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Charlize Theron

Charlize Theron

Even though Charlize Theron does get a few extra kudos for appearing as an extra in Children of the Corn III, she didn't get my full attention until her full monty in The Devil's Advocate. Acting beside Keanu Reeves and Al Pacino, Theron was able to show herself to be a wonderful actress and as some one who looks sensational in the nude; even with the scratches. She also sports two seperate hair styles in this film, looking smoking hot in each of them.

But besides how good Theron looked in Advocate, the girl now reaks a pretty substantial filmography. With films that inlcude Men of Honor, Mighty Joe Young, The Italian Job and her Academy performance in Monster, this girl is one of the top actresses in Hollywood.

Charlize Theron has two big films coming our way, each from an entirely different genre. The first film is North Country, a fictionalized account of the case Jenson vs. Eveleth Mines. Though this film could possibly throw her an Oscar nom, her other film surely won't.

Charlize Theron is also starring is Aeon in the live-action adaptation of the hit animated series Aeon Flux. Expect to see Charlize Theron running around in tight black spandex.
Memorable Moments
-Mary pops out of her blanket stark naked when asked what she was doing by her husband. The Devil's Advocate

Know of a better memorable moment with Charlize Theron? Let us know.
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Charlize Theron to Ride With Mad Max
George Miller will begin filming next year.
Charlize Theron Joins Florence of Arabia
You may have noticed that it's a satire.
Charlize Theron Gives Strength to Atlas Shrugged
A possible miniseries for Lionsgate.
Charlize Theron Thinking About Becoming The Tourist
She is in negotiations to join Tom Cruise.
Charlize Theron on Sleepwalking
Another indie film that lets her play a damaged character.
Charlize Theron Hits The Road
She will co-star with Mortensen in the adaptation.
Charlize Theron Journeys In the Valley of Elah
She plays the only female detective in a police precinct.
Going In the Valley of Elah
Limited release this Friday.
Charlize Theron has a Burning Sensation
Drama marks the feature directing debut of Guillermo Arriaga.
Haggis Takes Jones and Theron to The Garden of Elah
Haggis's new drama that is ready to go AWOL.
Charlize Theron Wants Ice
To cool down after the flop Aeon Flux.
The Little Things 12-09
Theron for Casino Royale? Underworld 3?
Aeon Looks so Hot Right Now
Here is the latest dose of movie stills for the Theron action thriller.
Second Set of Aeon Flux Stills 10-03
Here is the second set of stills featuring Theron in something clad.
Charlize Theron Poster
Check out the first poster for the upcoming drama North Country.
New Aeon Flux Posters Online
Check out some sweet posters featuring Charlize Theron.
New Aeon Flux Stills
Check out the latest of Theron in tight black and doing the splits.
New Aeon Flux Stills
Check out the first dose of stills featuring Charlize Theron in black.
Another Picture of Charlize Theron as Aeon Flux
Another still of Charlize Theron as our little smoking temptress.
Charlize Theron as Aeon Flux
That's right. They have adapted this brutal, futuristic, and partially slutty heroine to film. Judging by the increased flood of reports on the film, we could expect to see it in theatres during 2005.
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