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Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith ROTS Game Trailer

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Teaser Trailer Update

Hot Technology Advancement used in the Military

The Simpsons Coming to Theatres

Read the Halo 2 Review for the X-Box Console

Updates to be Witnessed in Next Issue

Sick of Paying Search Engines? Learn How to Submit Your Site for Free.

An OK Still / Picture of Depp as Willy Wonka

CanMag Holiday Gift List Part 2: More DVD/Video Stocking Stuffers

Cars Teaser Trailer Online Now

Did Celebrities Help or Hurt John Kerry?

A Review of Pixar's The Incredibles

Get Halo 2 Early! Depends If You Shop At Meijer's [Allegedly]

Want to see the Star Wars: ROTS teaser trailer? We got it!

Elektra Website Finally Launched

Star Wars: ROTS Teaser Trailer and Behind the Scenes

Big Elektra Updates

CanMag Holiday Gift List Part I: DVD/Video Stocking Stuffers

Pixar Attaches Trailer of Cars With The Incredibles

Star Wars: ROTS Teaser Trailer Desciption

New Fantastic Four On-Set Stills and Images

See The Incredibles Early!

R. Kelly Sues Jay-Z During Tour

PHP Tutorials Added to CanMag.Com's Best Articles

New Polar Express Clips Online

The Can Magazine Moves Up to Version 2.0

Fantastic Four Clip Posted Online

Chicken Little Teaser Trailer Online Now

Some Big X-Box Game Updates for Halo 2 and KOTOR 2: Sith Lords

Missing Munitions in Iraq May Have Been a Miscalculation

Official Star Wars: ROTS Teaser Poster Online Now

Terrorist Tape Currently Withheld by ABC

Brandon Routh Signs a Three-Picture Deal for Superman

The Makers of Amelie Bring You A Very Long Engagement

New Ocean's 12 Stills and Pics Up and Posted

New Addition to Online Fun: See Bush and Kerry Sing it Out in Flash Videos

New Elektra Pics Now Online

First Official Star Wars: ROTS Pics Posted at Moviefone

News Galore! We Got Everything from Trailers, to SoundBits, to Movie Updates

Bruce Willis has been Busy this Year

Star Wars: ROTS Early Review Posted With Spoilers!

New Pics for Batman Begins

Race is Coming, Time for Some Political Jokes [Part II]!

New Pics for Pixar's The Incredible's

Typhoid Mary Revealed for Daredevil Spin Off, Elektra

Geoffrey Rush Will Return for Pirate's of the Caribbean 2

Can Anyone Find The Machinist?

Busted Search Engine, New Fun, and Buy an Ad Off Ebay

Staircase to Higher PageRank

Anne Hathaway Naked!

Meet the Folkers [Fockers] Trailer Now Online

Star Wars: ROTS Teaser Trailer Confirmed

A Few Good Trailers

EA Games Releases Video for LOTR: The Battle for Middle-Earth

The Can Magazine Starts Preparing for Next Issue

New Ocean's 12 Trailer Online

Race is Coming, Time for Some Political Jokes!

Weinstein-Miramax and Eisner-Disney: Clash of the Titans

Fantastic Four Script Review

Feel More Secure With Your Increase in Social Security

Incredible Clips Everywhere!

Walt Disney Studios Release Extended Clip for National Treasure

CanMag.Com Finishes First Draft of First Marketing Video

Singer Found Superman, But Lois Lane?

Are You LOST?

Half-Life 2 Will Make the Holidays After All

ABC Finds a Hit in Desperate Housewives

Batman Begins Site Offers Up New Photos

Bryan Singer has found Superman!

Do Not Fear a Draft from Either Party

A Cool Monster Bash in Van Helsing

Half-Life 2 Gone Gold!.. Maybe

Strong Action, Humor, Sex, and Political Points with Puppets

Play Counter Strike: Source Now

Bill O'Reilly Gets Counter-Sued with Sexual Harassment Suit

RSS/XML on The Can Magazine

Exaggerations Become Common in Presedential Debate

Halo 2 Goes Gold!

Media Updates for The Incredibles

Detailed Reports on Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith Teaser Trailer

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