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Clive Owen

Clive Owen

Clive Owen has been cool ever since he begun to appear in the BMW Films under the series title of 'The Hire.' These short films were available online and featured Clive Owen as the driver who is always seated behind the wheel of a BMW.

While become an internet star through these BMW films, Owen also found time to to a small role as The Professor in the film The Bourne Identity. If you remember, Owen's character was hired to take out Jason Bourne, and turns out to be a gentleman in the end.

A few more BMW films later and Owen began to get some lead roles in films including I'll Sleep While I'm Dead, King Arthur, and Closer. All of these films feature Clive Owen in a type of 'above cool' character, even though not all the films listed were that great.

However, Clive Owen is probably now best known for his role as Dwight in Sin City; a role he will pick back up in the sequel. This Frank Miller / Robert Rodriguez film was almost created for Clive Owen's acting style, with its cool backdrops and dark story.
Memorable Moments
-The driver steers his BMW into a spin on a dirt lot to create a smoke screen from a following attack chopper. In doing so, the chopper gets confused and hits an overhang. The Hire: Ticker

-Larry demands that Alice spreads her legs and show him her happy spot. Closer

-After taking a bullet to the chest, Dwight pops up and wipes out three mercenaries single-handedly. Sin City

-We learn that Dwight may be a little crazy when Jackie-Boy's head begins to talk to him. In response, Dwight says 'You shut the hell up, Jackie-Boy. You're dead. I'm just imagining this, so shut the hell up.' Sin City

Know of a better memorable moment with Clive Owen? Let us know.
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