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July 31, 2007

Indiana Jones IV Teaser Poster?!
Maybe, but could be fanmade.
Ricky Gervais Set for Early Retirement
Will star in Warner Bros. comedy. Updated.
1-18-08 Now Terrifying
New but very similar poster now available.
The Bourne Ultimatum Soundtrack Out Now
Listen to some samples.
The Dark Knight Gets a New Theme
Switching over to Hans Zimmer will have implications.
Wall•E Isn't Enough, Disney Purchases Pet Robots
Feature rights on the graphic novel.
WALL•E Posters from Buy N Large
Great commercials that promote the film.
Hellboy II: The Golden Army Teaser Poster?!
A nice draw back to the comic.
Bassam Gives a Last Hurrah for Chivalry
One more Hurrah for John Woo.
David Strathairn on The Bourne Ultimatum
His character pops up in the wake of Brian Cox and Chris Cooper.
Akiva Schaffer on Hot Rod
His first feature film is not just a 90-minute Lazy Sunday.
Ryan Reynolds In on The Proposal
A romantic comedy for Touchstone Pictures.
Halloween TV Spot
It appeared on Spike TV.
Meet Prince Caspian!
Ben Barnes pops up to discuss his role in the latest production video.
Vince Vaughn Dating Universal Pictures
The relationship will last at least two years.
300 in 480p and 1080i
Got impressions on both formats for today's release of the film to DVD.
Drillbit Taylor Trailer
Say that three times fast.

July 30, 2007

Tons of Hot Rod Clips
See some of Rod's failed stunts.
Star Trek XI's Comic-Con Transcript
For those of you who missed the panel or the entire convention.
Balls of Fury Training Clips
Learn how to grip and the 'forehand smash.'
Flashtastic Superbad Clips!
Two new clips get laid online.
Watchmen Teaser Poster!
Plus the official casting announcement from Warner Bros.
New Poster for Southland Tales
Film now due out this November.
Jessica Simpson Turns Down Porn
Though it might have won her an Oscar.
Matt Damon Talks The Bourne Ultimatum
He was thrilled with the response at the press screening.
Raimi Seeks New Writer for Spider-Man 4
He hasn't confirmed he'll direct, but he sure is involved.
Thomas Lennon and Ben Garant Writing a Sequel at a Museum
Balls of Fury scribes confirmed it.
Depp Makes Note in His Rum Diary
He will play a freelance journalist in the adaptation.
Bassam Sings Four Last Songs
You will not be disappointed!
Keira Knightley Upgraded to Duchess
She will play Georgiana in the 18th century period piece.
Diaz My Sister's Keeper
Adaptation to be directed by Nick Cassavetes.
Paris Hilton Gets Repo!
She missed a few bills while in jail.
Doh! The Simpsons Movie Scores Big
Third-highest opening weekend for an animated film.

July 29, 2007

Comic-Con's Iron Man Footage!
A ton of shots from the film, including a flying Iron Man!
Angelina's Luscious CG Curves
New R-rated trailer available for Beowulf.
Watch the Indy 4 Comic-Con Panel!
For those of you who couldn't make it.

July 28, 2007

Watchmen Site Live
Gives an updated synopsis and will soon offer photos and first poster.
Resident Evil: Extinction Trailer!
Infected people? Check. Infected canines? Check. Milla? Chickity check!
David Silverman on The Simpsons Movie
Since he directed the early years of the show, Silverman was an obvious choice.

