Spider-Man 2 but still good.
Stormbreaker Poster
First poster for the teenage spy.
Freeman and Nicholson in a Bucket
Both play individuals on their way out.
New Night Listener Trailer
There is something really weird going on here.
Superman Returns Review
Superman can do anything now and it can be shown in intimate detail.
First to Zoom
First trailer for Tim Allen's fantastical comedy.
Pictures from You, Me and Dupree
Owen Wilson's next laffer.

June 28, 2006

Spider-Man 3 Not 3D
Just when we saw a trend forming.
Superman: The Movie in 30 Seconds
And re-enacted by bunnies.
Transformers Trailer Description?
Details seem off, but could be legit.
Saw III Teaser Poster!
Cranking sequels out like off of an assembly line.
First Poster for The Illusionist
Biel, Giamatti and Norton come together to make a slick one-sheet.
Fourth Spider-Man 3 Villain is...
Probably not who you were expecting.
Howard Thrills Changeling
Joins project with longtime producer Brian Grazer.
Superman Returns Looks to Box Office
The film has a lot of bills to pay.
Eragon Map!
Is this the official, but still incorrect, map for the film?
Another Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest Review!
This one sings 'Yo Ho' as it tears into Superman.
New Marie Antoinette Trailer
Kirsten Dunst (still) looking good.
Wolverine in 2007!
Talk about a huge day for comic book heros.
Final Lady in the Water Trailer
New trailer gives a better look at the lady and the story.

June 27, 2006

Fantastic Four Plot and Title!
Silver Surfer is in deep.
Holy Spider-Man 3 Trailer!
Sony shows symbiote goodness!
Fullsize Eragon Poster!
It has a little Danish but still looks good.
New Dead Man's Chest Featurette!
Sets and amazing locations.
Spider-Man 3 Teaser Today!
Leaked version gets fans excited.
Lady in the Water Screened
One of Shyamalan's best?
New Pan's Labyrinth Promo Trailer
It is in a foreign language, but the visuals translate nicely.
Transformers Bumblebee Exposed
Image of one of the transformers on set.
Snakes on a Plane Mini Trailer!
OK, OK, known officially as the 'first look'.
Dead or Alive Preview
Fantastic fight scenes and tons of girl on girl sexiness.
Castlevania Movie Coming
Andersonís script is faithful to the NES game of the '80s.
Death Race Remake Almost Ready
Jeremy Bolt said that they are close to making a deal for their remake of Deathrace 2000.

June 26, 2006

Scanner Darkly Media Updates
Video of Ebert's thumbs up and new clips with director Linklater.
New Talladega Nights Movie Poster
Will Ferrell shares the spotlight.
Superman Returns Review Round-Up
Getting a Spidy tingle here...
2nd Open Season Poster
New poster for the upcoming animation.
Young Sirius Talks Order of the Phoenix
James Walters talks about his flashback role.
Captain Jack is Back
Johnny Depp knew he wanted to play him again...
Depp talks 21 Jump Street
Apparently Producer Stephen J.Cannell wants Depp to make an appearance.
Beowulf & Grendel Updates
A list of new developments on the film including domestic distribution.
Gerard Butler is a Priest
Actor ready for another adaptation.
Efron Wears Hairspray
A move up from Disney's High School Musical.
Fox Likes Uglies
Another fantasy film for the studio.
Open Casting Call for Transformers
If you look like you are in High School.
The Devil's Assistant
Stanley Tucci talks The Devil Wears Prada.

June 25, 2006

The New Lois Lane
Things are a bit tougher for the modern Lois...
Snakes on a Plane Fankit
Official site updated with new media.
Richards Back On Pirates of the Caribbean 3
He was never intended for Dead Man's Chest.

June 24, 2006

Spider-Man 3 Trailer Details!
First the running time and now some details.
More Clips from the Dead Man's Chest
Jack Sparrow featurette and new TV spots.
Snyder Official for Watchmen
Warner Bros continues to give hope for the franchise.
Platoon Special Edition DVD
Listening to Stone's commentary on the scenes are more like his diary of the war.
Beerfest on the Set
Itís about time somebody made a movie about drinking beer.

