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Shoot 'Em Up

September 7, 2007
Director Michael Davis
Producer Michael Davis, Douglas Curtis, Don Murphy
Screenwriter Michael Davis
Studio New Line Cinema
Starring Clive Owen, Paul Giamatti, Monica Bellucci, Greg Bryk, Chris Jericho, Stephen McHattie, Jane McLean, Daniel Pilon
Genre Action, Thriller
MPAA Rating R
Additional Film Info
Source: Official Site
CanMag Review Score: No Review To Date

Plot / Synopsis
A gritty, fast-paced action thriller, Shoot 'Em Up kicks into high gear with a memorable opening scene and never relents. Clive Owen stars as Mr. Smith, a mysterious loner who teams up with an unlikely ally (Monica Belluci) to protect a newborn baby from a determined criminal (Paul Giamatti) who hunts them throughout the bowels of the city. Shoot 'Em Up is written and directed by Michael Davis (Monster Man) and is scheduled for a Sept. 7, 2007 release.

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