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February 6, 2009
Director Kyle Newman
Producer Kevin Mann, Kevin Spacey, Dana Brunetti
Screenwriter Adam F. Goldberg, Ernest Cline
Studio The Weinstein Company
Starring Sam Huntington, Chris Marquette, Dan Fogler, Jay Baruchel, Kristen Bell, Carrie Fisher, Ray Park, Danny Trejo, Billy Dee Williams
Genre Comedy
Additional Film Info
Source: Official Site
CanMag Review Score: No Review To Date

Plot / Synopsis
In this riotous new road movie from producer Kevin Spacey, a group of friends who are avid Star Wars fans travel west to see the Holly Grail of all sci-fi movies, "Star Wars: Episode I." The year is 1999 and for these death star dorks, the Star Wars films are more than just movies; they are a way of life. So, after one of the group takes sick it is nothing short of a moral imperative that the friends break into George Lucasí Skywalker Ranch to watch the seminal sci-fi picture together before its release. Enlisting the help of an estranged friend, who has traded in his Darth Vader mask for a proper day job, the adventure lays way to some extremely funny situations, including an outrageous brawl with some hard-core Trekkies.

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