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August 31, 2006

Crank Review
The film knows what it's doing and it's awesome.
Crossover Review
It is the Annapolis of basketball movies.
Behind the Mask Joins Screamfest
Will join Automaton Transfusion and Hatchet.
Transformers Details Revealed!
Some are so good they are spoiler-ish.
Peter Jackson to Produce Dambusters
A World War II aerial adventure for Universal.
Final Flushed Away Stills
Finally got through them all.
Pirates of the Caribbean 3 Title Revealed
Terry Rossio makes the announcement.
Nolan Talks Dark Knight Rumors
None seem to be true.
Craig Talks More Casino Royale
Keeping Bond cool till the end.
Shatner and Nimoy to Return for Star Trek XI?
They have been contacted...
Double Indemnity DVD Review
The film is a class, of course.
ThinkFilm Purchases a TV Set
Dark laffer that goes after the TV industry.

August 30, 2006

Two More Posters for Jackass: Number Two
Knoxville gets snake, somebody gets the rocket.
Statham Talks Crank Stunts
Jason is a badass. No hassle from insurance agents.
Toby Keith Sings Broken Bridges
Trailer, poster, music video and synopsis.
Transformers Set Video!
Jazz and Ratchet make an appearance.
Crossover's Vaughn
Underground street ball is ruled by Vaughn (Wayne Brady).
3 Minutes of The Covenant
Intro, witches and "More Human Than Human."
The Invisible Poster
Then how can we possibly see it?
More Flushed Away Stills
Next set of them... only one more to go!
Flyboys Site Live
Plus a new synopsis for the film.
Kirby Dick on Counting Profanities
Which questionable acts get counted and which don't?
Vincent Cassel Joins Eastern Promises
A long way since Brotherhood.
Lohman Joins Toro and Berry in the Fire
Upcoming drama from Dreamworks.
Faris Boards Happy Madison Comedy
Untitled film from Legally Blonde scribes.
Down and Dirty Pictures Coming to Bigscreen
A novel based on indie films will now be a laffer.
Gellar Addicted to Asian Remakes
Actress jumps aboard new thriller.
Leaked Eragon Trailer?
You have to check this out! Updated!

August 29, 2006

New Pan's Labyrinth Poster
Less there but still pretty dang cool.
Bumblebee's Mug Appears Online!
How cute, he is camera shy!
Ferrell is Stranger Than Fiction
Trailer, synopsis and Ferrell.
A Haven for Bloom and Paxton
Poster, trailer and synopsis for the drama.
All Hail The Queen
Poster, trailer and synopsis.
New Operation Stormbreaker Poster
Cool poster and new title.
Streaming Jackass
Because QT and WM are so much better.
Flushed Away Stills!
A ton of them!
The Departed Character Posters
Same style as the original one-sheet.
Anthony Mackie on Crossover Training
Mackie explains the required drills with his basketball coach.
Final School for Scoundrels Poster
Thornton and Heder return with nice taglines.
Universal is American by Blood
Adaptation of the Huebner novel.
Janney Joins Hairspray
Will play Prudy Pingleton.
Kutcher is The Engineer
Starring vehicle from Fox.
Cruise and Wagner Bounce Back
Duo partner with First and Goal.
R Vs PG-13
This Film Is Not Yet Rated explores R to NC-17 rating, but what about PG-13?
Brady's Crossover
Poster, trailer and synopsis.

August 28, 2006

Having A Good Year
Poster, trailer and synopsis.
Pan's Labyrinth Scores Another Positive
Another early screening report.
Extended Flyboys Battle
Guns blazing, bi-planes exploding and men with honor.
The Return Poster
Creepy eye plus a new still of Gellar.
More Transformers Pics
A grip of images and concepts appear online.
No Quidditch in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix?
The game gets less and less attention on film.
Screamfest LA Updates
Automaton Transfusion and Hatchet join the list.
Good Night and Good Luck DVD on HDTV
A real black and white movie is a real test.
Wayne Brady on Crossover
Brady takes a role far from Who's Line.
Jackass: Number Two Clips
Funny and more creative than the original.