June 23, 2006

Look for the 'S'
'S' stands for Superman coming back to the bigscreen.
Paramount Updates Barnyard and Charlotte's Web
Official sites offer new goodies.
Superman Returns on Xbox Live
High-definition Superman Returns trailers and TV spots arrive on Xbox 360.
Van Damme vs Jackie Chan?
A new addition to Rush Hour 3?
New Line Doubles Down on McConaughey
To star in a romance comedy and a comedy... comedy.
Iron Man Confirmed for May, 2008
First to claim a firm date for the year.
Missed Superman Returns
Damn traffic!
Spider-Man 3 Trailer Info
A running time to be exact.

June 22, 2006

Click Review
In the beginning, youíll worry that the whole film is setting up a copout ending...
Superman Is a Liberal?
First gay, then Jesus and now this.
More Nacho Libre Clips
New clips for the Jack Black comedy out in theatres.
More Super Reviews
Positive reviews gain momentum but there is one negative.
Star Trek vs Star Wars
A nice little spoof on the films.
Sunshine Trailer Footage
A space adventure that leads to madness.
Isaacs Gets a Late Start on Order of the Phoenix
Filming started in February and will go to the end of the year.
Ridley Scott for Gucci Bio
See how the family became so fabulous.

June 21, 2006

Superman is Jesus Christ
Moviegoers are always seeking a hidden meaning.
Matt Damon is Captain Kirk?
Why not include the whole Goodwill Hunting cast?
Iron Man Set for 2008
According to Jon Favreau's blog.
Kinberg Spills Wolverine Details
Kicks off X3 interview with spinoff info.
Johansson's Got the Scoop
Trailer, poster and synopsis for the film.
Extended Superman Returns Clip!
iTunes serves up a clip that runs two minutes plus.
New Spider-Man 3 Poster?
A lot more color than the last one.
Kevin Spacey on Luthor
With the Lex most famously portrayed by Hackman, Spacey left it up to Bryan Singer to guide his own portrayal.
Order of the Phoenix Coming to IMAX
Warner Bros made the announcement today.
Win the Superman Returns Soundtrack!
Winners announced on the 24th so get your name in now.
Jorge Olguin Adapts Clock Tower
Based on the Japanese videogame.
The Rock Gets Hurt
The Game Plan pushed due to injury.
Grace a Crusader
Topher Grace and Terrence Howard to co-star in The Crusaders.
Portman and Bana for Boleyn Girl
Two to star in historical novel.

June 20, 2006

Modernizing Superman
Bryan Singer did update Superman Returns for the new millennium...
Official Borat Trailer Online!
Borat is coming to the states to learn, well, many things.
Dead Man's Chest Clips
The extended featurette shown on TV and low-res video phone clips.
More Reviews Fly In for Superman Returns
Positive reviews are popping up all over.
Finalized Clerks II Poster
Drumroll please...
No Secret Screenings for Pirates
Disney says they have nothing to gain from early screenings.
Murphy is Tinker Bell
Disney announces the voice behind their upcoming CG animation.
Owen Gets Drilled
Comedic actor to star in comedy for Paramount.
Star Wars and Indiana Jones
2007 and 2008 big years for the franchises.
Top Ten Films Update
Up and coming films move up the ranks.
Click Family Album
Movie stills and international poster for the comedy.
Superman Returns Clips
New clips appear online.
Lucas Gets Smart
Actor will star in GQ biopic.
Transformers Teaser Details
The countdown, the holiday and the movie it comes packaged with.
Bruckheimer Game for More Pirates Sequels
Bruckheimer says the franchise is too fun to quit.
Eragon Budget Update
Higher than we were initially told.

