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Alan Rickman

Alan Rickman

What is not to like about Alan Rickman? After leaving television to play the character Hans Gruber, or should I say 'Clay... Bill Clay', in probably the best action film ever made, Die Hard, Rickman proved that he was as cool as they come.

Rickman continued his bad guy persona with roles in Quigley Down Under and Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves. One of the great things about Alan Rickman in both these roles is that no matter how bad and mean he is, you can't help liking his characters. This is one charming son of a bitch!

Rickman finished the century off with a pleasing appearance in Kevin Smith's Dogma and a hilarious role in the Star Trek parody Galaxy Quest starring Tim Allen. Actually, it was Alan Rickman that convinced me that the sci-fi comedy was worth a viewing, and I had a great time.

While most over the age of twenty know Alan Rickman for his role in Die Hard, it was the Harry Potter films that helped boost Alan Rickman's popularity with the younger moviegoers. Through playing the mysterious role of Professor Snape, Alan Rickman shows just what a class act actor he really is.

Can Rickman do romantic comedy? Sure! Alan Rickman plays Harry in the wonderfully funny film Love Actually.
Memorable Moments
-Hans Gruber tells John McClane that his name is 'Clay, Bill Clay' after reading it off the wall directory. Die Hard

-Elliott Marston challenges Matthew Quigley to a duel of quick draw and loses horribly. Quigley Down Under

-The Sheriff of Nottingham requests the presense of two ladies for a session of love making after cancelling Christmas. Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves

-After hitting every mine in a magnetized mine field, Dr. Lazarus screams 'will you try not to hit every single one!' Galaxy Quest

Know of a better memorable moment with Alan Rickman? Let us know.
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