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August 31, 2007

Saw IV Teaser!
If it's Halloween, it must be...
Wachowski Brothers Now Wachowskis?
A bit of weekend gossip for the directing duo.
Cohen Blogs The Mummy
First update from the third installment's production.
Cloverfield has a Whale of a Monster
More details on the beast surface.
Run, Fat Boy, Run Poster
First poster for the romantic comedy starring Simon Pegg.

August 30, 2007

A great film for those who hated the original.
Fred Has Fun With His Balls of Fury
Film works like the classic slapstick spoofs.
Second Eastern Promises Trailer
Little more action and suspense in this version.
Beowulf Podcasts
Sure is a lot of music filler for not being able to see anything.
Trailer Finds Importance in One Missed Call
Slightly creeped out here.
In Comes Stephen King's The Mist Trailer
A terror they can barely see.
The Dark Knight Blows Up a Building!
Awesome new set footage.
International Alvin and the Chipmunks Poster
Looks like Alvin and the Gang.
New Star Trek XI Rumors
Nimoy's Spock is the star of this movie?
Shootin' the Shit with Clive Owen
Owen got hyped on Shoot 'Em Up by the unknown Michael Davis.
Rob Zombie on Halloween
The Weinsteins gave the director a lot of freedom with his vision.
The Comebacks One-Sheet
Film looks dumb, but hilarious.

August 29, 2007

Zellweger and Connick Jr. Cold as Ice
Two to co-star in Chilled in Miami.
Thornton and Bassinger Informers
Ensemble drama based on short stories.
Elizabeth: The Golden Age Poster
Plus a few new production stills.
Grace is Gone Trailer
Plus poster and stills for the John Cusack-lead drama.
Exclusive: The Scribes of Night at the Museum 2
Thomas Lennon and Robert Ben Garant speak up.
The Pixar Story
Feature documentary on the rise of the animation studio now in limited theaters.
Lost Boys Found
It would seem that the 'tribe' has been cast.
Tyler Mane on Halloween
Only a few actors get to play famous franchise monsters.
The Dark Knight Gets Lynched!
Interesting new photo from the film's set.

August 28, 2007

Preview a New Sweeney Todd Poster
Small resolution, but cool just the same.
The Rock to Climb Witch Mountain
Will play a Las Vegas cab driver.
Ben Affleck Not That Into You
He will round out the cast ensemble.
Owen Wilson Off Tropic Thunder
His attempted suicide didn't fit with production.
Somebody Raves About American Gangster
First screening report appears online.
Fierce Poster
One-sheet for the upcoming drama starring Diane Lane, Anton Yelchin and Donald Sutherland.
Daeg Faerch on Halloween
In the remake, we get to know the young Michael Myers.
Official Reviews for The Brave One
Hell hath no fury like a woman with a grudge...
Willis Likes Pink
Bruce and Channing Tatum will star in the film covering the My Lai massacre.

August 27, 2007

Sweeney Todd Going Wide December
The Paramount execs must have really liked their preview of it.
Soloist Becomes Duet with Robert Downey Jr.
He will play the LA Times columnist who discovered the title character.
Sweeney Todd Getting Slashed?
The film is great, but way too 'R'.
More on Justice League America
Not all motion-capture, but what is expected from big-budget productions nowadays.
Eastern Promises Clips
Four new clips now available.
Owen Wilson Hospitalized
Overdose, detox, possibly a suicide attempt.
See 3:10 to Yuma Early!
Sneak peak a week ahead of time.
Malcolm McDowell on Halloween
Of his 150 credits, this is his first bona fide horror movie.
Official Beowulf Teaser Poster
Similar, but different, than the batch we posted earlier.
Paul Haggis Talks Bond 22
His Bond is a true assassin.
Reviews Have Balls of Fury
First official reviews for the comedy spoof.
Reeves Standing Still for Sci-Fi Remake
Will star in the remake for Fox.

August 26, 2007

Superbad Repeats Top Spot
Even with new wide releases.

August 25, 2007

Transformers 2 Going Big on September 21st
Film being re-released to IMAX.
Win a Screening to Halloween
Just send your best Myers picture.
Alien vs Predator- Requiem Red Band Trailer
F-bombs, the United States military and tons of gore. Nice.