June 19, 2006

Click Cameos
Click of course has the usual crew of Adam Sandler cohort in the cameo roles.
Superman Returns Report Round-Up
First set of full reviews appear online.
First Dungeon Siege One-Sheet
Looks pretty dang good... considering.
Listen to the Superman Returns Soundtrack!
Stream the entire soundtrack to your PC.
Ephrons Get Flipped
The sisters plan to adapt the young-adult novel.
Whedon Updates on Wonder Woman
The director is currently stuck at the script.
Listen to the Dead Man's Chest Soundtrack!
Track previews now available online.
Clerks II Returns Clips
Three new clips for the film.
Adam Sandler Gets Serious
Click has all the random Adam Sandler nonsense that makes the fans love his movies.
Transformers Trailer Score
Steve Jablonsky hard at work creating the music for the theatrical trailer.
iTunes Looks to Film
Music was great, TV was good and film is next.
More Pirates Sequels?
Johnny Depp says not to rule out more after number three.
When Comic Books Attack!
24-hour marathon of films made from comic books
WTC Gets Torn Up
Film not up to the stature of United 93 (so far).

June 18, 2006

Pictures From Inside the Monster House
New movie stills for the animation.
New Superman Returns Spots
Kick off the week with new superhero media.
Pirates 3 Synopsis?
Said to be legit... and very spoilerish.

June 16, 2006

Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift Review
The driving in this movie is insane.
Superman Is Not Gay
This whole 'homo' debate has surrounded the release of Superman Returns.
Say Hello to Admiral Raimi!
New set pictures for Spider-Man 3.
Cows in the Barnyard
New trailers and poster.
A Chunk of Dead Man's Chest Previewed!
And the response is very welcome.
The Lake House Review
Neither of the characters have any fun with this wonderful time travel device.
Hartnett Spends the Night
Actor likely to star in upcoming horror adaptation.
Hoffman Goes to War and Meets the Devil
Philip Seymour Hoffman's filmography grows.
Nacho Libre Review
It won't have you laugh as often as you'd like, but still a fun film.

June 15, 2006

2nd Race for Ricky Bobby
New trailer for the Will Ferrell comedy.
New Miami Vice Stills
A couple new images appear online.
Four New Cars Clips
Two TV spots and two podcasts.
Second Dungeon Siege Trailer?
New footage and some familiar music.
Jack Black on Nacho Comedy
A great new clip appears online.
Pollak Swings at August
A baseball book to become a baseball movie.
Lake House Reviews
The reviews have been going downhill.
Alba Finds Good Luck
Along with Dane Cook.
Par Goes to World War Z
Another Zombie adaptation heading our way.
Conan the Barbarian May Return After All
For Boaz Yakin to write and direct.
Spielberg Goes to Space
Ready to join up with Par and journey through a wormhole.

June 14, 2006

Detailed Superman Returns Report
Those who screened the film don't follow the rules.
Wicker Man Stills
Two new stills for the film.
Watching People Break-Up Is Not Always Fun
Brief and late review for the Vaughn comedy.
Hilarious Jackass: Number Two Teaser
This one looks better than the first.
Show Us Your 'S'
MySpace promotion for Superman Returns.
Click These Posters
Cool new posters for the Sandler comedy.
New Spider-Man 3 Set Pics
Set pictures of Spidy and the ladies.
So Many Superman Returns Clips
New TV spot, interview and ten-plus clips.
Fox Captures a Book Thief
Young-adult novel getting prepped for adaptation.
Another Rapper Biopic
Missy Elliot steps up for her turn in front of the camera.
The Night Listener
Robin Williams in another serious role.
Failure to Launch DVD Contest
Quick contest for you romance comedy buffs.

June 13, 2006

Wayners Follows the Prairie Home
Does a review that is close to home.
Mediocre Nacho Reviews
Some new ones as the release approaches... a sign?
Superman Returns on June 28th
A 'save the date' reminder for one of the biggest film's of the year.
Look, Up in the Sky! Online
The entire documentary!
New Wicker Man Poster
Creepy new poster for the film starring Nicolas Cage.
Elfman Splits from Nacho Libre
His second split in a year... what is up?
The Super Suit
Superman has a new costume that required filling out.
Acting in The Lake House
The house itself is an interesting conundrum...
Lucas Wants Connery for Indy
The father figure should return whether he likes it or not.
Charlotte's Web Trailer Feeds
Watch the first trailer for the Paramount adaptation.
McGuigan for Four Knights
An adaptation for The Weinstein Co.
Eminem Has a Gun
Eminem set to star in adaptation.
Ripley's Gets Delayed
Believe it or not, but Burton and Carrey move on.
Becoming Superman
On June 28, the whole world will hold Brandon Routh up to their scrutiny...
Arthur and the Minimoys Stills
First few stills appear online.

