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Nicolas Cage

Nicolas Cage

Nicolas Cage has hit the spot ever since he played the nerd of a man, Peter Loew, in the film Vampire's Kiss. Though he had a lot of films during the first half of the 90's, most just weren't cutting. However, starting in 2005 the guy just took off.

After Leaving Las Vegas came,The Rock. Assuming Cage extremely enjoyed this Bruckheimer-style action film, something he still does seem to do, he continued with two similar films in Con Air and Face/Off; quickly re-establishing himself as the action-type.

From the late 90's on, Nicolas Cage has continuously mixed action and drama spectacles into his growing filmography.
Memorable Moments
-Dr. Stanley Goodspeed tries to disarm Mason, but fails to do so causing him to report in that 'he has both the guns now sir.' The Rock

-Sean Archer, while under the cover of Casper Troy, does drugs that causes him to get a little more than hysterical. Face/Off

Know of a better memorable moment with Nicolas Cage? Let us know.
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