August 27, 2006

New Ghost Rider Blog
Video #6 up and running.
Beyond the Poseidon Adventure DVD on HDTV
The latest DVD release is great because it's got 15-year-old deleted scenes.
Will Forte on Beerfest
Forte shares his own drinking stories.
This Film is Not Yet Rated Review
Kirby Dick has chosen the MPAA as the subject of his film.

August 25, 2006

Idlewild Review
Pretty good for an August dump movie...
Invincible Review
I can usually tolerate a generic sports movie...
Beerfest Review
Beerfest is Broken Lizard's crowning achievement.
How to Eat Fried Worms Review
The film is is an ideal kids movie.
The Fountain Reviewed
Another early review pops in our box.
Butler Says P.S. I Love You to Swank
He will play the late husband.
Behr is a Tattooist
An interesting, if not strange, thriller.
Another Black Dahlia
New Line to adapt a different take.
Whedon Updates on Wonder Woman
Warner Bros just experienced the wonder.
Beerfest Reviews
Broken Lizard is falling faster than M. Night Shyamalan.

August 24, 2006

Nightmare Returns in 3D
Slick poster for the re-release.
Dixie Chicks Say Shut Up & Sing
Somebody should have told them that...
Another Children of Men Poster
Pretty damn slick too.
Spider-Man 3 Updates
More films and news on the trailer.
Babel Poster
Pitt and Blanchett take center stage.
Watch These Unaccompanied Minors
Poster, synopsis and movie stills.
More Casino Royale Podcasts
But not where you'd expect them.
Paolini Talks Eragon Impressions
He has seen clips plus the teaser trailer.
Nolan Talks The Dark Knight
The significance of the title and what kind of Joker we can expect.
Lord of the Rings Limited Edition Behind the Scenes
Get a preview of what to expect from the August 29th release.
Romancing the Stone/Jewel of the Nile DVD Review
These are the kinds of special editions I love.
Tim Roth Plays Funny Games
Joins Naomi Watts in the drama.
Bettany Joins Fraser for Inkheart
New Line's family fantasy.

August 23, 2006

Stills from Hollywoodland
We finally put up our first set.
Beerfest's Beer Goggles
New game to play online.
Children of Men Posters!
Three of them to be exact.
Baxter Humby Talks Spider-Man 3 Filming
He gets to jab at Sandman.
Fearless Stills
A new batch for the film.
Bridge to Terabithia One-Sheet?
A strong reminder that this fantasy is quickly coming our way.
Purchase An American Gun
DVD news and contest.
Lonesome Jim DVD Coming
Win a copy of the DVD!
Invincible Reviewed
Above par reviews, even if the film does feel somewhat canned.
Wedge to Direct The Leaf Men for Fox
Continues to build his CG relationship with the studio.
Buscemi and Aykroyd Join Chuck and Larry
For the Sandler-James comedy.
Five Go to Pittsburgh
Sarsgaard, Miller, Nolte, Foster and Suvari.
Rogue Recruits the Lost Squad
Adaptation of the graphic novel taking place in WWII.
Outkast on the Big Screen
Idlewild is not designed to showcase their personas.
The Last Kiss Updates
New stills, updated site, more podcasts.

August 22, 2006

Cruise Out of Paramount
His recent behavior continues to hurt him.
Borat Scores Another Positive
Review agrees that the film is laugh out loud funny.
Jessica Stevenson Boards Order of the Phoenix
The smaller roles are now getting filled.
Eragon One-Sheet!
20th Century delivers the real deal... finally!
Mark Wahlberg on Invincible
Mark Wahlberg is in good shape. We all saw Boogie Nights...
Another Employee of the Month Poster
Gets closer to Cook, Simpson and Dax.
Night at the Museum Screened
Pretty solid start for the 'family adventure'.
How to Eat Fried Worms Reviews
Par reviews for the film about adolesence.
Ejiofor An American Gangster
The Serenity villain comes aboard with rappers in tow.
Parker and Stone Go All American
As Giant Monsters Attack Japan!
Idlewild Gets Reviewed
Gets semi-positive reviews.
Zach Braff Talks Fletch
He is not definitely on... yet... or never... or maybe.

