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January 31, 2007

New Astronaut Farmer Stills
To help prep for the film's launch this month.
Miller the Factory Girl
She is a glamour icon in today's Hollywood.
Dirty Harry Controversy
Potter's Dan Radcliffe takes his clothes off for a stage play.
Campbell Feels no Bond Toward 22nd Installment
Director announced that he probably won't return.
Crowe the Sheriff of Nottingham
Will team with Imagine for a Robin Hood retelling.
More Norbit Clips
Five new clips for the comedy.
Stills from Reno 911!: Miami
A whole squad of them.
Beyoncé Knowles Most Desirable
Top 99 Women of 2007 are in with Dreamgirls star taking the crown.
Underdog Flies Across the Web
New pictures spring up on multiple sites.
TMNT's Rating
The filmmakers promise to please the now grown-up fans of the franchise.
Director Michael Lehmann on Because I Said So
Lehmann knows how to tell female stories that men like too.
Colin Hanks Becomes Untraceable
Not that he's lacking in features or anything.
Mendes a Dirty Cleaner
Will join up with Christa Campbell on the comedy.
Sienna Miller Bond's Girl?
She was on the list for Casino, maybe Craig can convince her for the 22nd installment.

January 30, 2007

The Departed 2???
Though most of the cast is dead...
International Poster Gets Knocked Up
The foreigners are more prone to s-e-x.
Corddry and Helms Eat Kumar's Burger
Everybody is back plus ten others.
Flags of Our Fathers DVD Review
Does do an excellent job in portraying the prices of war after the bullets stop flying.
Catch and Release Soundtrack
Now available, win yourself a copy.
Poster Requests Dead Silence
Lifelike dolls... always creepy.
Set Visit: The Golden Compass!
First stop is with production designer Dennis Gassner.
Super Bowl XLI Movie Plugs Lacking
Only two have been confirmed so far.
Aqua Teen Hunger Force Trailer
Now available in quicktime format on the film's official site.
Diane Keaton on Because I Said So
Actress turned Daphne into a Diane Keaton role.
Warner Bros. Gets Closer to Snyder
300 sparked one heck of a relationship between the two.
Rocco to Adapt The Killer Inside Me
Based on the noir novel published in 1952.
Vivaldi Hand Picks His Instruments
Biopic starring Joseph Fiennes.
Wes Bentley Has a Blackheart
Actor discusses how he landed the role and what to expect form the character.
Fit to be a King?
Borat (Sacha Baron Cohen) gets listed as one of the most powerful men in...
The Feeling is Unknown
The story was clever, but somehow the delivery missed a bit.

January 29, 2007

The Gathering of Doodoo
Sometimes movies get made that would insult a Neanderthal's intelligence.
Cool Offroad Emergency Truck: Ratchet!
More conceptual artwork for Transformers.
Delta Farce Character Posters
Three army man posters and trailer feeds.
New Promo Photo for Order of the Phoenix?
Maybe, but Weasley looks like he is getting younger.
Final The Reaping One-Sheet
No Swank for the final version.
Raimi Wants a Hobbit?
Director said he wants to do it... behind closed doors of course.
McAdams a Replacement for The Dark Knight?
She could take over for Katie Holmes.
Trailer Checks In to 1408
First preview of the Cusack thriller.
Landscaping Ghost Rider
New video blog for the film is pushing up daisies.
Lauren Graham on Because I Said So
Lauren Graham plays Mandy Moore’s sister in the film.
TMNT's New Story
The original trilogy featured Shredder and even Vanilla Ice.
Box Office Has Epic Weekend
Smokin' Aces came in second.
Ryan's Choice Cuts for 2007
Top ten most anticipated "holy sh*t" films of the year.

January 28, 2007

New Pictures from the Worlds End
A few more get leaked online.
Transformers Merchandise Catalog?
Take a look at possible toys coming our way for the film.
Meet Norbit's Rasputia
New clips, spot and featurette available for the Murphy comedy.
Screamfest's Call for Entries
In anticipation of the film festival taking place in Hollywood.

