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Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie

I first saw Angelina Jolie as the I - love - computer - nerds chick in Hackers. After watching the film all one could think is how hot and dirty the chick was. Then she disappeared from the spotlight for a few years until her big return in 1999 finished by Girl, Interrupted. This film was a huge success for Jolie as most critics and moviegoers constantly discussed how she stole the film from Winona Ryder; and she did.

Angelina Jolie then popped up as the I - am - hot - even - with - bleached - blonde - hair hottie in Gone with Sixty Seconds with Nicolas Cage. Though I was unimpressed with this film, she quickly moved onto a starring role in Lora Croft: Tomb Raider.

Personally, I couldn't imagine a better pick for the legendary computer game character. Most computer nerds had skins for a nude Lora and I am sure that another good few have even 'put in some time' while looking at some Lora Croft screenshots. Therefore, how can you better fit the role of gaming sex icon with another sex icon.

After Lora Croft, Angelina Jolie didn't do too much too exciting up until 2004. During this year she voiced the character Lola in the animated film Shark Tale and played the role of I - even - look - sexy - with - one - eye Capt. Francesca 'Franky' Cook in Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow. She also starred next to Colin Ferrell in the Oliver Stone film Alexander; Jolie was somehow Alexander's [Ferrell's] mom.

The year of 2005 seems to have been more tabloids for Angeline Jolie than films. Not that this is a bad thing, but how was she able to get the attention of Brad Pitt, a man who already has Jennifer Aniston? Though Jolie may be a little 'creepy' [keep thinking of the vile of blood], the look she shows off in Mr & Mrs Smith was enough to make me agree [partially] with Pitt's new choice of partner.
Memorable Moments
-When John decides that it is his wife who must kill him, the camera zooms in on Jane's face as she becomes conflicted on the next choice of action. Angelina Jolie has never looked hotter. Mr and Mrs Smith

Know of a better memorable moment with Angelina Jolie? Let us know.
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follow this with great one-liners, a back-to-being-funny Vince Vaughn, and funs with guns...
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Got two new trailers for ya. One features Pitt and Jolie in what looks to be a really cool spy movie, the other is one of those 'oscar' boxing movies featuring Eastwood, Swank, and Freeman.
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