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January 31, 2006

Enter Freedomland
Trailer, synopsis and posters for the upcoming thriller.
A 24 Movie?
It would be cool... but wouldn't that be a long movie?
Benchwarmers Poster
A good looking poster for an OK looking film.
Warner Bros Goes to 10,000 B.C.
... and runs into Emmerich along the way.
Scary Movie 4 Gets Synopsisized
Official movie synopsis for Scary Movie 4.
Cruise Falls Back in Love
Paramount picks up Cruise for new romantic pic.
Break-Up with this Poster
First poster featuring Vaughn and Aniston.
The Worst Nominations for 2005
Nomination list for the upcoming Razzie Awards.
78th Annual Academy Awards Nominations
It is time to hit the red carpet with the smaller films.
Seagal to be a Prince
Actor joins the many films shooting in New Orleans for next action hit.
A Dane Cook Movie!
If it is half as funny as his stand up then it will be hilarious.

January 30, 2006

Killing Demons is Cool Again
Another graphic novel on the way to the bigscreen.
Firewall Couldn't Block These Stills
Latest movie stills with Harrison Ford and Paul Bettany.
Couple of Mission: Impossible 3 Movie Stills
Second set of stills from Paramount.
Meet The Notorious Bettie Page
Watch the first trailer that takes a look at a popular Playboy centerfold.
The Most Teaser-Ish of Omens
First trailer for The Omen 666 online.
Weekend Box Office Overview 1-30
Big Momma makes a splash this week while Underworld: Evolution sinks deeper into the ground.
Harris and Jarvis Join the Order
Two new roles filled for Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.
The 26th Annual Razzie Awards
Come see the worst of 2005.
Pixar Heads Disney Animations
Though purchased, Pixar takes the reigns.
Running Scared Gets a Positive
First review for the Paul Walker film shows love.
Alpha Dog Gets Reviewed
The first report is mixed but positive.
Amber Tamblyn Signs for The Grudge 2
Ready to play Gellar's sister in the film.
Spider-Man 3 Set Pictures
Some images of Dunst walking down a set of stairs... on set.
Bettany Confronts Joker for Batman Sequel
Another villain rumor spreads and gets plugged.
Story Confirms Doom in FF 2
Expect a 'full' Doom for the sequel to Fantastic Four.
2nd Firewall Poster
Another poster for the Harrison Ford suspense/thriller.

January 27, 2006

Couple More of Angel for X3
Last dose of X3 pics for the week... seriously.
More Pictures for X-Men 3!
Something to look over for the weekend.
Visit Dave Chappelle's Block Party
Check out the first trailer for the humorous documentary.
Meet Aquamarine
A teenie-bopper that should have teenage girls in stitches.
Da Vinci Code Gets Updated
Sony Pictures updates the official site with computer-stopping flash.
Intl Pan's Labyrinth Poster
Another creepy poster for this del Toro film.
Kilmer Senses Deja Vu
Actor gets picked up for Tony Scott pic.
Thandie Newton is the Next Bond Babe?
One report claims Columbia Pictures have found their girl.
Firewall Gets Reviewed
And it isn't pretty.
Two More of Black as Nacho Libre
Two new pictures appear online for the film.

January 26, 2006

More for Number Slevin
More positive reviews that have us wonder why such little marketing.
Smith's Top Ten of 2005
Kevin Smith gives his favorite films... even if they're not yours.
Weinstein's Get Rich
The Weinstein Co. adds further debt financing.
X-Men 3 Character List
If true... extremely spoiler-tastic.
Warner Bros to Relight the Gaslight
A remake for the 1944 thriller coming our way.
11th Annual Moviefone Moviegoer Awards
The best movies will be decided by those who actually pay the full ticket price.
The Vendetta Will Be Big
Warner Bros announces that the adaptation will arrive at IMAX.
Garcia, Fraser, Hirsch and Whitaker Want Air
The four sign up for the crime drama.
Superman Returns Action Figures
Toys for those who are especially geeked on the film.
Tom Rothman Talks X-Men 3
About the fake review and and the future of our favorite mutants.
Benicio Del Toro is Che Guevara
First image to appear for Guerilla.

