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June 27, 2008
Director Timur Bekmambetov
Producer Marc Platt, Jason Netter, Jim Lemley
Screenwriter Michael Brandt, Derek Haas, Chris Morgan
Studio Universal Pictures
Starring James McAvoy, Morgan Freeman, Angelina Jolie, Common, Terence Stamp, David O'Hara, Kristen Hager, Konstantin Khabensky, Thomas Kretschmann
Genre Fantasy, Thriller
Additional Film Info
Source: Official Site
CanMag Review Score: No Review To Date

Plot / Synopsis
Based upon Mark Millar's explosive graphic novel series and helmed by the stunning visualist director Timur Bekmambetov--creator of the most successful Russian film franchise in history, the Night Watch series--Wanted tells the story of one invisible drone's transformation into a dark avenger. In 2008, the world will be introduced to a superhero for a new millennium: Wesley Gibson. 25-year-old account manager Wes (James McAvoy) was the most pathetic, cube-dwelling hypochondriac the planet had ever known. His boss chewed him out hourly, his girlfriend cheated on him daily and his life plodded on interminably. Everyone was certain this weakling would never amount to anything. There was little else for Wes to do but wile away the days and die a slow, clock-punching death.

Until he became Wanted.

After the murder of a father he never knew, Wes discovers powers beyond his dreams. He becomes the latest recruit in the Fraternity--a secret society of assassins--and develops lightning-quick reflexes with superhuman agility. Wes soon learns his league of henchmen has but one mission: carry out the death orders of the mythological Fates, weavers of every man's lifeline.

With wickedly brilliant tutors, he morphs into a killing machine and starts erasing one bad guy after another. But as Wes grows into the mantle passed down by his father...he discovers his clan members are not exactly the enforcers of justice they claim to be. Just as he gets everything he ever Wanted, Wesley Gibson will learn that with the ability to deliver death comes an even more difficult power...controlling your own life.

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