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American Idol Season 9 Top 12 Guys

The Crazies is This Month's Dose of Awesome

Cop Out's Goofing Off is Fun

Awesome New Trailer for How to Train Your Dragon!

Couples Retreat on Blu-Ray

A Nightmare on Elm Street Trailer

Soldiers of The Pacific

Ryan Reynolds and Nic Cage Are The Croods

David Goyer Hired for Man of Steel

Natalie Portman Has Best Buds

Gooding Jr. and Hauser on Hit List

Cop Out Any Good?

Prince of Persia Featurette is Epic

More Get Hall Pass

Jonah Hill The Sitter

Freida Pinto Enlists in War of the Gods

Tom Hanks on The Pacific

Jerry Seinfeld on The Marriage Ref

Ian McShane Caught in Pirates 4 Current

Avatar Marks Another Milestone for IMAX

Alice in Wonderland Still Facing Boycotts

Shane Black to Direct Doc Savage

Steven Spielberg on The Pacific

Tom Papa on The Marriage Ref

Lauren Graham on Parenthood

One Kick-Ass Red Band Trailer

Depp Talks Pirates Caribbean 4

Shutter Island Takes Weekend

New Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps Trailer

Shutter Island is Haunting

Woody Allen Wanting Owen Wilson

Robert Downey Jr. First-Looking Warner Bros (Also)

Leonardo DiCaprio on Shutter Island

Ben Affleck and Matt Damon First-Looking Warner Bros

Check Out the World of Alice in Wonderland!

How to Train Your Dragon Featurette

Peter Krause on Parenthood

Goodfellas on Blu-Ray

Serious Blu-Ray Movies

New Defendor Trailer

Alice in Wonderland Sees Theatrical Boycott

Judd Apatow Reteaming with Paul Feig

Ben Kingsley on Shutter Island

Ron Howard on Parenthood

The Box on Blu-Ray

Gibson's Vacation Selling

Taxi Driver Remake a-Buzzing

Koontz's Frankenstein Gets Big Screen Treatment

Martin Scorsese on Shutter Island

This Is It on Blu-Ray

Studio Canal Blu-Rays

Cool Clash of the Titans Featurette!

Shutter Island Reviews Surface!

Valentine's Day Charms Box Office

Get Him to the Greek Trailer

Fred Bloodied by The Wolfman

Fred Tries to Enjoy Valentine's Day

New Toy Story 3 Trailer!

Benicio del Toro on The Wolfman

Julia Roberts on Valentine's Day

Killers Trailer

Penelope Cruzing to Pirates?

New Spider-Man Getting 3D Treatment

New Line Expedias Another Vacation

Brosnan, Harris and Gaffigan Move to Salvation Boulevard

The Last Airbender Trailer!

Awesome Clash of the Titans Posters

Jennifer Garner on Valentine's Day

Anthony Hopkins on The Wolfman

Pacificor Gets Terminator

Universal Pictures Acquires Larry Crowne

Alice in Wonderland Getting a Limited Run?

Disney Earnings Lower Than Expected

Tom Cruise Confirmed for Mission Impossible IV

Hugo Weaving Talks The Wolfman

Ashton Kutcher on Valentine's Day

Tom Felton Witnesses The Apparition

24 Getting Movie Treatment

Soderbergh's Contagion Attracts Cast

Katherine Heigl Gets One for the Money

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