August 21, 2006

Franco Reveals Spider-Man 3 Re-Shoots
The re-shoots are actually his next gig.
Elizabeth Banks on Invincible
Elizabeth Banks may not be a megastar yet, but you always look forward to interviewing her.
Leaked Transformers Pics
Michael Bay confirmed them.
Psychedelic Bug Trailer
Plus poster and synopsis.
Idlewild in the '30s
The era sure looks happy when Outkast is rocking out in gangster garb.
Kevin Munroe Talks Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Splinter is coming back... but not Shredder.
International Crank
A more colorful one-sheet.
Spielberg, Ford and Lucas Talk Indy IV
Why the delays, Phantom Menace and 2008!
Wayans Gets Ugly
Marlon joins DreamWorks on the project.
Tim Story Blogs Silver Surfer
Gives updates on the film and the costumes.
Outkast is Not Breaking Up
Andre 3000 gives update from set of Idlewild.
Jackson Makes Ricci's Black Snake Moan
Two posters for the film.
Magical Posters
The Illusionist and The Prestige.

August 20, 2006

Preview the Eragon Poster!
20th Century continues to polish the one-sheet.
Jackass: Number Two Posters
Knoxville and Steve-O take center stage.
Transformers Updates
Posters, sets, trailers, you name it.
Great Snakes on a Plane Poster
Like those inserts you find in your seat.

August 19, 2006

Saphira Up Close!
High detail, close-up image of the dragon's dome.
Fantastic 300 Reviews
Two extremely positive reports appear online.
This Film is Not Yet Rated Posters
Plus the synopsis and trailer.
New Dead or Alive German Trailer!
Still hot, even in Deutsch.
Random House Shows Eragon's Saphira!
Tie-in book reveals the first image of the dragon.

August 18, 2006

Accepted Review
Accepted would be the best straight-to-video movie ever
Transformers Characters Announced!
Let's start with the Autobots.
White Hotel Makes Progress
Novel will finally be adapted. (updated)
300 Gets Screened
A brief report.
Snakes on a Plane Review!
Itís a total B-movie, but the most skillful B-movie this side of Tarantino.
Accepted Fake Classes
Justin Long, Jonah Hill and Lewis Black all got a say.

August 17, 2006

Even More Saw III Nurses
Two sexy posters to announce the upcoming blood drive.
Shrek the Third Site Up
A nice little banner reminder to boot.
Lord of the Rings Limited Edition Coming!
I think someone is double-dipping (check out the box art).
Valderrama Wants to Party
With Universal in tow.
Fantastic Four Sequel Changes Title
Silver Surfer gets a verb.
Transformers Announcement Friday!
The announcement of all Transformers appearing in the film.
Snakes on a Plane Clips
To help you prepare for tomorrow.
Josh Brolin is an American Gangster
Joins up with Crowe and Washington.
Walken Replaces Broadbent for Hairspray
As the character of father lead.
Eragon Trailer Delayed
We will have to wait until Invincible or longer.
Idlewild Clips
The film looks, well, interesting.
The Departed Goes Live
Synopsis, photos aan flash trailer appear on the site.
Accepted Best Friends
Long and Hill discuss the film and the birth of their friendship.
Snakes Buzz
We've been having fun all summer talking about Snakes on a Plane...

August 16, 2006

007 Fans Don't Hate Daniel Craig
Many are giving the actor positive remarks.
Feature Hollywoodland Poster!
Adrien Brody, Ben Affleck and Diane Lane.
Longbottom Talks Order of the Phoenix
Matthew Lewis discusses his character and changes in this installment.
More Nurses
One more poster for Saw III shows up promoting giving blood.
The Departed One-Sheet
Warner Bros used the tried but true letters format.
Warner Bros Sets Production On I Am Legend
Will Smith will star in sci-fi thriller.
Gerard Butler Talks 300
Actor pleased with initial reactions.
Jessica Biel Talks The Illusionist
The film may have been the tallest order on Biel's talents.
Apocalypse Now - The Complete Dossier DVD Review
Comes with the original and the redux.
Trio of Ladies Visit New Hostel
A nice set of ladies seeking to come on board.
Phoenix and Ruffalo Make Reservation
Adaptation of John Burnham Schwartz novel.