August 24, 2007

Quinto Talks Star Trek XI
And his return to Heroes.
Poster Finishes with P.S. I Love You
Gerard Butler fans across the globe are rejoicing.
The Assassination of Jesse James One-Sheet!
They must love hanging out on that field.
Crowe to Appear in The Dark Knight!?
So says Christian Bale.
Universal Picks Up Rainn's Renaissance Men
A comedy he is currently co-writing.
Blades of Glory on DVD
The deleted scenes were nothing special.

August 23, 2007

Stephen Sommers to Direct G.I. Joe
But will he remember to include the PSA announcements?
Touchstone Nabs Costner's Swing Vote
The studio will distribute the political comedy.
Play Some Shoot 'Em Up
Shoot some dudes and see boobies!
Hitman Trailer
Action with a bit of style, what's not to like?
Beowulf's Restricted Trailer!
Even more unseen footage of Angelina's CG curves.
Trailer Coming for Southland Tales
First week of September.
First AvP 2 Photo
R-rated trailer might be coming tomorrow!
Some Jurassic Clarifications
The film isn't nearly as far along as rumors would suggest.
Forget Flash, Reynolds Looking at Deadpool
The super he's just dying to play is Wade Wilson
Niell Blomkamp's Live Action Halo Short!
Warthogs, banshees, and even the needler! Watch it quick!
Samuel L. Jackson on Resurrecting the Champ
He gives an immersive performance as an aged former boxer.
Trailer Shows the Assassination of Jesse James the Coward Robert Ford.

August 22, 2007

The Kingdom Photo Album
Latest batch of movie stills for the film.
Summer's Biggest Losers
A financial report on the blockbusters that couldn't break the red.
Superbad's Greg Mottola to Direct Adventureland
Comedy takes the weekend box office.
Ice Cube and Fred Durst on the Comeback
Cube to star while Durst will likely direct.
Justice League to be Motion Capture CG?
Explains the quick casting and most likely the most plausible option.
Timberlake Teaches FutureSex as The Love Guru
Joined the cast of Mike Myers' comedy.
Cloverfield Trailer with RE3?
Which means it will be here by mid-September.
Ryan Collects Stardust While Being Superbad
Caught two great films over the weekend.
Warners Gives McFarlane His Version of Oz
Interesting, aka big-breasted, at the very least.
Alan Alda Resurrecting the Champ
He plays the editor who brings the hammer down.
Screening Report from The Kingdom
While the earliest reports claimed the film was great, this says it's only decent.
Death Sentence Violence
In a world of PG-13 action movies, Bacon returns to the Hard R style of the classics.
Eva Mendes Joins The Spirit
Actress will star in the Frank Miller adaptation.
Isaacs and George Have Stopping Power
Duo will star opposite John Cusack.

August 21, 2007

Fall Preview: Michael Clayton
Warner Bros. gives an official preview with new stills.
Fall Preview: Beowulf
Updated synopsis and new still from Paramount.
The Kingdom Site Live
Plus some new movie stills for the film.
Rod Lurie Directs Resurrecting the Champ
Writer/director talks about capturing the excitement on screen.
2nd Trailer for The Brave One
Shows a little more retribution in this one.
One-Sheet Promises Ten Dead Men
UK action-thriller coming next year.
Eastern Promises Gets a Site
Plus a new synopsis.
AVP 2 Gets a Title and Trailer Description
In space, nobody can hear you scream... or something or other.
Fall Preview: Bee Movie
New stills and an updated synopsis.
Official Reviews Find Strength in 3:10 to Yuma
Both claim the film is a (very) satisfying remake.
Reynolds Still Close to The Flash
Justice League movie could save the role.
Bay Says No Transformers 2
In response to Paramount's decision to support HD DVD.
Official Reviews for Shoot 'Em Up
As expected, they are mixed.

August 20, 2007

Fall Preview: Things We Lost in the Fire
First official stills for the upcoming drama.
Fall Preview: The Hearbreak Kid
Paramount has released new stills for the comedy.
Seth Gordon Shopping for Four Christmases
He will carry A Fistful of Quarters.
Josh Hartnett is Resurrecting the Champ
His character takes on a lot of roles, including fatherhood.
Jessica Biel to Get Naked
For her role in Powder Blue.
Blu-Ray Strikes Back: 20th Century Fox Lists HD-Exclusive Titles
Sony format gets some action films of its own.
Paramount Supports HD DVD, Drops Blu-Ray
Big jump in the format war.
Bassam Meets The Ex
Zach Braff + Jason Bateman should have =íd comedic brilliance.
More Evidence that McAvoy is Scotty
Another publication reports that he will join Star Trek XI.
Harold & Kumar 2 Teaser Trailer
The pot-loving duo is back.
Iron Man's Comic-Con Footage Coming in HD
For those of you tired of bootleg flash.
Aniston & Wilson Join Marley & Me
Fox 2000 adaptation of the memoir about an incorrigible labrador.
The Spocks Talk (More) Star Trek XI
Quinto and Nimoy seem to be on tour together.

