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Unleashed [aka Danny the Dog]

May 13, 2005
Director Louis Leterrier
Producer Luc Besson, Steve Chasman, Pierre-Ange Le Pogam, Pierre Spengler
Screenwriter Luc Besson, Robert Mark Kamen
Studio Rogue Pictures, Focus Pictures
Starring Jet Li, Morgan Freeman, Bob Hoskins, Kerry Condon, Christian Gazio, Silvio Simac
Genre Action, Thriller, Kung-fu
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Plot / Synopsis
"UNLEASHED" is the story of Danny (Jet Li), a slave who has lived his whole life without any sort of normal human education, with the mind and personality of a young child, with only one lesson learned: how to fight.

Treated like a dog by his owner/boss, Bart (Bob Hoskins) which includes having to wear a collar, Danny has been raised to be a lethal fighting machine who fights in illegal gladiator-style fight clubs, where he earns lots of money for Bart as the undisputed champion.

After a car accident that lands Bart in a coma, however, Danny meets a kind elderly blind piano tuner (Morgan Freeman) on the run because he knows secrets some bad guys don't want known, who uses music to teach Danny some things about the world and about being human.

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