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April 30, 2005

Lucas Talks Life After Star Wars and Darth
Lucas can finally close up shop on future Star Wars films. So what's next?

April 29, 2005

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Review
The answer to the ultimate question has been answered. And it is still 42...
War of the Worlds Trailer #3 Update
Expect the trailer on an already big day in May. Can you guess?
Lucas Talks Star Wars TV and the Saga in 3D
Even more info from Lucas on seeing the entire saga in 3D.
New War of the Worlds Poster
Check out the latest movie poster from Paramount.
George Lucas Talks Indiana Jones Sequel
Geogre Lucas gives the current developments on Indiana Jones 4.
New Star Wars Revenge of the Sith Stills
We got a few, others got even more.
New Kicking & Screaming Clip
Pick up that trash... tuck your shirt in... you know what? Give me a lap.

April 28, 2005

Post Your Questions for Star Wars Revenge of the Sith
Moviefone allows fans to send questions to Lucas and Christensen to have them answered.
Goyer Talks Blade Sequel and Nightstalkers Movie
Even with a lawsuit from Wesley Snipes, the director/writer moves on.
Hugh Jackman for Superman Returns
Bryan Singer is sucking the cast right out of X-Men.
New War of the World Stills
Check out the latest dose of War of the World movie stills.
Two Big Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Reviews!
And, as I thought, it is still hard to tell if this movie is good or not.
Sean Bean Joins Silent Hill
Sean Bean joins the cast of the best-selling video game adaptation.
New Poster for Night Watch
The movie that took mother Russia by storm is heading our way.
New Hitchhiker's Guide Clips
This may be the last set before Friday so watch them already.

April 27, 2005

Trailer for Land of the Dead
George A. Romero loves zombies.
New Batman Begins Trailer Goes Quicktime
It is slightly different too.
Sin City Sequels!
We are talking sequels with a capital 'S'.
Hitchhiker's Guide Video Interviews
Check out four video interviews with the cast and crew of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.
New Underworld Evolution Stills
Check out the latest pics from the hottest vampire out there.
New Superman Returns Speeding Bulletin
Speeding Bulletin 9- Big, Scary, Lit-up, Director Face
William Dafoe Talks Being a Bad Guy
Dafoe speaks Spider-Man, XXX State of the Union, and more.
Kevin Smith Reviews Star Wars Revenge of the Sith!
Director Kevin Smith sat with Lucas to see ROTS. What did he think?
New Crash Clips
Check out five new clips from this interesting film.

April 26, 2005

More Star Wars Revenge of the Sith Updates
A few questions are answered at Star Wars Celebration III.
Ultimate Summer Movie Calendar
Entertainment Weekly serves up a great blockbuster preview just in time for summer.
Serenity Movie Trailer Online Now!
Check out the first trailer from the vision of Joss Whedon.
More Star Wars Television Series Info
Lucas announces production schedule... kind of.
Garth Jennings talks Hitchhiker's Guide
The man behind The Guide speaks.
New Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy Stills Part II
Another dose of stills comes my way... Part II.
The Birds Remake?
Maybe they'll make it exactly the same... like the Psycho remake.
The Interpreter Review
So many big names, so much wasted time.

April 25, 2005

First Ten Minutes of XXX State of the Union
It actually looks surprisingly good.
The New Batman Begins Trailer!
You can see the high quality version of the latest Batman Begins trailer NOW.
Time for Star Wars Fan Films
With the Revenge of the Sith closing in, so are the amount of fan films.
New Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy Stills
Another dose of stills comes my way.
Flightplan Movie Stills
Check out the first dose of movie stills for the Jodie Foster thriller.
Martin Freeman Talks Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy
... His planet is about to be blown up, and so I just played it as real and as funnily as possible...
Flight Plan Trailer
I didn't even know this movie existed.
Vince Reports in his take on Kung Fu Hustle
If Bruce Lee and Bugs Bunny made a film together it would be this.
Will Ferrell to get Lost in Time?
Will Ferrell will star in the TV series adaptation of Land of the Lost.
A Serenity Trailer Ducked the Radar?
We may be shown a trailer for the upcoming Whedon film sooner than we thought.

April 24, 2005

Batman Begins Trailer Details
Batman Begins hitchhike's onto the Guide.
War of the Worlds Trailer Update
Expect a couple more alien-ish movie trailers to be coming our way.
Star Wars Revenge of the Sith Updates
Han Solo involvement in ROTS and is this film a tear jerker?
Jones Confirmed as Juggernaut for X3
Matthew Vaughn confirms Vinnie Jones in X-Men 3

April 23, 2005

I did the Kung Fu Hustle
Stephen Chow obviously loves what he does, and he should hope you will too...
New Batman Begins Poster
From France... with love.
Lucas Confirms Two Star Wars TV Shows
Another update coming in from Star Wars Celebration.
Nicolas Cage in Ghost Rider!
Check out the first shot of Nicolas Cage as Johnny Blaze.

