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Russell Crowe

Russell Crowe

Yes, we know that Russell Crowe can be a jerk and think he is too good for just about anything... including a phone that works in a hotel. But this guy seems to have the middle name of 'Oscar', as that is the buzz for just about every one of his latest roles.

Russell Crowe first caught my eye in the quickdraw flick The Quick and the Dead. This movie actually had a strong cast that included Sharon Stone, Gene Hackman, Leonardo DiCaprio, and, of course, Russell Crowe. Even amongst the names, Russell Crowe had that supressed coolness that allowed him to steal the screen from high profile co-stars.

Russell Crowe then popped up again in Virtuosity, an interesting flick about a virtual reality program that goes wrong and releases a program, SID 6.7, that is based off of a killer. Denzel Washington shares the screen with Crowe and Crowe performs admirably; even if the film was just slightly silly.

After this, Russell Crowe goes on a run with L.A. Confidential, Mystery, Alaska, The Insider, Gladiator, Proof of Life, A Beautiful Mind, Master and Commander, and finally ending with his latest installment Cinderella Man.

Among this run of films Russell Crowe would be nominated for Best Actor three times in a row and win one for Gladiator. There is already Oscar buzz around Crowe's latest film, Cinderella Man.
Memorable Moments
-When Maximus finally reveals himself to Commodus after his battle in the arena. 'Husband to a murdered wife...' Excellent. Gladiator

-Jim Braddock takes a hard punch from a boxing contender and loses his mouth piece. Instead of going down, Braddock slowly smiles at the contender showing that he can take it. Cinderella Man

-Officer Wendell 'Bud' White attempts to thank/apologize to Lt. Edmund Jennings Exley but can't find the words to say it. L.A. Confidential

-John Nash flips out when not allowed in the library. A Beautiful Mind

Know of a better memorable moment with Russell Crowe? Let us know.
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