August 19, 2007

Anna Faris as a Bunny!
She looks good, real good.
Paul Bettany to Meet Young Victoria
He will play her most trusted advisor.
Superbad a Superhit
Comedy takes the weekend box office.

August 17, 2007

The King of Kong Surprisingly Inspirational
It's not all watching guys play video games.
A film about hooking up with drunk chicks and tricking them into sleeping with you.
Get Ready for War
Stills and clips for the actionfest.
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Soundtrack
Much better than the last installment.
Death at a Funeral is Painful
Film takes advantage of the easiest, most common jokes.
The Dark Knight Stills!
Check out this first, and possibly early, batch.
Crowe and Bale's 3:10 to Yuma Poster
The leads finally get one.
Steve Wiebe on The King of Kong
Film chronicles his attempts at a high score.
Angelina Jolie Hot, Armed and Wanted
She uses both hands... if you know what I mean.
Official One-Sheet for Trade
Yep, just as depressing as the others.
Three Different Johansson's
Actress involved with multiple upcoming projects.

August 16, 2007

Foxx in Tune as a Soloist
DreamWorks drama based on a musical prodigy.
Reservation Road One-Sheet
Poster featuring Joaquin Phoenix, Mark Ruffalo and Jennifer Connelly.
Walk Hard Trailer
John C. Reilly has been due a title role in a comedy such as this.
Michael Cera on Superbad
Playing a high school senior obsessed with sex was very natural.
Monaghan a Trucker
She looks good in the hats.
Zoom In On a New Saw IV Poster
Similar to one we have seen, but bigger.
Enchanted Poster
James Marsden looks hilarious.
Piven is Don Ready
And how about an Entourage: The Movie?
Aniston Also Not That Into You
Lowers your confidence, I know, but it's true.
International Iron Man Banner
Cool. Just wish I could read it.

August 15, 2007

Dawson Joins Gemini
Actress is looking to keep busy -- real busy.
Another Badass Image for Hitman
Olyphant looks good. Too good.
Scorpion King Sequel Rock-less
New details surface for Rise of the Akkadian.
AVP 2 Plot Details?
As discovered through the upcoming game.
Michael Cera to Star in Youth in Revolt (Official Release)
Official announcement from Dimension.
Michael Clayton One-Sheet
Step 1: Blur image; Step 2: Write on Image; Step 3: Distribute.
Norton Talks Writing The Incredible Hulk
He worked on tweaking the script before taking the title role.
Images of a Hitman
Olyphant still expressionless.
Somebody Has Seen The Invasion
Not great but not bad either.
Rogen Promises an Awesome Hornet
The Green Hornet will be serious about action.
Shilpa Shetty the Next Bond Girl?
Source claims she is close to Columbia brass. I'd say.
Seth Rogen on Superbad
He and Goldberg wrote the script when 13.
Steve Sanders on The King of Kong
He represents the suit in this doc.
Len Wiseman to Direct Escape from New York
New Line remake starring Gerard Butler.
Michael Cera Now a Youth in Revolt
Adaptation of the bestselling novel.
Nine of The Nines
Watch the opening minutes to the drama starring Ryan Reynolds.

August 14, 2007

More R-Rated Shoot 'Em Up Content!
See the opening shootout, a remix and the animatic.
Keep a Lookout for this DVD
A hidden gem among crime thrillers.
Balls of Fury Clips!
Plus a whole bunch of movie stills.
A Notorious Casting Call
Can you fill the shoes of B.I.G.?
Time to Finally Go Across the Universe
Our first official preview of what looks to be a great film.
Win an Autographed Dedication Poster!
Two of them to give away.
Jonah Hill on Being Superbad
He plays Seth, a character originally based after Seth Rogen.
Dawson the Next Hottie for Eagle Eye
One more and they might change the title to Eye Candy.
Another Poster Wishes Good Luck Chuck
Still somewhat plain, but at least they're trying.
Kevin Bacon Has a Death Sentence
He's a dancer, yes, but an action hero?
Fracture on DVD
It helps to have good actors.
Wild Hogs on DVD
Something you can enjoy with the parentals.
Extended Resident Evil: Extinction Clip!
Crows can be so problematic.
The Strangers One-Sheet
Fortunately I like Liv Tyler and yellow.
Carell is Dan In Real Life
Movie poster, trailer and stills for the Disney comedy.