April 22, 2005

Superman Returns Synopsis Released
Check out the released synopsis for Superman Returns
Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith- It's a Wrap
During Star Wars Celebration III Rick McCallum announces that Episode III is officially completed.
Bigger Superman from Superman Returns!
Ok, if you thought the last pic was good, this one is 6x the size and full body.
Time to Purchase Star Wars Collectibles?
Looking for the latest in Star Wars collectibles, look no further.
Its Superman from Superman Returns!
First Clark Kent and now this.

April 21, 2005

New Hitchhiker's Guide Clips
Check out the latest three clips for The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
Another Sighting for Pirates of the Caribbean 2
Check out a new, close up, shot of the Black Pearl!
Superman Returns- Extra Extra!
Check out the latest production diary from Bryan Singer.
Batman Begins Screensaver
Impressive the ladies at work with your new animated desktop.
Tobey Maguire is a Good German
Maguire joins George Clooney and Cate Blanchett.
Snipes Didn't Like Blade Trinity Either
Wesley Snipes sues New Line over many issues on Blade Trinity, one being a bad director.
Simpson/Knoxville Dukes of Hazzard Interviews
Two other cast members speak about about their roles in the Duke family.

April 20, 2005

New Fantastic Four Trailer for Star Wars?
A scoop claims that we can expect a new trailer before a couple of films.
Seann William Scott Talks Dukes of Hazzard
Here about the film that Seann William Scott calls the best experience he has ever had.
Unleashed Music Video?
Sounds wierd, but this video is filled with tons of new clips from the Jet Li film.
Hitchhiker's Guide Sound Clips and Stills
Here what Marvin has to say and check out the latest dose of movie stills for The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.
Kingdom of Heaven Storyboard to Movie
Check out the latest feature and see how well epic drawings came to the big screen.
Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Early Reviews Part II
Still curious about early Hitchhiker reports? Check this out.
Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Early Reviews and Updates!
Check out this latest poster and all the early reviews we could find.
McKellen & Molina Discover the Code
Ian McKellen and Alfred Molina join the already star rich cast of the Ron Howard movie adaptation.

April 19, 2005

Sneak Peak of Batman Begins on WB
Time for the inner geek in me to get excited!
XXX Females Oohlala
Not exactly what most would think, but Rob Cohen states that he is ready for a female hero as XXX.
New Kicking & Screaming Stills
Check out the latest dose from this Will Ferrell comedy.
Italian Batman Begins TV Spot
Check out the TV trailer that the Italians get to see.
Batman Begins TV Spots
Some have already seen them, but if you haven't they now come in high quality from the official site.
Disney Offers New Narnia Site
The new Narnia site rocks the latest in flash to open the world to the net.
Set Pics for V for Vendetta
Been a while since we have heard anything from this graphic novel adaptation.
German Revenge of the Sith Footage!
See General Grievous move and talk along with the opening space battle.
Superman Returns Doubts Washed
Some 'big names' in Hollywood couldn't be happier with how Brandon Routh looked as the man of steel.

April 18, 2005

Holy Star Wars Revenge of the Sith TV Spots!
Check out the second wave of TV spots from 20th Century Fox and Lucas.
New Leaked Revenge of the Sith Still
At least the last one was official.
Superman Returns Trailer Update
An early scoop says that we could expect a teaser trailer much sooner than expected.
New Mr and Mrs Smith Movie Still
Check out the latest pic from the Pitt/Jolie adventure romp.
New Brothers Grimm Stills- April 18
Check out the latest shots of the evil witch and none other than the Grimm brothers.
Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is He-Man?
According to an out-of-country scoop, John Woo wants The Rock to scream 'by crumb!'
Official Yoda Still for Star Wars ROTS
Check out one of the first official stills for Revenge of the Sith.

April 17, 2005

Final Kingdom of Heaven Trailer
Check out the last movie trailer for the crusades adventure.
New Shot of Kent from Superman Returns
Check out the latest shot of Brandon Routh playing the alter-ego of Superman.
Kingdom of Heaven Stills- April 17th
Check out the latest dose of movie stills from the Ridley Scott epic.
Brandon Routh as Superman Footage
Bryan Singer does takes with Brandon Routh running to Superman themed music... a video from the set.

April 16, 2005

It's Clark Kent from Superman Returns!
Check out the first images of Brandon Routh as Clark Kent.