August 15, 2006

Saw III Nurses Posters
Two sexy posters to announce the upcoming blood drive.
More Pinups of The Black Dahlia
More posters plus new trailer feeds.
Renaissance Reviewed
A couple positive reviews appear online.
Snakes on a Plane Sweepstakes
Win soundtrack, hat, t-shirt and more.
Combo Trailer for Eastwood's World War II
Flags of Our Fathers and Red Sun, Black Sand.
Hitman Script Reviewed
And it gets praise.
Pan's Labyrinth Reviewed!
A postive appears online.
LA Story DVD Review
The latest DVD release is great because it's got 15-year-old deleted scenes.
Another Ace Ventura?
Morgan Creek is planning on it.
Banks and Weisz Think Maybe
Two ladies might join Reynolds, Luke and Fisher in Universal project.
Cooper on the Case
Joins Renee Zellweger for the film.
Jessica Biel Gets Girlie
Biel talks what it takes to be classy in The Illusionist.
More Eragon Stills!
Check out new stills from the epic adaptation quick!
Happy Updates
Official site for animation offers new features.
DOA Release Pushed
Ouch, blue balls! Better look at some stills to help, uhh, you know.

August 14, 2006

Saw III Teaser Online!
Teaser trailer shows off Jigsaw mayhem.
Rodney Loves A Little Miss Sunshine
With a stellar cast it was not difficult to spend a few bucks on the film out of curiosity. Money well spent.
Craig Talks Casino Royale Criticism
Trust him, he is Bond.
Tonks on Set of Order of the Phoenix
New set picture appears online.
Lesson on How to Eat Fried Worms
Poster, synopsis and trailer.
Peter Dinklage is Surviving Eden
Poster, official site and synopsis available.
The Illusionist Gets Positives
Two new reviews appear online.
Donner Talks X-Men 4
Plus Wolverine and Magneto.
Aronofsky Gets Kessler for Black Flies
Writer will adapt the novel.
Simon Pegg is Toby Young
Will play Brit writer in upcoming adaptation.
McCormack Checks In for 1408
Replaces Walsh to join Jackson and Cusack.
Plummer Joins My Dog Tulip
Him, Redgrave and Rossellini will give their voices to the animation.
2nd DOA: Dead or Alive Feature Poster
Begin the week with hotties.
Jessica Biel Dresses Up
She plays a 1900s era duchess in The Illusionist.
Will Superman Returns Have a Sequel?
Warner Bros is still mulling over the idea.
Ghost Rider Video Blog #4 Online
Who is Johnny Blaze?

August 13, 2006

First Eragon Still!
And I think he is saying brisingr!
Wrangling Snakes on a Plane
There's only one man who can deal with snakes on a plane, and thatís Samuel L. Jackson.
Dead or Alive Character Posters
Even more hottie posters.
Pirates of the Caribbean 3 Synopsis?
Still suggesting "world's end."

August 12, 2006

Dead or Alive Poster!
Don't deny yourself such temptation.
Pulse Remake
Hollywood is getting around to every Japanese horror movie.
Trailer Database Weekend Update!
The database has been updated with Scoundrels, Borat, Aces and more.

August 11, 2006

R Rated Snakes
The F word isn't the only thing that makes Snakes on a Plane R-rated.
Kevin Smith Applauds Half Nelson
'Best Picture' mention to Ryan Gosling and company.
New Photos for Idlewild
Plus streaming trailer feeds.
The Illusionist is Mediocre
At least, according to early reviews.
Step Up Dancing
Once the kids won their roles, they had to learn the dance moves.
Craig Talks Casino Royale
He loves Bond.
Kristin Bell's Movie Transition
Actress talks Pulse.
Mfin Snakes
Get these motherf*@kin' snakes on this motherf*@kin' plane...
Christensen a Jumper
Darth Vader will star in big-budget thriller.
Nolan to Adapt The Prisoner
Once he is done with The Dark Knight.
Abrams Talks Star Trek XI
JJ dodges some specific questions.
Renaissance Site and Images
New stills and updated official site.
Step Up to These New Stars
You may wonder, "Who the hell are these kids?"
World Trade Center Review
It's a film and the parts that don't work make it less of an experience.

