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June 30, 2005

Dukes of Hazzard Site Up!
Check out the new site for the Duke brothers... and sister.
New Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Pics I
Check out the first dose of new movie still sent over from Wonka Industries.
Doom Logo Posted
Isn't that the game logo?
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory TV Spots!
Check out two released TV trailers for Wonka and his crazy group of kids... or Oompa-Loompas.
First The Island Clip
Check out the first clip from this Michael Bay thriller.
Tons of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Clips
Check out a bunch of clips from Wonka's factory.
New Fantastic Four Clip
Check out the latest clip featuring a look at all of the Fantastic Four.
War of the Worlds Review
Steven Spielberg drops all the friendly extra-terrestrial formulas and throws us some of the baddest mother-f*@ckers in the galaxy.

June 29, 2005

New Into the Blue Trailer
If Jessica Alba bending over in her underwear isn't enough to interest you I don't know what will.
New The Island Trailer!
Check out the new trailer that features a few new scenes from this Michael Bay romp.
X-Men 3 Casting has Spotted Angel?
As of now Angel has yet to be selected, but the choices are dwindling.
War of the Worlds Press Conference
Watch videos from the thirty-minute event featurign Q&A with Cruise and Spielberg.
Wizard Calls Jessica Alba Sexy
Jessica Alba takes on other hotties in the latest issue of Wizard Magazine.
Bewitched Review
hearing the audience laugh uncontrollably was almost as much fun as laughing uncontrollably yourself...
3rd Fantastic Four Clip
Finally a FF clip that looks good.
Holy War of the Worlds Reviews
Now that critics can speak, we can now listen.
New King Kong Stills Part II
Check out the second dose of new movie stills from King Kong.

June 28, 2005

King Kong Movie Stills!
You may recognize most o these from the trailer, but they are still nice.
Bourne Ultimatum In Developments
Damon is interested, Gilroy back to write, Greengrass is out with Watchmen.
Early Fantastic Four Reviews
Fears have been realized, this comic book adaptation is mediocre at best.
Sin City DVD News
More info on the upcoming release of the Robert Rodriguez / Frank Miller film to DVD.
New V for Vendetta Poster
Check out the new poster from the upcoming graphic novel adaptation.
New Wedding Crashers Clips
Waste some time and watch a few new clips from the Wilson / Vaughn comedy.
New Fantastic Four Clip
Not as long as the first, but features Chris Evans on fire.
Last Early War of the Worlds Reviews
With the movie coming out Wednesday, here is the last set of reviews for WOTW.

June 27, 2005

King Kong Trailer!
Don't wait for tonight, watch the trailer for King Kong now.
New Transporter 2 Trailer
Check out the trailer for this foot kicking sequel.
Richards Back as Depp Talks Pirates 2
Johnny Depp discusses Dead Man's Chest and the return of Keith Richards.
Extended Fantastic Four Clip!
Check out a two-minute clip from FF.
First Shot of Moody from Goblet of Fire?
Check out a new sticker for GOF and a shot of Mad-Eye Moody.

June 26, 2005

New Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Poster
Check out the latest poster featuring Oompa-Loompas.
Know War of the Wolrds
This site WOTW has info that even we missed.

June 25, 2005

New Fantastic Four Movie Stills
A bunch of new stills that show us mostly what we have seen before.
More Early War of the Worlds Reviews
More reviews with words like 'amazing', 'fantastic', 'great', 'in love'.
More King Kong Footage!
Ok ok, it is just more footage from the upcoming trailer.
Fantastic Four on TV Guide
The upcoming comic book adaptation takes the cover of TV Guide with five different characters.

June 24, 2005

Early Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Review
Check out what is called 'best Burton film since Scissorhands.'
Another Serenity Review
This one is positive... sort of.
Two New Fantastic Four Trailers
One shows much of the same, the other shows more.
Whedon Talks Wonder Woman
In an article about tough chicks, Whedon's name had to come up.