January 25, 2006

Casting Search for Hairspray Adaptation
Auditions To Fill Three Main Roles Hit Three Cities In February.
Andrew Douglas Blesses Priest
Amityville Horror director to handle graphic novel adaptation.
Another Picture for X-Men 3
Storm gets a moment with Kitty.
Bubble Movie Preview
Your extended look at the film coming our way this weekend.
Roach Wants Deep Throat
Director ready to make pic based off W. Mark Felt for Universal.
Someone Saw a Lady in the Water
First early review for the M. Night Shyamalan on an unfinished cut.
New Date Movie Stills
A bunch more parodies coming your way.
Alpha Dog Clip
Watch Sharon Stone deliver a bitch-smacking.
Open Season Poster
Sony/Columbia releases the first official poster for the upcoming animation.
Nanny McPhee Clips
Emma Thompson steals the show.

January 24, 2006

RIP: Chris Penn
Actor found dead in condo this Tuesday.
Pixar Agrees with Disney
Pixar agrees, shares are handled and Jobs smiles.
Underworld: Evolution Review
A great summer killfest. But it isn't summer yet.
Get Inside The Chronicles of Narnia
Devin Brown offers the first literary analysis of The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.
Stone's Spread Eagle
Check out the latest pics from Basic Instinct 2.
A Magnum P.I. Movie?
With Tom Selleck to return?
Carell Talks Evan Almighty
What we can expect from the sequel.
One Lesbian Film
Check out the trailer and poster for the humorous Imagine Me & You.
Picturehouse Buys Pan's Labyrinth
For North American rights to the Guillermo del Toro film.
X-Men 3 Becomes The Last Stand
A working title and new synopsis to appear online.
Harry Osborn Talks Navy
James Franco talks about his role in Annapolis... and Spider-Man 3.
One Sexual Poster
Latest quad poster for Date Movie filled with naughty things.
Raimi Turns on a Siren
Director acquires film rights to Japanese video game.

January 23, 2006

Russell Bound to Sandman
Theresa Russell set to play wife of Sandman.
Pics of Jackman in The Prestige
First set pics appear online for the Nolan film.
Disney Moves for Pixar
Disney has made an offer... now up to Pixar.
Three New Leaked Pics for X3!
An image at the funeral and one of whom we are told is Multiple Man.
Weekend Box Office Overview 1-23
Underworld rises to the top.
Weekend Box Office Overview from Last Week 1-16
Glory Road squeaks out the win! Old post.
Take Your Date International
International trailer for Date Movie appears online.
Silent Hill Poster Contest
Help choose the final official poster for the film.
Paramount Classics Year
Picture house digs Year of the Dog, a film likely to include Jack Black.
Get Close to Juggernaut UPDATED
Two new close-up shots of the new mutant played by Vinnie Jones. *working images
Ultraviolet Poster and Stills
Check out a bunch of new pics for Ultraviolet.
The Da Vinci Code Visits Cannes
See the film two days early at the film festival.
Bana Gives Update on Hulk Rumors
No confirmations but the actor is happy to be thought of.
New X-Men 3 Pics
A few new images get leaked to the net.

January 22, 2006

New Bond Girl Found?
A spokesperson for an Australian actress says itís fairly certain.
New Early Review for V for Vendetta
Another positive to appear online.
Superman Returns Movie Stills II
Last of the latest for the man in tights.
Paris Hilton Parody
Hotter chick featured in clip for Date Movie.

January 21, 2006

Sword Sequence Tops in Dead Manís Chest
At least according to Orlando Bloom...
More Cars Spotted
Cool looking promotional images for the animation.
Superman Returns Movie Stills I
A giant batch of movie stills from Warner Bros.

January 20, 2006

New Video Journal for 300!
Journal #2 goes online and we all rejoiced.
Listen to The Wendell Baker Story
Trailer for the Wilson film appears on the official site.
Four Ways Poseidon is Different
What will make the remake different from the original.
Witherspoon Finds an Agent
Who knew she didn't have one?
Meet the Dreamgirls
Dreamworks continues to promote the film with first featurette.
More of Vinnie Jones on X-Men 3
He touches on the chance of sequels and the weight of his makeup.
Beckinsale Talks Underworld: Evolution
What it's like to get naked, wear leather and kick some ass.
The Da Vinci Controversy
Ron Howard discusses all the debate behind the film's plot.
Stiller Rejoins Dodgeball Crew
Dreamworks throws a bit of skrilla to the crew for another comedy.
A Look at Superman Returns
Singer and Routh quickly talk on the film and the ginormous budget.
Silent Hill Trailer
Full trailer for the horror starring Radha Mitchell and Sean Bean online.

