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Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise gets a bad rap. I don't care how his relationships go with his girlfriends and wives, this guy knows how to choose great movies. Actually, his record is pretty flawless. Every film Tom Cruise has been in is either really good or very entertaining. The only hitch he encountered came with Kubrick's last film Eyes Wide Shut. This film was horrid, and the piano annoyed the shit out of me. But, at least it threw in plenty of free nudity to make up for it.

But, realistically speaking, Tom Cruise was great in films most would think hard to pull off. When I saw the trailer for The Last Samurai I thought 'why Tom Cruise?'. But, Tom Cruise surprised me and almost had me in tears by the end of the film.

Cruise also starred in the very underrated film Vanilla Sky, based off of the spanish film Open Your Eyes. This film was awesome, and Tom Cruise was awesome in it.

Even if you don't like Tom Cruise, take a look at his filmography and try to tell me that he has had a poor career.
Memorable Moments
-David Aames begins having sex with his girlfriend Sofia when he begins to see his late bootie call Julianna. While humping away, David begins to freak out. Vanilla Sky

-Watching Frank T.J. Mackey pronounce the 'Vagina' was classic. Magnolia

-Vincent has to take down some muggers to get his briefcase back. Collateral

-David Aames realizes what is going on with his visions and is forced to make a choice and deal with his past. Vanilla Sky

-Vincent makes Max talk back to his boss and call him fat. Collateral

-Joseph Donnelly gets his head crushed causing him to die and come back to life for his love Shannon. Far and Away

Know of a better memorable moment with Tom Cruise? Let us know.
*List of films only in CanMag DB. Check out a full filmography for Tom Cruise at IMDB
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