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December 30, 2005

Paramount 2006 Preview: Failure to Launch
Check out movie stills, the trailer and official synopsis from Sarah Jessica Parker and gang.
Memoirs of a Geisha Review
An endearing but flawed adaptation of the 1997 best selling novel.

December 29, 2005

Another Villain for X-Men 3
Isn't it a bit late for that?
Another Poppins?
A Mary Poppins to team up with Steven Spielberg... huh.
Paramount 2006 Preview: Last Holiday
Check out movie stills, the trailer and official synopsis from Queen Latifah and gang.
25 Films for National Film Registry
Did your favorites make the selection?
The Matador Fights Clips
Bunch of new clips for the Richard Shepard film.
Reviews on the Run: The Family Stone
This one surprised me...
Reviews on the Run: Munich
This one was just good enough.
Reviews on the Run: Fun with Dick and Jane
This one disappointed me...
More Pics for Superman Returns
New official hi-res movie stills from the film.
Wayners Visits Munich
Munich may have been set in 1972, but the message continues to this day.
Stills for Match Point
Our first bunch of stills featuring Johansson.
First Shot of Killshot
Check out the first official movie still for the Weinstein Company film.

December 28, 2005

Glory Road Movie Stills
New images from Disney.
First Lady in the Water Pic
I thought she would be less... fuzzy.
Three More for Eden
Erika Christensen, Lukas Haas and Giovanni Ribisi join the dark comedy.
Extremely Positive Munich Review
Another review for the Spielberg film that claims it is great.
Happy Feet and Ant Bully Poster?
Some designs sent over... but are they real?
Hugo Weaving Talks V for Vendetta
Agent Smith, aka King Elrond, discusses his role in the graphic novel adaptation.
Ghost Rider Trailer in a Few
One of the many answers in the latest Q&A.

December 27, 2005

M:I:III Scavenger Hunt
Let the games begin online.
A Couple More for Underworld Evolution
Three words- Kate Freakin' Beckinsale.
Weekend Box Office Overview 12-27
Kong continues to claim territory, but Narnia owns the kingdom.
More Movie Stills of Jesse James
Check out new pics of The Assassination of Jesse James bla bla bla.
Ultraviolet Pics Pop Up
Check out some stills from the Kurt Wimmer film.
William Shatner Launches DVD Club
A club where you can sit and discuss how cool Kahn was.
Grandma's Boy Stills
A couple of movie stills to bring the total to, well, a couple.
Daniel Craig Talks Casino Royale
Why he may or may not be a good Bond.
Ant Bully Preview
Some new clips to give us a better look at the upcoming animation.
Another Shot of Superman Returns
New image of Brandon Routh looking good and showing off.

December 26, 2005

Grandma's Boy Clips
Check out some clips that are both a bit funny and a bit dry.
Ultraviolet Pic
Get a shield cause this baby is hot.
So Much Sin City
Rodriguez talks the latest on Sin City 2 or more.
When a Stranger Calls
Check out the teaser trailer plus movie poster.
Sandler Wants You to Click
Check out the poster and first trailer for the Adam Sandler comedy.
Far Cry Seeks The Rock?
Uwe Boll admits that he is seeking Johnson for his next gaming adaptation.

December 25, 2005

Universal Comments on a Back to the Future 4
Is it time to go back, forward or straight to the can?
Happy Holidays!
Merry Christmas! Happy Hanukkah! And anything else you may be celebrating.

December 24, 2005

Old Indy 4 Script Available
A little reading for the holidays.

December 23, 2005

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: Brokeback Mountain
A tragic love story that never lets the controversial theme overshadow it.
Munich Review Pops Up
First review we have seen and it is positive.
The Hills Have a Trailer
Check out the first solid looking trailer for The Hills Have Eyes.
300 Goes Live
The next Frank Miller adaptation gets moving.

December 22, 2005

Superman Spotted
New image of Brandon Routh as the man in tights pops up online.
Date Movie Trailer
Check out the first trailer for this dating spoof.
Dick & Jane Enter Theatres Mixed
Mixed reviews pop up all over this comedy.
Has 007 Lost His Spark?
Finding a sexy co-star has never been harder.
More Clips from The New World
Check out all the new exotic items.
The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: King Kong
Subtract the first hour and you have a near perfect film.