January 19, 2006

Good to Have Friends With Money
Check out the teaser trailer that has Aniston as a French maid.
Animated Sapien
A quick look at the developments of the animated series for Hellboy.
Firewall Movie Stills
First batch of movie stills for the Harrison Ford suspense/thriller.
Disney Stills Wants Pixar
Steve Jobs may bet big in Disney.
Alpha Dog Movie Stills
Nice batch of stills for the upcoming drama.
Q'orianka Kilcher Talks The New World
Pocahontas talks about the film by Terrence Malick and Colin Farrell.
Indy 4 Still Working
Lucas discusses the current developments of the film... or should we say script.
Another Confirmation for Venom
Not from the mouth of Raimi but still a confirmation just the same.
Tons of Night Watch Clips
Russia has the sequel, we have the original.

January 18, 2006

Failure to Launch Pics and Poster
Movie stills for the upcoming romantic comedy.
Howard Loves Spider-Man 3
Bryce Dallas Howard in negotiations to play Gwen Stacy.
More Stills for Nanny McPhee
A boatload of additional movie stills for the upcoming film.
Scanner Darkly On for July
WIP pushed the release date back to a 'permanent' spot.
Choose Your Vengeance
Tartan Films lets you decide which poster is coolest.
16 Blocks Poster Online
Warner Bros releases the first poster for the Donner film.
Children of Men Preview
Movie stills and synopsis for the film starring Clive Owen and Julianne Moore.
First Official Stills for The Inside Man
First official pics of Washington, Owen and Foster.
Virginia Madsen is 23
Actress gets picked up for Schumacher film.
There Will be Blood for Rudin
Paramount and Miramax team to bring the SinClair adaptation to film.
Hoodwinked! by a Sequel
The Weinstein animation already sees green.
Calling Nanny McPhee
Movie stills, trailer and synopsis for the upcoming magical comedy.

January 17, 2006

Aniston and Vaughn Break-Up
Film preview and movie stills for the upcoming comedy.
Flight 93 Movie Stills
First pics for the film from Paul Greengrass.
So Many Bricks
Preview of the film and a ton of posters appear online.
Jason Statham Fights Jet Li
The martial arts duo will team up for Rogue.
Golden Globe Winners
Check out the list of winners from last night's show.
Hoodwinked! Takes Holiday
The Weinstein animation steps ahead after Monday holiday.
Routh Talks More Superman Returns
To go from non-working actor to the Man of Steel.
Zimmer Finds The Da Vinci Code
Hans Zimmer set to score the film's soundtrack music.
Poster Takes Us to The Wild
International poster for the animation appears online.
Follow The Good Shepherd
Pictures of Jolie and Damon with an updated synopsis.

January 16, 2006

American Dreamz Preview
A comedy that takes a shot at Idol.
Miami Vice Stills
First official stills of Foxx and Farrell.
Tristan & Isolde Reviews
A surprisingly good movie worth checking out.
Day Watch Bows to Russia
Film breaks local records with Jan 1st release.
Tons of Superman Returns Pics
Movie stills, set pics, behind the scenes and more.
Red Band Slither Trailer
Get rated-R with this upcoming horror film.

January 15, 2006

Hard to Get Accepted
Universal delivers a full synopsis and stills for the preview of this upcoming comedy.
New Beast Promo Pic
Check out the latest pic to be released by 20th Century Fox.

January 13, 2006

Idlewild Film Preview
Andre 3000 delivers for this film from Universal.
Goblet of Fire Coming to DVD
Open your calendars for early March.
Go 16 Blocks with this Trailer
First trailer with Bruce Willis and Mos Def.
2nd Underworld: Evolution Poster!
Kate Beckinsale looking even better.
Final Destination 3 Death Trailer
Check out a teaser trailer with tips on avoiding the great dark.
Ultraviolet Trailer!
Check out the first trailer for the film from Kurt Wimmer starring Jovovich.
Routh Talks Superman Returns
Brandon Routh discusses the motivation for the man in tights.
Grandma's Boy Gets Negative
Being unable to watch the 'special' trailer was a sign.
Poseidon Teaser Poster
So much better than the poster from the original film.
Mailbag: Fans Want Venom and Schreiber
Fans show pics to support their choices for Spider-Man 3 and the next Batman sequel.

