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April 30, 2006

RV Drives Thru Weekend Box Office
Robin Williams still has some pull.
French Teaser for Casino Royale!
Film looks pretty dang moneypenny.
Spider-Man 3 Set Footage
A couple car crashes.

April 29, 2006

X-Men 3 Clip Online!
Wolverine against a Sentinel direct from Jay Leno.

April 28, 2006

Full Monster House Trailer!
The animation looks pretty dang slick.
Renner is Twelve and Holding
Preview for the upcoming indie.
Superman Returns Updates
New pictures and the full trailer when?
Josh Lucas Wants Two Face
Actor actively seeking part.
Par Wants The Dirt On Motley Crue
Setting up for biopic adaptation.
Favreau Leads Iron Man
Set to direct the upcoming adaptation.
Lohan and Brody are Speechless
The two are ready to get it on.
Superman Returns Splashes Hollywood
Official billboard goes up.
Dead or Alive Hotties
Film based on the game featuring hotties... based on the game.
Lohan and A Prairie Home Companion Go on the Air
Preview for the upcoming comedy.
Poster of My Super Ex-Girlfriend Online
First feature poster for the comedy appears online.

April 27, 2006

Snakes on the Movie Stills
Database updated with the latest stills for Samuel L Jackson's romp.
Poseidon Clips Float In
First set of clips for the blockbuster.
Superman Returns Trailer Info
Running time appears online and it is respectable.
See the Pirates 2 Trailer Early
Disney throws up a contest through MySpace.
Jesse James Teaser!
It sure is teaser-ish -- do they still say yeehah?
Poseidon Screened
The first review is semi-positive.
First Ant Bully Movie Stills
First set of stills from Warner Bros.
New Batch of Over the Hedge Stills
Latest dose of stills from the Dreamworks animation.
Josh Brolin Goes Country
Actor gets picked up by the Coen's.
Universal Likes the Night
Mob flick starring Wahlberg and Phoenix.
Jolie and Pitt Grab an Atlas
A possible re-team for Lionsgate film.
Myers to Start a Robot Uprising
A comedy that sounds a bit like I, Robot.

April 26, 2006

Keanu and Sandra Meet at The Lake House
Almost like Frequency with a mailbox...
First Look at Pathfinder
Action adventure pic starring Karl Urban.
More Mission: Impossible III Media
A new clip and TV spot appear.
Scanner Darkly Goes Live
Enough flash to make even you paranoid.
Underdog's Voice Found!
Have no fear, the voice of Jason Lee is here.
Cruise Off to War in Iraq
To adapt The Fall of the Warrior King.
Avi Arad Talks Hulk and Captain America
One has a villain the other is non-existent.
Shuler Talks Everything X-Men 3
A whole case of mutant details has been opened.
New Superman Returns Picture
Plus a few other heavy hitters.
Parker Finds a Vacancy
Ex Sex and the City moves to thriller.
Ben Stiller Has An Itch
To join up with Farrelly Brothers.
Smith a Legend
Will Smith returns to the sci-fi thriller.
Fifth American Pie In the Oven
Another film featuring an entirely new crew... again.
First Look at Employee of the Month
Synopsis and first movie stills for the comedy starring Simpson and Cook.

April 25, 2006

Babel Preview
Movie stills, Brad Pitt and a synopsis.
United 93 Has Audiences Sobbing
The controversial film kicked off Tribeca this Tuesday.
New X-Men: The Last Stand Pictures!
Angel flying, Storm handling some lightning!
More Mission: Impossible III TV Spots
Three new TV spots appear for the spy thriller.
Dos Mas Confessionals
One good and one boring.
Black Spidy Spotted?
New picture appears online (possible fake). Updated.
Over the Hedge Screened
First review is positive for the Dreamworks animation.
Abrams Responds to Star Trek Report
Not all the details entirely accurate.
The Chronicles of Narnia Sweepstakes
Win tons of prizes plus your own wardrobe.
Kennedy is Old Skool
Bob Yari Prods sets up Kickin' It Old Skool.
Mortensen Makes Promises
To starin the film for Focus Features.
Miramax to Develop Leary Biopic
Based off of the book by Robert Greenfield.
Pacino Turns Thirteen
All-star cast for Soderbergh film gets bigger.
Extended X-Men 3 Preview and Q&A
Sci Fi to show off special preview right before film's release.
More Footage for Mission: Impossible III
More movie clips appear online.
Philip Seymour Hoffman to Board Star Trek?
Is JJ Abrams bringing along a couple of friends?