January 27, 2007

Rush Hour 3 Teaser Trailer!
Not much, but Tucker and Chan are singing again.
Common on Smokin' Aces
Alicia Keys is not the only musical artist making a film debut.
Blood and Chocolate Review
Everybody takes this movie way too seriously.

January 26, 2007

Smokin' Aces Updates
Clips, contest and new poster.
Stop the Insanity: Kidman Not the Last Injury of the Week
First Kidman's crash and now a death on the set of Jumper.
New Bridge to Terabithia Movie Stills
All looking at Josh Hutcherson and AnnaSophia Robb, none on the CG.
TMNT in Hong Kong
Bulk of Imagi's work takes place there.
Smith a Voyeur With Overbrook
Another project set up under Smith's banner.
300's IMAX Poster
Looks like Warner Bros half-assed this one.
I Prey You Don't See This Movie
This thriller is another one of those “paycheck” movies.
Catch and Release Review
Certainly if anyone could make death a delight, it's Jennifer Garner.
Smokin' Aces Out Tarantinos Tarantino
Had it come out one month earlier, it could have been the best movie of 2006.
Holmes Over The Dark Knight!
She may have Mad Money, but a scheduling conflict means no Batman.
Latifah and Holmes Got Mad Money
Both in negotiations to co-star.

January 25, 2007

Stills Show Blades of Glory
New movie stills for the film.
300 Is Going to be Huge.. at IMAX!
Simultaneous release to watch gore in beautiful proportions.
James McAvoy Needs More Warp Power!
New rumor claims that actor will join Star Trek XI.
Sun Ming Ming Stands Tall in Rush Hour
Chinese basketball player will have a part in third installment.
Howard and Mac's Pride Poster
Second teaser poster for the film much better than the first.
Mark Steven Johnson: "Ghost Rider is Done"
No more editing, the film is ready for delivery.
More I Am Legend Set Pics
A reported supposedly walked on set and started snapping.
Jennifer Garner on Catch and Release
The film gives Garner a showcase for her other, non action talents.
Murphy Visits NowhereLand
A comedy that will keep him close to Paramount Pictures.
Alvin and the Chipmunks coming to the big screen in CG.
Luke Another Lamb for Lions
Actor joins Robert Redford-directed drama.
Book to Film: The Golden Compass
New Line's confident, but the book is a tough one to adapt.

January 24, 2007

Listen to the Ghost Rider Soundtrack!
Samples of five tracks from the OST available online.
Bassam's Top 10 Most Anticipated Movies of 2007
"Who isn't going to see these?"
Fatty Norbit Clips
Clip, interview and a new gag reel.
Spoiled by Spider-Man 3
An entire report chalk full of spoilers.
The Last Smokin' Aces Poster Ever?
With the release date approaching, there can't be many more.
Weinstein and Fox Searchlight Acquire La Misma Luna
The studio continues to gobble up films at Sundance.
Liotta Downloading Bello
Thriller about a fatal attraction.
Win a Poster for Farce of the Penguins
Three mini-posters to give away.
Reno 911!: Miami One-Sheet!
The squad is ready to fight crime and take part in shenanigans on the bigscreen.
Chiklis Talks Thing vs Silver Surfer
Expect more comic book phrases from the character.
Joe Carnahan on Smokin' Aces
The film may be more of a personal story for the director.
Scorsese Re-Departed
Warner Bros to re-release the film to theatres this weekend.
Sandra Bullock's Premonition
A nice illusion.