June 12, 2006

Nacho Libre vs Grasshopper
This latest clip shows all that is wrong with these so-called 'confessionals'.
Failure to Launch on DVD June 27th
Suprisingly funny romance ready to hit shelves.
Borat Movie Trailer
Ali G's Borat has always been a fav.
National Geographic Looks at Superman
Which of Superman's powers are plausible?
Speed Reunion
Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock team for The Lake House.
Another Nacho Libre Review
More positive reviews begin to surface.
Order of the Phoenix in Italy
Looking for some medieval filming locations.
World Cup Hurts Intl Box Office
The soccer hooligans stirring up more trouble.

June 11, 2006

Quick Superman Returns Review
A brief, spoiler-free look at the upcoming film.
Inside The Lake House
The house itself is an interesting conundrum...
Arthur and the Minimoys Updates!
Updated (English) teaser trailer and new teaser poster.
Scanner Darkly Clip
Drugs make bike gears seem ridiculous.
Spider-Man 3 in New York
New set footage appears online.
Pirates Teams With Volvo for Treasure Hunt
Somewhere in the world a Volvo is buried.
Another Superman Returns Trailer?
Maybe to appear in theatres with Click.

June 10, 2006

Eragon Character Intro Video!
Get a taste of the cast and characters from the film.
Paramount Updates Nacho, Barnyard and Charlotte's
Charlotte's Web trailer and more.
Extended Cars Clips
Two clips to warm you up to the film's release this weekend.
Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest Clips
A cool new TV spot and MTV Award clip.
Paul Levitz Talks Wonder Woman!
He is the first to inform us about other DC comics properties.
No Justice League Movie for a While
Why not bring in another DC story?

June 9, 2006

Superman Returns at the MTV Movie Awards
An exclusive clip and Brandon Routh doesn't have much to say.
Transformers Poster?
Looks awfully like the teaser site.
Ratatouille Teaser
The next film from Disney/Pixar.
Mandylor is Manchester's Man
Costas Mandylor will return to his native Australia to shoot a new untitled thriller.
Universal Has Talent
Another comicbook adaptation coming.
AVP 2 Coming
Just in case the last one didn't do it for you.
Cars Review
Cars is definitely not the worst Pixar movie...
Uma In Bloom
This is her season.
A Prairie Home Companion Review
There surely is an audience for this film, but it sure ain't me.
Clerks II Sold Me These
Three feature posters for the film.
Transformers Site Live
The countdown clock is counting to when now?
Toy Cars for Cars!
Win Cars themed toys from Mattel.

June 8, 2006

A Few Superman Returns Updates
Duracell tie-in and a 'save the date'.
Lots of Strangers with Candy
Five new clips and internet trailer.
Dupree Poster
Interesting mugs of the lead characters.
New Line for Battle Royale
Studio buys remake rights to Japanese sci-fi pic.
Fox Preps 24 Feature
The realtime aspect might be out however.
Da Vinci Code Broken in China
China pulls the film from theatres.
William Hurt Goes Into the Wild
Cast grows for Penn film.
Ant Bully Trailer Online
Film reminds me of a mixture of Antz and Over the Hedge.
Extended Cars Clip
Introduction to the three lead characters.
Little Miss Sunshine
Inspirational posters and trailer for the comedy.
Project 880 Plot Info?
An interesting list of characters for this top secret film.