December 21, 2005

Superman Returns Hits Newsstands
Empire and Wizard Magazine both to feature Brandon Routh on the cover.
You, Me and Dupree Teaser
Check out the first trailer and a full synopsis.
Typhoon to Land in the US
First Korean feature released by a U.S. major.
Fun with Dick and Jane Clips
And a new poster.
Gary Coleman Returning to the Movies
In a film that you won't expect.
New World Running Time Still Undecided
Malick will show off both a long version and short version.
The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: The Chronicles of Narnia
Lord of the Rings ugly red headed stepchild is here.
The Frighteners Coming in SE?
Peter Jackson is ready to re-release one of his older films.
Couple More Pics of V for Vendetta
Two more pics of the hero-villain pop up.

December 20, 2005

Rescue Dawn Teaser
Zahn looks crazy and Bale has dieted again.
Firewall Poster
Check out the first poster for the Harrison Ford suspense/thriller.
Apocalypto Teaser Trailer!
I haven't seen a tribe so troubled since King Kong.
Hollywood Round-Up II 12-20
Rocky Balboa production diaries begin and The Alchemist heads to film.
Super Ex-Girlfriend Set Pics
Uma finds herself dangling.
King Kong Parody
Check out the first clip for Date Movie.
The Producers Getting Mixed
Mixed reviews pop up as the release date approaches.
Weekend Box Office Overview 12-20
Narnia holds second behind Kong's roar.
Exc: Tsotsi Poster
Check out the official poster straight out of South Africa.
Ghost Rider Revealed
Official site shows the real blazing skull.

December 19, 2005

X-Men 3 Set Pics 12-20
Check out pics of a riot against the mutant vaccine.
Intl Hostel Poster
A poster that would not have survived the MPAA.
Catch and Release Internet Trailer
Check out the internet exclusive clip that shows ton from the film.
Two out of Three Stooges
The Farrelly Brothers speak about a Stooges redo.
Hollywood Round-Up 12-20
Knightley in Silk, a Narnia sequel, the Enterprise changes channels.
Positive New World Review
First review gives Terrence Malick's latest strong remarks.
Fox Searchlight Eats Fast Food
Studio gets distribution rights on why we shouldn't eat fast food.
Academy Gives Sin City No Effects
Sin City no longer a contender for visual effects Oscar.
Listen to Munich
Multiple sample tracks from the original soundtrack score.
Early Number Slevin Review
A review that claims it is the best pulp film ever.
Trailers Updated
Featured trailers updated for the holidays.

December 18, 2005

Brokeback Mountain Review
An accomplished and gracious look at two men tangled up in a labyrinth of unacceptable love.
Greengrass Talks Watchmen
And some more details in Flight 93.
Date Movie Poster Online
From the same people who brought us Scary Movie.
King Kong Roars at the Box Office
But was it loud enough?
Watchmen Lives!
WB sacked up and picked up the adaptation.
It’s A Holiday for Law, Winslet, Diaz, and Black
Jude Law completes the casting lineup for Nancy Meyer’s latest film
Miami Vice Poster
Check out the first one-sheet featuring Foxx and Farrell.

December 16, 2005

Disney Heads to China
“The Secret of the Magic Gourd” marks a triumph is first Chinese production.
Funny Scary Posters
Check out the first set of movie posters for Scary Movie 4.
The Hills Have a Poster
Check out the first poster for the remake Hills Have Eyes.
Golden Globe Nominees
A comprehensive look at this year’s nominees.
Spielberg’s Billion Dollar Baby
Final details between Dreamworks and Paramount set to close by New Year.
Full V for Vendetta Trailer!
Warner Bros releases the full trailer for the adaptation.
Shaq & Dr. Phil Scared
First image from Scary Movie 4

December 15, 2005

Early Scanner Darkly Reviews Pop Up
Screening of the 'unfinished' version begin again.
High- Res X-Men 3 Characters
Some new details and better quality pics.
Ghost Rider Pushed Again
And this time it isn't good news.
Grandma's Boy is Funny?
First early review claims the film is good and funny.
New Over the Hedge Trailer
Plus an official poster.
Bloodrayne Clips
Yes... it is just like everyone thought.
Munich Featurette
Behind the scenes look at the upcoming Spielberg film.