January 23, 2007

Tyrese Talks Transformers
For him, shooting the film was more than meets the eye.
Mas Ghost Rider TV Spots
Both show new footage from the film, which is nice.
DVD Review: This Film is Not Yet Rated
Eye-opening if not downright shocking.
Best Smokin' Aces Poster to Date
The title says it all.
Mandy Moore Talks Because I Said So
Expect a few musical numbers from her in this one.
27th Annual Razzie Nominees!
Basic Instinct 2 has the Razzie's butt clenched!
New Grindhouse Poster!
They keep getting better. See it quick!
5 300 TV Spots!
Available in multiple formats.
New Transformers Photos!
DreamWorks sent over three new stills. (updated)
Paramount Leads Oscar Race with 19 Noms
Thanks most in part to Dreamgirls.
79th Annual Academy Awards Nominations List
Plus our very own predictions.
New 300 Poster!
Shows some Persians falling to their demise.
More Epic Movie Posters
Potter, Superman, Wardrobe and Wonka get spoofed.

January 22, 2007

Meet the Robinsons' Policy Trailer
A new trailer on the film that follows theater rules.
Spider-Man 4?
Columbia Pictures is game. (follow up)
Target: Jeremy Piven, Smokin' Aces
Jeremy Piven is usually quick with his mouth, most notably as Ari Gold on Entourage...
Official Transformers Fan Art
Now available at the film's official site.
Cool Spider-Man 3 Pictures
Now available online if you know where to look.
Tyler Perry's Prize Package
Two prize packages to give away in anticipation of the film's release.
Kevin Smith on Catch and Release
For his first major acting role in someone else's film, he couldn't help contributing to the script.
Epic Movie's Pirated Posters
Two new posters that spoof Pirates.
Behind the Scenes of Ghost Rider!
Clip features interviews and new footage.
Connery Considering Indiana Jones IV
Will return to the silver screen if he likes what he sees.
Weinstein Acquires Grace is Gone
Official release statement from TWC.
Producers Love A Little Miss Sunshine
Producers Guild give it the award of top feature film.
300 to Premiere in Berlin
At the festival this February.
Columbia Wants Koepp's Spider-Man 4
The studio likes what it sees in Spider-Man 3.
Ryan Reynolds on Smokin' Aces
He has been in violent movies before, but not like this.
Weinstein Grabs Cusack's Grace
Biggest sale of Sundance to date.

January 21, 2007

Lizard Spider-Man's Next?
Dylan Baker touches upon the subject.
Cameron Gives More on Avatar
More details on the plot of the film.
McMahon Clears Up Doom's Involvement in Silver Surfer
He exists and he is effin pissed.
Vote on My Smokin' Aces Video!
Some easy kills in honor of the film's theatrical release this week.

January 19, 2007

Spider-Man 3 Site Dusted for Spider Webs!
Official site updated with flash menus and new content.
Aronofsky Pas de Bourrée's to Black Swan
A psychological thriller set in the world of ballet.
Greengrass Grows in Iraq
United 93 director to helm film based on Iraq aftermath.
Rodrigo Santoro's 300 Video Journal!
Get our first full introduction to Xerxes.
New Still for Order of the Phoenix
Image features a glowing Dan Radcliffe.
Garner Comes to Age with Juno
Upcoming comedy centered on an unplanned pregnancy. Fun.
Jackson Moves In to Lakeview Terrace
Will co-star with Kerry Washington in upcoming thriller.
Mira Nair to Lead Depp to Shantaram
Could be Depp's next after Todd.