January 12, 2006

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Developments
A poster and a trailer coming soon.
Extended Running Scared
Check out the first six minutes uncut from the film.
Damien Appears for Omen 666
When a troublesome boy is more than trouble.
Piranha Remake Coming
Dimension Films holds domestic rights.
Date Movie Stills
Check out the latest from 20th Century Fox.
Annapolis Preview
May be your last chance before the release.
Glory Road Unscripted
Inteview with Bruckheimer and Lucus.
Charlize Theron Wants Ice
To cool down after the flop Aeon Flux.
Preview The Wild
Another CG animation from the folks at Disney.
Two More Cars
New movie stills and updates synopsis.
Tiny Spider-Man 3 Slip on Franco
New slip makes Franco more likely to be green.

January 11, 2006

32nd Annual People's Choice Awards
A refreshing and gratifying inception to the entertainment awards season.
First Official for Super Ex Uma.
Uma Thurman and Luke Wilson team for this comedy.
Calling Luna Lovegood
Casting call for Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.
Julia Roberts Up for War
The actress may join Tom Hanks in Charlie Wilson's War
More Pics of The Meltdown
Check out a couple more stills from Blue Sky.
New X-Men 3 Movie Stills
A couple new movie stills released by 20th Century Fox.
William Shatner to Host the Golden Groundhog Awards
A show that looks at the films that missed the marketing boat.
Fake Transformers Footage
Stills looks pretty damn cool to me... or is it real?
Eragon Character Banner Preview!
Get your first look at the main characters for the adaptation.
Basic Instinct 2 Poster
Sharon Stone has shot from dangerous to milf-erous.
The Producers Review
What were The Producers thinking when they made this film?

January 10, 2006

Chronicles of Narnia Sequel Sees Green
Almost like we are witnessing Narnia resurrected.
Another Eragon Poster!
Is this the real thing?
Rumor Has It Review
Despite a silly storyline, the filmís got heart and humor in all the right places.
Match Point Review
An alluring take on ambition, luck, and fate that enters my list of the yearís best films.
Promo Pics for Da Vinci Code
New pics of Tom Hanks and Audrey Tautou.
London Poster
Film starring Chris Evans, Jessica Biel, Jason Statham and... Dane Cook?
Pictures of Tristan & Isolde
Our first set of movie stills for the film.
So Much Underworld: Evolution
Tons of new clips, a featurette and TV spots.
Mystique Talks X-Men 3
Rebecca Romijn is done filming and now talking.
Along Comes Tristan & Isolde
Introductory preview for the film coming our way sooner than expected.

January 9, 2006

Josh Lucas Becomes Two Face?
Possibility of Josh Lucas playing role of Harvey Dent in Batman sequel.
Three Pirates Not Enough?
Not if Jerry Bruckheimer has anything to say about it.
Killshot Script Review
Script review for the Weinstein film online.
Hollywood Round-Up 1-09
Wild Things, Indiana Jones and Aquaman all make an appearance.
Even More for Underworld: Evolution
Another set of movie stills appear on the web.
Want Some Hard Candy?
Check out the official movie poster and trailer for this intense film.
Franco Talks Spider-Man 3
How many films? What is up with young Osborn?
First Visiting
First movie stills to be released by Warner Bros.
Weekend Box Office Overview 1-09
Hostel claims the top spot in a tough battle
Clerks II Teaser
Check out the first trailer which has come far in advance.
Clips from the Underworld
New clips featuring Kate Beckinsale.
Haig and Foree for Brotherhood of Blood
New film coming our way from Michael Roesch and Peter Scheerer.

January 8, 2006

Wayners Serves Up Match Point
You get to stare at Johansson... does it get any better?
Uwe Bollís Future is Solid
Director Uwe Boll is in talks to adapt the video-game Metal Gear Solid.
Match Point Clips
A set of movie clips to prepare you for the wide release of the Woody Allen pic.
V for Vendetta Under the Rising Sun
Check out the Japanese version of the movie trailer.
Jackman Talks Up a New Wolverine
What can we expect for X-Men 3?
Running Scared Poster
Paul Walker doing the way of the gun.

January 7, 2006

Davey Jones is Looking Savvy
New image of Davey Jones from Pirates of the Caribbean 2.