July 27, 2007

Extended Preview for The Golden Compass!
Better look at the story and tons more visuals. You know, what you'd expect from extended.
Another Badass Shoot 'Em Up Poster!
Clive Owen, Giamatti and Bellucci -- the holy trinity.
Kate Beckinsale Strikes Pose for Whiteout Poster
The film still has no release, but a poster means it exists.
Gotham's Police File for The Joker!
Another great discovery on WhySoSerious.
The Incredible Hulk Site Live
Gives us a date and synopsis.
The Dark Knight Teaser Trailer!
Plus a new image and more on the WhySoSerious site.
New Iron Man Banner
Concept #333206 from Stark Industries.
Alvin and the Chipmunks Trailer!
A nice teaser that shows some impressive CG work.
New Dark Knight Site with a Challenge
WhySoSerious? I can't figure it out, but maybe you can.
Megan Fox to Hack/Slash?
Hottie looking to star in the comic adaptation.
Witherspoon and Vaughn Celebrate Four Christmases
A holiday comedy from New Line.
Awesome Sweeney Todd Poster!
First teaser poster for the film featuring Depp.

July 26, 2007

The Simpsons Movie
The film validates my devotion to the greatest piece of entertainment in history.
Karen Allen Returns for Indy IV!
Will reprise her role as Marion Ravenwood.
Sarandon Also Has Lovely Bones
Another addition to the Jackson adaptation.
Depp to Hide in Dark Shadows
Feature film based on the '60s daytime series.
Win a Copy of Pathfinder Unrated!
Perfect film for those of you who get strangely aroused at the sight of Karl Urban.
Confirmed: Zachary Quinto to Live Long and Prosper!
Just in case you had any doubts.
Another Saw IV Poster, Already!
No body parts in this one, which is nice.
Bassam Doesn't Mind Being Hard Boiled
The action sequences will give you a hard on.
New Star Trek XI Poster
Pretty basic, but still cool.
The Real Monstrous Poster!?
Hi-res version that shows where this beast might be coming from.
Breaking News: Jessica Alba Single!
Recent split makes the er, popular actress available.
1-18-08/Cloverfield is Officially Monstrous?
Announcement expected at Comic-Con.
Paul Greengrass on The Bourne Ultimatum
Returning to Bourne, the director's mission was pure fun.
James L. Brooks on The Simpsons Movie
Producer has been with the series from the beginning, and is no comedy novice.
Dermot Mulroney Has a Flash of Genius
Will join the film starring Greg Kinnear.
Guy Ritchie's Directing His Own GameKeeper
Will direct the adaptation for Warner Bros.
Beowulf Trailer!
Paramount has also updated the film's official site.
Tim Blake Nelson The Leader of The Incredible Hulk
"The Leader" is one of the Hulk's major antagonists
Iron Man to Drive an Audi
Stark will drive the R8.

July 25, 2007

New WALL•E Photo
The little robot continues to stare out into space.
Introducing the Cast of Watchmen!
Cast confirmed just in time for Comic-Con.
Lucas Agrees! Han Shot First
Director wears the shirt on set of Indy IV.
Saw IV Poster!
Hard to really weigh in when you're just a-head. Get it, get it?!
Mike Scully on The Simpsons Movie
Producer points out a couple Fox easter eggs in the film.
A Character Driven The Last Legion Poster
Everybody but McKidd makes an appearance.
Empire Covers Iron Man
Cover of the next issue dedicated to the character.
Official Reviews for The Bourne Ultimatum
General consensus calls the film a two-hour adrenaline surge.
Official Reviews for The Simpsons Movie
Everything a fan of the series could ask for?
Ryan Falls for Renaissance on DVD
A sci-fi thriller that takes itself seriously, though animated.
Rush Hour 3 Character Posters
Since the film features two 'characters', there are two of them.
First Beowulf Production Photos!
Get warmed up for Comic-Con!
Watts a Malfoy for Half-Blood Prince!
She will (most likely) play Narcissa.