January 18, 2007

Superman Sequel: More Action Equals More Villains
Or so Michael Dougherty thinks.
Koepp Talks Indiana Jones IV
The guy who helped finally deliver an approved script.
Epic Movie Stills
Get a taste for some of the parodies.
Stills from Norbit
AKA, stills of a fat lady.
First Great Thrill Ride of 2007: The Hitcher
The film starts quickly and never stops.
One-Sheet Shows Eagle vs. Shark!
Comedy starring FOTC's Jemaine Clement.
Pixar Tries Robots With Wall-E
Next film from the animation studio coming 2008.
Grace Under Code
Actor will star in sci-fi thriller.
Fantasmic Pirates 3 Concept Art
The film looks great and don't get me started on Knightley's cleavage.
Official Reviews for Smokin' Aces
The film not doing so hot, but we expected this.
Kevin Smith on His Horror Film
Smith tells CanMag he's planning to do it straight, not even like a horror comedy.
Fresh Ghost Rider Spot
New footage in this one.
Cinderella III on DVD February 6th
Win yourself a copy!
Sly Dog: Olyphant is a Hitman!
After claiming reports were exaggerated, the TO is agent 47.
300 on Television!
Warner Bros releases three new TV spots.
Final Epic Movie Poster
Crispin Glover is Wonka?

January 17, 2007

Departed from China
Oh those fickle Chinese!
Disney Returns to Mars
Disney once had the rights. (follow up)
Brad Fuller on The Hitcher
Platinum Dunes producer talks horror.
Starter for 10 Trailer
Upcoming romantic comedy from Picturehouse.
Showtime On the Outs
Critically acclaimed film to premiere on the subscriber network.
Win a Signed Blood and Chocolate Poster!
Two mini-posters to give away in anticipation of the film's release.
A Trailer of Sunshine!
First official trailer for the sci-fi thriller and it is thrilling!
Spoilerific Spider-Man 3 Conclusion Online!
Filled with tons of details... but are they true?
More Art for The Mutant Chronicles
Second artwork arrives and it is (slightly) different from the first.
Funny Ghost Rider Spot
The commercial from Jackson Hewitt.
Disney Off to Mars with John Carter
These two looking to sit uncomfortably together.
Get Smart Johnson!
Two new cast additions for the upcoming comedy.
Paltrow is Virginia "Pepper" Potts!
Actress the latest addition to Iron Man cast.
Norbit's Sexy One-Sheet!
Official poster featuring some er, big love.

January 16, 2007

Get a Bite of this Burger
From The Illusionist to 24 Meets the Sopranos.
Snakes on a Plane DVD Review
I'm the motherf*ckin' quote on the motherf*ckin' box!
Barton Indies Don't Fade Away
You know your career hasn't hit it big when you're starring in movies with rappers.
Multiple Captains to Report to USS Enterprise
Expect other characters to beam aboard Star Trek XI.
64th Golden Globes Fashion Awards
The white strapless gowns were innumerable at the ceremony.
New Venom Pic!
No confirmation just yet, but it still looks damn cool. (updated)
Borat in 30 Seconds
As you might have guessed, re-enacted by bunnies.
Music and Lyrics Movie Stills
Warner Bros releases a band's worth of them.
Lost Boys Sequel Coming
Direct to video and (even better) surfer vampires.
Sean Bean on The Hitcher
The actor has a lot of experience playing villains.
Mewes Out of Luck for TMNT
Kevin Smith claims Mewes lobbied, just didn't get a part.
Tara Reid, Honestly
Frumpy actress will star and produce indie comedy.
Casino Royale Top 2006 Film in U.K.
Shot past Pirates this weekend.
New Line Preview 2007: Hairspray
New movie stills and updated synopsis for the film.

January 15, 2007

New Hostel: Part II Poster?
Tools and flesh. Broad but fitting.
First Propaganda from The Mutant Chronicles
Artwork is expected to be the film's teaser poster.
Babel is Golden
Winners list from the recent awards ceremony.
Zach Knighton on The Hitcher
Zachary Knighton got his first taste of celebrity stalkers.
MGM Tries Another Stargate
The last one had er, mistakes. (asses were left behind)
Updated Hot Fuzz!
Streaming trailer, production photos and updated synopsis.
Footage of The Hitcher
New set of clips appear for the upcoming thriller.
Fan Posters for Smokin' Aces
Official blog now posting them.
Rodriguez and Tarantino Want to Flip Your Grindhouse
Contest to submit your best "grindhouse trailer."
NY Times Visits I Am Legend
Get an update on the vampire film direct from the set.
Smith and Sony Show Mercy
New spec script from the guy who gave us a Giant Peach.
Poster Says Nomad
Kazakhstan's official entry for Best Foreign Language Film.