April 15, 2005

Tons of Oldboy Clips
Check out twenty minutes of Oldboy.
Hilarious Kong/Superman Production Diaries
Peter Jackson and Bryan Singer team up to create some production diaries from the heart.
Stuart Beattie on Spy-Hunter Rewrite
Universal still looking at a summer 2006 release.
Tobey Maguire Got Suckerpunched
Tobey Maguire has signed on to star in the adaptation Tokyo Suckerpunch.
Two Villains for Spider-Man 3?
A scooper reports that Hobgoblin will be menacing Peter Parker as well.
Get Behind The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
Check out three behind-the-scenes featurettes for the upcoming Douglas Adams adaptation.
Bunch of Interpreter Clips
For some reason this film doesn't do it for me, no matter how good the clips look.
Ton of Kingdom of Heaven Clips
Got some time to waste, check out ten clips from the Ridley Scott epic.

April 14, 2005

Does Superman Die in Superman Returns?
A scoop claims that a death may be in the super-future.
Another Batman Begins Poster
Warner Bros can't seem to stop making them... which is fine!
Extended Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Clip
Check out the extended clip of what I can only call a slap-fest.
Tons of Clips and Featurettes
The House of D, The Year of Yao, The Interpreter, Kingdom of Heaven, and Meet the Fockers.
New Art for King Kong
Check out the latest art rendition for King Kong.
Crazy Batman Begins Ad
Just when I thought I have heard of everything.

April 13, 2005

More of Kung Fu Hustle
Check out the latest group of clips for the Steven Chow film.
Unleashed Internet Trailer
Check out the internet exclusive trailer for the Jet Li/Morgan Freeman movie.
Cool Kingdom of Heaven Clips!
Check out what happens when you get caught off your guard by a night bombardment.
Batman vs. Superman: Who Would Win?
With all the talks of an upcoming movie, it is time to put Batman and Superman toe-to-toe.
Juggernaut in X3?
Vinnie Jones meets up with old friend Matthew Vaughn to play a villain in X-Men 3. But who?
A Scrub Wants Star Wars
Donald Faison shows great interest on the upcoming Star Wars television series.
New Hitchhiker's Guide Stills
Check out the latest dose of stills for The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
The Black Pearl Washed Ashore!
Is that the Black Pearl we see washed ashore for Pirates of the Caribbean 2?

April 12, 2005

Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith Updates
Lucas is confident and Premiere Magazine dedicates its next issue.
More Lois Lane Pics
Check out even more pics of Kate Bosworth as Lois Lane in Superman Returns.
Batman vs. Superman!
Did Christian Bale admit to a crossover with Batman and Superman?
LEGO Star Wars!
Get ready for Revenge of the Brick to hit television.
Get a Taste of the Fantastic Four Soundtrack
A whole website is now dedicated to the music of Fantastic Four.
Jackie Chan is The Myth
Check out the trailer for the teaser trailer for the next Jackie Chan film.
New Valiant Poster
Check out the next poster for the war pigeon animation.
Exclusive: Night Watch 2 Trailer!
I know we haven't seen the first one yet!

April 11, 2005

DVD Tuesday
Take a look at the hits coming to DVD on Tuesday, April 12th.
Superman Returns Shield!
Looks familiar, looks a little different, looks cool.
The Ghost Rider Bike!
Check out Johnny Blaze's hot ride!
Sommers Wants to See Worlds Collide
Stephen Sommers is game for the remake.
Some One has Seen Kingdom of Heaven
Even with what are called troubling cuts, the film still gets a positive early review.
Next Superman Bulletin
Check out the latest speeding bulletin.

April 10, 2005

Fever Pitch Review
...wait for a friend to buy it and borrow it from them so you can say you never paid to see this film...
See Bosworth as Lois Lane
A few new images released showing Kate Bosworth off with her new dark hair.
Revenge of the Sith Gets Rated!
After tons of rumors, the MPAA has their say on the final Star Wars film.
A Sin City Maxim
Maxim Magazine will feature a cover customly drawn by Frank Miller.
Star Wars: Clone Wars Rocks!
Call me a nerd, but I had to admit it.
Aeon Flux Site Updates
Check out the updated site for the action thriller.
Sahara Steals the Box-Office
People preferred the easy adventure to the dark classic.

April 9, 2005

More from Brothers Grimm
Check out some of the cool set pics from the upcoming film The Brothers Grimm.
Undead Trailer
Check out the trailer for what looks to be an awesome zombie flick.

April 8, 2005

A Scene Between Jolie and Pitt to Talk About?
Is there a scene in Mr and Mrs Smith that will have moviegoers talking?
Clooney a Good German?
Clooney teams up with best bud Steven Soderbergh to be... well.. a good German.
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Character Posters!
Check out all six character posters from Wonka Industries.
Tons of Kingdom of Heaven
Check out the latest banner and media featurette for the Ridley Scott epic.
Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Manís Chest Set Pics!
Have you forgotten about the next pirate adventure coming our way?
First Night Watch Trailer!
Time to see why this Russian film is taking the world by storm.