July 24, 2007

3:10 to Yuma Poster!
Plus a few new movie stills.
Yo-Yo Girl Cop on DVD
Beats the title for my movie, Splish Splash Mop Boy.
Gift Bag of Fred Claus Stills
Warner Bros. released an elf-sized set.
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Breaks Multiple IMAX Records
Biggest week, second week, international opening and more.
The Bourne Ultimatum the Best Installment?
Screening reports are extremely positive.
300 Soundtrack Gets a Special Edition
In anticipation of the release of the film to DVD.
Sunshine's Montage of Death
New death reel shows all the characters dying.
Prince Caspian Production Art
Four new images give us an early idea of what to expect.
Quinto is Spock!
Heroes star is close to signing a deal.
Skinwalkers TV Spots
For those of you who like a teethy horror.
Drew Carey New Host of Price is Right
He's had practice hosting with Whose Line Is It Anyway?.

July 23, 2007

The Last Legion Poster
Suggests quite the Roman epic.
Fuzzy 1-18-08 Poster
Somebody snapped a photo of it with a cell phone.
Al Jean on The Simpsons Movie
He has been with the show for 18+ years.
The Invasion Stills
First official batch from Warner Bros.
Ray Stevenson the New Punisher?
Rome's Titus Pullo returns!
The Malfoys Get an Order of the Phoenix Poster
Great contrast thanks to all the blonde.
Shooter on DVD
The DVD gives a bit more entertainment with deleted scenes.
Family Guy Movie Still Possible
Let's see how well The Simpsons Movie does.
Stanley Tucci Has Lovely Bones
Actor will take the role of killer in Jackson's adaptation.
The Dark Knight Teaser Trailer Description
It sounds pretty quick, but there is definitely something worth seeing (and hearing).

July 22, 2007

Jackie Chan Had an Incident
I am sure there will be some kicking involved.
Tom Cruise to Become Edwin A. Salt
Columbia trying to get Terry George to direct.
Who Do You Want in the Transformers Sequel?
Soundwave is racking up some votes!
More Positive Buzz for Stardust
More early screening reports online.
Chuck and Larry Beat Out Potter
Gay jokes proved to have more pull than wizards and witches.

July 20, 2007

New Iron Man Pic
Stark tests his new gear, or hand.
No Country for Old Men Poster
First and final one-sheet for the film.
Bassam Reunites with The Host on DVD
Now this is a thriller!
Ridley Scott Meets Vampires in The Passage
Fox 2000 has acquired the book, though it isn't due out until 2009.
Locate a Kwik-E-Mart!
7-Eleven offers a new directory with pictures.

July 19, 2007

The film strays a bit as it takes a more intellectual approach to the genre.
It is easily the happiest movie of the year.
Poster for The Darjeeling Limited
Upcoming comedy starring Owen Wilson, Adrien Brody and Jason Schwartzman.
Two More Clips for The Simpsons Movie
Some new, hi-res laughs coming at you.
Liotta is Feeling Powder Blue
He shouldn't, as he gets to hang with Biel.
Hood to Direct Wolverine
The same guy who brought us Tsotsi.
Seth Rogen The Green Hornet?
Though unconfirmed, it has been suggested that he will both write and star.
JJ Abrams Cloverfield Involvement
How did he keep such a buzz-worthy trailer a secret?
Favreau and Downey Discuss Iron Man
They reveal where they spent their last days filming.
Zac Efron on Hairspray
Actor became an instant star when he exploded on the Disney Channel.
The Sun in Sunshine
Boyle made a movie about the sun, and he wanted to get the science right.
Bay Talks Transformers Sequels
Looks like a trilogy with just as much action as the original.
Cruise Looking Like a Valkyrie!
First production images appear online.
Go Behind Hairspray
New featurettes now available.
Family Album for The Simpsons Movie
A whole bunch of production stills for the CG-less animation.