August 13, 2007

Reuniting Indiana Jones
New video journal now available.
Learn the Backhand Punch
New training vid for Balls of Fury.
Clips of The Invasion
Six new clips for the thriller.
Eastern Promises One-Sheet!
Plus a few additional movie stills.
Seth Gordon on King of Kong
He had to figure out how to present the flicker of gaming to movie audiences.
Speed Racer Script Read
And the response is (very) good.
Superbad Apatow's Ghandi
He cultivated the idea long before becoming a box office king.
Parnell an Dratch Try Teen Comedy with Harold
SNL vets usually guarantee some laughs.
Chatum and Short the Next Bi-Racial Action Duo
Actors cast for untitled action film.

August 12, 2007

Chris Tucker the Philanthropist
Another reason why he has been away from the screen for so long.
Sweeney Todd Photo
Not as cool as the poster, but we get to see Carter.
Rob Corddry to Find Out What Happens in Vegas
And he's taking Lake Bell with him.
Rush Hour 3 Takes Weekend Box Office
Comes in strong and outpaces Bourne.

August 11, 2007

Another Iron Man Pic
I don't know what the move's called, but I call it the Quakenator.
Indiana Jones and the Multiple Titles
Lucasfilm has filed for six different titles.
Jackson Closer to Hobbit?
New Line and Peter are talking once again.

August 10, 2007

The Official Hitman Teaser Poster
Shows more than that last one, but that's not saying much
Beowulf Posters
All pretty similar to the wallpapers... save one.
2nd Superbad Poster
Louder font is the new selling point.
Ryan Plays Spy vs Spy Against Jason Bourne
And he kicked my ass with a book, a towel, a pen...
A wondrous magical adventure.

August 9, 2007

Rush Hour 3 the Best Rush Hour Yet
As the advertising claims, it is truly their finest hour.
Lars and the Real Trailer
Trailer and poster for the comedy starring Ryan Gosling.
The Dark Knight Spoilers
Still no feature trailer, though we may now know the ending.
Crowe Star Trek's Villain?
He could end up in front of the camera as a Klingon.
The Countess Picks Williams Hurt
He will be playing a Machiavellian character.
Hiroyuki Sanada Talks Speed Racer
Lets loose a number of details on the movie.
Stills for Death Sentence
Upcoming thriller starring Kevin Bacon.
Eastwood to Score Grace is Gone
He has always had a passion for music.
Even More Reviews for Superbad
Just in case the official ones deterred you.
Chris Tucker on Rush Hour 3
It's been a long time since we've seen Tucker.
Monaghan Has an Eagle Eye
Yes, her vision is that good.
Be Kind Rewind Trailer
A good looking comedy starring Black, Glover, Def and more.

August 8, 2007

Saw IV Asks To Give Til It Hurts
A poster to celebrate the event.
Finally! Official The Kingdom Poster
With an updated synopsis and stills.
Carla Gugino Joins Watchmen
She will play Sally Jupiter.
The Dark Knight Teaser with Legend?
Three different version could be arriving by late November.
1-18-08 / Cloverfield Ending Discovered?
Even what could be the alternate ending.
The Spocks Talks Star Trek XI
Abrams, Quinto and Nimoy sit down to discuss the project.
Jackie Chan on Forbidden Kingdom
A different sort of movie for Chan.
Christ Tucker on a Standup Movie
He plans to hit the road and make a standup movie.
Another Good Luck Chuck Trailer
More emphasis on Alba's character with this one.
Time to Attend Daddy Day Camp
Nothing wrong with the film, except for its total lack of originality.
Ferrell's Semi-Pro Poster!
When you're pro, you have a fro.
Church Buys a Ticket to NowhereLand
He will join up with Eddie Murphy.