June 23, 2005

Fun with Dick and Jane Trailer
This Jim Carrey / Téa Leoni comedy actually looks pretty funny.
Fantastic Four Character Featurettes!
Nevermind the mediocre review, watch five new special clips for Fantastic Four
Early Legend of Zorro Reviews
Early reports from test screenings of the blockbuster sequel.
Early Fantastic Four Review
A review that calls the film 'mediocre'... oh the humanity.
Fantastic Four Music Video!
Check out the video 'Everything Burns' for Fantastic Four.
New Superman Returns Concept Art
A pic of Superman looking down on Earth.
Fantastic New TV Spots
Bringing the total up to eight.
AFI Picks Top 100 Movie Quotes
Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn.
New Superman Returns Production Diary
Check out the latest video diary titled 'Untitled.'

June 22, 2005

See a Glimpse of Kong!
NBC is airing a preview for the upcoming King Kong trailer that offers a piece of Kong.
War of the Worlds B-Roll
Watch six minutes of film shots from on the set of War of the Worlds.
Early Land of the Dead Reviews
Does this film reanimate zombie flicks?
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Licensing
AICN offers a full report which features new pics of posters from Goblet, Super, Corpse, and more.
New The Island Poster
Check out the international poster for The Island.
Holy War of the Worlds TV Spots!
Four new TV spots released by Paramount!
It's Ghost Rider!
Check out the first shot of Ghost Rider taken from a giant poster.
Chronicles of Narnia Poster!
Check out the first one-sheet for the Disney adaptation.
Cruise Handles Prank Like a Champ
He calls reporter a 'jerk' and ends it at that.

June 21, 2005

New War of the Worlds Stills Part II
Check out a second bunch of stills sent in by Paramount.
Early War of the Worlds Review
Check out this early review that calls the film fantastic.
New War of the Worlds Stills Part I
Check out a bunch more movie stills sent from Paramount.
War of the Worlds Soundtrack Sample!
Listen to samples from all the tracks for this upcoming alien blockbuster.
Another Fantastic Four Trailer!
With love, and new shots, from Japan.
Avi Arad Talks Marvel Films
Arad talks Ghost Rider, Fantastic Four, X-Men 3, and Spider-Man 3.
Cruise Gets Wet at War of the Worlds Premiere
A reporter takes a chance at humor by blasting Cruise with a little H20.
Lord Voldemort Speaks Goblet of Fire!
Ralph Fiennes talks what it is to be Lord Voldemort.

June 20, 2005

Vince Reports on Batman Begins
This aint no George Clooney Batman film.
Cool War of the Worlds Pic
Check out the concept art that shows a new angle to the boat scene in the alien epic.
Shoot 'Em Up Animatics!
See what sold everybody on this film project.
Underdog The Movie
The cartoon superhero might come to life in a live-action film with CG enhancements.
X-Men 3 Script Review Incorrect
You heard the crap, now a sigh of relief.
Morena Baccarin is Wonder Woman?
Well, she is a possibility among many.
Spider-Man 3 Villain Talk
More info, or should I say rumors, on who the next villains are going to be.
Shoot 'Em Up Script Review
A film as cool as Lock Stock with QT written all over it?

June 19, 2005

New Scanner Darkly Pics
More cool pics from this rad looking animation.
Alan Cumming Not in X-Men 3
Another down-step for this injured franchise.

June 18, 2005

Rhys-Davies Says Indy 4 Best of All
John Rhys-Davies is amped about an Indiana Jones IV.
So Much War of the Worlds
Paramount is beginning to pump this film in anticipation of the upcoming release.
10 Minutes of Fantastic Four!
Check out a ten-minute preview for the film.
Int Exclusive War of the Worlds Trailer
Check out the fifth movie trailer from the Cruise / Spielberg film.