July 18, 2007

Bassam Tries to Fight Dynamite Warrior
Damn near got his ass kicked.
Underdog TV Spots
Plus four new stills for the film.
Fox Poopoos Comic-Con
Fans will miss out on Hitman, Jumper and more.
Ratatouille the Best of 2007?
Judging by the mid-year report.
Affleck! Brothers Team for Gone Baby Gone
Poster and trailer for the upcoming mystery drama.
Poster Shows Dedication
Upcoming drama starring Billy Crudup and Mandy Moore.
Amanda Bynes on Hairspray
I've got to admit, I'm a sucker for pigtails.
Black Snake Moan on DVD
Here is a movie that needed some additional scenes.
Preview the Ace Ventura 3 Posters
Small, but give us a sense of the film's direction.
Fred Claus No Good?
Negative screening report surfaces.
Recon Achieved: First John Rambo Production Photos
Fishing with a bow? Cold as ice!
Cameron's Avatar Pushes Monsters
Film moves forward one week in 2009.
Leguizamo is Also Happening
Joined the cast of the M. Night thriller.
Weinstein Company Goes Mad
Acquisition of Tom Folsom's novel.

July 17, 2007

December Boys Poster
Very plain, but gets the job done.
Danny Boyle On Sunshine Effects
The director has always played with visual tricks.
Brittany Snow on Hairspray
Every movie involving high school kids has to have a bitch.
Yates and Heyman Talk Half-Blood Prince and Deathly Hallows
The book's release will help production.
Comic-Con's Death Sentence Poster
A little more artsy.
Factory Girl on DVD
Sienna Miller is hot and extremely talented.
Brittany Murphy Jumps to The Other Side
Along with Jason Lee, Giovanni Ribisi, Jim Broadbent and more.

July 16, 2007

The Last Legion Trailer
Even with the quick release, it could be good.
Radcliffe One of the December Boys
Radcliffe not as Potter? You will have to see it to believe it.
Poster and Trailer have a Death Sentence
A great-looking thriller starring Kevin Bacon.
See Superbad Super Early!
Tomorrow in fact.
A Colorful Array of The Simpsons Movie Clips
Clips scattered across the net.
Elijah Kelley on Hairspray
Actor represents the African-American side of the film's integration and tolerance message.
Yates Talks Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
Director wanted to make sure the movie could stand on its own.
Indiana Jones as Fit as Ever
Ford can still handle the rigors of filming and is even doing most his own stunts.
Robert De Niro is Chasing the Dragon
A story that covers the rise of communism in China.
Drawing Prince Caspian
New update from the film's official blog.

July 15, 2007

Seth Green Joins the Pack of Old Dogs
Will join Travolta and Williams.
Rush Hour 3 No Good?
Negative screening report appears online.
Even More on Cloverfield
More like Blair Witch than we thought.
Bearings Are Correct! A New The Golden Compass Trailer!
Not even the alethiometer saw this one coming!
New Rush Hour 3 Trailer!
New footage and what looks to be a stunt compilation.
Chuck and Larry Not Gay Enough?
First official reviews for the comedy.
Paul Newman Collector's Editions
Fox has taken the time to give Newman special editions.

July 14, 2007

Alrighty Then! Josh Flitter for Third Ace Ventura
Trilogy-concluder will be Carrey-less.
Tentpoles Coming! Next Year, then Next, then Next
Studios already prepping for 2009 (and 2010).

July 13, 2007

More People Like Superbad
Hit comedy of the summer?
All the Boys Love this Poster
One-sheet for the upcoming horror.
The Dark Knight Trailer When?
Coming this month!
Casting Call for Watchmen
Comes with studio's character descriptions.
Martin Sheen on Talk to Me
Made sure his character was not just the token white guy.
Goldenberg Writes Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
Goldenberg took over the job from Steve Kloves.
Bond 22 a Return to Comedy
Now that Bond has been toughened up, time for some laughs.
More Images Appear for 1-18-08
Events unfold quickly.