December 14, 2005

New World Clip
Check out the first clip from the next film by Terrence Malick.
Lady in the Water Poster
First poster to be released for this M. Night Shyamalan film.
I Give You King Kong
Check out the latest symbol of greatness from Peter Jackson.
Two More for V for Vendetta
Even more positive reviews for the adaptation.
Poseidon Trailer
Check out this giant rogue wave for the upcoming remake.
Full Da Vinci Code Trailer!
Check out the full trailer for the film adaptation of the best-selling novel.

December 13, 2005

First V for Vendetta Review
A positive review that claims the film could change lives?
Golden Globe Nominations Announced
Check out who we can expect to see this January.
King Kong Soundtrack Review
James Newton Howard delivers a score that will have you reaching for the tissues.
More Star Trek Rumors
A film that could feature the return of William Shatner?
Crank Script a Masterpiece
Check out the script review for the upcoming Jason Statham action-thriller.
Reynolds Joins Broken Lizard
Ryan Reynolds set to star in the comedy Beerfest.
King Kong Junket Diary
Peter Jackson faces the press.
Jump Over the Hedge
New movie stills and an updated synopsis.

December 12, 2005

One Dirty Hostel Clip
Time to taste a bit of the gore.
King Kong Gets Two Thumbs Up!
Ebert & Roeper throw some love to Kong.
Hoodwinked! Gets Solid Review
First review claims that this animation is top-notch funny.
Positive Matador Reviews
The Matador comes our way during the holidays.
Sin City DVD Winners Announced!
With just under ~170 contestants we have 7 winners.
Wolf Creek Spots
TV trailers begin to appear for the horror.
Weekend Box Office Overview 12-12
Narnia has a huge opening while Syriana makes a suprising debut.
Miami Vice Trailer!
Check out the teaser trailer starring Foxx and Farrell.
Mission Impossible 3 Teaser Trailer!
This is one tight looking spy movie!
Feast on this Trailer
A movie from Project Greenlight worth seeing?
Dreamworks Purchased
Paramount grabs price tag and gets ready to earn its return.
Guy Needs Three Burials
He was obviously very popular.

December 11, 2005

The Inside Man Trailer
A hostage situation that features Denzel, Clive, Jodie, and Dafoe among others.
One More Hostel Poster
At least for now...
More Big Budgets
Spider-Man 3 announces that it will join the $200M+ club.
Mission Impossible 3 Teaser Poster
Check out the first poster for the next film from J.J. Abrams.

December 10, 2005

The Producers Clips
Check out a nice dose of clips for the Broadway adaptation.
Hoodwinked! by Stills
Check out our second dose of movie stills for the Weinstein animation.
Kong Throws Clips
So much better than his other option.
Is This a Hostel Poster?
Interesting move by Lions Gate if it is.

December 9, 2005

Marie Antoinette Loses Her Head
And can now finally fit in the size small shirt.
Curious George Trailer Online
Standard animations just don't cut it for me anymore.
Halo has Officially Turned to Hell
Guillermo del Toro confirms the rumours.
The Chronicles of Narnia Movie Review
Grab your friends, the kids and whoever else that feels like a little adventure.

December 8, 2005

The Little Things 12-09
Theron for Casino Royale? Underworld 3?
The Future for Rodriguez
The Sin City director talks about his upcoming projects.
EW Sends a Sacrifice to King Kong
Another extremely positive review that claims Wednesday will be Kong's day.
More Chronicles of Narnia Media
Adamson talks about the battle, creatures and more clips..
2nd Ice Age 2 Teaser Trailer Online
That crazy squirrel is back plus shots from the film.
Welcome to Silent Hill
Teaser trailer for the horror online now.
Get Behind King Kong
Check out a boatload of new behind-the-scenes pics for the film.
Chronicles of Narnia Ice Clip
A Son of Adam gets lucky by nature.
Superman Returns Pics
New promo pics to pop up online.
Dreamgirls Teaser
With a year to go who knew this would come so soon.
Full Pink Panther Trailer
The film surprisingly looks better.

