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Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds

Forget the filmography, Ryan Reynolds has been one of the funniest guys in the entertainment industry since he appeared on the television series [now shown on WE] titled Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place. Co-starring with actors such as Nathon Fillion [Serenity], Ryan Reynolds is unbelievably hilarious as Michael Bergen. He later used this exact type of humor to make the National Lampoon film Van Wilder the comedic hit that it was.

Actually, besides a couple of films that include The Amityville Horror and Blade: Trinity, Van Wilder is still the best film in Ryan Reynold's filmography.

Don't get me wrong, his other films were good, but none allowed him to be nearly as funny as he can be. Here is hopes to more comedic films for him in the future. Hopefully he will soon be up for his own buddy comedy; how about teaming him up with Seann William Scott?
Memorable Moments
-Van has flashbacks to his sexual encounter with the old lady on campus and keeps shouting 'mail it in!' Van Wilder

-Van is tricked into arriving at a party for Gwen's parents in order to embarass him. Van takes this chance to say lines such as 'if he is here who is ruling hell' and to take control of the entire party in general. He teaches the 'up-tight' doctors on how to do body-shots on their wives breasts. Van Wilder

-When confronted by Gwen, Van panics and assumes she means the incident with the dog pastries. Van quickly says that he already checked to make sure that dog semen is safe and 'surprisingly nutritious'. Van Wilder

-Hannibal King is being tortured by his vampire captures when he states, 'I can tell you two things. One, your hairdo is ridiculous. And two, I ate a lot of garlic, and I just farted. Silent but deadly.' Blade: Trinity

Know of a better memorable moment with Ryan Reynolds? Let us know.
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