July 12, 2007

Watts Going International
She will star opposite Clive Owen.
The Summer of Hans Zimmer
Composer's music to be heard in Heroes, Pirates, and The Simpsons.
2nd Bee Movie Trailer in HD
Turns out that stealing honey is no bueno.
Law and Caine Show Up for the Sleuth Trailer
An interesting revenge thriller.
Somebody Has Seen 10,000 B.C.
Hot damn, this film is progressing quick.
Imelda Staunton on Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
She plays one of Potter's many problems, Professor Umbridge.
Danny Boyle Talks Sunshine
Whether its drugs, romance or zombies, he likes his films to be different.
Taraji P Henson on Talk to Me
She plays Greene's only chick who could keep up.
Jim Carrey Says Yes Man
Will team with Potter producer David Heyman.
The French Love Harry Potter
Best Warner Bros. release in the territory.
The Dark is Rising Trailer
Looks like it could be good...
Racer X Finds a Girlfriend in Nayo Wallace
The mysterious character knows how to pick 'em.
Saoirse Ronan Has Lovely Bones
Young Irish actress joins Weisz and Gosling.

July 11, 2007

Charlize Theron has a Burning Sensation
Drama marks the feature directing debut of Guillermo Arriaga.
Indy Arrives!
Hat? Check. Jacket? Check. Bullwhip? Chickety check!
Transformers Makes Opening Week Record
Paramount's official box office announcement.
Even Before Its Release, Potter is Breaking Records
Official statement from Warner Bros.
Adaptation Block: The Book of Lost Things
Another fantasy taking place in WWII getting set for the bigscreen.
The Simpsons Movie is Brilliant?
Well, at least ten minutes of it is.
First Look: Doomsday
Action thriller starring Rhona Mitra and Bob Hoskins.
Cedric the Entertainer on Talk to Me
He plays a popular DJ.
Queen Latifah on Hairspray
We all know Queen Latifah can belt out a tune or crack us up laughing...
Potter Scores $12 Million at Midnight
Parents let their kids stay out late.
Full 10,000 B.C. Trailer!
Are you kidding me? Take me back in time, right now!
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
It's got the grit and intensity that all kids movies should have.

July 10, 2007

Neverwas Interesting
This film should have never been.
Paramount Dancing to a Remake of Footloose
Imagination must still be low in Hollywood
The Simpsons Find a Home in Vermont
Location will host the film's premiere.
Spacey to Return For Superman Sequel
Lex returns for Superman: Man of Steel.
Shatner Out, Nimoy in for Star Trek XI
Straight from the horse's mouth.
What Does 10,000 B.C. Look Like? Well, Take a Look!
Preview for what's coming tomorrow.
Emma Watson on Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
She returns to this installment like another day at the office.
Where There is No Country for Old Men
Thriller starring Tommy Lee Jones, Josh Brolin and Javier Bardem.
Don Cheadle on Talk to Me
Actor takes us through Greene's rise to fame.
Pfeiffer Singing Again in Hairspray
Actress discusses how hard it is to do a musical.
Christian Bale on Rescue Dawn
To Bale, losing weight and torture is fun stuff.
Trailer Introduces Us to The Spiderwick Chronicles
Another fantasy that looks a little too CG.
Get Smart Trailer
Our first official introduction to the characters.
Fred Claus Trailer
Santa has a secret service and Fred acts a whole lot like Jeremy.

July 9, 2007

3:10 to Yuma Pushed Up a Month
Western coming September 7th.
Kidman to Visit Monte Carlo
Another project that will have her star and produce.
TNT Loves 300 Spartans
Network payed large sum of money for cable rights.
Daniel Radcliffe Talks Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
Harry's improved magic means more intense spells.
Comic-Con 2007 Schedule Online!
Start marking up your calendar.
Rogue Poster
There's a croc in these waters.
John Travolta on Hairspray
Film didn't want the usual Travolta, so he instead plays a woman.
Werner Herzog on Rescue Dawn
The director remade his ealier documentary into a feature film.

July 8, 2007

Favreau's Wrapped Iron Man Update
Discusses a couple rumors and what we need to know.
Four Fred Claus Posters
Or what I like to call, fun with small people.
Resurrecting the Champ Poster
Sport drama starring Samuel L. Jackson and then some.
More on 'Cloverfield'
New sites and blogs pop up.
Reviews of the Phoenix
That's right, more reviews coming at you. (and this time they are positive)
Transformers Dominates the Box Office
Rakes in Earthlings money domestically and internationally.