January 14, 2007

Smith Writes His Die Hard 4 Speech
He seized the opportunity to add Yippee Kai-Yays.
Meyers Catches a Ride on The Hitcher
Director discusses the horror remake.
Columbia Has Their Own KGB Agent
Studio begins race to have a Litvinenko film out first.
First Rush Hour 3 Production Photos!
Chan and Tucker off to Paris.
A Mini-Venom to Protect Your Desk
SideShowCollectibles Toy appears online.
Universal Pictures Preview 2007: Charlie Wilson's War
Drama starring Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts.
Universal Pictures Preview 2007: The Bourne Ultimatum
Third installment in the Jason Bourne story.
Universal Pictures Preview 2007: I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry
Upcoming comedy starring Adam Sandler and Kevin James.

January 13, 2007

First Ghost Rider TV Spot
Shows off a new bike-smash.
Final Hannibal Rising Trailer
Hannibal's got a bit of Dexter in him.

January 12, 2007

Win Your Own Pan's Labyrinth Poster!
In anticipation of the film's expanded release. 5 to give away.
Smokin' Aces Reviews Across the Net
Thanks in part to the film's UK release.
Disturbia Trailer
An interesting take on house arrest.
Fox Takes a Trip to Suck City
Where Paul Weitz is the mayor.
Warner Bros Resurrects KGB Spy
With the help of Johnny Depp.
Arthur and the Invisibles Review
Film actually makes it work.
Alpha Dog: Hollywood's Idea of 'Real Kids'
It's dubious because Hollywood is the opposite of reality.
Story Seeks Input for Silver Surfer
Whose voice do you want to hear come out of Surfer's mouth?

January 11, 2007

Old School Smokin' Aces Title Sequence!
Too long, but still neat.
Ferrell Shows Off His Blades of Glory
First trailer for the comedy online.
Three New Names for Two Face
Who to play Harvey Dent?
Poster Has Us Reaping What We Sow
Official one-sheet for the thriller starring Hilary Swank.
Johansson's Nanny Diaries
First official poster for the romantic comedy.
Lucius Malfoy Bigger in Phoenix
Isaacs' character will have a larger part.
Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds End Promo Pics!
A handful of them appear online.
Wingnut Responds to New Line's Shaye
The battle continues, and it is the studio who is losing.
Meryl Streep Shouts Mamma Mia!
Will star in adaptation.

January 10, 2007

Simply Brilliant: Alone With Her
Will have you in its grasp from the first frame until the last.
8th Annual Golden Tomato Awards
Site announces a top 2006 film for every genre.
Moviefone's Top 20 of 2007
Another best-of list appears online.
Another Hot Fuzz Trailer
Features an intro from the Shaun of the Dead gang.
Symbiote An Acquired Taste for Raimi
Director had to be convinced to include Venom in Spider-Man 3.
Abrams Prefers You Don't Know Star Trek
Wants fans to come to the next installment with an 'open mind'.
Officially Divorced: New Line and Jackson
The studio gets viscious in response to Jackson's LOTR lawsuit.
Foster on Alpha Dog Teens
He has played a slew of troubled teens.
Sophia Bush Takes on The Hitcher
Sophia Bush talks playing the hero in this upcoming horror.
Alicia Keys on Smokin' Aces
Singer plays a lesbian hitwoman.
Cohen Looking to Unwrap a Mummy
In talks to direct a third installment.
Check out Megatron
First image rendering of the character's full body.