June 17, 2005

Early War of the Worlds Reviews!
Both say this Spielberg film rocks!
It's King Kong!
From a picture to more news on the Kong movie trailer.
Batman Begins Review
if this Batman were to ever run into the Batman's of the last two films, he would probably kick their fruity asses...
Mr and Mrs Smith Review
follow this with great one-liners, a back-to-being-funny Vince Vaughn, and funs with guns...
New Fantastic Four Poster
Check out the latest poster featuring the gang doing their thing.
New Superman Returns Video Diary
Come check out Santa's Grotto.
A Look at Constant Gardener
Take a peak at the film starring Ralph Fiennes and Rachel Weisz.

June 16, 2005

Another Bill Murray Film
Check out a first look at Broken Flowers with a trailer and clip.
Holy Movie Clips Batman!
A ton of movie clips for Batman Begins storm online.
X-Men 3 Teaser Poster
The script is hurting, we are on our third director, and here comes one small ray of hope.
The Brothers Grimm Trailer!
Check out the first trailer for the comedic fantasy.
New Fantastic Four Trailer!
Watch the 3rd trailer for the next comic-to-film adaptation.

June 14, 2005

This Trailer has Pretty Persuasion
Check out the trailer for this inappropriate comedy.
New Batman Begins Clips!
Check out four new movie clips for the upcoming comic book / graphic novel adaptation.
New Fantastic Four Trailer Today
An official poster seems to think so.
New V for Vendetta Pic
Check out 'V' as he shows off his outfit.
Cinema Flashback: Who Are The Warriors?
... this is a cult classic, and if you haven’t seen it, then do yourself a favor and get down with it...
Owen to Shoot-Em-Up
Sin City was not violent enough.
Skywalker is the Joker?
Batman Begins hasn't officially hit theatres and talks of sequel cast already hot topic.
Mr and Mrs Smith Clips
Check out a bunch of clips for this entertaining Pitt / Jolie film.
Bewitched Clips!
Check out six new clips for the upcoming romantic comedy.

June 13, 2005

Another War of the Worlds Featurette
Check out 'Spielberg's Alien Trilogy'
Christian Bale on Batman Begins
Christian Bale talks more on the black knight and The New World.
Keith Richards Off Pirates 2
Latest reports say Keith Richards will not play Sparow's father.
X3 Script Review!
Things are not looking good for this once-wonderful franchise.
International Wonka Poster
Check out the latest from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Indy 4 Script Updates
The script that was supposedly completed won't be done till end of summer.
Its a New World
Check out the full trailer for the Colin Farrell epic.

June 12, 2005

Vince Reports on Mr and Mrs Smith
Big guns, big laughs, big stars equals one fun movie...
More War of the Worlds Video Featurettes
Watch a couple more special video clips for the Cruise / Spielberg blockbuster romp.

June 11, 2005

War of the Worlds Video Feature- 'Storyline'
Watch the first special video feature in a series for War of the Worlds.
Halo Finds a Studio or Two
With the requirements laid out by Microsoft, it takes two studios to handle this project.

June 10, 2005

Bad News Bears Full Trailer!
Damn we got a lot of trailers and clips the past couple days.
Fantastic TV Spots
Check out a bunch of TV spots for Fantastic Four
The 40-Year-Old Virgin Trailer Online
Check out the first trailer for this Steve Carell comedy.
Cronicas Trailer Online
Check out the thriller starring John Leguizamo.

June 9, 2005

New Batman Begins Clip
An exclusive clip from Myspace... what the?
Cruise Talks War of the Worlds on Leno.
Cruise, who has been a little nutty lately, was slightly more mellow on Leno with WOW clip.
New Superman Returns Production Diary
Speeding Bulletin #15 has arrived.
Freeman and Oldman talk Batman Begins
A couple of the character actors step up to talk dark knight.
More War of the Worlds TV Spots
See some cars crashing, helicopters flying, and explosions... exploding.
Rent Trailer Online
Watch the trailer for this musical adaptation.