July 6, 2007

License to Wed the Usual Williams Fluff
Who cares about D-grade characters?
Hitman Teaser Poster?
Great concept, but it needs more.
POW! Rescue Dawn
One of the best POW breakout movies ever.
Rachel Taylor on Transformers
She plays a lovely computer hacker that helps realize Decepticon technology.
Ken Kwapis on License to Wed
Director sticks close to Office talent.
Christopher Walken Styles with Hairspray
Hence why his hair is always like er, that.
Zak Penn to Remake The Dirty Dozen
Writer-director has recently jumped ship to CAA.
Indiana Jones IV Hoping for B Movie Feel
According to producer Frank Marshall.
International Resident Evil: Extinction Poster
Milla gets more than a silhouette in this one.
Germany Makes Nice and Funds Valkyrie
Hoping the Cruise incident will blow over.

July 5, 2007

Bridge to Terabithia on DVD
A solid adaptation makes a great, and very family safe, film.
Good Luck Chuck Gets a Red Band
New trailer comes R-rated.
Transformers Makes Fourth of July History
New box office record steals the belt from Spidey.
Hung Over Updates for Harry Potter
Like a tiny dose of tylenol.
Take a Visit to Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium
Fantastical comedy starring Dustin Hoffman, Natalie Portman and Jason Bateman.
Josh Duhamel on Transformers
He had to go through the usual Hollywood-style boot camp.
John Krasinski on License to Wed
From an Office to his first major movie role.

July 4, 2007

Alvin and the Chipmunks!
Get an early look at the film's official poster.

July 3, 2007

JJ Abrams Top Secret Trailer
Attached to Transformers. (updated)
Transformers' Early Invasion Brings in $8.1 Million
Early debut played on approximately 3K screens.
Kidman and Craig's The Invasion Poster
New, and very red, poster for the thriller.
Shia LaBeouf on Transformers
Actor explains the demands of a film with walking and talking robots.
Bassam Can't Stop Watching Apocalypto
Do yourself a favor and watch this movie...
Robin Williams on License to Wed
Playing a priest provided some restrictions.
Official Saw IV Synopsis
Jigsaw is dead.
I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry Stills
A whole new batch from Universal Pictures.
Images Facing Extinction
New stills for the third installment of Resident Evil.
A Real Kwik-E-Mart!
Genius promotion for The Simpsons Movie.
Went on a Date with Transformers and Woke Up Spooning Optimus Prime!
The quintessential popcorn film, which is AWESOME.

July 2, 2007

Speed Racer's Monkey Troubles
PETA upset about a biting chimp on set.
Win an Autographed Hot Rod Poster!
Plus some non-autographed versions also!
Transformers in Theaters Tonight!
For those of you convinced the trailers were telling the truth.
Dragon Dynasty on HDTV
Label has done an unfathomable job restorying classic martial arts movies on DVD.
Summer School (Life's a Beach Edition) on DVD
You'll enjoy it - even if it is just for nostalgia's sake.
Mandy Moore on License to Wed
New batch of stills for the upcoming comedy.
Darren Lynn Bousman on Saw IV
Nobody knows what's going on and this director wants to keep it that way.
Extended Sunshine
New trailer shows so much sun that it burns.
Beowulf Coming in 3D
With a simultaneous IMAX release.
Megan Fox Heats Up Transformers
All Michael Bay films have hot girls...

July 1, 2007

Another Batman Installment Already in Consideration
Bale claims Dark Knight opens the door.
LaBeouf and Ford Sitting on a Bike
More set pics from Indy IV!
McClane Can't Handle a Simple Dish of Ratatouille
Both films did well over the weekend, but the Pixar animation came out on top.
Listen to Megatron!
New clip that features dialogue from the character.

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