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Review of House of Flying Daggers

Full Two Minute Blade: Trinity Clip Online Now

Early Constantine Reviews Starring Keanu Reeves

When Trees Drop the Rules and Do the Naughty

Russia's Snow and Ice Festival Images

New CPM Advertising Program Up and Running, BLOG Pages Now Up

Another Teaser Poster, but This Time it is Mr and Mrs Smith

Batman Begins Teaser Poster, and News of Upcoming Trailer

Blade: Trinity Gets Torn a New One by Early Viewers

New Clips for Lemony Snicket's a Series of Unfortunate Events

The Can Magazine Sets to Move Up to Version 3.0

War of the Worlds Website Goes Live

New Stills of Jennifer Garner in Elektra

New War of the Worlds Stills Posted at Yahoo! Movies

The Da Vinci Code Announces a Release Date

New Constantine Stills with Keanu Reeves and Rachel Weisz

The Ultimate Matrix Collection, Just In Time for the Holidays

New Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith ROTS Movie Details and Stills

Who Will be Superman's Next Lois Lane?

New Lemony Snickets Clips, Trailers, and More

New Bewitched Stills Online Now

Two Great New Trailers Online

Peter Jackson Unveils King Kong to Newsweek

Novel and Film Differences in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

We Have Just Converted Our Advertising Program to CPM

First Valiant Trailer Online Featuring McGregor

Charlize Theron as Aeon Flux

My Ultimate Star Wars Theory

I Finally Review National Treasure

LOTR: Return of the King (EE) Teaser Trailer Online Now

Harry Potter Information Bonanza from Pics to Details

John Calley Hops On Board The Da Vinci Code

New Full Trailer for The Interpreter With Nicole Kidman and Sean Penn

James Cameron Picks Up Battle Angel Alita for the Big Screen

James Cameron's Aliens of the Deep Trailer Online Now

Hardware Suggestions for Your Gift List

Full Dr. Doom Image Online

New Ocean's Twelve Stills Online Now

Early Reviews for Blade: Trinity and A Very Long Engagement

Five New Movie Titles Added to CanMag Movie Database

Kevin Spacey Wants to be Lex Luthor in Superman

A List of Features Included with Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

A Review of The Chronicles of Riddick with Vin Diesel

First a New Writer and Now a New Director for Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Williams Probably In on a Mrs. Doubtfire Sequel

Notice the Updates at CanMag.Com

Jet Li's Unleashed, aka Danny the Dog, Trailers and Pics

Kevin Bacon in The Woodsman, Trailer Online

ABC Should NOT Apologize for Desperate Promo

Ioan Gruffodd as Bond and a Halo Movie?

Kevin Spacey in Superman?

New Spanglish Trailer with Adam Sandler and Téa Leoni Online Now

The 11 times in history where the "F" word has been considered acceptable for use

House of Flying Daggers Stills, Pics, Clips and Trailers

The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy Teaser Trailer Online

Hanks Will be Robert Langdon in The DaVinci Code

Gaming Updates on Half-Life 2 and LOTR: Battle for Middle-Earth

The Incredibles Eclipses The Polar Express in the Box Office

Scott and Knoxville to Play as the Duke Brothers in The Dukes of Hazzard

New Full Aviator Trailer Online Now

Eye on the Market and Economy

Some Revelations Over ABC's Television Hit, LOST

A Full, and Positive, Review for Oliver Stone's Alexander Online Now

First Elektra Trailer Online Now

Video Game Suggestions for Your Gift List

Recorded Interview with Bryan Singer on KROQ

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Will Not be Written by Steven Kloves

Early Reviews for Alexander and National Treasure

New Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith ROTS Stills and Pics

Where Are All The Articles?

Halo 2 Record Sales and My Own Thoughts

Bruckheimer Discusses The Pirates of the Caribbean Sequels

New War of the Worlds Pic with Tom Cruise

Next CanMag Issue to be Released Early

CanMag Construction: Expect Some Delays

Michael Bay's The Island Pics and Stills

The Phantom of the Opera Trailer and Clips

An End to the Claim that Bush Voters are DUMB

Natalie Portman Battles Anne Hathaway on Who can be More Nude

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