June 8, 2005

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Character Sites
Just when I thought Paramount internet marketing was vast, Warner Bros does this.
So Much X-Men 3 Talk
A couple of nice video interviews now that the comic book adaptation is moving forward again.
War of the Worlds Soundtrack
Listen to a couple tracks from the War of the Worlds soundtrack.
New King Kong Production Diary
Jackson answers questions in '28 Weeks to Go'.
Brett Ratner Talks X-Men 3
The new director claims nothing is tainted.
Batman Begins Worldwide Banners
Call an exterminator, this has become an infestation!
MI:3 Gets a Start Date
After a few budget cuts, Paramount finally gives this sequel the greenlight.
New Bewitched Movie Stills
Check out the latest dose of stills for this magical romantic comedy.

June 7, 2005

Disney and Pixar Kiss and Makeup?
Now that Eisner is out of the picture, talks resume between these animation giants.
Halo Script Available for Purchase
Microsoft/Bungie tries to sell the million dollar Halo script for ten million. WOW!
Superman vs Batman Likely
Depends on how good the solo movies do first.
Early Batman Begins Reviews
The movie is approaching and reports are popping up.
Land of the Dead Stills
Check out the first dose of stills from George A. Romero's latest thriller.
Paramount Waves Bye to Watchmen
I guess you can call this a speed-hump in developments.
King Kong Trailer Rides War of the Worlds
It is time for us to see Kong run.
Intl Legend of Zorro Trailer
Check out the return of the masked crusader in this international trailer.

June 6, 2005

Revenge of the Sith Easter Eggs!
Here are some little entertaining details you may have missed.
New Batman Begins Clip!
Bruce has a discussion with the big bad man...
Open Season Trailer
Sony/Columbia steps up swinging with this CG animated comedy.
Ratner to Helm X-Men 3
At least, he is directing the latest film at this moment.
Cinderella Man Review
Time for me to admit I may have been wrong about Russell Crowe...
V for Vendetta Set Pics
Check out some new pics of men who love masks.

June 5, 2005

Huge Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Pic
Check out a shot of Potter and friends at the Quidditch World Cup campsite.

June 4, 2005

Indiana Jones IV Working Title?
What is with actors easily letting details slip lately?
New War of the Worlds TV Spot!
Check out the most intense clip yet.
Another Men in Black?
Is a MIB 3 on the way?

June 3, 2005

Win Invasion of the Body Snatchers DVDs
Get your re-release DVDs for free.
Indiana Jones IV Script Waits for Ford
Three people need to approve the latest Indy script... who is left?
Play to Win Sharkboy Posters and Spy Kids DVDs!
Giving away a couple of each. Sign up now!
Listen to Batman Begins Soundtrack
Hans Zimmer comes in full force for his latest OST.
Another Early Batman Begins Review
The reports are in: this film rocks.
New X3 Director?
There are some theories that got the list limited to two. Hmmmm.
Clooney a Transformer?
According to rumors, Clooney may be joining Michael Bay.

June 2, 2005

New Batman Begins TV Spot
And this one comes with trendy music.
Matthew Vaughn Off X-Men 3 Follow-Up
A follow-up to the reports you may have already read on Vaughn leaving the film he has fought so hard for.
Batman Begins Clip on Extra!
Check out a few bonus scenes of the dark knight.
New Superman Returns Video Diary 14
'Wind up and the Pitch'
Early Mr and Mrs Smith Reviews
Does this Pitt / Jolie romp have what it takes to survive summer?
More Star Wars Films Rumors
I know, I know, even more rumors about whether we can see another Star Wars movie this decade.

June 1, 2005

DVD Tuesday- Be Cool
Be Cool gets added features with its release.
Another Adaptation- Decameron
How to make literature masterpieces cool.
Vaughn Calls Quits on X-Men 3
The search for a director begins... again.
New Domino Pics
Check out the first dose of official pics for the Tony Scott thriller.

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