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Gary Oldman

Gary Oldman

Gary Oldman first started getting attention with his role as Lee Harvey Oswald in the film JFK. However, I did not show this guy the respect he deserves until his appearance as Stansfield in The Professional; AKA Leon. In this film Oldman plays a crooked cop who has no problem murdering a poor family over some drug money. Gary Oldman is so devishly twisted in this film that you both hate and love his character.

Gary Oldman furthers his career as the bad - guy - role in Air Force One, Lost in Space, and The Fifth Element. It turns out that Oldman can play an incredible bad guy, and excels at his roles in each of these films.

After all of his bad-guy roles, it is nice to see Gary Oldman as a good guy in films such as Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban [though creepy], Batman Begins, and Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

With these latest roles, Gary Oldman proves that he is not made to be the bad guy, and is probably one of the top character actors in the business today.
Memorable Moments
-Stansfield requests everyone from the police department to assist with taking down Leon. When asked 'everyone', he screams 'EVERYONE!' The Professional

-Zorg is excited as he thinks he has recovered the four element stones. Upon opening the case his hands tremble and he slams it down stating 'they are not here.' The Fifth Element

-Zorg makes it a point not to explain the self-destruct button on the weaponry he provides to mercs. The Fifth Element.

-Sirius Black tries to comfort his friend, Lupin, who is slowly becoming a werewolf. Prisoner of Azkaban

-Sirius Black traps Potter, Hermoine, and Ron so he can attack Wormtail. Prisoner of Azkaban

Know of a better memorable moment with Gary Oldman? Let us know.
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