August 10, 2006

Halo Director Speaks
Neill Blomkamp is a fan of the game... which is good.
Doug Jones Talks Hellboy 2 and Silver Surfer
With a little Pan's Labyrinth thrown in.
Sexy Dead or Alive Clip
I dont know what's cooler, the fighting or the...
Phillips Talks Redline
Snakes on a Plane co-star talks his next action pic.
Bond 22 Loses Director
Roger Michell is out.
Apocalypto To Lose Disney?
Have to protect the kids from anti-Semites.
Demetri Martin Visits Moon People
Comedian will write and star.
Ratner Goes to Brazil
Director to do remake of the 1978 thriller.
Reilly to Walk Hard
With Judd Apatow and Jake Kasdan.
Who is Neill Blomkamp
Unsure on why Fox and Universal chose him for Halo? Check this out!
You Got to Trust the Man
Trailer, synopsis and poster online.

August 9, 2006

V for Vendetta Smokes DVD Charts
The film is a hit on video.
The Last Kiss Podcasts
Zach Braff helms the video journals.
International Casino Royale Poster!
Bond gives a different profile.
The Guardian Stills
Latest movie stills of Costner and Kutcher.
Invincible Stills
Movie stills for the film.
Feast Hits Theatres
The culmination of Project Greenlight.
Halo Director Announced!
Neill Blomkamp will make his directorial debut.
New 300 Video Journal!
Miller, Johnstad and Snyder show off the film.
New Snakes on a Plane Clip
One of them takes a bite out of the captain.
Pan's Labyrinth Posters!
Two cool new posters for the upcoming film.
Melissa George Joins Hartnett in Night
A horror adaptation from Sony.
Jeremy Piven Enters The Kingdom
As an American diplomat.
McConaughey and Hudson Reteam for Gold
Bringing back the How to Lose a Guy magic.
Eragon Trailer Coming!
The film also moved up in rank!
Hilarious School for Scoundrels Trailer
First poster as a bonus.
Gellar Witnesses The Return Trailer
Trailer, still and synopsis online.

August 8, 2006

Robbins to Catch a Fire
Movie stills and trailer online.
Learn The Ground Truth
New Iraq documentary coming our way.
Courtney Cox on Zoom
I know Courtney Cox Arquette, but where did this Arquette-less person come from?
Gibson Ready to Get Lethal Again?
A Lethal Weapon 5 to boost his popularity... maybe even among the Jews.
McGregor a Tourist
Joins up with Hugh Jackman.
Pathfinder Poster
Karl Urban showing skin while swinging his...
Giamatti Knows Dick
Might star in author biopic.
Golden Compass the Next Lord of the Rings?
I was personally hoping for Eragon.
Wood In Bloom
Evan Rachel Wood to star opposite Uma Thurman.

August 7, 2006

Broadbent Wears Hairspray
Will play father lead.
Ferrell to Go Semi-Pro
Wil reunite with Old School screenwriter.
Hellboy 2 Plot Details
Universal has opened a gate.
Zoom Social Message
Allen discusses his love for comic books.
Poseidon DVD on HDTV Review
If you pick your moments, you can create an elemental light show.
Ladybugs DVD on HDTV
Imagine my surprise when this film looked as good as King Kong.
Smokin' Aces Trailer!
This film look sick!

August 6, 2006

300 Posters!
Well, more like three.
Transformers Access Hollywood Clip!
Get a look at the set and some animatics.
Zoom Super Powers
Tim Allen takes superheroes very seriously.
Bale Talks The Dark Knight
What he thinks of Ledger and how he is stoked on the title.