April 24, 2006

DeVito Wants Some Sugar
Don't we all though.
Denton and Kattan are Wanted
Desperate Housewives star joins comedy with SNL alum.
Faris Joins Mama's Boy
From blockbuster to indie comedy.
D-Cinema and Star Wars 3D!
James Cameron is pushing the new medium and Lucas has a surprise in store.
Owen Wilson Stills
New pictures from You, Me and Dupree.
Casino Royale Script Reviewed Again
Not 'almost perfect' this time around.
Spider-Man 3 Filming Updates
Couple pictures and reports from the set.
2006 MTV Movie Award Nominations
The award show coming our way in early June.
Farrelly Hires a Valet
The comedic brothers take on their next project.
Silent Hill Takes BO
Scary Movie 4 holds while American Dreamz fails.
X-Men 3 Round Up
Posters, images, a funeral and a supposed review.

April 23, 2006

Bay Shows Off Transformers
A report on some animatics and concept art.
M:i:III Bags Another Positive
Another positive review to appear online.

April 22, 2006

A Full Omen
Full trailer for the remake keeps one hopeful.
Marie Antoinette Posters
Kirsten Dunst looking good.

April 21, 2006

New Bandidas Trailer
Because two hotties in chaps is hard to pass up.
Longoria Goes to Texas
Hottie to star in romantic comedy from Touchstone Pictures.
Sound of Superman Coming May
Compilation CD that pays musical tribute to the superhero.
Frasier to Journey to the Center of the Earth
Maybe to catch up with the devil.
Howard for The Look of Real
To star his daughter.
Focus Has the Scoop
Woody Allen pic looking for a theatrical release.
Trekkies Find Sequel in Abrams!
LOST creator, M:i:III director will helm 11th Star Trek movie.

April 20, 2006

Transformers Gets More Humans
And there are more than meets the eye!
Franco Digs Camille
James Franco and Sienna Miller join cast of indie film.
Daniel Craig the Devil?
What Bond is planning on doing next.
Confessional Round-Up
Nacho Libre confesses at the official site.
Mission: Impossible III Screened!
First review calls it the best installment yet.
United 93 Reviews
Positive reviews begin to surface.
Josh Lucas Talks Two Face Rumor
Actor is very interested in doing the part.
A Live-Action Paradise Lost?
We are adapting everything nowadays.
Lohan and Fonda off to Georgia
To join up with Felicity Huffman.
Magrath Gets There
New starring role for Wolf Creek alum.

April 19, 2006

More Pics for Superman Returns
Three new stills released by Warner Bros.
V for Vendetta Best Film of Spring
According to the moviegoers.
Seven Minutes of X-Men 3!
That is like 420 seconds of mutant to compliment That '70s Show.
New M:i:III Featurette
When in Rome...
Hanks Wants His Mamma
Tom Hanks to adapt play to bigscreen.
Another X-Men 3 Poster!
Looks good, but definitely seeing a rhythm here.
More M:i:III Clips!
Paramount throws out three more like they are going out of style.
New Line Wants Me
Picture house picks up the comedy pitch with Shawn Levy to produce.
MGM Laughs at Death
New comedy from Frank Oz.

April 18, 2006

Poster a Piece of Art
First poster for Art School Confidential.
X-Men 3 Goes Live
PC-stopping flash, a huge intro and goodies.
Davey Jones Crew!
Two concept images appear online.
One Weak Omen
First teaser poster appears for the film.
Polish X-Men 3: The Last Stand One-Sheet!
A sample of the official poster to come?
McShane a Marshall
The filth from Deadwood arrives.
Zellweger on the Case
Zellweger to star for Paramount Pictures.
The Da Vinci Code Clips
Updated site serves up a new TV spot.
Tons of X-Men 3 Talk
Avi Arad and Bill Duke discuss the final installment.