April 7, 2005

Bloom Talks Pirates
Bloom gives a few details of his character in Dead Man's Chest.
Ridley Scott Talks Movies
Take some Gladiator, shake with Kingdom of Heaven, and top off with a splash of Alien 5.
Dukes of Hazzard Trailer Preview
Check out the first shots and reviews for the Dukes of Hazzard... trailer?
Emperor Palpatine Speaks!
Sci-Fi wire gets the skinny from Ian McDiarmid on details from Revenge of the Sith.
New Revenge of the Sith Webisode!
Hear what Ewan McGregor has to say about playing as the jedi bad boy Obi-Wan.
New Sahara Clip
Watch a six-minute flip from the desert adventure opening this weekend.
New Line Finds Monster
And it wasn't hiding underneath the bed.
Ian McKellen Talks X-Men
Here what he has to say about the upcoming sequel and a possible Magneto spin-off.
Reynolds Likes Comics
Besides the upcoming film The Flash, Reynolds may also take up the role as The Sub-Mariner.
New Dukes of Hazzard Pics
Check out the Dukes logo plus a new movie still.
New Intl Trailer for War of the Worlds!
Check out another Japanese version trailer for War of the Worlds.
New Fever Pitch Clips
How can I turn down clips?

April 6, 2005

Oompa Loompa Still!
First still of an Oompa Loompa from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.
Michael Bay Likes Transformers
Michael Bay may take the helm of the upcoming Hasbro toy adaptation.
New Poster from Mr Smith
Check out the new Mr and Mrs Smith Poster.
Clip from Devil's Rejects
Check out the first clip from Rob Zombie's horror sequel.
Famke Janssen Signed for X-Men 3
Now the big question is if the Dark Phoenix will have that big of role or not.
New Batman Begins Poster
Check out the latest from the dark knight and his bats.
New Chicken Little Poster
Check out the new movie poster from Chicken Little.
Ahh. Young Lesbian Love
Take a look at the trailer for My Summer of Love.
First Shark Boy and Lava Girl Movie Still
Check out the next Robert Rodriguez film that is due out in only two months.

April 5, 2005

Actor Leaves Superman to Return to His House
Hugh Laurie leaves Superman to remain with the FOX television series.
Lucy Liu Gives a Rise
Well, for most men.
New Madagascar Stills
Check out the latest pics from the movie Madagascar.
Robbie Stamp Talks Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
Stamp talks about his labor of love.
April 2005 Movie Preview
What is left to see for the month of April.
New Matagascar Posters
Check out two new posters from the film Madagascar.
Church Talks Spider-Man 3
Thomas Haden Church speaks up on all things.
Revenge of the Sith Changes
Lucas is already making little touches and changes to ROTS.
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory TV Spot!
Check out the first TV spot and hear a lot more from Wonka.

April 4, 2005

Elfman Bails on Spider-Man 3
First some creative differences and now the composer is gone entirely.
Official War of the Worlds Site Online
Paramount has made the updates for you. If you don't go, they won't be for you.
New Fantastic Four Poster
Germany decides to throw in their two cents.
New Hitchhiker's Guide Movie Stills
Check out the latest from Arthur Dent and friends.
Big Wonka One-Sheet
Here is the larger version of the one-sheet for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.
Timberlake in Die Hard 4?
Justin Timberlake may join up to play as Bruce Willis' son in the next Die Hard.
More Star Wars Television Details
An insider from Hasbro spills a few more hints.
Son of Kong An April Fools Joke
As we had expected of most news that came out on April 1st.
Star Wars Revenge of the Sith Sound Files
Hear the first words of General Grievous and get a taste of the music to come... thanks to Cingular.
Finalized Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Poster
Check out the latest poster to come out of Wonka Industries.
Wonka Site Updated
Check out the new official site for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.
More Watchmen Info
Nevermind what we said, Watchmen remains...

April 3, 2005

New Batman Begins TV Spots
Check out the much better looking TV spots for Batman Begins.
Reynolds Talks More Flash
Even though there is still no contract, Reynolds and Goyer still plan to team up.
Sin City Takes Box-Office
The Rodriguez/Miller film out-performs as a strong R film.

April 2, 2005

Sin City Review
... Sin City is sadistic, it is masochistic, and I loved every f@*kin minute of it...

April 1, 2005

Star Wars Revenge of the Sith TV Spots!
Check out the first set of TV spots for Revenge of the Sith
A King Kong Sequel?
Either Peter Jackson is giving a big tip to fans, or playing a cruel April Fools joke.
Go See Sin City!
No, this is not my full length review... yet. But I know you want to know how this movie is.
A Couple More Revenge of the Sith Stills
Check out a few more of the latest pics from Revenge of the Sith.
Lucas Up for Another Star Wars Trilogy!
How about Episodes VII-IX!
Batman Begins TV Spot
Check out the POS of a TV spot for Batman Begins.

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