August 5, 2006

Feature Borat Trailer!
Making us laugh by not knowing any better.
Star Wars Road Trip
Favorite Star Wars characters to begin 11-city road trip.
Final Destination 3 DVD Review
The movie still rules but donít get too excited about alternate scenes.

August 4, 2006

Talladega Nights Review
The film makes you laugh and cheer at the same time.
The Descent Review
The Descent is fine once they get into the cave.
Join The Covenant
Trailer, synopsis and poster online.
John Cena is The Marine
Stills, trailer and synopsis online.
Bale Feeling 3:10 to Yuma Too
Relativity gets the project in turn-around and now Bale a possibility.
Liv Tyler Hangs with Strangers
To star in suspense thriller.
Relativity Ready for 3:10 to Yuma
With Russell Crowe on board.
Universal Picks Up Hellboy 2
After being orphaned by Revolution.

August 3, 2006

Ferrell and Reilly Reteam as Step Brothers
Adam McKay to also direct.
Meet Everyone's Hero
Stills, trailer and synopsis online.
Best Movies Based on TV Shows
Serenity and Wrath of Khan make the cut.
More Ricky Bobby Reviews
More reviews and more positives.
Weta Joins Cameron for Avatar
Cameron needed the best FX house for the job.
First Six Minutes of The Illusionist
It should really be first three minutes after the credits.
New Charlotte's Web Poster
One new feature poster.
National Treasure Sequel Coming
Jon Turteltaub makes the announcement.
Love that Black Dahlia
Poster, trailer and synopsis online.
The Chronicles of Narnia Ultimate Fan Contest
Now live on official Disney site.
Universal Gets The Leading Man
New comic book up for adaptation.
Live Free or Die Hard Bows Summer 2007
John McClane sets the date.
Culkin to Have Sex and Breakfast
A dark comedy directed by Miles Brandman.
See the Flags of Our Fathers
Poster and synopsis now available.
Return of The Grudge 2
Trailer, poster and synopsis for the upcoming film.

August 2, 2006

Barnyard Clips
New clips in anticipation of the animation's release.
New Talladega Nights Pictures
New set of movie stills for the comedy.
Streaming World Trade Center
Eight streaming clips now available.
Night Listener Clips
Two clips of a troubled Williams.
New Pulse Clips
Three new clips to frigthen the smallest of children.
New Employee of the Month
New feature poster for the comedy.
Stormbreaker Gets Slammed
Two reviews give the film a youthful bashing.
Warner Bros Solves the Sleeper Code
Studio to adapt the upcoming novel franchise.
Universal to Adapt Deceit
Brandt and Haas to adapt the novel.
Green Follows the Compass
Bond girl Eva Green hops aboard fantasy.
Jackman Rides the New Carousel
Fox looking to remake the musical.
Group Humor in Talladega Nights
Ferrell is always good at creating a comedy team
Julian McMahon Only the Voice of Dr. Doom?
An interesting rumor pops in for the FF sequel.

August 1, 2006

Top Ten Films Updated!
Alpha Dog back on and The Departed joins up.
The Return of Lassie
Trailer, poster and synopsis for the upcoming film.
50 Greatest Comedies of All Time
Just to play it safe, they are in chronological order.
World Trade Center Clips
A nice set appears online.
Borat Is Hilarious
Or so says some early screening reports.
Ricky Bobby's Babe
Leslie Bibb discusses her role as hottie wife.
Terrence Howard for Iron Man?
Actor to possibly play James Rhodes.
New Ghost Rider Video Blog
Learn more on the movie mythology.
The Fountain Pushed
Plans to take on Deja Vu for Thanksgiving.
The Great Buck Howard Goes Blunt
Actress joins Hanks and Malkovich.
Batman Sequel Titled and Ledger Confirmed!
The title is cool... and simple.
More Beerfest Stills
Warner Bros teased us with the first set.
V for Vendetta DVD Review
Bring a terrorist home today!
Nate and Hayes DVD Review
If they made this movie now, it would be awesome.

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