April 17, 2006

Norbit Cast Grows
Cuba Gooding, Thandie Newton and Eddie Griffin.
Crowe Finds Tenderness
Russell Crowe to star in indie thriller.
Sketch A Scanner Darkly
EW takes a full look at the animation in upcoming issue.
Mads As Le Chiffre
First image of villain to surface.
Cars Road Trip
Hit the road with two life-sized models.
Solve The Da Vinci Code With Google
Sony Pictures teams up with Google to offer puzzles.
Official Clerks 2 Trailer
A donkey, lotion, flies and a burger joint.
M:i:III Clips!
Six new clips appear online.
Meet the Robinsons Teaser Trailer
First trailer for the animation looking to close out 2006.
The Mission Begins Early
M:i:III to kick off in April... at designated locations.
Apocalypto Moves Release
From August to December.
Kate Winslet To Meet Elton's Gnomeo
Winselt to topline the CG animation.
Scary Movie 4 Takes BO
Scary Movie 4 crushes The Wild and takes weekend.

April 14, 2006

X-Men 3 Set Visit
MSN takes cameras onto the set.
300 Concept Art
There really isn't that many... if you get my drift.
The Fountain On Your Desktop
Updates over at the official site.

April 13, 2006

So Much Hard Candy
... that you'll rot your teeth.
Mission: Impossible III a Top Ten!
All the promoting by Paramount pays off.
Snakes on a Hype
How did Snakes on a Plane gather so much publicity?
Tons of Scary Clips
Movie clips for Scary Movie 4 appear online.
King's Men Return September
New release date announced.
Sandler Controls Universe with a Click
Updated movie stills and site goes active.
Kid Has an Omen
That creepy kid is back with more movie stills.
Those Talladega Nights
New movie stills for Will Ferrell comedy.
Rogue Has a Fuzzy Feeling
Picture house picks up Hot Fuzz.
Lucas Plays Guest in Los Angeles
Guest director at 2006 LA Film Festival.
Segal Goes Shazam!
Adaptation of DC comicbook.
Early Scary Movie 4 Reviews
Next parody coming Friday.

April 12, 2006

Tim Allen Ready to Zoom
Another sci-fantasy comedy for Tim Allen.
Williams Drives the RV
Preview for the Sony film.
Little Man Preview
A Wayans reunion.
How to Lose a Sequel
Sequel for How to Lose a Guy coming.
Ray Park Strikes Back
A homage to Star Wars and possible TV involvement.
Sentinel Site Active
Starring Michael Douglas and Kiefer Sutherland.
Michelle Monaghan Handling M:i:III
Sixth featurette for the film.
Movie Fun Round-Up #1
Brokeback Mountain 2 and Star Lords.
Monster House Screened
Great family horror coming our way.
New Superman Returns Stills
New images from Warner Bros.
SFX Covers X-Men 3
Plus other updates for the upcoming film.
Limp Bizkit Indie?
Fred Durst tries on both the red and black director's hat.
Kate Mara a Shooter
Hottie radar going crazy!
Latifah on Welfare
Why work when you don't have to?
Smith in Greenbacks
Will Smith to star in film from creators of The Rock.
Lucky Number Slevin Review
Another original film to help kick off 2006.

April 11, 2006

Interactive Cars Poster
Extremely detailed poster appears online.
New M:i:III TV Spot
Film still looking good.
Church Talks Venom!
The 'Venom' bomb gets dropped again.
Favorite Vengeance Poster
MySpace chooses a favorite.
M:i:III Banners
All different dimensions of Ethan Hunt.
Robin Williams the Joker?
Williams wouldn't mind a second shot.
Spider-Man Cleans Cleveland
For the 2nd unit shooting.
Broken Lizard in an Ambulance
Super Troopers gang returns.
New Line Finds Magic with Burt Dickenson
Comedy pic that takes us to Las Vegas.
Weinstein Buys a Dragon
To show off in English-speaking territories.
Spy-Hunter Script and Animatics
A good looking script with great visuals.
Spider-Man 3 Teaser Site Live
Website appears with PC stopping flash.

