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Colin Farrell

Colin Farrell

Dublin born Colin Farrell first caught the eye of most movie goers in the 2001 release of American Outlaws. Many people wondered "Where did this guy come from?". Here was a good looking guy, with a killer smile who could shoot a gun and ride a horse as good as any Texan!

If, like me, they did a little research they found out that before American Outlaws he played the lead character, Bozz, in Joel Schumacher's 2000 film, Tigerland. In this film Colin plays a young Texan recruit during the Viet Nam War. This stunning performance alone attracted the attention of many directors who offered Colin roles in the future. Colin mastered American accents so well in both of these films, that most new fans had no idea he was Irish until he started making the talk show rounds.

Colin went on to hold his own with some major box office draws such as Bruce Willis in Hart's War, Tom Cruise in Minority Report and Al Pacino in The Recruit. While some of those film's gave top billing to the bigger "stars", Colin's strong performances didn't go unnoticed by his fans or the reviewers. More than one reviewer commented on how hard it is to share the screen with Tom Cruise and complimented Colin on how well he was able to accomplish that feat.

The first film that Colin totally carried on his own was 2003's PhoneBooth. Thanks to picture in picture technology, Colin was on screen for almost every minute of the film. Again he pulled off a convincing American accent and was able to convey an entire array of emotions during the course of this powerful film.

Even when Colin has small parts, such as the role of Bullseye in Daredevil, he is often the most memorable part of the film.

Colin does not limit himself to the big budget Hollywood films either, proving he's not in the business just to make a buck. As a favor to Joel Schumacher he did a cameo in Veronica Guerin. Colin has said "If you go to take a piss, you'll miss me." He also took a huge cut in his normal pay to play one of the main characters in a small Dublin based Independent film called Intermission. Again showing that Colin can play the "bad guy" as well as the "good guy".

Colin's range of acting abilities allowed him to go from playing the macho cop in S.W.A.T., to the sexually confused Bobby in Home At the End of the World. Two roles couldn't be more different and yet he played both convincingly. This wide range is what attracts Colin's varied fan base. He appeals to women, men, straights, gays.

Colin put his heart and soul into filming Alexander and was quite hurt by the criticism of the film, and yet his fans love the fact that he was still able to joke about himself and the film on Saturday Night Live. He showed his comedic abilities on SNL as well as in an episode of Scrubs that he filmed because of his friendship with Zach Braff.

Colin's upcoming projects again show a wide range of subject matter and acting style. This winter he will play John Smith in The New World and Arturo Bandini in Ask the Dust with Salma Hayek. He's currently filming Miami Vice with Jamie Foxx. Colin's fans hope that this is just the beginning of a long career full of a variety of roles. With Colin.. We know that the sky?s the limit ... and if he gets to talk with his Irish brogue, well that's just a bonus!

Combine all of this with his love for his family (he often brings them to premieres and parties), his love for Dublin (he owns a home there and refuses to buy a home in LA).. And his genuine affection for his fans.. What's not to love?

Summary thanks to the good people over at Colin Farrell Fansite
Memorable Moments
-Jesse James jumping his horse over enemy lines while holding the reins in his mouth, twirling two six shooters, shooting the Yankees and shedding his coat at the same time.

-Stu's big breakdown scene in Phone Booth when he admits all of his faults and his infidelity to his wife.

-When Bullseye missed Daredevil, and with an incredulous look of horror and anger, said "He made me miss!".

-The opening scene in Intermission where Colin Farrell punches the girl behind the counter in order to take the money. So unexpected and it shows such a different side of him.....great acting.

- The scene in Intermission when Lehief and his friends are discussing why they put "brown sauce" in everything. They put it in thier coffee at that point. It's an absurdly funny scene.. And makes you never look at "brown sauce" the same way again.

- Bobby and Jonathan's rooftop scene in Home At the End of the World. It's such a touching, emotional scene.. Bobby turns to Jonathan and says "No, you're essential man." Then they dance on the roof to Mozart's opera music and share a kiss.

Best Moments thanks to the good people over at Colin Farrell Fansite

Know of a better memorable moment with Colin Farrell? Let us know.
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