December 7, 2005

Listen to King Kong
Actually, listen to James Newton Howard...
X-Men 3 Characters Released!
Check out all the official pictures of the mutants for X3.
V for Vendetta Stills
Our first set of official movie stills for the Wachowski film.
Hostel Scared my Television
Check out the first TV spot for the Eli Roth film.
More King Kong TV Spots
Kong is climbing up my television set... knock him off!
Bourne Ultimatum Script Review
For Bourne standards, this one is somewhat boring.

December 6, 2005

Lucas Goes Full-Time for Indy 4
Lucas announces that his head is on the project.
Final Libertine Trailer
Check out this twisted trailer starring Johnny Depp.
Chronicles of Narnia Gets Two Thumbs
Ebert and Roeper do an early review for the film.
Daily News Double Reviews King Kong
Two extreme positives that drool over this film.
Beast Gets Big
A high resolution shot of Kelsey Grammer goes online.
One Dirty Poster
First one-sheet for the Cuba Gooding Jr. cop drama.
First Hoodwinked! Movie Stills
Check out our first dose of movie stills for the Weinstein animation.
Weekend Box Office Overview 12-5
Aeon Flux disappoints while Goblet of Fire continues to burn.
Mummy 3 Script Review
If you enjoyed the other two, this sequel may be right up your alley.

December 5, 2005

Fantastic Four Sequel A Go
Time to try another shot at July 4th.
X-Men 3 Gets a Title
You might want to 'stand' up for this one. Wink, wink.
Another King Kong Review Pops Up
From some one who wasn't a fan of the original(s).
Grandma's Boy Poster
Pretty sweet poster for a film who has given a bad first impression.
Beast and Angel Pop Up!
Check out the first shots of the mutants from X-Men 3.
Another Hostel Poster
Probably the coolest one yet.
Chronicles of Narnia Vs LOTR
First review goes up that compares one to the other.

December 4, 2005

Jackson Answers King Kong Questions
The director sits down for the latest production diary.
Bandidas Trailer
Fire the narrator and we could have something here.
Rocky Balboa Shows Up
Check out some of the first pics from Rocky VI.
Hostel Movie Stills
Check out our first dose of pain.
Carrey Talks Believe It or Not!
Jim Carrey discusses the film among other things.

December 3, 2005

First Set of King Kong Reviews
This big Ape is so hot right now.
Another Chronicles of Narnia Review
An early two-thumbs-up and more positives.
The Veronicas to play 'Veronica' in Archie Movie
The pop duo The Veronicas - the twins - are going to share the role of Veronica.

December 2, 2005

Halo Director Found?
Possible, but is he worth the wait?
James Newton Howard's Kong
A look at the last-second composer.
Aeon Flux Opens Reviews
A cancelled review screening is a bad sign of things to come.
Win Sin City Recut- Extended and Unrated!
Got a couple DVD sets and some posters to give away.
Aslan Comes to Life
Take a look at the creation of Aslan with Andrew Adamson.
Kongless King Kong Stills
A bunch of new stills, but where is the Ape?
Foxx Joins The Kingdom
Jamie Foxx set to star in The Kingdom for Universal.
Chronicles of Narnia Attacks
First dose of December movie stills for Chronicles of Narnia.
More King Kong Media
Check out a production diary and another clip of Kong beating T-Rex ass.
X-Men 3 Teaser Trailer Preview
And people love it!

December 1, 2005

Transamerica Out Tomorrow
Even he-shes need some love, and the critics agree.
Pulse- Infected Website Live
Check out the official website for the upcoming horror film.
Day Watch Posters
You'd appreciate them more if you've seen Night Watch.
Batman Villain Rumors
Joker still the hot topic, but who is he acting under?
Chronicles of Narnia Battle Clip
Disney and Andrew Adamson continues to tease us.
Independent Spirit Awards Nominees Announced
Squid, Whales, and Brokenbacked Mountains revile in the nominations...
Bob Clark Speaks
Black Christmas, The Karate Dog and more.
So Much King Kong!
Clips, interviews, late night and Kong fighting Dinosaurs!
Real Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest Trailer
After the leak, Disney finally throws it over to Yahoo!.

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