June 7, 2006

New Dead Man's Chest Stills
Check them out before Davey Jones asks for them back.
Eragon Poster Sample
A mini version of what looks to be the feature poster.
Cheech Marin on Cars
Marin plays a low rider in the film.
The Wicker Man Trailer
Nicolas Cage does horror.
Singer Talks So Much Superman Returns
Director covers past, present and future.
John Tucker Must What?
Poster and trailer for the teenie-bopper.
Alba Joins Bill
A GreeneStreet comedy.
Universal Digs Break-Up Scribes
Writing duo with U for another two films.
Jackman Replaces Crowe
For Australian period epic with Nicole Kidman.
Another Superman Returns Poster
Are these falling out of the sky?
The World's Fastest Indian Comes to DVD
News on the DVD's release plus prizes.
Cars This Friday
Last countdown image and ad banner.

June 6, 2006

Alba Says Fantastic Four Sequel Amped
Full nudity this time! Ok, ok, not that amped.
Arthur and the Minimoys Trailer!
In French, lags, but is still pretty damn cool.
Superman Returns Is Long
Running time comes in epic proportions.
Nacho Libre vs Midgets
A great new clip appears online.
Fanning to Steal the Spotlight
Young thesp joins unnamed indie film.
Cage is Dangerous
Will star in a remake of the 1999 Thai film.
Mulan Goes Live-Action
Weinstein continues to love the Asian tales.
More Early Eragon Impressions
Description of video footage from London Expo.
Million Dollar Baby HD DVD Review
Comes with plenty of little things to tantalize your HDTV.
Garfield: A Tail of Two Kitties
For those of you who just love a sequel... of anything.
Richard Petty on Cars
Pixar needed at least one NASCAR legend.
Training Day HD DVD Review
King Kong ain’t got nothin’ on HD-DVD.

June 5, 2006

Flyboys Trailer Online
This dogfighting movie looks sweet!
Cars Reviews Appear
Plus new movie stills.
New Dead Man's Chest Pictures
Pictures from the set and Will on a bike.
2nd Monster House Poster
Another poster that gives us a new angle of the troubling residence.
PepsiCo Teams with WB for Superman Returns
Expect quite a few tie-ins.
Valderrama Sees Blue
Get ready for the Latino ladies to go crazy.
McTiernan to Direct Deadly Exchange
The biggest name so far to be caught up in the Pellicano scandal returns to direct.
Smith Adds Seven Pounds
Actor ready to go suicidal on this b*tch.
John Lasseter on Cars
John Lasseter’s last movie for Pixar was Toy Story 2.
Firewall HD DVD Review
Madsen glows a little more and Fordís face is shown in a little more glory.
Swordfish HD DVD Review
Well, Hugh Jackman sure is well represented in HD-DVD.
Eragon Trailer Impressions
Somebody has seen segments from the film.
Gwen Stacy Hanging with Spider-Man
New set pictures show off Bryce Dallas Howard.
Another Positive for Clerks 2
Kevin Smith has (re)found his calling.

June 4, 2006

Tune Up for Cars Clips
New clips for the Pixar animation appear online.
Another Villain for Spider-Man 3!
Avi Arad says three just not enough.
Van Helsing HD DVD Review
The contrast is just stunning, but once it goes to color...
Home Improvement 4th Season DVD Review
Comes with a full blooper reel of never before seen outtakes.

June 1, 2006

Eragon Banner Wallpaper
Wallpaper that is similar to the first banner for the film.
Bonnie Hunt on Cars
Bonnie Hunt has become a Pixar fixture...
Jim Carrey Gets Honored at MTV Movie Awards
Actor to accept the MTV Generation Award.
Universal Feeds the Alpha Dog
New Line hands the film over.
Sarah Jessica Parker Having an Affair
With New Line no doubt.
Grace Just a Kid in America
Universal taps actor and Brian Grazer.
The Fountain Sets the Date
October says Warner Bros.
New Batch of Superman Returns Updates
See it even earlier, Spidy date, music, 3rd trailer and more.
Val Kilmer to Return to The Saint?
Paramount was happy with VHS returns.
Transformers Vehicle Images
Get your first taste of some of the 'characters' from the movie.

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