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Viggo Mortensen

Viggo Mortensen

Viggo Mortensen, born in 1958 to a Danish father and American mother, has appeared in the movie Witness, which was his screen debut in 1985. He played a young Amish farmer but the role didn't bring him any attention or fame. During this time he also acted in several plays.

After some time he decided to move to Los Angeles, where he won his first award for the performance as 'Captain' in Bent.

Young and handsome, Viggo married Exene (Christine) Cervenka, the singer of a punk rock band X. After a year they had a son Henry and moved to Idaho, where Viggo's acting situation was even worse than in Los Angeles.

Only since the later part of the 90's, did Viggo's career begin to improve. During this time he offered his best performances in Walk on the Moon, A Perfect Murder and G.I. Jane. In 2000 he appeared with Sandra Bullock in 28 Days. This ambitious actor also wanted to show his skills in other ways. His huge dream was to produce the music and he therefore begun to work on that as well.

Viggo's life changed one day when he received a message from his agent. Peter Jackson wanted him to play the role of Aragorn in the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Luckily, Viggo decided to take on this task. As the result we saw him in The Fellowship of the Ring in 2001.

Thanks to the extreme popularity of the film, Viggo became one of the most recognizable actors in the world. Although he had less time for the family, he had committed to play in the second and third film of the trilogy. In 2002 we were able to see him in The Two Towers and in 2003 in Return of the King. While working with the movie he had even asked Peter Jackson to revise the script so that his character Aragorn spoke the elvish language in several scenes.

Finally after finishing work on Lord of the Rings Viggo began to work on the film Hidalgo, which was directed by Joe Johnston in 2004. Mortensen played there the main role of Pony Express courier (Frank Hopkins), who travels to Arabia to compete with his horse Hidalgo. Viggo was so fascinated by his horse that he even bought him after the filming.

Viggo's upcoming project is Alatriste. The movie is expected to have a release some time in 2005. The role of a Spanish soldier from 17th century, Captain Alatriste, definitely suits Viggo. We, as the fans, now can only wait for the movie to come to release and hope it will make a comparable success to Lord of the Rings. As the man who has one's hands full, he can always find some time for organizing his painting exhibitions, writing poems and photography.

Viggo Mortensen can be surely recognized as an accomplished poet, photographer and painter. Since his debut as an actor, critics have recognized his work in over thirty movies such as The Portrait of a Lady (1996), The Indian Runner, Carlito's Way, G.I. Jane, Crimson Tide, A Perfect Murder and A Walk on the Moon. How could we stop loving him?

Thanks to the good people over at the Viggo Mortensen Fan Site
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