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Ioan Gruffudd

Ioan Gruffudd

CanMag discovered Ioan Gruffudd (pronounced Yo-awhn Griffith) via their reader poll where they kept on getting email declaring, “he’s so hot.” Gruffudd has more than heat quotient going for him, he’s a talented actor who has been working steadily since his teenage years. Purportedly one the nicest, most polite people in the business, he’s an interesting interviewee with his candor, sense of humor, and musical Welsh accent (Welsh is his native tongue). Ioan’s facial expressions, soulful eyes, expressive mouth, and elegant hands help make all of his characters come to life on screen.

Quality bit parts in Wilde and Titanic garnered Gruffudd notice, but his breakthrough was being cast in the title roll in the Hornblower series of eight Emmy award winning TV movies taking Horatio Hornblower from a 17-year old, seasick, gawky midshipman through becoming a man and a heroic captain of his own vessel. Set during the Napoleonic wars, Gruffudd deftly portrays Hornblower as a sensitive officer, devoted to duty and honor, who brings out the best qualities and loyalty in his men. With a great supporting cast, virtually everyone who has seen these films has been captivated by the romance and swashbuckling of the era and Gruffudd’s performance in particular.

A minor part in Blackhawk Down brought Gruffudd to the attention of Jerry Bruckheimer, giving him another chance at a major part in a Hollywood production. Bruckheimer cast Gruffudd as Lancelot in his blockbuster epic King Arthur saying, "Ioan's very handsome and rugged, and he's got intensity - exactly what we thought Lancelot should be." Gruffudd and cast had a blast one Irish summer- galloping their horses over the Irish turf, brandishing swords (Lancelot has two), and drinking Guinness in pubs nightly with Keira Knightly often bellying up to the bar along with the guys. Ioan has two of the most passionate speeches in the whole movie, lambasting Arthur for his faith and high morals while disregarding the safety of himself and his men. Lancelot is definitely Gruffudd’s darkest character,- dangerous, cocky, sarcastic, and a womanizer. Many think that Lancelot was the best thing in a mediocre movie.

Gruffudd was then cast in what many consider a stretch. He plays Reed Richards, aka, Mr. Fantastic in another summer blockbuster, the Fantastic Four. Reed Richards is an American comic book icon, and after practice during a short stint in the American television series Century City, Ioan does a very creditable American accent. While the critics panned Fantastic Four, it did extremely well at the box office, and was well received by audiences. It was a hard film for Gruffudd, as everything was very technical and his stretchy body was added via special effects in post production. He and his costars are signed for sequels, and the second Fantastic Four has already been announced. And yes, Ioan is hot.

Summary thanks to the good people at Ioan Online
Memorable Moments
- Lancelot sees Guinevere across the battle field challenged by Cynric, one of the Saxon leaders. He pulls out of the fighting, leaps aboard his horse, jumps a fire ditch to reach her and intercept Cynric’s attack. What follows is a fierce and final battle.

- The tender and joyous love scenes in Solomon and Gaenor.

- After the horrors of a campaign gone awry in France during Frogs and Lobsters, Horatio Hornblower, his friend Kennedy, and his men are seen atop the topmost mast on the tall ship Indefatigable.

- All the Fantastic Four interviews, both TV and print, where Ioan had entirely too much fun telling interviewers that Mr. Fantastic could stretch any part of his anatomy, demonstrating his mime of kissing the Invisible Woman, demonstrating his likeness to his action figures, proceeding to play with them.

Best moments thanks to the good people at Ioan Online

Know of a better memorable moment with Ioan Gruffudd? Let us know.
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