April 10, 2006

More X-Men 3 Pics!
Beast hanging around and a cool promo of Wolverine.
Film Preview: Surf School
First trailer for the teen comedy coming this summer.
Mission: Impossible III Laugh Reel
JJ Abrams and Tom Cruise giggle like schoolgirls.
Top 50 Indie Films
A great list that convinces you to update your DVD collection.
X3 Banner and Multiple Man!
Couple new images appear online.
Church Talks Production of Spider-Man 3
He has seen the whole movie... sort of.
Lucky Number Slevin Clips
Who is the best Bond?
Hall Talks Scary Movie 4
With latest set of movie stills.
Film Preview: The Proposition
Australian western starring Guy Pearce.
Bruce Willis Talks Sequels
Die Hard 4 and 16 Blocks 2.
Ethan Hunt is a Gold Digger
Kanye West's M:i:III theme online today.
A Joe Dirt Sequel?
Spade says project ready to begin working.

April 6, 2006

Order of the Phoenix When?
Release date and more!
Terminator Down Under
And some added details on the film.
24 for 2008
With details on how to pull off the movie.
Valentine for Spider-Man 3
New cast addition.
Alba Talks F4 Sequel
Changes are being made to make the film better.
Kids Talk Narnia Sequel
Note to self: get a written contract.
Allen and Lopez are Amigos
Another in-law comedy.
Wahlberg for Machine Remake
Remake of the Burt Reynolds starrer.
Dreamworks Likes Punk
Ready for new CG animation.
Pirates 3 Title Revealed?
Possible title leak for the next sequel.
The Wild Character Posters II
Three more big ones.
The Wild Character Posters
Long, detailed and with quotes.

April 5, 2006

Alba's Playboy Situation Resolved
Because Hef's the man, that's why.
Banderas a Conquistador
Antonio ready to be called Cortez.
Wild Wallpapers
Add a little bit of zoology to your desktop.
X-Men 3 TV Spots!
Three new trailers hit with FOX and ESPN.
M:i:III Score- First Look
Music from composer Michael Giacchino.
Casino Royale for Connery?
Sean Connery to have a cameo role.
Will Ferrell Poster
Teaser for Talladega Nights.
Heder in Loudermilk
New starring vehicle for Napoleon.
Harrison Ford Talks Indy 4
And maybe lets a detail slip.
Cage and 50 Dance
To co-star in upcoming biopic.
Mutants at Cannes
Another blockbuster lined up with Cannes.
Tom Cruise Rocks M:i:III
Fifth featurette for the film.

April 4, 2006

Zucker Makes a Superhero!
Another spoof franchise coming our way.
Take the Lead Updates
Media updates in anticipation of the film's coming release.
Three for Jumper
Sturridge, Palmer and Bell.
Charlotte's Web Teaser
First preview shows off the characters.
Scary Movie 4 Wallpapers
Carmen Electra looking good.
300- How To Dress a Spartan
New production diary!
Narnia and Terabithia in New Zealand
Local economy to revolve around Walden Media.
Scott a Tennis Coach
Seann William Scott reunites with Dude Where's My Car.
Real-Life Sally
Guy duplicates Cars character on Porsche 911.
The Simpsons Crew
Who is writing and who is directing...
Silent Hill Character Downloads
All the evil on a single page.
Focus Marries The Husband
Novel from Dean Koontz.
Jackson Checks In for 1408
Samuel L Jackson the latest guest for the adaptation.

April 3, 2006

Grudge 2 Site Up
I recognize that eye!
United 93 Controversy
Our moviegoers ready for a return to 9/11?
Mas Nacho Libre Confessionals
Numbers four and five hit the net.
Hot Rod Gets SNL Trio
Samberg, Taccone and Schaffer.
Superman Returns Toys
Site gives a preview of what's to come.
2nd Clerks 2 Teaser
Second trailer that asks not to look at his peepee.
Lucky Number Slevin Reviews
So far pretty positive.
The Simpsons Trailer!
Fox sets the date.

April 2, 2006

Bobby and Kitty
Getting down in latest issue of Starlog.
Benchwarmers Clips
A warmup for next week.
Turtle Curling!
New extended clip for The Wild.
Ice Age 2 Heats Up Box Office
March records get shattered and Blue Sky rejoices.
Elm Street Prequel?
Robert Englund sees a possibility for that and more.
X-Men 3 Theory- Shadow King?
An April Fools theory that thinks there is a 'surprise' villain.

April 1, 2006

A Fresh Prince Movie?
With Smith to produce.

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