January 9, 2007

Madonna's Surprise Visit for The Invisibles
Will host a special screening of the upcoming animation for...
Lookout for this One-Sheet!
First official poster for the upcoming crime drama.
Updates on The Hitcher's Whereabouts
New poster, stills and a chance to die.
JT's Alpha Dog Poster
Timberlake gets the spotlight this time.
Frank Miller On 300
Frank Miller has become a commodity in Hollywood.
Bateman Comes Tonight
Will co-star with Will Smith in superhero drama.
Shyamalan to Adapt His Own Avatar
Based on the popular Nickelodeon kids TV series.
Cameron's Avatar Moving Forward
Fox is hoping for a summer 2009 release.
Invisible from the Oscars
Film not as animated as it needed to be.
Sophia Bush the Next Wonder Woman?
She will replace the Kate Beckinsale rumor... for now.

January 8, 2007

Critics Say Pan's Labyrinth Best of 2006
National Society of Film Critics have finally given their take.
Battle Begins: Weaving vs Welker for Megatron!
Scoop claims that the leader of Decepticons could be decided shortly.
Finalized Poster for Daddy's Little Girls
The finalized version looks oh so colorful.
Mandy Moore: Because I Said So
Universal gives us our first preview.
Smokin' Aces Around the Net
Clips, cool contests and a MySpace profile.
Footage Details for Spider-Man 3
Same footage that will be previewed at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.
Order of the Phoenix Top Film for 2007?
MTV gives us their predictions for the year and we agree to disagree.
Ben Foster on Alpha Dog Intensity
The film is an intense meditation on teen violence.
Rickman to Judge Sweeney Todd
Actor the latest addition to the Burton cast.
Pan's Labyrinth Leads Limited Releases
Guillermo Del Toro's "children's fantasy" scores impressive returns.
Family Films Still Hot at Box Office
Two 2006 releases still hold top spots for 2007.
Top Ten Films Updated
Pirates, Extinction and one Silver Surfer join the ranks.
Harry Potter Coming to HD DVD
Along with a bunch of other Warner titles.

January 7, 2007

Idiocracy on DVD Tuesday
Welcome to the mother of all cultural satires...
Bandidas Coming to DVD Tuesday
Two reasons to see it... Salma and Penelope.
The Protector DVD Review
The film is all about the action.
Ring 3 On Hold
Give it a couple years for a fresh idea to come along.
International Meet the Robinsons Poster
T-Rex gets more attention.
Black Snake Moan Photo Album
Latest batch of official stills for the the film.
Smokin' Aces Comic
Plus two more posters for the film.

January 6, 2007

Blood & Chocolate Stills
Our first batch.
Bringing Ghost Rider from Comic to Film
New video journal for the film gives a comic to film comparison.
Andrew Davis on The Guardian DVD
The DVD has a few extras for the fans.
Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest DVD Review
Dead Man's Chest on DVD tomorrow. Want a copy?

January 5, 2007

Sam Raimi Talks Spider-Man 4
Director mentions that Gwen Stacy will be back... She lives?
Get Primeval on These Spots
Four new TV spots and movie stills.
More TMNT Production Photos
Warner Bros. release another handful.
The Golden Compass Photo Album
Second set from the recent batch of movie stills.
Black Snake Moan One-Sheet!
Plus a bunch new official movie stills.
Pan's LabyrinthSketchbook and Soundtrack
Listen to the music while going through Del Toro's diary.
The Look of 300
When Snyder composited the final shots, the battlefields look golden.
Fish Called Wanda Collectors Edition DVD Review
DVD has 15 minutes of deleted or extended/alternate scenes.
Amini Sharpens The Subtle Knife
Scribe found for the second Dark Materials installment.
Kidman Jumps Down the Rabbit Hole
She will star and produce.