August 7, 2007

More Star Trek Cast: Anton Yelchin is Checkov
The same dude who got whacked in Alpha Dog.
Official Reviews Come In for Superbad
Too raunchy? That's OK!
Kidman to Star in Al final del espectro
Horror remake from Universal Pictures.
Poster Asks Why Did I Get Married?
First poster for Tyler Perry's next project.
Cruise to Cameo Star Trek?
Captain Pike needs a new face.
Two Face's Mug to be CG
Makeup has become unnecessary in this digital world.
Meet The Kite Runner!
Trailer and poster for the adaptation now available.
300 Breaks HD Records
Takes advantage of both HD DVD and Blu-ray.
Brett Ratner on Rush Hour 3
Director claims that Paris enhances the comedy.
Jennifer Connelly is Just Not That Into You
A quintet in negotiations to star in the upcoming adaptation.
USA Network Nabs The Bourne Ultimatum
Along with nine other Universal titles.

August 6, 2007

Tim Allen to Have Six Wives
He watched too many episodes of Big Love.
Renee Zellweger to Star in Appaloosa
Will co-star with Harris and Mortensen.
Rush Hour 3 Clips
Five of 'em to get us warmed up for the film's release this week.
Trailer Claims We Own the Night
Thriller starring Joaquin Phoenix, Mark Wahlberg, Robert Duvall and Eva Mendes.
Watchmen Cast Comparison
Great visual guide appears online.
Disturbia on HD-DVD
Comes out tomorrow on DVD, HD-DVD and Blu-ray.
Extrended R-Rated Superbad Clip
Some kids just can't stop drawing penises.
Good Luck Chuck One-Sheet
This one's going down.
The Hearbreak Kid Screened
First report to appear online is pretty positive.
Some Have Seen Dragon Wars
Reviews some up what we've seen in the trailer.
Jackie Chan Talks Up Hong Kong Cinema
Turns out that 1997 was a big year for the industry.
Badass Death Sentence Posters
Though a victim, Bacon's character looks like the aggressor.
Stardust Character Posters
New set of four.
More Warcraft Movie Details!
A film I always hoped would come.

August 5, 2007

The Bourne Ultimatum Best August Opening
The latest installment breaks some less concise box office records.
More Balls of Fury Clips
To celebrate the film's earlier release.
Underdog Creators Happy with Film
Buck Bigger and Joe Harris find that film captures their vision.

August 4, 2007

Lorne Michaels on Hot Rod
He is responsible for many movie stars.
Guillermo in The Bourne Ultimatum
Great trailer spoof by Matt Damon and Jimmy Kimmel.
The Invasion Spots
Four new TV spots for the thriller starring Kidman and Craig.

August 3, 2007

UA's First Attempt: The Lions for Lambs Trailer!
Looks good, though I am still confused on the story and who the real star is.
August Rush Poster
Robin Williams rocks a cowboy hat!
National Treasure: Book of Secrets Trailer!
Feature trailer now available in HD.
3rd Invasion Poster
Kidman draws some unwanted attention.
Spider-Man 3 on DVD and Blu-Ray October
Just in time for the holidays.
Two AVP 2 Trailers Coming
Your usual green-band plus a red-band.
Handheld Videos from the Set of 1-18-08
Check out some of the happenings on set.
Join the Resident Evil: Extinction Convoy!
New action-packed game online.
3:10 to Yuma Outdoor Art
Or what I like to call another poster.

August 2, 2007

The Bourne Ultimatum the Ultimate Bourne
Easily the best in the franchise.
Hot Rod a Stunt that Both Hits and Misses
The trailer is edited way funnier than the movie.
No Sin in The Ten
It may be the funniest movie of the year...
Some Salsa with Your El Cantante
American musicians aren't the only ones who piss their talents away on drugs.

August 1, 2007

Abbie Cornish Bond 22's Girl?
So says another Bond Girl-hopeful, Rose Byrne.
The Halloween Trailer
Vicious, violent deaths.
Jesse James to Appear in Toronto
Along with Michael Clayton and The Brave One.
Shoot 'Em Up's Red Band Trailer!
New restricted content appears on the film's official site.
1-18-08 Gone Furious!
And 'Cheese', depending which you like better.
Jackie Chan Hates Rush Hour
The action and 'fun' are nothing compared to his Hong Kong movies.
Andy Samberg is Hot Rod
Though the film fits Samberg, it was originally made for Will Ferrell.
Official Reviews for Stardust
Just like the screening reports, positive.
Shoot 'Em Up Gets Its First Official Review
A firefight of epic proportions you say?
Check Out Dragon Wars
Poster and trailer for the CG-intensive fantasy.

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