January 6, 2006

More of the Blob for X-Men 3
Concept art and the man behind the fat.
Time to Meet the Robinsons
Yet another CG animation to come our way in 2006.
Ron Perlman Talks Hellboy 2
Will Guillermo del Toro bow out for Halo?
Flight 93 Teaser Trailer!
Not shots from the actual film, but I like what I hear.
IMDB Says Venom
The expanded database is over the wait and calls the villain for Topher Grace.
Match Point Unscripted
You get to stare at Johansson... does it get any better?
Another Clip for Hostel
Is the chick getting her face drilled or what... literally.
Behold Eragon!
We promise our readers to get geeked all over this film.
The Blob Appears for X-Men 3
Check out this fat suit and let us know what you think. Legit?

January 5, 2006

Jet Li is Fearless
Check out the international poster and trailer for this Kung Fu spectacle.
Better Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Manís Chest Stills
The latest release from Disney's own Black Pearl.
Official Rocky Balboa
Check out the first official picture for the film.
Casanova Review
A silly and uninteresting take on the famous 18th Century lothario.
Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Manís Chest Pics
Go behind the scenes of the anticipated sequel.
X-Men 3 Discussions
The latest discussions, scoops and rumors.
Stormbreaker Stills Weather
Check out some official stills for the film plus Mickey Rourke looking rich.
First one Awake
Christensen and Alba get thrilled.
Open Season Movie Stills
A couple firsts from Sony/Columbia.
Daily Show to Host Oscars
A perfect choice to handle the award show on March 5th.
More Underworld Evolution Stills
Check out the latest release from Sony.
More Superman Returns Stills
More official hi-res movie stills from the film.

January 4, 2006

Secret Drawer Society Grows
Animated series, comicbooks and then live-action.
Final Destination 3 Featurette
Check out how they created the rollercoaster scene.
Bandidas Goes Live
Watching guns get fired has never been so hot.
Jared Hess Talks Nacho Libre
The director talks about Mexico and what it takes to create those Jack Black outfits.
Hostel Gets the Gory Positive
Positive reviews for the Eli Roth film everywhere.
Go Into Pan's Labyrinth!
This is one cool looking del Toro film.
Bloodrayne the Hardest R Possible
This fan is right up the blood & gore alley.
More to the Glory Road
More images to pop up for the basketball titans.
Another Ocean's Sequel
Will they skip Ocean's 13 like hotels do?

January 3, 2006

Woody Ready for Spain
Woody Allen ready to create a non-existant international film.
Hanks for Star Trek?
William Shatner and Hanks to throw punches... or proton torpedoes.
Smoking Jovovich Pics
Check out a bunch of new pics for Ultraviolet.
Dunst Ready for Spider-Man 3
Her makeover is complete... red is in again.
Wedding Crashers Coming Home
One of 2005's best is ready for DVD purchase.
Pics from The New World
A bunch of new movie stills for the Terrence Malick film.
Superman Returns Plot Info
For those of you feeling a little spoilerific today.
John Glover is Skeletor
Smallville villain to appear in He-Man?
Pierce Brosnan on The Matador
Pierce Brosnan talks what it takes to be dirty.
Stewart Says X3 Best Yet
The ex-Star Trek commander claims the script is mustard.

January 2, 2006

Barnyard Poster and Trailer
A couple new additions for the Paramount animation.
What is Doogal
Official synopsis, movie stills, trailers and other media for the Weinstein animation.
Beckinsale for Wonder Woman?
Whedon is looking for some one who is hot, young, tough... has the outfit already?
Top Ten 2006 Films Updated
Removed the old films to make way for the new.
Charlotte's Web Stills
Dakota Fanning and her animal friends.
Holiday Increases Kong and Narnia
Kong and Narnia enjoy the weekend box office but continue to battle.
G.I. Joe Script Review!
An almost perfect adaptation that should feature your favorite soldiers.
Paramount 2006 Preview: Barnyard
First official stills for the spotted animation.
Paramount 2006 Preview: Zodiac
Official movie stils for the film starring Jake Gyllenhaal, Mark Ruffalo and Robert Downey Jr.
Another Hoodwinked! Positive
Second review that digs the Weinstein animation.
Cage Jumps Into World Trade Center
First official movie stils for the upcoming film starring Nicolas Cage.
Ultraviolet Banner
It's no poster, but we are getting there.
Jack Black is Nacho Libre
Check out the first officially-humorous still for the Paramount pic.

January 1, 2006

Mission Impossible 3 Movie Stills
First set of stills from the Paramount preview.
Erica Durance for Butterfly Sequel
Smallville actress making her way to film.
Chan and DeVito to Team?
An interesting comedic duo...

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