January 4, 2007

Code Name: The Cleaner Never Ends
After everything is wrapped up, it still goes on for more and more unfunny Cedric sketches.
Happily N'Ever After Review
It will be easier to sit through with your kids than many of last year's slew.
Freedom Writers
Your average inspirational teacher movie
The Golden Compass Movie Stills!
New Line releases an entire batch of them.
Build Your Own Smokin' Aces Poster
Not that the film needs anymore, but why not.
The Protector on DVD January 16th
Win yourself a copy!
Children of Men Expands Tomorrow
Top film of 2006 will expand into 1200 theaters.
New TMNT Stills
A few more appear online.
Scans of Transformers
From recent Empire article.
UK Posters for 300!
Four new posters appear online.
Coast Guard on The Guardian
The film is a love letter to this military branch.
Nicolette Sheridan on Code Name: The Cleaner
Goes from soapy TV drama to wild movie comedy.
The Number 23 to Premiere in Santa Barbara
The Carrey thriller is first among a list of films.
Norbit Tries Again for PG-13
Film keeps getting tagged with "Rated R".
Kevin Smith to Live Free or Die Hard
Director will make more than just a cameo appearance.
Idiocracy DVD Review
The film was too brilliant for theatres, so it got dumped.
2006 Year End Box Office Up
Thanks to Sony and some bloody Pirates.

January 3, 2007

"Unfinished" Simpsons Movie Teaser
A trailer that has fun with the whole 'unfinished' bit.
Official Aqua Teen Hunger Force Announcement
Animated series moving quickly to the bigscreen. (follow up)
Disney Previews Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds End
Not much, but we do see a ship and some new dialogue from Sparrow.
Win a Copy of Sevin Swords!
In anticipation of the DVD release on January 16th.
Power of the Dark Crystal Sketches Online
Get an early taste of some of the imagery you can expect.
300 Muscle Men
The epic makes you want to hit the gym.
Smokin' Aces Happily Seen
Another positive review plus new movie stills.
Weinstein Acquires Bob Dylan Biopic
North American and UK rights to I'm Not There.
Unrated Fearless DVD Features Additional Scene
An interestingly motivated fight scene makes the cut in 'unrated'.
Lucy Liu on Code Name: The Cleaner
Actress is well known for kick ass roles.
Factotum DVD Review
If looking for a good "pick-me-up", throw this in the fire.
Aqua Teen Hunger Force Set for Bigscreen
Animation will arrive to theatres this March.

January 2, 2007

Andrew Davis on The Guardian
Thought we'd talk to the director before the DVD release.
Seinfeld Season 7 DVD Review
No, I won't make any Michael Richards jokes.
Happily N'Ever After Clips
Three clips appear online.
Larry the Cable Guy Issues Orders to Delta Farce
First poster and stills for the comedy.
300 Spartans Defend MySpace
Send a friend request to your favorite warrior.
Japan's Transformers Teaser
A couple new clips that require your attention.
First Still for Fred Claus
Plus an updated synopsis from Warner Bros.
Cedric the Entertainer on Code Name: The Cleaner
It may look rediculous, but he's serious about comedy.
Eastwood Talks Letters from Iwo Jima
Director came up with idea to profile Japanese side when researching first film.
Sergi Lopez on Pan’s Labyrinth
The most evil villain is a human being.
McKellen Sprinkles Stardust
Actor will narrate the upcoming Vaughn fantasy.
Indiana Jones IV Begins Filming in June
Things still look on track with Koepp's script.
Night at the Museum Celebrates New Years
Comedy scores again for second holiday.
Hear Optimus Prime Speak!
The Top Ten choices are now recorded and available for listening.
Pirates of the Caribbean 3 Teaser Poster?
Possible... but looks fanmade-ish.

January 1, 2007

First Spider-Man 3 TV Spot!
Comes packaged with new footage!
Smokin' Aces Screenplay!
Carnahan gives us the best gift (yet) for 2007.
Best of 2006
Some may surprise you...
Foster The Brave One
Actress lands another traumatized role.
Meet Michael Clayton
First official preview for the drama starring George Clooney.
New seasons of all three CSIs.

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